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  1. My six

    Theron The badass man with bow and lion mane on his head, the crazy forest rambo who makes impossible possible while tanking freaking killing machines cause he carries his personal cover. He who crushes any and all opposing team plans. In his early games he places forest ideally in a way that it'll provide Theron with cover OR block lane for pinned model OR give oHEarne option to score, Theron gets 5/6 influenzas (depending on avg deff of enemiez vs Egret), to sun strike himself, and put arrow to the knee, then pinn a poor sodd who happens to be in his range (most wanted is the guy who decided to throw the ball to hunters OR went in to recieve kick off) ideally Theron whould generate 2 momentum, use one to bless himself and place maximum of whopping 6 damage(!) while generating momentum back. In his mid game Therone wants to snare everybody who isn't yet snared, Therone should be selfish, place the forest on Therone's ending of movement spot because he is awesomely amazeballz with his 4/1 in cover! Therone now deserves a whopping 6 (if I start first), why? Because lets say against another evil 4/1 even if he flukes his dice rollz he gets to snare (3/1 now baby) but we still hope for that sweet KD! Now this gorgeousa 4/1 becomes sad and sorry 2/1! And if oHearne started before Therone and happened to place Signled Out on prime target and if oHearne supports Therone this original 4/1 is 2/1 being beaten on..... 9 dies (I recently killed original 3/2 model rolling 10 deers per attack with Therone) and six attack isnt the maximum output that Therone spews, cause he still can bless himself and shoot the poor sod for certain death if Therone's was the first activation on second turn and model down with before he could react (its devastato). In his lategame Therone does at whats he is best; kill spree pinning strikers obstructing with forsets dishing out snared so its evenly spread on opposing team Snow Aaaaaaaan for the gotcha moments with his Pack, Pieseł (figure it out, ; ) keeps his distance form enemies since 4/0 mascot is bloody softy softy ez 1VP and has triple functions all the game for me: I take him because Oooooh ball is usefoul ability with shitty foozball team If opposin team is clever enuf to figure out how 4/0 freakin 8hp models dies quickly, they may wanna grab some ez 1VP he works double shift as a bait surrounded by my dudes, he keeps in the back lines Da real boss with his pack mentality gives da gotcha moment when someone flukes deers agains Hunters, if KD isn't reached and model is just so in enemy melee, its a sad choice to take either dodge or push instead of lovely damage cause a hunter will just fall back and (in best circumstances) get out of melee zone. Jaecar He is the O With Jaecar I love passing the ball as kick off with him, he uses it as a bait, tries to make it bounce as little as possible away from the spot where he finished his base 7'' move which is 1'' away from centre line preferably at worst 4" away from the ball once the scatter is finished Jaecar likes then go for the kill on the poor sodd that had the displeasure of grabbing the ball, but Jaecar ideally hunts for bigger pray while leaving that said sodd for Therone. Instead with his whopping 10" threat range he most likely has model in posession in his range, and if said model didn't move, Jaecar most likely is capable of walking/chargin/runnin to model in posession, generate some momento, whila taking ball, maybe even screwing someone up with G&S syndrome (risky, onle one momo left for sweetness), aaand then be amazing first activation first turn scorer! And woo and behold cause Jaecar doesn't wanna momo for goalz, Jaecar knowz 4'' dodges for goalz and back to shadows do add up Who would have ever thought that hunters could factually pass the ball, and then score first activation first turn?? And then dodge BACK 8 freaking inches??? Ive done it few times, I handed Jaecar for some gangbangs the other times, I've yet to regret it either way. Rest of the game he skulks in da back/side field cause like snow he is softy softy often coming to avenge ded or dyin Pieseł. Egret She is the H First turn if I recieve, she scores and dodges 8'' just like Jaecar, oHearn blesses her either way with the momo generated by Therone. If I pass, then Therone is moar likely to get 6 influenzas so he can sun strike Princessa as well, because if I pass then Princessa's job is to serve as many poisons as she can. Imagine her with two inf onf first turn and suns strike with blessing, she often is last to activate on first turn, she provides up to three momo, and several poisoned models. If I receive she gets 3/4 influenzas 1st turn, still gets blessed, if I provide her with 4 influenzas Therone prefers to bless her instead of himself, she then most likely scores, cause Egret will receive kick so she can dodge 4" and do what she can to score so Princessa may dodge back 8" She then, for the rest of the game, tries to stay somewhere in between oHearne and Therone looking for goalz most often in a retaliatory manner after opposing team scores to emulate successes of Jaecar and refreshing poisons with blessing from oHearne, mind you she poisons only enemiez with flurries, flurries are tasty to frendlies, no poison for my hunters oHearne At first he gets nothing unless I receive and I want him to score, or I need to tie some dudees with melee that have counter charge, most of his game he gets what he produces, which is ONE influenza, he Singles out, blesses Princessa, teleports thanks to Therone forest (best escape route), he looks imposing but without forest lacks the speed and without Therone, Pieseł and all the others mates oHearne looses his leg in rapido fashion. I had games where enemy team were literally chasing oHearne cause he was teemed as ez meat Minx I dont want to talk about it it makes me sad She was the second H She is what fixes my team, she is the mincer (makes mince pies with her -2 def for FREEE) She scores goalz if Princessa couldn't, finishes what Jaecar or Therone couln't Ties enemies who thing that its them who tied her, I sometimes manage to use the supposed denial of her furious charge against the enemies, some folks thing that isolating hunters is good idea She is (was ) like Sid from ice age, the glue that makes the team work, I hope falconers will have someone who will have furious charge, screeching banshee, snare on dmg and.... my second H All the spelling errors are intentional
  2. vMinx card shown

