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  1. SonofMars

    Trying my best not to break the NDA

    My God you can do bleed at range, I would say that makes up for the losing swift stance.
  2. SonofMars

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    It been a while since I commented in the forums, but here is my two cents. With all the conversation about returning guilds to there true identity Steamforged has had I would be willing to bet Butchers will be returning to the top killers of the game (here is hoping for a nerf to Ox's aura which I think is holding back the guild and a at least one model with a momentous two on the first column as they have already done with a couple models) That said I think we need to go for one of two players. A control piece that allows us to better use or mobility to erase threatening players, or a strike to speed up or game. Just as a quick side note a striker would make the most sense storyline wise.
  3. This came up in a game I played the other day. Miasma scores a goal then run the lengths into 2 inches of 3 players. Do those players get the disease condition? My understanding would be no because the goal immediately ends miasma's activation. Since the run the length happens as part of the end of activation sequence and Miasma does not end her activation in range of the players before running the length they are not effected. I may be wrong though because run the length does not specify it happens as part of the end of activation sequence.
  4. SonofMars

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    You are right, there will always be negative experiences in a game. As you said ball killing is an integral part of guildball. I would argue though that the fact the original poster is losing players because of it warrants a deeper discussion of the mechanics behind it. Maybe all that discussion leads to is yea that's a hard thing to get use to but it's just what you have to do. Even if that is the case the discussion is the important part in making sure the player base has the best possible chance to continue to grow rather than shrinking as the original poster is experiencing. Plus, just because ball killing is an integral part of guildball at this point does not mean it has to continue to be so. Perhaps there is a better way to structure the game that would lead to less ball killing, but if these types of conversations never happen then that change is never found.
  5. SonofMars

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    If I am understanding your comment correctly I agree, you will always run the chance of getting blanked. However, I think the discussion is not necessarily about getting blanked, but about the game mechanics encouraging non-intereaction. I think it is completely possible to play a game where you win without ever interacting with the opponent, or at least put yourself in such a strong position that even when you do interact you have a huge advantage. Shark scoring at the bottom of turn one then again at the top of two popping legendary and running away is a good example of this. The Smoke and Ballista gunlines are another. This mechanical rewarding of non interactive play is the problem I see as leading to this frustration.
  6. SonofMars

    Unsportsmanlike But Legal

    To get the conversation going again I think what is being brought up here is a legitimate point. In guildball there are two paths to victory that do not have to interact with each other to win. You can sore goals with out ever killing a model, and you can kill models without ever scoring goals. This creates a situation where it is beneficial to try to deny the opponents path to victory and there is little repercussion for doing so. That is bound to create negative play experiences. Is there a way to make the two paths less independent from each other? The only thing I could think of with out drastically changing the game would be to require a certain number of both goals and take outs, but I don’t really like the idea. Also, on a side not you cannot tell a person what is and is not a negative play experience. You can disagree with them, but nothing you say is going to change their experience of a situation.
  7. SonofMars

    vGutter card shown

    I will say that she is a quintessential Butcher, which is cool. I would have just liked to see a small tweak or two to make here more then just a beat stick. Grapple Hook being towards instead of directly towards, or putting her tackle low on her play book would have gone a long way to make her a little bit more of a striking threat but in a butchery way. Tac six would also feel more like a butcher. I am deffinetly reserving judgement untill I can play her though.
  8. SonofMars

    vGutter card shown

    What does the ideal turn with VGutter look like. She runs in deals 4-8 damage and done? I am having a hard time visualizing her usages. If this is what she does it's kind of underwhelming swing as we have many other models that do the same thing but with other tricks added into it.
  9. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    This is deffinetly true. One thing that I have found helps the damage out put if Pain Circle and Dirty knives, I am finding I usually put out 5 to 8 damage on a couple models first turn and that helps a lot with damage out put.
  10. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    I actually think this is a mistaken way to think of the butcher's, and I will admit it's the way I have thought of them for basically the entire time I have played them. Recently though I have been experimenting with goal scoring Butchers and have had a fair degree of success. What I have found is that it puts the opponent in a bind. Hide the ball and get out killed by them, play the ball and get out scored. The way I have been able to do this is to leverage the high number of fast models they have access to. Fillet, Princess, Meathook, Shank, OBrisket, and Minx is a ridiculously fast team. With Four models that have a 17 plus inch threat range for goals if they charge (Shank 18/22 WTG, Minx 20, Fillet 20, OBrisket 18 with out a charge, and Meathook 16) it is almost impossible to put the ball in a place they can't get it. Yes it does take set up, but every goal scoring team takes set up. It also looks a lot differently then most other goal scoring teams because you have to charge to take advantage of those ranges, but if you are in the opponets half of the pitch which is where butcher's want to be anyway it makes them really hard to deal with.
  11. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    My argument is that having that choice is far less useful then +1 to a roll off. Sure being able to have a couple tech choices up your sleve is nice, but if you reduced every guild down to its 8 core models most of them would not suffer much. In comparison winning 2/3rds of your kickoff rolls is very powerful.
  12. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    Fair enough, but I am not sold the idea that only having access to 8 players is that much of a handy cap. What guild (besides possibly Engeineers and Farmers) has 8+ players that are more then just interesting tech choices for certain matchups?
  13. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    Coming at it from the opposite way, is there any guild that would suffer a significant effect if they could only take one captain? Engineers I think would suffer for it, but other then that I think losing a captain choice would be an irritation for most teams not a major handicap.
  14. SonofMars

    Organized Play Update

    I am probably over reacting here, but the "balancing" mechanism for minor guilds seems like a colossally bad idea. It screws up the math significantly. I would gladly play play and 8 man roster for that advantage, and if I recall correctly Botts won worlds with and 8 man roster.
  15. SonofMars

    Game plan deck revealed

    Given the fact that lone striker only effects your models I cannot figure out a use for it. For going first you suffer minus one influence and minus one TAC on your first activated model. If you need initive to take some one out it makes your job harder. If you are trying to get the ball and score it makes it harder to get the tackle and dodge results you need. Even if you have the ball on a striker you are going to have a harder time getting the momentum you need. When would you want this card? It would make much more sense if it impacted which ever player had initive.