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  1. FaiLoadeDice

    Squeak - I'm so confused how to use him

    How I use squeek. 1) get squeek within 5" of someone you want to attack a bunch of times 2) walk by squeek with someone stand on the opposite side of said target 3) enjoy your croud outs. I don't think I have... ever put an influence on squeek. But I love that rat one extra dice per attack turns Pelage and Skulk into monsters.
  2. FaiLoadeDice


    I think Bonesaw is fundamentaly flawed, he is a risk reward model where the risk is higher than normal but the reward is the same. He also is fundamental to Rats and as far as flavor he fits perfectly. I've already had a few bonesaw flubs to lose games but he is incredibly fun and funny so what you gonna do. When he works he WORKS haha. For your 6 I would swap Graves or Skull for Miasma depending on the opponent. Miasma really enabes scurge they are my favorite duo in the game. Miasma can clear off all of scurge's conditions. Throw some rats then walk over to her best buddy and and re apply disease for his big show. Tldr; I wish I had another option but I think Bonesaw is a nessesary component of rats just cross your fingers and toll the dice!
  3. FaiLoadeDice

    Help me with my Scalpel team

    I would pretty much always drop Skulk from that set. Vs scorie engineer or Smith's or sharks Fish I'd use him and take out graves or henlock. Skulks issue is he prevents points and you'll have a hard enough time with this team making points. BUT think about how you're going to allocate your influence. Skulk is still very useful/annoying with 0 inf. If the enemy team can easily kill him though he's better off at home
  4. FaiLoadeDice

    Help me with my Scalpel team

    So you only have box 2 morts or just those period? Scalpel is going to have to put in work. Keep vileswarm away from Pelage you can't risk a sudden loss of 5hp on her or BS-aw Vemlock will need to position your scorer and help keep Scalpel safe. You don't have anything to slow down fast teams so make sure you place Graves in between their threats and your Squishies. Pelage/Vemlock/BS-aw all go down to a stiff breeze. You'll likely need to plunk in a goal early to win. If you can get it with BoneSaw they will likely gang up on him allowing you to set up Scalpel for a sneak attack. If they bunch up Pelage gets really dangerous. Pelage and Scalpel are secretly pretty decent goal threats. Theaten a take out then suddenly go around and score.
  5. FaiLoadeDice

    Mortician Player Summaries

    Here's my quick take since I haven't seen a reply. Obulus (C) - makes other team do what you want. If they manage to play around Obulus they will have to give up a lot in return. Very hard to kill. Scalpel (C) - Move comical distance around the field, scoot your opponents around to you liking, move inf around heroic second wind is amazing. Very weak vs 2" pushes or dodges as seen on fish/Smith's/eni/brewers Dirge (M) - singled out + follow up is the most annoying glue in the game. Morts have amazing playbooks with meh TAC so singled out turns them into monsters. Vileswarm (M) - charge for 1 (vs human) to rabid animal then dies in an explosion! Generally worse than Dirge, week vs tanks or non humans also dies easily Bonesaw - The gambling person's striker. Not as reliable as most but can score from anywhere on the pitch with a little setup. Can charge through enemies pushing then back into your team to score. One of the most fun models in the game. Brainpan + Memory - a crowd out machine and momentum generator and a fun toolbox of tricks all in one. Also a mental exercise of extreme measures. Can score claw out eyes. Very safe but hard to plan around. Weak to knockdown since memory doesn't activate. Don't take into brewers masons or farmers. Can easily first activation score post turn 1 with a little set up. Casket - Decent damage, eats speed. Heavy burden is amazing, reliable momentum on 2 damage his legendary is game shaping. 4 point kills win games. Careful not to ruin your own plans. Near impossible for most teams to kill. Cosset - The one true misstle. You can eat another player even a captain with some setup but then you'll likely leave her to die. Really beefy teams she's risky but vs striker teams she is a terror. With tooled up and or Dirge assist she's the scariest damage dealer in the game. Ghast - the combination of 2" melee, rising anger, fear and reliable KD make Ghast the most disruptive player in the game. If he can get on an important player it puts quite a puzzle on your opponent how to get away. He's pretty killable but if they kill him it's likely a trade you were happy to make. Graves - good damage, free bleed, tooled up ,2" melee good kick (for Morts) Graves has everything you need and more! You'll see him being amazing in 100% of Mort games. veteran Graves - the "mascot killer" can net you 2vp for mascot take outs! Or 3 from players. Great pushes... But also Graves original flavor is to good for this new recepie to see play. (No Vileswarm means the back of his card is blank) Silence - Tucked and shutout are the 2 least reliable but most game altering plays in the game. Vs low def teams he is a must take and they will fear him. Good access to playbook damage and burning. Good utility player.
  6. FaiLoadeDice


