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  1. Important Rankings Announcement

    I am impressed by how humble You are sir, thank you very much for your work and inspiration, I believe such benchmark as you started is vital in keeping guilds balanced and therefore our fun fair and joyful. Thank You once again
  2. For my friend

    ...whose private life has no mercy for him, kinda crushed, he is sad and I want to raise his mood, we have played many games from his dwarfs shooting my bretonnia with cannons to his necrons shooting into pieces my ravenwing or his cygnar beating my trollz, now we try Guild Ball but he tries and fails miserably with brewers, we both agreed that it seems that engineers are his go to guild, however he hates how they look, so here is where you may help me out and point me into direction of useful bits or whole different minis to supplement for engineers so they look more like a dwarfs with robots
  3. Iron and Ferrite discussion

    I am amazed ho low life bars they have, it seems that to beat blacksmith an entirely different set of skills is required. I believe that my hunters (who can disperse easily) will have easy time against blacksmiths; Theron, Egret, o/vHearne, Chaska and Snow all sound like they'll have a great time against smiths, as well as any team that can pull damage and momentum from character plays (hello engineers)
  4. WTF happened to quality of miniatures?

    Just got my farmers, team ready to play straight out of the box, love it Quality isn't as bad as failcast or PP models but it also isn't as crispy as GW plastics or metals. I suspect that this is the case because plastic models look better with bigger details For future releases please experiment with ehrm.... resolution of your models, metal allows a lot, while plastic to look great needs slightly different design "philosophy"
  5. I've seen pictures of new blacksmiths and farmers and I gotta say I am unimpressed by the quality...... Looks like heinous plastics from PP. I agree that getting single minis just to complement a team will not be easy with 6 man boxes but I'm alright paying 50 for team of metal models, a complete team, 100 gbp for a entire guild. No system, maybe beside Malifaux and Gates of Antares seems to compete with that
  6. 35 GBP for a team of six with tokens, terrain, ball and goal post is NICE. having everything needed to play included with a complete team, I know not another but x-wing system as convenient as Guild Ball and I see more and more people picking it. Easy to paint, cheap to start and providing immense amount of fun, in my opinion right now this is the best table top game out there
  7. KD and Sturdy

    Sorry to hijack, google redirected me here..... Imagine a situation where Avarisse and Greede are standing next to sturdy corsair and Avarisse attacks, he chooses momentous KD from his playbook, to his surprise Corsair triggers sturdy, can he use his additional playbook result from Greede (KD) to make sure this pirate is down?
  8. Since shark nerf I always thought it would be better not to remove his ability for a totally different one but to alter his legendary to just.... giving snared in 6" radius maybe?
  9. Future Guild Ball seasons

    I for one cant bring myself to paint any more trollbloods and am impatiently waiting for my pre-ordered farmers and mystery box to arrive, so I can be back o my painting bench again
  10. As a Jaecar player I want G&S stay as it is, renaming it would cause token problems, while this topic seems to be born purely on shark, that fish needed a nerf while he still does his job in a team where everybody can have 2". Which is scoring not making half of my team unable to move/score back in return. I like how Shark was executed, thank you SF, I hope you'll balance the guilds even further.
  11. Mystery box!

    Any idea on when they'll start arriving?
  12. Future Guild Ball seasons

    Why cant I choose multiple options? Phasing out models.... I have fully painted and phased out models, do you think I buy products of those that did it? Having hundred guilds with 20-30 models in each sounds better than having 10 guilds with 100 models in each. Balance between guild is very important, its like stay or go elsewhere factor for me. Right now everything that SF does convinces me it is a system I want to play for years to come, the price, the mini count, the guild count, balance leaves some things to be desired but I have faith in that you'll look more into it
  13. Just Something Short

    Then I have to admit that seeing first Brisket mini for the first time ever, gave me a pause to admire the sculpt. It may be a good idea to one day make such special limited edition team, I although don't fancy it am sure some people would buy it and be happy with them
  14. Just Something Short

    ......wish we had nudist guild, Skatha wears short...... rags, and Minx seems to wear short..... mini(?), but then she has tall boots.
  15. Flurry + Glutonous Mass

    So the gluttonous mass isn't triggered, but do they receive poison?