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  1. mbdeyes

    S4 Captain Choices

    If you're willing to Tidal Surge Greyscales (for instance, if someone loads Shark up with conditions that hinder his movement, etc.), you manage to pass the ball to him, and he uses 'where'd they go', you're giving him 12" of dodge before he even starts his advance. He has a 7" sprint with a 6" kick. That's a 25" threat without taking into account his unpredictable movement and double dodge on his second playbook result. I've had some success with him. I've also managed use Greyscale's 'Balls Gone', and bounced a shot off of Sakana or Shark, who extend his range by another 8" if you have the momentum. That being said, Fathom, of course, can do the same but doesn't have the advantage of Unpredictable movement. Her dodge is also only 2 inches instead of 4, and her playbook dodges are harder to get to. She does get an extra 4 " if you have the momentum and positioning to use her heroic. She doesn't threaten models with close control, etc., like Greyscales or vSakana, though.
  2. mbdeyes


    Ack... I'm hurt. I genuinely didn't see this coming! Poor Friday.... Aside: So this is happening before Spigot leaves the Brewers?
  3. mbdeyes

    S4 Captain Choices

    I must play the fish differently. I expect everyone to pile on to Shark, either literally or with conditions, so I depend on my other players. Greyscales has been one of my main scorers and Sakana (either version) has been my backup. It sounds like that's not the case for you guys if you need Fathom as a second to Shark. Don't get me wrong, I'll be adding her to the team for multiple reasons, including her ability to clear conditions and to score, but I haven't gotten my hands on her yet. Also, I clearly need to practice more with Corsair. I would feel more comfortable with Shark in most of those matchups now that we can't generate any momentum from damage.
  4. mbdeyes

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    The official Android app is not doing it for me... I really really miss GB Scrum.
  5. mbdeyes

    Free Cities Draft Results

    I really doubt they'll do anything that actually increases the Fish damage potential, based on the interviews I heard/read from the S4 release. I'm personally not comfortable with Corsair's S4 game. It seems far too situational and hard to set up compared to simply putting Shark, either version of Sakana, and Greyscales anywhere on the field... but maybe I need to play some more casual games with Corsair and Jac. I'm not thrilled with Knuckles for some of the reasons already stated, but we'll see what it looks like when the stats are published.
  6. mbdeyes

    Explain Ebb to me

    She'd be amazing on a team with limited striking ability. On a team of strikers, she's below average.
  7. mbdeyes

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Some great points, and I love the idea of enhancing traps. As for the above point, based on all the general interviews I heard with the different S4 team change reveals, I would say it's somewhere in between those two things. This view, of course, gives the devs the benefit of the doubt and takes what they said at face value. It's still easy to be cynical, assuming they just want to sell us new models. That being said, I don't think it was primarily to drive sales of one model over another. I think they genuinely looked at game balance and saw who in S3 was being automatically taken by players vs who was never being taken. Their aim was to get as close to balance as possible where what figure was taken was based on a player's preference or playstyle rather than the tactical viability of the figure. They believe that is what is best for the players, the game, as well as sales.... I think there are several examples where they overshot their mark, though. Jaecar, as an example, was an auto-take in S3 for most Hunter teams. Dropping him down a notch, or bringing other figures up to his level would have been reasonable. However, they went a little too far. I don't think he's completely unusable, but many players are saying they simply won't bother with him in S4 (same for Jac). Anyway... enough derailing by me... back to trap mechanics!
  8. mbdeyes

    Explain Ebb to me

    I feel kind of the opposite. There's no one I want to drop from my fish teams to include Angel, but I could see using Fathom to get the ball and Angel to score on a team with less 2" model options. I used to use Angel a lot until my opponents caught on and made it more feasible to use a 2" model instead. That makes a huge difference. As to goals, Angel has an 18" threat plus a momentous dodge on her first result. It's hard to picture her being in a position where getting a pass from Fathom and taking the 4" pass and move added to her own 8 to 10" move plus 10" kick distance wouldn't get her to the goal. Super Shot ensures she'll still be shooting with 4 dice even if she doesn't escape someone's melee zone. Add to that 'Full Speed Ahead', 'Perfect Course', or 'Guide', and I don't think getting to the goal is the issue for Angel. She simply isn't a threat to a smart opponent holding the ball. I used to use 'Tidal Surge' on her, but overall it's just more efficient for Shark to do it himself, or focus on Sakana or Greyscales.
  9. mbdeyes

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I started collecting when they were all in separate blisters, and for a while other games were our local players' priority, so I didn't go nuts buying them Now they're included in a box and I don't want doubles of the other four, and I don't want to bother breaking up a box myself. The local meta isn't strong enough. There are no other fish players. As you said, it's not the end of the world to stick with oSiren and one of the Sakana's instead of Had and vSiren. If I added Hag to my normal six, she'd probably replace Kraken anyway.
  10. mbdeyes

    Traps mechanics changing.

