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  1. jnkmoua

    Using Crucible

    I think Venin would have also been a fine choice instead of Crucible. However I think I'm more often than not able to maximize all of Crucible's traits and character plays, and sometimes even playbook results, more than I would Venin's. Maybe that's just me. Venin wouldn't have been able to dodge out after putting a condition on someone nor could he threaten the additional momentum for healing/clearing conditions. I like fire AoEs and usually like to take them when I can. However I found that with this particular opponent it didn't really matter. I'd try to handicap Velocity by putting a fire aoe right in front of her and she would dodge around the fire and still be able to make a goal on turn 1. I'd try to handicap Pin Vice too and found that my opponent had no problem spending momentum clearing the burned condition away immediately. What I did find, though, was that if I poisoned his characters he was less likely to clear conditions until he really needed to. This kept conditions on his models and gave me more opportunities/choices to threaten with vKat. Which in later turns gave me the "momentum" I needed to turn the game my way. As for conditions on Crucible, I usually start her with a burn condition and keep it on her so she can spread burn around. I find that she can reliably do so, which is great. That being said, it's not just for the Vitriol dodge. I think my buddy, @Seacitygamer took some pics. I'll have to ask him and see if he has any good pics of the Crucible action going on. To further clarify - for the kickoff, I kicked the ball with Smoke. The reason I do this is so that Calculus could comfortably move as far as she needs to in order to poison and blind and still gain momentum. This also helps just in case Smoke gets the ball, she can actually be in a position to score on turn 1 (I know most people prefer to kick off with Vitriol for the goal threat - you do what works for you). During turn 1, Vitriol activated early on, jogged about halfway up the pitch, threw out a smoke bomb 4in from Smoke (to get Smoke in range of Velocity, who had the ball) and then Vitriol stayed in cover. Shortly after, Crucible activated, burned herself, and sprinted to be next to Vitriol. I won initiative roll and opted to go first. At this point, Pin Vice (PV) had the ball and was in cover near Vitriol, but not quite close enough for Vitriol to just start swinging. Because Crucible was close to Vitriol, Vitirol got her 2" dodge to engage PV (out of PV's 1" melee) and thanks to cover, Vitriol easily got the ball back, generated momentum, walked up the field, and scored. It has taken me over 15 games against this PV team to finally beat them. There were some major mistakes made by my opponent (e.g., Turn 1 Velocity goal was measured incorrectly, he was trying a new model out and that model became a liability, etc.). In the end, did Crucible make me win? No, not really - I don't want any one of my models to be the sole reason why I win. That'd be too easy. But Crucible did indeed do some good work that game.
  2. jnkmoua

    Using Crucible

    I had Crucible in my line-up and finally beat my buddy who has had an undefeatable Engineers team in our circle. My team was Smoke, Naja, vKat, Vitriol, Calculus, and Crucible. I needed someone on my team to proc off Vitriol's 2" dodge and didn't want to use oKat so I opted for Crucible. I also knew my opponent wasn't going to give me Vitriol's 2" dodge by keeping his conditioned models near me so I needed someone on my side to do it. In the game Crucible did the following: - Allowed Vitriol to 2" dodge into Pin Vice, tackling the ball and sprinting away to get a goal. - Took Velocity down to 3HP (after Reanimate and my opponent had healed her for 4HP) setting up Smoke for the legendary kill. Could oKat have done what she did? Yes. But I needed vKat for the Witness Me takeout which won me the game. Crucible almost always threatened that extra momentum cost for clearing conditions/healing too. This is only my 3rd game with her and the first two times she was a liability. But with careful positioning this time around, she was a game changer for me. So I say don't give up on her too easily. I think her potential is up there.
  3. jnkmoua

    Session Report vRage (noob) vs. Shark (expert)

    Not sure if everyone would agree but I would say that the meta right now is made to support footballing teams (e.g., tap-in). That doesn't mean you HAVE to play an all footballing team. It just means it's more difficult to play an all take-out (or mostly take-out) game. I usually go for 2 goals, 2 take-outs. If you had someone on your team who could fetch the ball and either kill it or pass it off so that your opponent couldn't get it back so soon, I think you would've had a better early game. My rule of thumb when receiving is to always have at least 3 people who can fetch the ball - one on the left, one in the center (most likely the one who could score first turn), and one on the right. I learned this pretty recently and it's helped me tremendously. If you're not going to have your side of the field covered, then don't receive or else you put yourself in a bind and threaten to concede a first turn goal. It was really unfortunate that he had Knee Slider. If you want to play an all take-out game I would say consider Snakeskin. Sounds weird but she's one of the best ball keepers, if not the best ball keeper, in the game. She has 5+ def with nimble, becomes 6+ for male chars, tackle on 2nd column, tackle dodge on 3rd, and has clone. This means, essentially, only 2" melee models can hope to attack you (by charging base to base) and get the ball back but you can counter and *likely* tackle it back. While your opponent is retrieving the ball, this might give you some time to get some of those take-outs you want to get with vRage. Hope this helps. Some of this is theorycrafting with my best friend and guild ball mentor/coach so take it with a grain of Salt
  4. jnkmoua

