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  1. Write on tokens

    warmachine default tokens or a american company broken egg games makes such tokens too I also used to use premade fancy tokens but things do add up and looking through bits just to find tokens is annoying
  2. Thursday night Guild Ball Hunters vs Famers

    2/0 model is a farm, snare it and you roll one more dice, G&S it and you roll two more dice. And Windle doesn't come back so easily.
  3. Printmakr for Steamcon creations

    only 30 quid? I think thats cheap! I currently learn programming but as soon as I finish I have plan )more like a dream) to actually make my own scuplts and get them to quote my very own, personalised minis ^^
  4. Data Analysis - National Comparisons (or WTF?!?!)

    For me it only confirms two things: Game is new, fresh and fluent in a manner that we are yet to unlock a full potentials in all guilds. We all, have extremely good/bad rolls, that more often than not decide the fate of the game.
  5. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    Ballista can get mom for all ranged for his entire team, make minefield, shoot from range, has amazing kick, ranged push and kd and can one round my (damaged) Windle when fully stacked.
  6. A Thread to Talk About My Problem(s) With the Hunters

    Hunters weak? Hmmmm....... It all depends on skill, and rolls Had a game where if Egret hit flurry on 4+ she would have scored a goal and win me the Game, but she didn't Then I had a game where my 1st turn ended with a screamer from Skatha (beginning on deployment line), then she activated 1st second turn, stole the ball and scored second screamer while staying safely away from retribution. Your opponents must be good players who have no mercy on you, for when I learned hunters my most played opponent went through 5 guilds in search for counter against me, he is yet to succeed. In my opinion hunters are a odd guild, that requiers odd way to play. And now after a buff to Theron and oHearne hunters feel to me like a really good guild.
  7. Why I prefer Chaska over Jaecar

    You should definitely try out activating oHearne before Jaecar to apply singled out Option to add skewered and KD from oHearne are just bonus. And suddenly Jaecar is aiming at a 2/0 target with approx 8-9 dies You mentioned how awesome is Chaskas QuadBox For me the greatest downside is the price. 2x Sun Strikes and a succesful range play from Theron (4 inf), then 4Inf on chaska minus 2 mom Imagine what Jaecar would do if he had 10inf
  8. Vet Minx?

    My thoughts too. Hunters! Letter implies only that Obie is bat shit scared and didn't expect us to be there, it implies that Obie gives us a candy so we won't go after his birthday cake. Since when hunters chase the bait!? The question is; How do we win both Hemlocke and vMinx NOW?
  9. Vet Minx?

    I'd like her more sleek, she doesn't need roof tiles on her knees nor Space Marine shoulder pads, also antlers are horrible thing to wear and don't even start me on cape. Dodging with cape?
  10. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I love both advanced deployment 1-3-2 and GIC, but sadly noone of my opponents seem to share my excitement for it, their excuse is that tournaments don't run in such formats so they're not interested in experiencing it.
  11. Power creep

    To answer your question only sky is the limit, but over the years I became super sensitive to power creep, I've invested tme and money into quite a few gaming systems only to quit them because of the power creep. It would be dissapointing if SFG would follow same path. I've yet to win against Blacksmith. Disarm + most of the team clocking at 2 points of armour can make characters with lower tac next to useless when debuffed and against them, then this new guy has fire template that at his legendary, with tooled up can spew 4 damage and a condition for every model under his his template, and there is 3 of them so it may be advisable to keep 12hp models separate. I remember reading tactica from season one for Blackheart, where author claimed that def of 3 and arm of 2 was spectacular defence tech. Now we see an entire team where everybody can have it.
  12. Unsnapping During a Kick

    but he would re snap the ball using his character trait not standard rules.... its interesting what lawyers will come up with
  13. New "Skins" for our models

    likewise. I got all of these haloween skins too. I also think its a great way to make everyone happy! But just imagine: ten years from now we might even be able to make entire themed team out of such models!
  14. Call to Arms, this is a Call to Arms. GET THEM PHOTOS IN.

    Chill man, no need for passive agression. It's better to channel this energy into picturing as many games as we can But I still believe that if not Hemlocke then someone else we will eventually receive