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  1. SN0flux

    All praise the plastic!

    The big issues my hobbyist friends have with the plastic models is the lack of conversion possiblities. We examined one blacksmith model in particular, Burnish i believe from the 2nd box, that these models are near impossible to convert. The individual pieces (weaponry, armor) are molded directly to the model makes it very difficult to separate and convert them. Having Burnish's gun attached to the shield, which in turn is part of the plastic from his leg means you can't change that and personalize it, which was (and is) much more free with multi-part metal models. On my own merits, The models drew me into the game and having now been exposed to Infinity I thoroughly love the metal models so much more. Details pop much better and model heft is quite nice.
  2. SN0flux

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    If you run the currency exchange based on the current IGG PVCs, you'll see that the Fish and Butchers are Retail $120, which is roughly 90£ for 2 boxes. If this was the trend going forward the Major guilds would be at the same 45£ price point in the future. As much as we would like them to be cheaper, they don't seem to be.
  3. SN0flux

    Foul odor - Casket

    If kicking you could also start with him kicking off, putting him further up the field and starting the game with that Rough Ground even closer to the opponent.
  4. SN0flux

    When to Scalpel?

    I almost always bring Minx when i bring Scalpel, mostly due to Minx being a great battery and having Snared on an opponent makes hitting the high-end of Scalpel's playbook much easier. Cosset can deal more damage and Lure, but Minx can go in, damage/snare and get back out safely (and has 1 arm), leaving a weak target for Scalpel to take apart.
  5. SN0flux

    Teach me how to Bonesaw

    That can be a problem but if you aren't under the threat of a counter attack and as long as you can charge in the right direction to get within goal range, Bonesaw has momentous result on every option (granted, one is a tackle). Even if he's crowded out he is still making a goal attempt with 4 dice (1 base + 1 bonus time, + meditation for reroll). I find that if i'm running BPM, that i want Bonesaw instead of mist, because Mist doesn't trigger memory's movement.
  6. SN0flux

    Teach me how to Bonesaw

    Don't underestimate the power of a well placed bonesaw charge/goal run. On 3 net hits he can momentously for Unexpected Arrival, leaving him unengaged for an 8" goal shot. He may not have LoS to the goal, or models in the way, but meditation and bonus time can cover that. On turn 1, you can give him a goal run while receiving without having to use football dervish at all. Center him directly in line with the goal and pass him the ball and 4" dodge forward. Assuming you have 1 or 2 momentum (from other passes), you can sprint or charge directly toward the goal the full length, unexpected arrival, meditation and shoot. Even completely blocked if you have momentum to bonus time he can roll 4 dice to hit due to meditation. This can be negated with the opponent placing models in your way, but obulus can move them or scalpel can too (if she can get there). Cosset can lure them out of the way as well. Throughout the rest of the game, that easy unexpected arrival can really disrupt your opponent's plans with it's pushing, and just keeping him near midfield will threaten the goal due to football dervish. However, i never use the play due how unreliable it is.
  7. SN0flux

    Interested in starting the Morticians

    Obulus is a control master. Even by not activating him, you threaten your opponent with his Legendary. Every turn you don't use him your opponent needs to monitor their Momentum, because Obulus can choose to steal it. Obulus is great for breaking up your opponents plans, but tooled up and with ganging up he can reliably hit his Momentous 2 (+1) and his influence load means he can delete an unexpected model. With Obulus, you tend to play Obulus + Morticians since he'll get a full load of 7inf a turn. Scalpel can do quite a lot with her Tormented Agony, and momentous on 3 with anatomical precision is pretty reliable. She can walk a player six inches towards her beaters to really rip them apart, and still cast Second Wind for a momentum instead of 2 influence. She allows you to execute a plan on your turn as well as set up the motions for next. Scalpel is quick and pretty reliable on her hits, and she's able to be a goal threat in many situations. Scalpel can do quite a lot, but still allow the other players to shine since there may be turns she doesn't need to be fully loaded.
  8. SN0flux

    Rise of Zarola

    I've run her many times but have issues figuring out when and where to use her abilities. I think i just need to watch someone who knows what they're doing use her and maybe it'll finally click.
  9. SN0flux

    So I finally got my hands on BP&M

    This is noted in the collected clarifications if you take a look. Since placing Memory and control strings both happen at the start of the turn, you get to choose the priority order of those happening, meaning you can place Memory within 2", and then activate control strings for activating a friendly guild model and move him 2". Control Strings:- Brainpan’s activation triggers Control Strings. The Active Player can resolve either 'at the start of this model's activation' effect first, so Memory can Dodge [2"] from the start of Brainpan's activation even if he is placed due to Thought.
  10. Huzzah, bring on the Vileswarm + Memory missiles!
  11. I've no idea how to quote other threads, but there was a ruling just earlier that Ghast taking out his own players (ex Dirge and Memory) count towards the 3 Taken Out models. Without asking another question to 100% specify that, I would assume that Memory counts towards taken out models because this is a VP for having 3 models with the Taken-Out condition, rather than a VP gained for taking out a model (or more specifically, giving them the Taken-out condition).
  12. I've been looking into this now with the potential +1 vp for 3 models Taken Out GIC. Was considering the following lineup: Scalpel Vileswarm vGraves Casket BPM Bonesaw If receiving, attempt the turn 1 Bonesaw goal run (4" dodge, 8" Sprint/Charge, 8" Kick straight down the center of the pitch). Otherwise attempt to get the ball with Scalpel and run it back to the team w/ Second wind. Turn 2 either try to score if the opportunity is available, or draw someone in with Scalpel's 1 and then follow up with vGraves for KD + Gravedigger/bleed, Heroic buffed Vileswarm, and finish with Casket. Memory can get in the mix as well if you require more damage before Casket goes. I can see potential issues for teams that like their enemies all balled up (Alchemists, Engineers). Trading 1VP vileswarm that explodes with the opponent assuming you can get it to take out Memory as well and then Casket time + Gravedigger for 6vps with one takeout at the end of the turn. (2 takeout + 2 Casket Time + 1 Gravedigger + 1 GIC).
  13. SN0flux

    Improving my Morts Game

    Using puppet master to make an attack is very situational. I had a player walk Velocity on-field after take out within Ghast's reach + Fast Ground (he forgot about fast ground). Ghast missed his last attack to push Velocity off field but Obs was able to puppet master him another attack which was enough to push her off for the Takout VPs. Bonesaw is good against low def teams on turn one to make his goal run since most times he'll be able to push everyone away with Unexpected Arrival and meditate a kick straight into a goal he can't see.
  14. SN0flux

    Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I was trying to come up with some way to phrase this, and i think you've covered it quite nicely. I love playing my Hunters because I love their theme, and what they are capable of, but to play a good game is so mentally taxing at times just trying to come up with a viable plan you can follow through on that you hope is successful.
  15. SN0flux

    Hunters being swept under the rug?

    I think Theron is in a good place now. His book is respectable, his character plays do the job; All of my old issues with him are solved (except 2" melee, but i want everyone to have that). I would much rather see the rest of the team become viable choices. Zarola is a good battery/movement piece and Linked is useful, but that playbook is BAD. Egret could use some love as well; she really can't make goal runs as a striker. Ulfr can do those goal runs but he needs just something else to make him perfect.