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  1. Larhendiel


    Removing forum!? thats a fools move! For GODS sake!? You mad!? Media attracts media, more coverage you have the more popular your games become, you lose media you lose attention. Is that what you want SFG?? You really not well indexed by Google anyway, you want to fall in that even further? I wouldn't. At the time when PP has close its forum I've quit playing Trollbloods and hormachine altogether. PP has have never been the same since.
  2. As it happens I left my job, went to boot camp and learned how to write java script, html and css (tools to make websites) As my graduation project I am making an guild ball computer game in canvas. Today I made ball :D Yesterday I made fight Only two teams at the moment, and without character traits, and character plays, but it is a start, not 3d since I am one man, and animations are scant but I want to be as accurate rules wise as possible with ability to allow people who do not know the rules to actually sit down and try to enjoy it
  3. Larhendiel

    Kick scatter discussion

    Now it seems to me that game rewards passes on short range but penalizes long range more risky kicks which then can scatter wildly, and balls have tendency to bounce and roll afterwards. I think thats a good design. But ball scatter after suffering goal is freaking scary! With enemies close nearby and a goalie runner ready to be a turret I am very fearful of ball scattering wildly into direction of my opponents or in a direction I do not want my counter striking model to go! This should be lowered to 1d3.
  4. Imagine that Mainspring dies due to bleed, he then explodes and applies burning. Should this burning damage also be applied in the same maintenance phase? Sorry my bad, activation phase is NOT maintenance phase, no damage applied, right?
  5. Larhendiel

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    So... people (myself included) want teams in metal, yet there will no longer be any available? People actually are willing to pay full price not wait for BF discount and company refuses to produce more? Is it a sound commercial strategy or something that is out of SFG hands?
  6. Larhendiel

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Obsolete sBrisket unless I get into church now obsolete trap marker. Whats there stopping anyone from making a whole guild obsolete for whatever reason? I wish we had variety in traps, I wish I could still play sBrisket in union. And even if I bent and surrendered and bought Pride... oh hang on, I can't buy him unless I get whole box! And with feebay nowadays charging like 30% of selling value "sell on ebay" is no longer a valid argument (in fact it never was)
  7. Larhendiel

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    That utterly SUCKS I'm sick and tired of models that I want but can't obtain just because they're either steam con exclusives, pundits exclusives or part of a box that I do not need
  8. Larhendiel

    store idea

    And thats what I'd like to be able to see, sadly no amount of clicking in firefox, opera and chrome opens this. instead I have small picture, on which if I hover opens new box on the same web page that shows a portion of bigger picture just zoomed in.
  9. Larhendiel

    store idea

    lets look at for example: https://store-uk.steamforged.com/collections/guild-ball/products/deep-cut-studios-falconers-guild-play-mat I want to have a high resolution BIG picture of that mat (or any other item on webstore) that I can open on the next page in my browser and admire in its full splendour not this silly little square that shows me 1/18th of a bigger picture! I mean, imagine you went to golden daemon competition and you were to pay to vote and all you could see to be 1/18th of any models presented at any given time.
  10. Larhendiel

    Card Errors

    Oh well, these errors seem minimal and more like a nuance, we all make mistakes and I am confident SFG will resolve it. Thinking of it and of how to implement future patches/updates to a physical player cards I can't help but imagine a little sheet of appropriate stickers as the most awesome eco-friendly and cheapest solution.
  11. Larhendiel

    Brick's blind spot

    Yay THANK YOU Steamforged! Brick was too mean for my receiving end way too often, good to see him curbed. And I am not even sorry he got so heavy mauling
  12. Larhendiel

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    Its a real shame we only have three planters It'll make hard for us to land as many snares as I'd like.
  13. Larhendiel

    Hunters Turn 1 Practice

    I most often now run: Theron 4 inf, two inf for sun strikes on Mataagi and Egret one to pin and snare someone and one momentum for his heroic to snare and cripple someone else, fourth activation. His forest to cover Jaecar Fahaad, first activation burner, no inf Jaecar, two inf, he kicks the ball to enemies (consider it a lure just in front of him) his aim is to set a trap on someone who will not die on the beginning of turn 2 and generate two momentum, I give him 3 inf only if I believe he can score by taking the ball back (he can do it). Third activation Minerva, another activation burner wobbling forward, second activation. She instead of Jaecar passes the ball and recieves 2 inf if opponent has a lot of tough hides. so she can put on her circle of pain from playbook. Egret, due to her being shadow like and me always choosing to pass the ball she goes as fifth activation. she can dodge easily and with sun strike on she tries to pass as much poisonous love as possible while generating some momentum and placing herself in a position to add a crowd out bonus for Theron starting turn 2. Mataagi sixth activation, last model to go on a turn where momentum is scant, he tries to pass as much bleeding conditions as possible, ideally onto the same targets as Egret did her poison. Now turn ends and enemy has 3 guys receiving 5 condition damage on top of at least 2 snap shots. Thats 3 guys 7 damage down, with Therons 2 damage on two models. Also, ideally I'd have 7 momentum. Tried and tested it, in best scenario, against Blacksmiths I had first activation second turn with Theron, who finish off model that failed to score first turn and was in Therons melee, girl died in 2 inf, he then walked on and killed second guy with further 3 inf, did his heroic and finished off last girl on 2 health left. That was 6pt first activation with no goals. .
  14. Larhendiel

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    After few games where I've been using both Mataagi and Minerva or vet Minx I feel loss of oMinx, I mean I don't have 4-3 opponents players snared at all times anymore, its actually easier to apply bleeds and poisons than snares now. Whoever we'll get I do hope we get someone who snares while doing damages and dodging to next victim at the same time. I also hope that since trap markers do get streamlined that we'll have more than 3 players who can lay them. And voting who to receive? "Obulus" already shoved us it may very well be pointless.
  15. Larhendiel

    Traps mechanics changing.

    Wait and see, it will happen.