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  1. Lhel

    Obligatory Hemlock Speculation

    Thinking she'll be an enabler/support piece. Probably 2 strong character plays, doubt she'll keep both her existing ones, but we'll how that goes.
  2. We'll still have to see what guild and such we end up with, speculations are on Lamplighters, but that's neither here nor there for the time being. I like the idea of the Golem of Prague, or something like a Frankenstein kind of creation. Taking on some of the directions of Alchemy is also a nice thing, Personally I would love to see something related to the asian alchemy, taoist alchemy just sounds and feel strange, but it was a thing and such things as gunpowder came from the art. I have many and good connections to asia myself and I for one would absolutely love such an influence in the game.
  3. I've started to move away from Union when I can, but they are often difficult to avoid. However, that said, they have good options within the guild to handle most takers. My Normal line up is usually: Midas, Smoke, Naja. Vitriol, Compound, oKat, vKat, Calculus, Mercury and Venin. I've normally been a Midas player, with more like a pocket smoke if I want a different kind of game or I see a matchup I am reasonably comfortable with. Masons and Morts and Hunters in particular. I lean more to the scoring game using conditions for control and chip damage. Vitriol and Midas often are the "fishermen" and pieces I use to reel in and crowd out a model that's activated for a beatdown by one of the Kat's when it comes to the take out game. Calculus is almost on every team I field, Blind does so much work against most teams it's hard to go from home without it.
  4. As The Union is becoming too zealous to accept proper things like cold hard cash and think themselves better than us, we'll make due with our new players in arms from our minor guild. Whomever it might be. But what do we actually need from our lower, yet somewhat respected future fellow players in terms of skills and roles? Our goto lately has been Harry and Decimate, with some Mist the odd other picks. Harry is a shadow of himself, meek and far from the powerhouse he used to be, decimate brings momentus damage and mobility that pairs well with the Katalysts, as a bonus she also brings the utility of second wind. Mist is goal machine he always has been, and goals win games.
  5. Lhel

    Scoring goals for new players

    It is quite neat, I'll link to it for out community, we have quite a few new players that could use the ideas. Even if they do not play alchemists, I see the post as mostly about the "easy goals" teams should know how to make. Alchemists in particular needs to know to capitalize on them or loose many a game they should be able to win. The next step is to see when do you score, and when do you hold back a moment or pass the ball.
  6. Lhel

    How do i play Midas well?

    Midas, he's quite the interesting toolkit for the Alchemists. He's not very influence hungry either, but give him a full stack and he'll get mostly any ball or a chance for a goal. After the changes I played Smoke a time, but I pretty quickly went back to Midas. However, I did change how I play him. The first turns I often use him for setup, pull in a model together with Vitriol for a massive Katalyst beatdown. Alternatively, he can with 3-4 influence make a goalrun or just Lure of Gold someone out of range or into range as needed. I think to play Midas "well" you need to think of him not only as a striker, but as a part of the setup for a Takeout as well, an attacking midfielder as he so aptly is. He's not a pure goal machine anymore, ironically enough, he's become more a support captain that happens to be a decent striker.
  7. Lhel