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    Yeah, I'm in the same boat - scoring or killing doesn't seem to happen at the same time. I try to get an early goal turn 1 and then another goal as soon as possible. Once that second goal happens, I go for a Witness Me! ... haven't been able to do it yet - at least not fast enough.
  5. jnkmoua

    Having a hard time with takeouts

    Preface: I'm somewhat of a new player and I've only played about 18 games with the Alchs (out of my 20 games). Surprisingly, Vitriol has helped me in this arena. She's not the best choice but when I need her to do damage, she's been able to do it. Charging someone who's in cover, she's been able to hit reliably well and surprisingly hard (declaring Hidden Damage on the charge). Supposedly she used to be better in s2 - I started s3 so I wouldn't know. I would also say keep an eye out for the more squishy models with low HP. They usually have high DEF but you can get them low with conditions while you're playing a ball game. I usually bring Crucible to discourage my opponent from clearing conditions - and she works like a charm. Crucible is also not terrible at spreading conditions and doing damage either (although that's not what I primarily use her for). With Poison on and 1 dmg on her first column, that's essentially 3 dmg if your opponent doesn't clear conditions. I'm somewhat surprised vKat is not working out for you too well. It's true that he can get negated easily but when I position him well I find that he does a lot of damage. Once you get oKat painted, KD on 2nd column and easy access to damage should help, although I've found I don't know how to use him too well yet and in my games he's kinda just sat there and hasn't been able to do much. Smoke is also a beast when you consider her legendary. I can essentially do 12-15 (sometimes more) points of damage across the enemy team at the end of turn 1 if I activate her last and move AOEs around. Again, with Crucible on the team, opponents are usually not wanting to waste that momentum until they absolutely need it. And usually by early turn 3, you should be able to pick off a couple of their models. Hope this somewhat helps.
  6. jnkmoua

    Facing the engineers

    My best friend plays engineers and when he leads with Ballista (which is rarely), playing a condition game against him makes it much more difficult for him to win (he's a much better player and has played more than twice the number of games I've played). A good Smoke legendary will do a lot of damage across his team and with Crucible nearby, he is very hesitant, close to never really, to use momentum to clear conditions. This sets up vKat, and in my case Venin too, fairly well. A Pin Vice engineer team with nearly the whole team having reanimate is ridiculous to play against though and my buddy has been playing this lineup against me. It's frustrating. I can't win against them.
  7. In the "Regional Cup Organised Play Rules," on page 8, it says "Please note that the following steps supersede the standard Pre-Match sequence as defined in the rulebook and are specific to tournament play." And then under [C], it reads "Deal and select Guild Plots from a shared Season 2 Guild Plot deck as per the rulebook." Is this an error or is playing older guild plot cards a tournament thing? I'm new to Guild Ball and as I'm getting ready for a regional tournament I just want to make sure I don't need to also be aware of season 2 guild plots as well. Thanks ahead of time for the clarification!
  8. jnkmoua

    How To Play the Condition Game?

    I played a game against my best friend the other day. He played Morts (Obulus, Dirge, Cosset, Ghast, Bonesaw, Graves). I played Smoke, Naja, Crucible, Virtriol, oKat, and Venin at an attempt to play, mainly, a Take-out (TO) game with some decent goal threat. My final goal was to get either [2 goals - 2 TO], or [1 goal - 4 TO]. I won an all TO game at the beginning of round 3, ending the game at 12-6. A very QUICK summary of what worked well - Crucible forced my buddy to not heal/clear conditions [Covalence]; Venin's Heroic Play [Coagulate] did some good work; Smoke and Vitriol were constant goal threats forcing him to make decisions that let me play a TO game; my main beaters were Vitriol, oKat and Naja - Naja does a lot of damage when she is close to Venin [Assist]; Smoke enabled this team by (1) using her legendary early [Chemical Shower], (2) helping with cover for Vitriol's Hidden Damage [Smoke Bomb], and (3) supporting with ganging up bonuses. Didn't think it was possible but it happened! Granted, this was my buddy's second game with Morts, so he was still learning how to play them. Regardless, he's an amazing Guild Ball player and this was my first victory against him (out of the 10 or so games we've played together). I'm a fairly new player so I like to study and take notes before games if I know what my team is and what the opponent's team is. We shared our lineups the day before and he ended up using Bonesaw instead of Mist. If it helps, here were my notes going into the game: Obulus legendary - keep momentum low or bait it out early Charge base to base on 2" melee models (Obi, Ghast, Graves) Ghast is a 2/1 when KD Cosset will likely only have 9 hp after her first activation (because of [Crazy]); keep her near Crucible and with a condition (Poison/Burning) so healing will be costly. Take her out early on turn 2 8" Puppet Master on Obulus Smoke and Naja have Unpredictable Movement Declare Hidden Damage with Vitriol, be on the lookout for people in cover Crucible can dodge into position for a snap shot after a [Slip Past] and [Reactive Solution] Enemies burn when dmg by oKat Enemies poison when dmg by Naja/Venin Use Smoke mainly as an assisting captain: smoke clouds and ganging up. Thoughts?
  9. jnkmoua


