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  1. This is incorrect. The character play sequence checks for taken out separately to the attack sequence, which is interrupted by th character play. This thread should lead to rulings.
  2. Reanimate has been discussed here earlier but I thought one more clarification could be useful. When attacking a conditioned reanimate model with 2HP left with vKatalyst, what happens to the Chemical Frenzy dmg buff after choosing the intensify before the dmg from one playbook result? When considering the attack sequence, it seems that at the step 2.4 the modifiers are added to the playbook results. In this example, the condition would be present still and the Chemical Frenzy would be active. At 2.5 the results are then selected and resolved. Is the buff still applied to the playbook result after the reanimate has cleared conditions? Or is it intended to vanish when the condition is suddenly not present?
  3. Spillage says: "Each time this model makes a Kick, enemy models within [4''] of this model suffer the poison condition." My question is: When is Spillage resolved? 1) When declaring a kick? 2) After the kick (and scatters)? 3) Before/after possible teamwork actions?
  4. Tasku


    So vCalculus got revealed: Bit underwhelming. I think there's something to explore with Midas at least. I have had some trouble with 2-2 strategy, with the take-outs in the matches where I have to take Midas. Interesting mechanics, but won't affect much.
  5. Tasku

    Best value single box team

    You could pick almost anything and have a good time. Pick the guilds you or your friends might be interested in and guilds with various playstyles. Outside of the Masons and Brewers, I would rank boxed teams as follows. Note: Minor guilds aren't in this list because they're designed to work as a box. Good boxes THE ENGINEER'S GUILD: THE INSTRUMENTS OF WAR THE ALCHEMIST'S GUILD: THE LURE OF GOLD THE FARMER'S GUILD: THE HONEST LAND THE BLACKSMITH'S GUILD: FORGED FROM STEEL THE BUTCHER'S GUILD: THE BLOODY MASTER THE FISHERMAN'S GUILD: THE CHANGING TIDE THE FISHERMAN'S GUILD: PIRATE'S RETURN Maybe boxes THE ENGINEER'S GUILD: PRECISION MADE - Somewhat weird team, but proxy vVelocity -> oVelocity and it's ok THE BLACKSMITH'S GUILD: MASTER CRAFTED ARSENAL - The other one works better alone I think. If you're interested in these particular players, then go for it. THE BUTCHER'S GUILD: THE SCARLET CIRCLE - Tenderizer is a bit off, it is used as a counterpick. The other Butcher box works ok. THE HUNTER'S GUILD: BLESSED OF THE SUN FATHER - Good box, but it's tricky to play. Again, if you really like the Hunters, go for it. THE MORTICIAN'S GUILD: THE MASTER OF PUPPETS (RESIN) - Same as Hunters: Good box, but it's tricky to play. If you really like the Spooks, go for it. Don't Touch boxes THE ALCHEMIST'S GUILD: THE NEW AGE OF SCIENCE - This is just unsynergistic alone and lacks relevant models from the other box THE FARMER'S GUILD: OLD FATHER'S HARVEST - 4 Reapers & 2 Planters is not gonna work smoothly IDK boxes THE HUNTER'S GUILD: HERALDS OF THE WINTER'S MOON - Personally, I wouldn't play these. I have hard time fitting any of them into team right now (wait for season 4) THE MORTICIAN'S GUILD: STRINGS OF THE SPIRIT WEAVER - The box has 3 of the least played Spooks and the rest are really tricky to play. I wouldn't touch this as a team, but ofc it's a great addition to the Spooks overall.
  6. Tasku

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Zarola's Midnight offering should be 6'' range, not 8''.
  7. Tasku

    What AoE marker do you use for alchemists?

    I use the art of war token set with an addition of 3d printed 3" rings for crowded areas. Works well.
  8. Tasku

    Breaking into the Guilds

    Great job @Mako! This is something I would've needed when I started playing. While not as comprehensive and covering the whole guild as tactics written by @EpicChris, I suggest the following to be added for Alchemist tactics for now. @TheCurkov's excellent write up how to pilot Smoke: For Midas there isn't such write up, but found this to bring up some key points:
  9. Tasku

    Tapper - why ever bring him???

