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  1. LOL dude I said the same thing and got my head ripped off. I stand with you on this. A nice update saying "we are really busy everything is on track" would be really appreciated from me as well. But good luck, there is a bunch of sweaty guys on here looking to rip into people like you and I. Hope yours comes soon.
  2. Update 107

    But why not say exactly this to the US backers like me? I dont know anything about UK Games Expo. You guys are always ready to put others down on here. This is exactly what I was looking for. "Sorry for the lack of communication, we are busy with a huge expo in the UK." Took me all of 2 minutes to come up with that.
  3. Update 107

    Is anyone else getting a little anxious that we havent gotten update 107 in a while. I get it they are busy but could they at least give us something? Simply an update like "We are working extremely hard to get you your copy but we have hit some snags with so and so" I would feel a lot less anxious if this didnt start feeling like a scam. They took my money and then only give copies to their home country? I dunno... I know I would feel a lot better if we got an actual "update" just something to hold me over so that this doesnt progressively feel like a ripoff....
  4. Delivered

    Is this delivered topic for the UK or the US?
  5. US Shipping Status

    I am in Ohio. So hopefully Hub 1!!! EAST COAST FOR THE WIN
  6. US Shipping Status

    Your replies are always helpful. This isnt the first time youve answered my questions. Here is the back story: My brother and I went half and half on the kickstarter. When we were talking about it he said that he wasnt sure he was into the idea so i waited for him to get his thoughts together. The next day he showed up and told me that he backed it later on that night and that he would like me to pay him back the $40 when I got the chance. That is all fine and dandy but he is far less excited (and more busy) than I have been this semester and is less than thrilled when I bug him to check the backerkit every hour or so..... Unfortunately it seems that without his email I will be unable to be as in tuned with this process as you all are. I have to wait to see what you guys say in order to find out anything.
  7. US Shipping Status

    I really appreciate your help. Thank you very much.
  8. US Shipping Status

    the link to get to this page is the one that backerkit emailed to me correct? I just want to get a absolutely clear picture here b/c I have not seen anything about shipping period. Sorry to be a pain I just want to understand.....
  9. US Shipping Status

    where do you see ready to shit? from the backerkit thing that shows you the billing address and delivery address etc.?
  10. I just want to reach out and say I'm sorry for you man.... that really sucks that it came all damaged. Hopefully your box coming like this raises some flags with quality control and the rest of us get our boxes in good condition. Hopefully your problem solves something and does not end up being a meaningless waste of time.
  11. Gameplay: The Grind

    im an idiot.... it says it right there under your name. Sorry. Im in the US so i havent gotten anything yet.
  12. Gameplay: The Grind

    thank you for sharing. I am living my excitement through you since I do not have my copy yet. Just curious are you in the UK? Feel free not to answer if you are uncomfortable.
  13. US Shipping Status

    thank you. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. The wait has been killing me. I am going to be kinda upset if the store around me are selling the product before the backers even get their copies....
  14. US Shipping Status

    I am on the eat coast of the US and still do not have a tracking number....... Anyone else in the same boat?
  15. Update #100

    Can I just say that the mimic in update 100 had me laughing a little. When I saw it my first reaction was "It's teeth look like crayons" lol. Cant seem to be able to un-see it.