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  1. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Oh... another thing I noticed, and you can correct me of course. I picked the wrong models to go with Esters' Aria. Mash and Decimate both have fairly situational Heroic Plays that weren't really useful the way things unfolded. Spigot and Friday used theirs, but for at least half the game Friday was outside of the Aria range, chasing the ball, etc. Stave, Hooper, Pintpot, and even Stoker would have made better use of Aria than Mash and Decimate did.
  2. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Part of the point of this list was to see what Friday could do. She preformed admirably, getting me 8 points. My strategy with her was solid. I failed with the rest of the team. I agree I should have switched Mash out for more of a beater. I'm guessing Pintpot or Hooper. I should have thought using what I had to push Fangtooth around. Also, great to keep in mind the 4" buffs. Thanks for that. I think I started strong, but didn't take Fangtooth into account. Hitting him with a 1" model before getting rid of his Resilience is a mistake. He sucks up the first hit, KD's or pushes you with a counter attack, and any other influence on that player is useless. I could have set up Mash to engage him, only wasting one influence to take off resilience from 2" and either followed up with Spigot knocking him down, or simply ignored him in favor of going after Rage with Spigot. The danger is having him get up later and get a couple of Unmaskings off. That could really mess up your scrum, along with doing a fair bit of damage. I could have pushed him out a bit with Mash to keep that under control though.
  3. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    I'm likely misremembering exactly how that happened. It's just as likely I only got him down to 6, not 4, and he used Hemlock for Smelling Salts. Either way, I was confident that Spigot would be able to deal with 6 health if I could reach him.
  4. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Lol... I had a team of Esters, Quaff, Mash, vDecimate, Friday, and oSpigot. He had Blackheart, Fangtooth, Rage, Harry, Coin, and Hemlock. I had Rage down to around 4 health but he blocked Spigot from charging in with Fangtooth. His Resilience and counter attack kept me from being able to just knock him down and keep going. He had no trouble getting momentum off of Esters, so Rage was very quickly healed back up to 14 health (4+4 and another 2 from Hemlock). Blackheart's Legendary was incredibly brutal on me as well. Between crowd outs, cover, and Strike from the Shadows, I had a lot of trouble generating momentum for anything but my goals. Regardless of who I'm playing into, I have consistently felt more comfortable with Tapper, Scum, Friday, oSpigot, Hooper, and either Pintpot, Stave, or Stoker. (I didn't have vDecimate until just recently).
  5. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    I need advice on how to get the job done faster. The other night I was able to get two goals with Friday vs Blackheart's Union, but every other player was locked down tight, and between takedowns and goals, it was really no contest.
  6. mbdeyes

    S4: Fish vs Alchemsts

    Interesting discussion. A lot of it does have to do with positioning. One thing I would say.... don't bother taking Angel. Fathom is your replacement for her, and you still have better options among the other Fish. If the alchemists want to kill the ball on the side Angel is covering, they just need to drop it over to Naja... 2" melee and unpredictable movement. That doesn't work on most of the other Fish, so Angel (and Salt) is at a disadvantage. Now, here's my question.... I can see why you might want to take more resilient models, but you are still going to be racing for the goals and you're still going to need people who can do that. The Fish are never going to be able to win a game on take downs, regardless of who you put on the team. For Corsair, his tough hide will help against direct attacks and some character plays, but not the condition damage you're so worried about, and he's only two more health than Shark. He's also going to be easier to hit, overall, than Shark. So, how much difference to you see Corsair, Jac, and Kraken making?
  7. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Yes. I like Hooper. If positioned right he activates his 'True Grit' for free with Esters as well.
  8. mbdeyes

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    Hey all. At the end of the month I'm going to a tournament slightly outside of my local area where I'll likely face Hunters, Alchemists, Ratcatchers, Butchers, Masons, Union, and possibly others. I've gone to a couple of events there before and taken Fishermen with mixed results. I've read through the pinned topics here, but they are really outdated. Most of the tips regarding Esters and Mash are now obsolete, and many of the other players have changed as well. So I'm thinking of the following for my 12: Tapper Esters Scum Vet Decimate Spigot Vet Spigot PintPot Friday Hooper Mash Stoker Quaff I have access to Stave and Gutter as well, but no Lucky or the other Union players. So I'm wondering who you'd suggest I'd play into what teams? I'm guessing Esters, Stoker, and PintPot would be good choices against condition teams like Alchemists and Hunters. Also, if there are any more updated resources or suggestions in light of S4, please post those as well.
  9. mbdeyes


    Not as likely, as you say. The implication was that the treason was all about money, not any kind of loyalty or political machinations.
  10. mbdeyes

    S4 Captain Choices

    I'd rather have something that's consistently useful for the whole game, but I will likely try this at some point, if my box of Navigators ever comes in.
  11. mbdeyes


    So saying that 'he' will be dealt with later is a misdirection?
  12. mbdeyes

    GB Manager

    I really really hope they have plans to improve it and update it soon!
  13. mbdeyes


    In your research, did you come across why the Blacksmiths wanted Stoker? Wow... we've lost Scum, Mash, Spigot, and Stoker, and we have a traitor. If you wanted to play by the lore, you'd barely be able to make a team. Tapper or Esters Quaff and Friday, Stave, Pintpot, Decimate, Hooper, and maybe Lucky. And it looks like the traitor is either Stave, Pintpot, or Hooper! There's always the draft pick, I guess.... Flea.
  14. mbdeyes

    S4 Captain Choices

    Greyscales, 9 games out of 10, ends up being my MVP. I've also done some interesting things with both oSiren and vSakana. Either way, like I said, there just seems to be more consistently useful players to choose.
  15. mbdeyes

    Corsair S4

    Well, 6" plus their potential movement.