    Check out this:
  10. Tasku

    Alchemist Player Summaries

    My view of Alchemists. Pretty sure I forgot to mention something, but there's something to start with. Midas (C) – Good at scoring and retrieving the ball, gaining momentum while doing so. Can perform incredibly long goal runs with all the dodges (playbook + heroic). His Heroic play is able to ignore one counter attack disengaging with the original attack using push-dodge and then re-engaging with Heroic play. He's slippery due to unpredictable movement and early push-dodge results for counter attack, so generally only 2'' melee beaters can catch him. Lure of Gold is worth mentioning, extending threat ranges for other models. Fast tempo and scoring is the playstyle he favors, quickly to achieve the 8VP pressure. Good into: Guilds you can't control with Smoke and thus need to seal the game quickly // Risky into: ?? Smoke (C) – Good at controling the game with conditions. Can ensure almost the whole opposing guild is burning and poisoned. Benefits other models in the team (mainly Calculus & Mercury) providing momentum gain from range. She's slippery due to unpredictable movement and teleport to AOE's. With the teleport she's able to perform long and non-linear goal runs. Good into: ?? // Risky into: Farmers (Millstone, Grace, Harrow, lot's of boxes) and The Union (Grace) can really mess up your condition game Flask (M) – A mascot capable of causing a lot of damage on charge and wraps with Intensify when setuped right with conditions. In the middle of the opposing team, you can take Flask out with your own character plays, causing Flask to explode. Beware of Flask exploding near your own players. The Smoke Cloud provides free AOE for Smoke to teleport. Good into: Guilds that scrum up // Risky into: Guilds that can take Flask out in one round or from range Naja (M) – Good at crowd-outing and killing the ball with 2'' melee and unpredictable movement. Parting blows can cause poison. Hypnosis is a nice tool for disrupting goal runs and limiting important activations (like models with berserker -trait). Good into: Guilds that focus heavily on the ball // Risky into: ?? Mercury – He's got the fire AOE inside the guild. Likes to keep the distance to the opposing team and hampering their movement with burning condition. Good tackle and kick can sometimes be relevant. Good into: Low-def guilds // Risky into: ?? Calculus – She's got the poison AOE inside the guild. Likes to keep the distance to the opposing team and spread poison condition. Blind is very important tool with toning down big & important opposing actions. Good into: Low-def guilds, Guilds that tend to focus on one model to to the job // Risky into: ?? Crucible – Pseudo-striker with tools of taxing opponent's momentum. Usually requires some protection. Good into: Teams that struggle with momentum // Risky into: Killy teams Katalyst – Great at controlling the opposing guild with knockdowns, fire condition and pushes. Opportunistic take-outs are possible if you can hit low-def model with multiple External Combustions. Beware of situations of being knocked down without any opposing models in melee, it's not nice to clear your own TAC buff. Good into: Games where you need an anchor in the center // Risky into: 2'' melee models that can knock him down vKatalyst – Wrecks models with conditions, using up only few inf. In a pinch he can put a knockdown on enemy with furious charge. Witness me is the thing vKat aims for. He should be used like an assassin, taking himself out after a take out. Good into: Taking out lone strikers that just scored a goal and protecting your other models // Risky into: vKat is always a risk, but especially if the opposing team can benefit from the free 2VP you give them. Compound – One of the best utility players. Hampers the scoring for opponent and protects your models close your goal with counter charge. Good at holding the ball when Gluttonous Mass is available. Usually needs 0-1 influence so your other team has more resources to use. Good into: Guilds that focus heavily on the ball and guilds that send lone assassins to your // Risky into: ?? Venin – Momentous tackle on 2 results and 8'' kick is good. Has some abilities that makes him tanky. Heroic can be devastating when used right. Hard model to use. Good into: ?? // Risky into: ?? Vitriol – Only non-captain striker. Good at kickoff, scoring and killing the ball with Clone. Very squishy but mobile player. Punishes enemy models for being in cover. Good into: Games where you need to score fast // Risky into: ?? Good example teams to start with: Midas, Naja, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Decimate, Calculus/Compound - Goal focused, but able for opportunistic take outs Midas, Naja, Vitriol, oKatalyst, Mist, Calculus/Compound - All-in for goals Smoke, Naja, Calculus, Mercury, vKatalyst, Compound/Decimate - Long ranged denial game and opportunistic take outs
  11. Tasku

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    There seems to be a teaser in the Ratcatcher's backstory. http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/ratcatchers-guild-introduction Innkeepers? Seamstresses?
  12. Tasku

    Best and worst pairings Smoke/Midas

    I've been using Smoke into Masons knowing this could happen. Haven't seen this yet, but I'm actually ok when this is used. The 5inf used to pull of that vHarmony trick means they're playing your game, not their own, and +1 def means their defences are just average. The only problematic part is the damage dispersing trait which could prevent vKatalyst from using Witness me!. Against Hammer, I've been able to blind him every turn and it has been enough to slow him down. Basically his team melted around him, and at 8 points Smoke just scored to finish the game. That said, Midas definitely has game against Masons too.
  13. Tasku

    Game plan deck revealed

    @skcpae Print 9 pages on one page. That should do the trick.
  14. Tasku

    G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Hemlocke's TAC is listed as 3, while it should be 4.
  15. I seek a clarification for a strange situation with ball scatter and obstructions. Here's a picture of the situation I experienced. Decimate kicked the ball and the kick scatter landed the ball in it's position. Now, there's an obstruction on the ball-path so the the ball-marker is placed in base contact with the obstruction along the ball-path (page 48 of the rulebook) using the rule of least disturbance. So my question is, where the ball should be placed in a situation like this? It can't be placed anywhere along the ball-path before the contact with the obstruction, unless it can be placed "backwards" the ball-path behind Decimate. The rules didn't support that the ball could be diverge from the ball-path, so I assume that the ball cannot be placed in base-contact with Decimate alongside the obstruction. The other option I see is to place the ball along the ball-path right after the contact with the obstruction (and this is kind of a weird place to land the ball after colliding into obstruction).