    The time frame for the first Veteran models are Q2 2018 at best. The minor guilds are starting to come out from Adepticon I think, but we only know about Ratcatchers for morts, and except for that we know little more. Alchemists are in a good place for now, with or without harry. I'm currently praying for Vening to get some of the changes that he has in the Rookie League, he's a monster there and I'd be happy to see him get some of those changes and just replace Harry as a control/support piece.
  8. A rather dusky afternoon, even the weather seems to agree this game never needed to be played. But, here we are watching the merry tryhards of the Masons being pounded and played around as puppets on a string. Obulus would probably been proud if he'd ever cared. The masons was granted the ball by the Alchemists, Vitriol fully expected a mistake to be make as she punted the ball towards the general center of the masons lineup. Flint being the only viable goalthreat usually isn't a problem, but he does need to get the ball first. The ball was collected and passed back to the line, to Wrecker of all choices. A choice just within the charge range of Vitriol, she made short work of the situation and nicked the ball, cloned herself and laid the ball into the goal through two players to add insult to injury. The slipping away in relative safety of a rough terrain. Another activations run and the fire from Mercury and Katalyst quickly spread to the Masons. Tower ends with the ball and tries to carry it forward, Midas nips between Tower and Hammer, strips the ball and leaves Tower wondering what might have just happened. The crowd answers that question as the Chosen One boots the ball in for another goal and positions himself for maxiumum annoyance. A small meassure of revenge comes as Hammer beats Vitriol to an inch of her life and he is taken off for a small cuppa. The next turn sees Katalyst make havoc and knock and push masons all over the place. Hammer makes a valiant effort to get to Midas as he suddenly realize the danger from the loose ball off to the side and Vitriol sprinting up the pitch like a possessed banshee, but is really only left with fighting the angry burning Katalyst. He does by all means good work and puts out Katalysts fiery passion. It really doesn't matter in the end however, Vitriol picks up the ball, passes it forward and Midas puts it in from close range with a volley shot from the pages of legends. A short and brave training session, it was however clear the Alchemists wanted to be back for afternoon tea and their mercy was thereafter.
  9. Another day, another report from the Daily Boot. At an usual turn of event Katalyst is resting out this game, with Vening, Naja, Compound, Vitriol and Calculus is lead by Midas against a Shark Line up. The first turn sees Vitriol put up the ball and tauntingly pass it behind to Calculus and in a surge of passes Midas takes it up the right wing close to the goal right at the end of the turn. Next turn sees the Alchemists put on goal in and snaring up a few players to sharks and Krakens frustration. It would seem the fishes are easily provoked as it soon devolves to small scrums with no real meaning behind them. Compound is however shutting down the few tries the fish are attempting towards the Alchemist goal. Venin is also putting in some work, he's no Katalyst, but he's holding his own, making life tricky and more interesting than the Fishes ever expected from such a so-called "sub-par" player. Shark does eventually manage to put in a goal, but it was no easy feat and the price has been high, with both Greyscales and Siren falling to poisons and bleeds. Angel does manage to wrest away an open ball and get to a cover only to see Midas playing ping-pong with Kraken and suddenly appearing from across the field stealing the ball with a wink and promises to write her later. Unlike his normal self he gives fate a chance and start the following turn by some pushes and dogdes with Angel before nipping away towards the goal setting up a tap-in snapshot from Vitriol straight in front of Sirens face. The pass however... The pass could have been better and it is only the fates and some insanse skills that let Vitriol catch the ball all hopes of a lovely snap-shot out the window. Offical accounts say Midas's pass was perfect, yet those there question that... judgement. Some say it was a shot as well, which is probably more likely, however still no goal. Siren does have a go and thinks to be heroic and tackle the ball and pass it on, a lovely plan as ever one was. However, fate isn't always kind, nor is Vitriol, which takes the liberty to slap Siren in the face with her cane as she slips away from her grasp. And blows a little kiss to Midas as he heels the ball in the goal finishing the game with style.
  10. At the crack of dawn as the farmers come to the field it seems they're in for a rather fiery surprise. The Alchemist captain throws down the gauntlet and the game is on. They line up for a skirmish, after all it would be sad to break any regulations. Bushel kicks the ball out and as the house in the middle of the field is so discreet and small she smacks it into the side of it handing the ball over to the alchemists. Vitriol picks it up with a flourish and within a few activations Vitriol is in scoring position and with a kiss punts it straight into the goal to the home fans fury. Of course, beating Bushel to the ball after the kickoff probably didn't make their fury any less as she put other one. Now standing in the backfield, listening to the sweet music of angry fans she feelt rather good about the game. Soon enough a skrimish ensue and Katalyst shows Windel the loving embrace of the crowd, as he didn't have much of a breakfeast, one can only hope he used the respite for a small snack or mealbar at least. Katalyst left the cock flacid on the ground in the process. Now, with the ball on Bushel the farmers seems certain for a goal, and after harry making it just hard enough the farmers in their inexperience take the bait and go straight for it. Midas grinning from ear to ear as he's waiting for the goal kick fully kitted up and with only Grange between him and the goal. After the Star of stars spikes his dice to next sunday Grange flies to the side and Midas slaps in the goal himself, Vitriol has had enough glory today, thank you very much!
  11. Lhel

