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  1. Enjoy it. His first match, the first time he stepped in a rival playing field. His master, who had supervised him for years, seeing his evolution from an unskilled young to a man capable of forging his own hammer, was looking at him. The playing field was wild and oppressive, full of grass but with big rocks which came from the earth like knives and even small crowds of trees which did not allow the view beyond its heavy foliage. He checked the straps of his breastplate, fitted gloves and boots and with a ceremonial move, he got the hammer out. This hammer was a special one, he had forged it for days and it had been carved very carefully, in order to be given to his master. If he accepted it, he would be given his own forge and could ask for permission to become a member of the team; otherwise, he would remain one more year with the lowest rank of apprentice. After having observed him for a long time, the master, looking at his eyes, reached the hammer out. - I have failed - he thought. - A piece like this must be with his owner - said his master. And with those words, my hell began. Now that I had my own forge, my work was duplicated; and when I finished, I went to the training camp, where I reached the limit, physically and intellectually. Over time, all masters concurred with the great future I had as a player, and awarded me with the tremendous honor of playing my first match against a rival from the big league. -I got distracted- thought while feeling his master’s look o his back -It will not happen again- He pressed tightly his hammer and looked back; his impressive master made a gesture with the head and he got prepared to carry on with all he had been training for such a long time. And, at last, it began. The ball darted to the forest formation on his left, way whereby he started to run. Few meters from the ball, he fell down, while a sharp pain went up in his leg. When he got up, he could see an arrow which crossed his leg, tying him up. A strong roar made the public got mad. He adopted a defensive position, he had been trained until death, he had been beaten many times, he had forged his hammer, imbuing part of his soul on it; and he had been taught not to be afraid. He raised his hammer, willing to face any player who came from the small forest. The hair of his nape ruffled and he felt a chill. The first things he saw were two yellow points in the dark; and after that, broking all the trees down on his way, an angered giant black bear, attacked him.
  2. https://dimeloenelcampo.wordpress.com/2017/02/14/motivos-por-los-que-empezar-en-guild-ball/ Nuevo blog para cualquiera que quiera resolver dudas y para el que quiera jugar unas partidas . Si quieres empezar , enterarte o simplemente hablar este es tu sitio Y si quieres venir al torneo o simplemente pasar a ver y aprender https://dimeloenelcampo.wordpress.com/2017/02/09/torneo-de-la-luna-norte/