    Ploughman will not make my tournament 10. He seems interesting enough for some casuals he can make 2 extra harvest makers with Grange+Millstone+Ploughman and 3 more. Benny+Windle+Buckwheat maybe. Big tar pit team I'm hoping the old man reaper will be be a 4inf max damage dealer. You can get a ton of inf currently but have nowhere to stack it.
  7. FaiLoadeDice

    That looked like Grace and Benediction to me...

    Instantly ordered them. I was sad to miss out on them, I love the models. I'm thinking grace can give Thresher a 10" jog threat for the 5 attacks! OUCH both are great. Will have to get some games in with both once everything is released.
  8. FaiLoadeDice

    When would you take Bonesaw over Mist?

    I'm gonna go ahead and say never. I don't ever build a team that uses both. I suppose an argument can be made if you wanted a striker team... But then why play Morticians haha. Bonesaw has some consistency issues. The more you try and make him work the more he'll let you down in that key moment. If Morts added a player with "football legend" I could see him working better. But now Mist is just better in every way.
  9. FaiLoadeDice

    Ordered Engi 6-man Starter, What Now?

    Hoist, Mother, Pinvice are all great. I 100% use mother (nothing wrong with Mainspring) hoist gives amazing flexably but is slower than other takes. The engineer 6 man starter is one of the best out of box without anything. Compound is a flex pick vs 3 goal teams and Harry helps with the engineer's main weakness of not a lot of 2" melees. Don't get Locus or vetVelocity. Just don't (even though they look so cool)
  10. This is an odd start so the goal here then would be to tar pit? So might as well go full crazy and go. Scalpel, Vileswarm, vGraves, Ghast, Casket, BpM. The amount of pushing you can do with Scalpel and vGraves with your 2 tanks is harsh VS can actually eat people in the lineup. BpM for easy crowd out. It would be UpTo Scalpel to score at least once. But vG and Casket might be able to pull off a 5vp takeout. 11 inf is a hard handycap to recover from though.
  11. I use Ghast when I'm expecting lots of 2" melee as I prefer Casket when possible. So Alchemist, Brewers, Fish and Farmers all get Ghast aka I almost never get to play Casket haha. I am 7-0 in games where I get casket time off. The tempo swing is rediculous.
  12. FaiLoadeDice

    Smashing Face dice

    Thanks everyone!
  13. Since "Smashing Face" on Pint Pot's card targets self does it automatically succeed or do you still roll for each person in melee zone?
  14. FaiLoadeDice

    One captain or two

    I take: Ballista, Pinvice, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist, Mother, Colossus, Salvo, Compound. So Ballista, Salvo, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Mother if kicking off Pinvice, Ratchet, Hoist, Velocity, Colossus, Mother if receiving Sub one for Compound vs teams that need or want 3 goals. For this I'm only sacrificing Harry that I'm not as huge a fan of as other people though I agree he is amazing on Pinvice team. I think taking both captains forces your opponent to question their lineup heavily so I 100% say yes take 2 with engineers.
  15. FaiLoadeDice

    Suggestions for playing against Butchers

    I would suggest taking Salvo with Ballista. Gives you access to feather ball and more ranged plays for Hoist and more momentum with Ballista. With the exception of Fillet the butchers aren't fast and are pretty fragile. 2-4 "blast earth" and a few other poking tools in the opening round. If you make engaging dangerous for butchers they struggle a lot. Don't let them ball up and eat through your team one by one. You need to set the pace for the game don't let them. I highly recommend Mother she can snap the ball to herself from insane distance. I find her much more useful. As others have said Harry is a great model although I don't use him in a Ballista line up.