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  1. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    Do you have a strategy to get Pinvice into Thresher? I've never managed to get her in on Thresher without taking a counter charge from Tater, which then leaves her either pushed out if I couldn't make base to base, knocked down, or crowded out (or some combination of those).
  2. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    This is oVelocity almost every single time for me...lol
  3. Cogs sure are a quiet bunch...

    Just an observation. I've noted that compared to the other guilds, we don't seem to be near as talkative (as far as forums/Facebook/blogs/etc. go, I've no idea as to personally). I know of some battle report videos, and that's about it. Maybe just the personality type that is attracted to the aesthetic of the models and/or playstyle. I'd like to think that I play at a medium skill level (but probably only on my best days), so I've never really had anything to contribute to strategy and the like. Locally, I'm probably a chatterbox on game night, but not really as much online. Wondering if everyone else is similar? Or maybe it just seems that the other guilds are more vocal? Any thoughts? Also, please feel free to prove me wrong, as I'd love to have some additional cog specific resources available.
  4. Piledriver/Instruction vs ARM

    So any effect with +x net hits is effectively an auto hit? Are there any penalties/effects that would change that?
  5. Bolt and Resolution of its Traits

    As a followup: Active traits are actions, under Actions, p22. The Active and passive trait list shows Control Strings to be an active trait. A model suffering the taken out condition cannot become active for any reason, under Taken out, p18. So wouldn't Memory have to become active to trigger Control strings (as performing an action makes it the active model, from p. 13) which isn't allowed due to the taken out condition? (During a model’s activation, it is the active model unless another model is performing an action. In all other instances where a model becomes the active model, it is not considered to be that model’s activation. There can only be one active model at a time.)
  6. Bolt and Resolution of its Traits

    Is that true of all traits? Can' t think of a specific example to offer (looking now...lol), but not everything specifies "while on the pitch"...
  7. Bolt and Resolution of its Traits

    Wouldn't this change the way this would resolve? Wouldn't the check for the dodge that occurs later fail, if he isn't on the board? They both have the same trigger, but the puppet wouldn't make the check to be on the board. Control Strings:- Brainpan’s activation triggers Control Strings. The Active Player can resolve either 'at the start of this model's activation' effect first, so Memory can Dodge [2"] from the start of Brainpan's activation even if he is placed due to Thought. So check for trigger: Memory is not on board, so thought triggers. Memory is not on board, so Control strings couldn't trigger, as the trigger is each other friendly Guild model's activation, but he's off the pitch at the time. Resolve Thought, Memory is brought back. How does the dodge then resolve?
  8. Piledriver/Instruction vs ARM

    I think that's the intent. But it's never stated that a TN test cannot have a negative result. Step 4 of attack sequence: Determine the net-hits for the Attack by deducting the target model’s current ARM from the number of successes on the TN test. An Attack is successful if it generates at least [1] net-hit. Can this be negative, as could be assumed in above situation?
  9. Are the net hits added by abilities such as pile driver and instruction affected by armor? Armor is defined as "This is the number of hits deducted from a successful Attack made against a model." So armor removes hits, not dice... Example: Sledge activates within 6" of Anvil, chooses a free piledriver. He swings on Colossus, with all results being 1s vs Colossus's DEF of 2. So is it: ((Dice >= DEF) - ARM) + Piledriver net hits -> ((0)-2)+3 -> -2+3 -> 1...for one result (I cannot find anything that explicitly states that TN tests can't have a negative result, just that dice pools can't be made less than 1.) OR if((Dice >= DEF) - ARM)=<0, then 0, else ((Dice >= DEF) - ARM) + Piledriver net hits -> ((0)-2)+3 -> 0+3 -> 3 for three results
  10. Tactical Tuesday Open Play

    Every Tuesday night come join us at Cullison's Cards and Games in Jonesboro, AR for Tactical Tuesday, where we play Guild Ball, as well as other table top miniature and board games. All are welcome, from seasoned veterans to rookies just looking to learn about the game and wanting a demo. Come on out, play some games, and have some fun! No entry cost. Pundit Contact: Will Henson, Forums: dire_kobold, Email: dire_kobold@hotmail.com
  11. I'd like to see an experienced eye look at how cogs play into other guilds. Which of our players give other specific guilds issue, and vice versa. What choices go through your head when drafting a lineup? I personally struggle in the "what the hell do I do into..." for most other guilds. Insight is always appreciated!
  12. Long time lurker, first time posting...Just started up trying to build a GuildBall presence in Jonesboro, Arkansas, and figured I'd drop in to say hi. We've got a handful of players local, and with some luck will have enough to start doing some small events soon. I play Engineers and Union, with my fiancé playing Morticians and our boys playing the Masons and Brewers from the Kickoff box.