    I really enjoyed Theron and oMinx snaring everyone around while Egret posioned all Neither Chaska, nor Hearne or Zarola are as goo at snaring like oMinx. While Skatha is too situational with her snare depending on clustered enemies.
  3. vMinx card shown

    I'll miss dodging while damaging while causing snared I'll miss how liquid hunters could be with 3 back to shadows models that dodge each time when they hurt I welcome another 2'' melee in our team I welcome opportunity to be able to make gaming pitch very hostile with up to 7 traps
  4. Now it makes me wonder if I didn't by accident, somehow managed to buy le Tater on the american website......
  5. Whats wrong with me(?) or steam forged shop!? I couldn't log in to my account, tried to reset password it doesnt exist now I created new one but on the address list there isn't United Kingdom option aviable for country And all prices are in dollars? EDIT: Found it, on the very bottom, there is an alternative uk webstore link on greyed out area, nice one
  6. Falconers pics

    I hoped it was due to increased quality maybe
  7. Falconers pics

    I wonder, when I was buying farmers from element games, their plastic boxes costed like 31.50 GBP but now falconers will cost 40,50 gbp, which is almost as much as metal 6 packs costing 45 GBP Any idea whats the reason for a ~30% price spike in plastics?
  8. I was lucky enough to buy one limited edition Tater model, but it was on 17th of match and now already is 31st and I am still waiting for my mini.
  9. G.B. Scrum: Android / Web App

    Wish I was as lucky as you, for me the app is nowadays completely unusable, out of sync, unreadable, boxes don't match letters, playbooks symbols are outside of boxes, stats are one of top another, wis I've not updated it, at least my hunters and union would be fine.
  10. PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Ok so NO fishermen or butchers in plastic, bot what with the money we were charged? Will they be refunded or got lost?
  11. Write on tokens

    warmachine default tokens or a american company broken egg games makes such tokens too I also used to use premade fancy tokens but things do add up and looking through bits just to find tokens is annoying
  12. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    2/0 model is a farm, snare it and you roll one more dice, G&S it and you roll two more dice. And Windle doesn't come back so easily.
  13. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    only 30 quid? I think thats cheap! I currently learn programming but as soon as I finish I have plan )more like a dream) to actually make my own scuplts and get them to quote my very own, personalised minis ^^
  14. Data Analysis - National Comparisons (or WTF?!?!)

    For me it only confirms two things: Game is new, fresh and fluent in a manner that we are yet to unlock a full potentials in all guilds. We all, have extremely good/bad rolls, that more often than not decide the fate of the game.