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  1. So just to clarify this further, the "next" word is tied to the event you can trigger the trait (the payment of a character play)? So should this be treated like "next time a model pays for CP..." effect? And not like given in the OP's example, where the character play capable of using the benefits of last light would be technically the second character play used during the turn and not usable because of the "next" character play?
  2. Tasku

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    This seems very potential solution for me too. I unfortunately don't have too much experience with Hunters in actual games. Can you elaborate the decision on vHearne? Do you view that there's enough ball retrieval in Hunters without him? Is Seenah taking vHearnes place as an anchor in midfield? Is Egret a crucial part of something I didn't consider? Something else?
  3. Tasku

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I'm basically starting Hunters at S4, got roughly 15 games with them at late S3. I think I'll leave Jaecar for sure from 12, but from this point on it's hard. Probably the last two from Snow, vHearne and Egret. I would really like keeping Snow since the aura looks ok at some situations. vHearne isn't easy drop too since there isn't too many footballing options in the guild. Egret on the other hand plays very similar role than Mataagi so I think there's no room for both.
  4. Tasku

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/28-9-2018-free-cities-draft-update-week-1-guild-ball Seems like we have picks: Nomad 1st, Knuckles 2nd and Kami 3rd. Nomad is only interesting to Farmers, and even there as 3rd pick. Knuckles is in top3 for Blacksmith's, Brewer's and Butcher's. Kami is in top3 for Butcher's, Cogs and Fish So overall looking good! Let's go and report more games than Farmers and Nomad should be ours!
  5. Tasku

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Knuckles could suit our need. Though as an alchemist he would probably overlap with Venin's idea of poisonous fists or something. I'm interested, but for this one to be sure the S4 changes would be nice to know.
  6. Tasku

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Oops, missed vCalc being a winger. Anyway, Layne's here. He could fit to the Alchemist's Guild storywise but I'm not sure we need a striker.
  7. Tasku

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Edge. Sounds promising, so far the most interesting to me. Currently Alchemist's don't have a winger and an option to have one on the pitch dedicated to that place would be nice.
  8. Tasku

    S4 Skatha

    http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/season-4-skatha She seems amazing! Season 4 looks really promising!
  9. Tasku

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Cutlass. I was gonna say there's no need for another goalkeeper, but the letter encourages to consider her. But I think most guilds without a goalkeeper are going after one so no pressure for us to achieve this one.
  10. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/10-9-2018-the-free-cities-draft-guild-ball So some info dropped in today concerning the new community event. Let's start a discussion for what the Alchemist's Guild could use. There are 8 positions in the pitch currently: Striker Attacking Midfielder Central Midfielder Defensive Midfielder Winger Goalkeeper Centre Back Coach I think it's quite hard to say what we need given there's an expected rework around the corner. But thinking about the guild right now, I would be happy to see either more Defensive Midfielders, Wingers or Centre Backs - supporting the footballing game by providing some efficient influence to the wings or a solid anchor to put opposing scrum on the breaks. But here's Amber. I personally think both Katalyst's currently fill the role good enough.
  11. Is a playbook -triggered character play part of an attack action? Suppose veteran Katalyst attacks a conditioned Ebb (Blessings of Old) and chooses the result with 2dmg and an intensify. Does Ebb suffer 2dmg or 2x2 damage?
  12. Tasku

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    I don't have tons of game time with alchemist but a good amount still. I agree on this list almost at everything. Little tweaks that I would make is putting Brewers (Vecimate) to worst and Rats might go to only advantaged. I think Smoke has no game to Vecimate (threat range is too much, the condition hate and their ranged poke) and Midas is also having really hard time against regular core of Vecimate. Against Rats (with Smoke) there are definitely some advantages due to the disease mechanic and low health pools but they have some respectable tricks in their sleeves (like Piper pulling one model from for beating with all the pushes).
  13. This is incorrect. The character play sequence checks for taken out separately to the attack sequence, which is interrupted by th character play. This thread should lead to rulings.
  14. Reanimate has been discussed here earlier but I thought one more clarification could be useful. When attacking a conditioned reanimate model with 2HP left with vKatalyst, what happens to the Chemical Frenzy dmg buff after choosing the intensify before the dmg from one playbook result? When considering the attack sequence, it seems that at the step 2.4 the modifiers are added to the playbook results. In this example, the condition would be present still and the Chemical Frenzy would be active. At 2.5 the results are then selected and resolved. Is the buff still applied to the playbook result after the reanimate has cleared conditions? Or is it intended to vanish when the condition is suddenly not present?
  15. Spillage says: "Each time this model makes a Kick, enemy models within [4''] of this model suffer the poison condition." My question is: When is Spillage resolved? 1) When declaring a kick? 2) After the kick (and scatters)? 3) Before/after possible teamwork actions?