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  1. Help me for I will commit butchery on meself

    Butcher's are in a really tough spot right now. Just about every one will place them in the bottom one or two in terms of power level. That said, what are the specific problems you are having?
  2. What's your "secret" tech

    I have been toying around with the idea of a speed list. Fillet, Princess, Meathook, VetBrisket, Shank, and Boiler/Minx. The idea being to start every turn asking can I get a goal rather than who can I take out. I have not been able to get many games in lately though so I have not tried it out.
  3. Bags and Storage

    Do you know the name of the case you are using?
  4. Write on tokens

    Does anybody know a good set of write on tokens? I love Museon, but I own almost every guild and getting new tokens every errata or model release adds up.
  5. Save a swift strike?

    You can bank an attack, you cannot have multiple attacks banked
  6. Engineers v Farmers

    I think it was Pinvice, Mother, Hoist, Ratchet, Velocity, Compound but I am not positive
  7. Engineers v Farmers

    If you listen to the last strictly the worst Botts explains how JJ almost beat him with Pinvice.
  8. I like kicking off with Midas then first activation going in scoring then popping his legendary. It takes some careful positioning, but if you can pull it off most of there team starting the game off snared can be a big benefit.
  9. Against Farmers, what team, what plan?

    That's more a matter of trying to get everything in my 10. Personally I find the Boiler princess combo to easy to side step so I try and stay away from it.
  10. Against Farmers, what team, what plan?

    This is all theory crafting, but my game plan would be Fillet, Truffles, Meathook, a Brisket, Shank, and Minx. The idea is to spread out as much as possible and focus on the ball. I do not think the Butcher can out fight them so a 2-2 game or even a 3-0 game would be my goal.
  11. A model cannot remove the marker during a charge if they start in base contact. During a sprint it is possible because they can move .01 of an inch out of contact and then back in, however because a charge has to be in a straight line this is not possible.
  12. Minor Guild Wishlist

    I don't know, for me the Butchers are the ultimate control team. If there is a model that is going to cause you problems you go in and take them out before they become one. Yes that may mean your player is taken out as well but trading points is ok as long as you also get some other kind of advantage. I find that when ever I play another guild it is this ability that I miss, so I tend to favor changed that go for the assassin style of play. Which is exactly why people hate playing Butcher I realize.
  13. Minor Guild Wishlist

    As always my wish would be for some one who can dish out bleed at range. Other the that I think my Shank buff would be to give him vindictive. That would give him the influence efficiency with out the need for having a 2/4 influence stat and would make his damages target useful again. Tenderiser with 6 tac and 2/4 or even 2/3 influence also. More then that I want to see what Vet Gutter looks like.
  14. No it has to be two minor guilds for the Butchers, The Bakers and the Candlestick makers The goal also has to be a tub for all of them.