    I don't disagree with most of your points. I do think 'anti-consumer' sounds a bit harsh, though... just the implied tone of the word. Your post goes on to explain your views, though, which I generally agree with. Here in Canada distribution and availability can be a bit difficult as well... not so bad online depending on the shipping costs. In the case of the Order, I think the devs' choice had to do with keeping people interested in new products and doing something for established players, knowing there'd be some growing pains when they finally moved them to their own guild.... I've been a bit surprised, to be honest, that I have had to explain that to some Union/Order players, even though I don't play the team. I do, however, tend to research pretty much everything. It would probably pay them to bring a fan/pundit volunteer into their inner circle and give them some perks to update the wiki. It seems that's what Corvus Belli has done for Infinity. Also, for the record, I can think of times when GW, FFG, and Corvus Belli all did things much worse than moving a few models over to another team. GW has shut down entire games, like Warhammer Fantasy and War of the Ring, sometimes replacing them with less developed product. As well, GW and CB have made entire factions obsolete, and recently CB moved all their Japanese models off their Asian faction and into independence. That last move did confuse some newer players who bought the older Japanese starter expecting to be able to use it with the newer Asian pack that came out. FFG just invalidated an entire history of X-Wing models and cards, unless you want to spend hundreds of dollars 'upgrading' them to 2nd edition. So... just saying that things that seem inviolable to a player may not seem quite so to the game company. I would have been happy if they gave Jaecar Crucial Artery, or the trap aura mentioned by ultimogringo, although a character play enabling him to give Crucial Artery to himself or a teammate would have been interesting. ("It's dangerous to go alone... here take this.") I'm really hoping they realize that for several teams they didn't just give us options and make lesser used figures more viable, but they also made some previously used models the first players to be dropped from lists. That's not, I don't think, the balance they were looking for. The changes to Brick, for instance, that's reasonable. He's still a pain for anyone who doesn't have unpredictable movement. Teamed with the ape, they can still protect a lot of ground. Changes to Jac, Jaecar, and others seem to have left them on the side lines.
  11. mbdeyes

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Just a few thoughts that came to me... all are a bit disjointed rather than a single topic or point. The idea of putting 5 traps out with a single model is unrealistic. Even if your game gets to round 5, the earlier traps would likely be triggered if you placed them properly. They have been honest from the get-go that the Order models were intended for a minor guild and not the Union. They allowed the models to be played with the Union until the minor guild was officially released. Saying that removing them now is not in good faith is ignoring the fact that it was announced already. Yes simplifying traps by itself doesn't make the game easier for new players. However, it does stack with the other changes made across the board to simplify the game. It likely doesn't make that much of an impact, especially for one of the more complicated guilds (Hunters) but the developers are looking at it from a larger context. The game belongs to SFG, so yes, they can decide any model, card, or entire guild is obsolete at any time and there's very little a player can do other than agree with their friends to play an earlier version of the game. That is true for GW, FFG, WK, CB, and other companies that have done that very thing. Whether or not that is ultimately good for the company, the players, the game in general, or none of the above is usually better seen in hindsight. Personally, I liked the diversity in traps, but the change is such a small impact to the game and the guild that I wouldn't have focused on it.... Jaecar is worth talking about outside of his trap change, though, as he went from a must take to a first dropped model for many players.
  12. mbdeyes

    Explain Ebb to me

    Linked is a nice surprise, but takes some setting up. It would be much more useful if both of them had it (so it didn't matter which one went first) or if Angel was a 2" model. If they're both the same distance from the ball or goal, or if they're both blocked by the opposition, etc. then linked as it stands is definitely less effective. It can give Angel the 4 inch pass dodge with the opposing player unable to react, but it is much more effective if you have positioned Angel ahead of Fathom. Otherwise you're either backtracking (fine for avoiding some parting blows) or Fathom might as well score herself. With a little momentum and positioned in cover, Fathom has a 22" threat range.... not seeing the need for linked with that combo. Add to that the 2" melee range and a dodge or two.
  13. mbdeyes

    Fishy Tactics s4

    I've got a tournament in a week and a half, but I only have 11 models so far, so that limits what I can do. If I had the Navigators already, Fathom would definitely be my 12th. Right now I have Shark, Corsair, Salt, Tentacles, Angel, Kraken, Siren, Sakana, VSakana, Greyscales, and Jac. I expect from this group my normal 6 will be Shark, Tentacles, Siren, Sakana, Greyscales, and Kraken. I may sub in VSakana, from what people have been saying about him, but I really don't know how to use Corsair or Jac in S4. I don't mind Salt, but we already have so many quick models that a tie up piece like Tentacles is really nice.
  14. mbdeyes

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    - Yes, Mash had Howzat!? before, but his traits tended to make me try to use him as a striker in S3, with limited success. The earlier 2 dmg result and Resilience/Tough Hide means you're not scared to have him walk in to trouble with his bat ready. He'll still make a good midfielder, ready to scrum or pass to Friday or VSpigot with his Heroic, especially if within Esters' aura.
  15. mbdeyes

    S4 And the Joy of Brewers

    I've only played one game so far, and lost vs the Masons. The worst/best is that I know exactly what I'd done wrong. I had 3 KO's (6 VP) and he had 2 KO's and a goal (8 VP). I was in control... Flint was on the ground with a couple of health left, and Tapper had the ball. I should have taken my time and hit Flint first, but he had Mallet poised to charge Tapper next activation. It intimidated me enough to get the goal with Tapper bringing me to 10 VP. The goal kick went to Honour who was able to score right away. As soon as I'd rolled the kick I realized my error. Even if Mallet had knocked down Tapper, I had the momentum and influence to potentially get back up, return the favor and possibly still get the goal, or at least hold the ball where Honour couldn't reach. I have to work on my game depth. I was generally impressed with their reliability and resilience now. I took Tapper, Hooper, oSpigot, Stoker, Mash, and Scum. I have to say, Scum and Mash were the most fun to play, even when they weren't necessarily the most effective. After the first Scum attack, it's like every Mason was looking over his shoulder to watch for the little beast, even when I didn't give him influence. Mash's 'Howzat!?' saw a lot of use, and was a lot more fun than trying to work him as striker. Stoker was pretty tough with the 2 armor and Magical Brew, but he did go down to Honour pretty quickly. Spigot, Hooper, and Tapper were reliable as always, but I did miss the extra mobility from Marked Target in the early game. Once truly engaged, it wasn't a big deal, though.