    No, her aura doesn't effect only removing Fire/Poison. It's if the target model (whether itself or another model) is healing or removing conditions AND it (target model) is suffering from Fire or Poison, then it costs more. That's how I understand it.
  10. jnkmoua

    Mortician's vs Alchemists and Fishermen - help wanted

    I first played Fish (Shark) vs. Morts and today I played Alchs (Midas) vs. Morts. Lost both times. I think mainly because I am still a new player - I have about 7 games under my belt after these two games, and my best friend who I played against has over 20 games under his belt. My buddy had in his lineup - Obulus, Cosset, Dirge, Casket, Graves, and Mist. In the first game vs. Fish, my opponent played keep away with the ball - he kicked off but charged in with Mist and I just couldn't get it back.. my dice were failing me and I failed to allocate enough influence on Shark for him to be a real threat. While I was trying to get the ball back, he was picking off the rest of my team with a tooled up Cosset - he killed a full health Sakana in one activation, it was nuts! After that, like I mentioned, he just kept picking off my team one by one and I had trouble getting the ball as my buddy would just pass the ball off the field or into open space away from my team. The game ended 12-4 in his favor with four (or five?) takeouts and a goal. In the second game vs. Alchs, he somewhat did the same thing but I made some big mistakes which he capitalized off of. He set up Mist as a turret and used PM to sling shot two goals in a row. He was up by 8 points and I had none. I ended up scoring a goal bringing it to 8-4. He took out one of my models using the same Cosset strategy (now, 10-4) and tried to take out vKat next. But my buddy failed to realize that Cossett and Graves were both burning and did not care to clear conditions. I counterattacked killed Cosset (10-6). Next round I activated vKat and finished off Graves (10-8) but Cossett was able to jog onto the field and finish off vKat ending the game at 12-8. So to summarize, Mist was a good pick for my buddy. It gave him good goal threat even though, in my opinion, Morts are really good at killing stuff (and I'm one for maximizing strengths). He was able to use Obulus to PM Midas at one point to pass to Mist and make a slingshot goal (my mistake here) which gave him a huge advantage early game and did not allow me to Witness Me! without losing the game. Cossett is also really working well for him. Being able to dish out 15-16 damage on one activation is pretty nuts (Crazy, Furious, Tooled Up, Ganging Up, Dirge). Obulus PM is also pretty darn annoying. I'm afraid to go near him with the ball because I might just lose it. Anyway, hope this helps you in your endeavor to find good strategies to play vs. alchs and fish!
  11. jnkmoua


    I pre-ordered her through a website blindly (yeah.. that may have been a bad idea) and the store has told me that she is on her way-something about their policy about pre-orders says that they ship out merch as soon as they receive it-but won't arrive until Monday due to a weather delay. Unfortunately, I'll be out of town Sunday through Wednesday. If no spoilers are released by then, I'll be sure to share what I know . Excited for the new add to the alchs!
  12. Yes, that makes sense. Thank you!
  13. Played one game with fish but got destroyed. However, I'm a new(ish) player and was playing against a really good player.. and I rarely rolled above a 3. It was just one of those games. Not sure if this has been answered already but as I'm trying to learn to use them better, I'm trying to understand what the character play text means when it says "The target enemy model is a friendly model during this action." This text is seen on Siren's Lure and Seduced and also for Shark's Tidal Surge. My assumption is that "this action" is referring to the character play. If so, does this mean that you do not have to roll against the model for the character play? If not, then why does it matter if that enemy target model is friendly or not? Would like some help on understanding this. Thanks!
  14. I absolutely love these videos! New alchemist player here. Appreciate that you talk about what your goals for that turn are and how your decisions change.