    Getting reaped by the Farmers

    I like using conditions against Farmers, but I never really tried to kill with them. I use them to force momentum use and hamper movement in particular. Using Goad/ moltov and then moving into an awkard position is rather funny on farmers. Also keep in mind that they can't move conditions that is inflicted during an advance. I'm also a big fan of the Kat External combustion knockdown, rather funny to wrap and get 6'' push with a fire burst and a knocked down players halfway across the field. Knocked Windle half across the board and into the crowds last time I faced farmers. Just distrupt and control as you can. To see even thresher blinded and forced to pass a moltov makes for a sad reaper that won't really do much and your speed and footballing prowess makes for a hard time down at the farm. Also taking the time to sprint over the harvest markers is another option. the only one that can put out sensible ones for Thresher is really Jackstraw. Look ahead and see where is a place Thresher wants to be this turn, make it a horrible option to even step foot in that area. The alchemist description of "force projection" get to bloom fully against the farmers. Thresher does hurt, but if he's the only real option for damage disable and pound to the ground seems like a reasonable option.
  12. Another lovely afternoon of football here at the Outlanders stadium, the Alchemists has scheduled a practice match against the Brewers for an upcomming tournament and Smoke is challenged to take her "weak" players and go toe to toe with the might of the Brewers. Smoke appearantly found this rather funny as she lined up an identical team to several matches running, so see if the Brewers have learnt anything new. Tapper was perhaps a tad on the eager side, not respecting the reach of the Hat, not to mention the fact he was now all quite alone with a smiling Katalyst waving friendly to him. A few moments later Tapper was heading for the sideline, rather surprised that he could still feel the pounding from Katalyst a good minute or two after he stopped beating on him. From this point the alchemists had a choice, to stand back or to surge forward. The former being the gameplan until Tapper came 2'' too far, and the other was to make some more beatings happen. The latter started as the former would hardly have been a match from that point. The fatal mistake and practice was really over at this point and what was left was now more a test of what an alchemist team made for range could actually do in your face. Stoker finds himself pulled in and beaten to a charcoal, Spigot was next and friday ran like the loving girl she is. She barely slips away after Harry doesn't quite manage to lock he down and after some back and forth and lucky scattering on a pass not too mentioning dogding a fireblast that would have toasted her slips in a goal as she succumbs to both fire and poison. Brave girl, and the only reason the Brewers technically win the game. Yet, I doubt there will be any celebration at the pub tonight, more an examination as to how those Alchemist players could easily out brawl the masters?
  13. A gorgeous gloomy morning in the late autumn sets the backdrop for this lovely match. The Morticians meeting the Brewers at their finest after a long night out on the pubs of the free cities. Graves starts with the ball after Spigot makes a lovely kick into a terrain that bounce it straight back into his face to the entertainment of the crowd and snickers from Friday. It soon becomes clear that the middle of the pitch will be rather bloody and contested. the ball is passed along the Morticians ranks and ends up by the feet of Mist ready for a fairly simple goal towards the start of turn two. The brewers do try to make life interesting by throwing fire and poisoned knives, but little comes from it. Spigot is a rather confused fellow in the middle however and seems rather lost as to what he's actually doing here on the pitch. After some and forth it ends up as seen above with Cosset to activate. Spigot is torn to pieces in front of Friday to a thumbs up from Obulus. Dirge soon takes a beating and Mist is targetted for some action, but some through it no worse for wear. Yet looking at the fellows performances right afterwards I'd imagine Obulus will have some words with the Unions officials... So eager is he, he leaves in the middle of the match to get some words into the right ears, match be damned. This level of incompetence cannot be anything but planned by someone, somewhere.... He does make up for it next round by stealing the ball from a still confused spigot and tapping it into the goal. But, the damage is already done. The match disolves to an allout brawl that sees the crowd greatly entertained, but otherwise things seem to be rather fluid and Friday does eventually sneak up into a scoring position and taps in a goal and due to some interesting dice survives a round that should not have been possible. But so it was and she does two in a row compensating for the rather poor spigot performance. There will be some words in the backroom there this reporter expects. So end another rather odd game with some strange occurrences, conspiracies be damned however, it was quite the game! Enjoy gentlemen and ladies!
  14. I'd love to see for example smoke being able to change Smoke to fire or basically AoE's from one to another. Crucible be able to absorb conditions from other models within 6'' when she activates for example and deal them out again when doing attcks with a +1 dmg for each condition perhaps... Perhaps like a Scything blow with conditions as a prerequisite for doing something beyond 1dmg.
  15. The twilight approaching the stadium was lit up from mirrored braziers that left the shadows long, but would suffice for the match. Smoke vs Tapper, a clash of styles as well as personalities. A game that can end up being recorded for prosperity as an example of effective versus brutal football. Mercury starts with the ball and leaves it invitingly just across the line expexcting the cat to come to collect it, as the cat does and punts it along to a waiting line of brewers. All the brewers pass the ball here and there and surge forward like the mob they are. The alchemists deal out some conditions and general fire and mayhem ensue as expected. Harry seems to be heading out on his own on the "wrong side" of the pitch looking mighty lonely and a simple prey next to some terrain at the start of the second turn. The tunnelvision ensues as Tapper goes bananas after the hat. He does a bit of damage, but hardly enough to warrant a dusting of the hat. Harry promptly responds by standing back up and directing tapper into the rough terrain. The remaining alchemists rain down fire and acid over the brewers that has Hemlocke working overtime as a backline nurse. After some hesitation Friday heads up and smacks in a goal, and then come to the realisation she just gave the ball away to the Alchemists and spesifically to Smoke that even grins so broadly even the back row of the stadium can see the chessire cat like glint in her eye. The fire rains and the looming threat of Katalyst is a glaring issue as the Brewers continue to try to get to the Alchemist line. From here on the tone was set, the Brewers do manage to get in towards the lines, but every time was met by the bulk of V. Katalyst smashing face to make Pintpot envious, and being even more hated in the process. As the time was running out smoke gleefully retreated behind the goal and just waiting out the brewers, only one brewer (and the cat) had a chance to even get to the line. They both try, but do not make much difference in the end. V Kat takes up the overextended player and the time runs out, leaving Alchemists winning the game to the boos of the Brewers fans and players. Smoke just takes a small bow as she leaves the pitch, snickering to Harry, it's it nice to be on a winning team?