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  1. Harriet Playtesting

    Happy hump-day crew! I've been play-testing with Harriet a little bit on Vassal and I have a gut thought about using her. I wanted to engage the cog-mind collective here to see what you all think as well. I've used her a couple times with PinVice, with the thought that I want to play a fast moving game. Usually when I do, PinVice is way up the field and I don't want to move Harriet that far up and put her into danger. Therefore, the couple of games I've played with this lineup have been a little average if not lackluster. So my gut-thought conclusion here is that Harriet probably works best more with Ballista, being able to hang back a little closer to him as part of the gun-line brigade. What do you all think?
  2. Harriet Playtesting

    I did get a Vassal game last night using Harriet with Ballista. This actually felt pretty good. Don't NEED to allocate her anything for a little surprise punch, but I did keep her closer to Ballista for the inspiration zone. I could definitely see using her like this a little more and maybe as a sneaky goal threat with a fast run.
  3. Harriet Playtesting

    That's fair, but still has to be close enough to get the duplication first.
  4. Harriet Playtesting

    I'd really like the sucker punch as a method of ball retrieval, especially with models with Unpredictable Movement and lots of Engineer 1" melee... but I get what you mean. I still don't think you'd want her racing up the pitch though, getting into the mucky-muck. But it's worth a thought... with a 6/9 MOV, she is fast enough too.
  5. Let's start taking tactics

    I have this thought as well - I'm not sure how often the Hunters players will jump into my 6.
  6. Falconers, the whole picture

    I definitely want to hop over in the latter half of the year here and really play with this guild, so this is pretty interesting. Just in discussion with a friend, I think the Falconers could be a poster-child model for the 2-2 game. They have some great goal scoring options but I think they will need to be advantageous with their take-out targets. As a collective group, they seem to be pretty squishy, so if it takes too long to do, it's probably not going to benefit this team very much.
  7. Hmmm.. I appreciate the way you're thinking here... I'm going to give this a shot next game I play.
  8. Fair enough. I'll never disparage the tactics of a fellow cog-head. If you kick off with Ballista, when do you activate him? I feel leaving him up the pitch is an opening for the other team to come smash his face.
  9. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    Good morning crew! I know the PDF files for vGutter, vMinx, vDecimate and vHemlocke are all in the Previews forum page, but has anyone seen the Harriet and vHonour PDFs yet? If not, can we get them somewhat soon?
  10. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    Yep! Worked for me now. Thank you again!
  11. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    Brilliant, thanks so much! Less brilliant, but very appreciated anyways! Oh no!
  12. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    I don't think you quite get what "laziness" means here.
  13. In my day...!

    And THAC0 was next to godliness....
  14. Last 2 Exiles PDFs

    I could, yeah... but I sometimes have issues printing just images instead of setting the pages of a PDF to print. Ultimately, it boils down to me being a tad lazy and finding the PDFs to just be easier to appease the laziness.
  15. Ballista isn't a run-up-the-pitch, beat you up kind of captain. He may look that way, but at 3/1, he's still a little squishy, even with Tough Hide. Set up your gun line and hang back for the first turn, earning some momentum from your ranged attacks. FWIW, I like Colossus, but I'm taking him less and less lately in games around my meta.
  16. Wouldn't this fall under the; ""Any effects and abilities that trigger at the same timing step may be resolved in any order the Controlling Player chooses." rule that is commonly found here?
  17. Confused by roster changes

    But really, that's just a label... and TO's could decide if they want to allow that to exist as a minor guild...even if they don't, you're right... just play as Union with only those models. I guess all I'm getting at is there won't really need to be any more hype train or anything for "The Order" until Season 4, but I feel there's more hype overall for all of the changes that will take place, since it's anticipated that there will be mass updates.
  18. Confused by roster changes

    Doesn't this basically mean that once the New Beginnings box is out in July, the whole roster for The Order will be available for play? Since a minor Guild is supposed to only have 8 players...
  19. Pure Guild

    I'm sitting here, mouth somewhat agape, thinking why on earth you'd EVER try to get Shark in a 2-2 game. In all my experience, Shark is a 3-0 captain... should be petal to the metal, looking to score every opportunity. Any kills could be opportunistic, but never "planned"... All that said, I guess you can call this a testament to the varied yet balanced gameplay that SFG has created. Silver lining.
  20. Engineer Stories

    I've never seen this before! Thanks so much. This will be neat to read later.
  21. Engineer Stories

    The little bits I remember about that Season 2 story was not just that Velocity was more or less destroyed, but that the Alchemists had essentially tried to buy the win through all the politicking by the Longshanks and Ballista was just too proud to let that happen. So they played for the win and Ballista was expelled from the guild and replaced by PinVice. It's been a while since I read the S3 fluff and I don't have my book with easy access at the moment. But there hasn't been much in the way of Engineer fluff. PinVice rebuilt Velocity, hence the veteran version. PinVice also built Locus as the new Season 3 player for the Engineers. Uhh... that's all I currently remember. At one of the Cons recently, Sherwin did mention that the Engineers are probably due for some love in terms of the overall fluff. But all of the guilds have some engaging plot lines, so who knows when we'll see it.
  22. Tactics for the Masons Guild

    I expect an ass-kicking next time we play now.
  23. Seasoned Salt

    I imagine the mascot of the Lawyers Guild would actually be a vulture. (PS, where's the hiding spot??)
  24. Vassal module 7.82 Rats and vet.gutter

    404 Error on this link now - new version coming with vDecimate?
  25. The Fishermen were my first team - they are pretty simple to pick up and learn, but they do tend to lean more to the goal scoring and less on the ass-kicking side. I didn't have a ton of experience with other mini-wargaming though, so they were a good hook into the game (pun intended). I've been dabbling with Farmers lately and they are tilted the other way; more ass-kicking, less goals. They require some pretty tight placing though. I haven't really been able to make them click. Hunters seem to be even more unforgiving for new players though... play at your our risk. Just pick whatever you'd like and play that! In my opinion, there's enough balance in the game that you can always have enough fun playing what you like over playing whatever the internet just says it's the strongest.