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  1. TehMik

    Well that kinda hurt - July 2017 errata

    Edit: nvm, I get where you're coming from. Ignore this.
  2. This is a Good Idea.
  3. GIT GUD! No, I think you're right. The CiaN and GnS combo was as close to an NPE as you could get in this game. That said, I think the point is that the nerf went too far and/or doesn't make sense. -1 DEF? Fish don't care about -1 DEF. It's close to useless, especially with Shark.
  4. TehMik


    1) This is really, really interesting. Excited to give this a go. 2) What do the numbers by each player icon mean?
  5. TehMik

    Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    Oh, I know. Just playing along with the stereotype (for lack of a better word) that's come up around the Chicago folks. Was able to chat very, very briefly with the contingent that made it down to the DC area for the Spring Fling and first impressions were that everyone who made the trip were pretty cool folks.
  6. TehMik

    Sacrificing enjoyment of the game for a statistic?

    We can't all be like the Chicago guys .
  7. TehMik

    Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    @dtjunkie19 Muchas gracias.
  8. TehMik

    Single or double captain in the "new" OPD?

    Would you mind expanding on which matchups you'd prefer to take PV?
  9. TehMik

    Always two there are...

    Well nvm then.
  10. TehMik

    Always two there are...

    Do we know for sure that there must be 1 master for every 1 apprentice? For example, Anvil's "Sentinel" ability affects all apprentices not just Sledge. And if Sledge is anything to go by, only apprentices are tied to masters. This opens up possible teams of 2 masters, 3 apprentices, and 1 mascot, or even 3 masters, 2 apps, and a mascot.
  11. As a follow up to my previous thread (here, in which many of you kindly and helpfully passed along some very useful advice) I have some questions. Pure chance allowed me to pick up all of the Engineer models except Locus. I was able to get a game in against some Fish this weekend, and it went. Learned what some models did, learned that I probably should have picked Compound, and that Hoist is pretty excellent. I did have some things I wanted to bring up: - What kind of tactics do you use to apply kick-off pressure when kicking off at the start of the game? Who kicks, why, etc? - What is Colossus' purpose, exactly? Keep the ball? Maybe it was because I was playing against oSiren, but it didn't matter who had the ball. Not saying I think the big man is bad, just saying I'm sure I'm the one who is using him wrong. He ended up being a snap-shot turret for some reason. - If I want to bring in Harry, who gets dropped? Right now I kind of feel like Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet, and Hoist (plus captain and mascot) are a pretty excellent core. Yet Harry brings momentous damage and efficiency not inherent in the faction. Maybe Hoist goes? Any thoughts (even "GIT GUD!") are appreciated.
  12. TehMik

    So quiet here..

    Kingdom Death, my good man.
  13. Noob (to the cogs - up until know I've played Fish) question: what model or two are best acquired to expand on the 6 in the box (Ballista, Mainspring, Salvo, Velocity, Ratchet, Colossus)? Looking around the forums it seems Hoist is an important, er, cog in the machine. Other than that, do I go A&G or Harry, if at all? Cheers.
  14. Very, very nice. Thanks for the work you've put in! Really enjoying the videos.