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  1. Hey everyone, has Steamforged come out and published a list of nationalities as they relate to the fluff world of the Empire of the Free Cities? I'm guessing that Erkistad is supposed to be like Russia, considering they are both home teams of the World Cup/Homelands Cup... and Decimate's name is actually Svetlana, a stereotypical Russian name. But what about the other Nations? If there isn't a list published, does anyone have some guesses?
  2. skcpae

    Pin Vice "Upgrades"

    So, looking at the picture of the Erskirii Wolves close up, I notice Pin Vice looks a little different; Seems to have more of a metallic face and also a big bolt through her thigh... Season 4 "upgrades" maybe or there's just a better chance for a nicer looking model?
  3. skcpae

    Harriet - Who to replace

    With that line, I'd probably drop Compound, but I guess it depends who you're playing. Otherwise, Ratchet is probably the weak point on that list. Harriet might be a really sneaky goal scorer though with a 9" sprint... You MIGHT be able to get away with dropping Velocity as @Silversmith mentioned.
  4. skcpae

    Puzzle Time - Engineers vs FIsh

    After discussing this with my local meta, I think the answer is that Colossus only counters. A 9-dice Greyscales charge, even if he hits on all 9 dice, still only means 7 successes. So they take the momentous Ball's Gone and then they can choose to take the mom dodge or non-mom double-dodge, depending on WHERE the charge ends. Yes, Greyscales can just dodge away from Colossus' melee zone and he'll likely NEED to... I think this whole thing literally depends on whether or not Greyscales can hit that wrap.
  5. Gotcha. So regardless, finish all games before this happens. Ok, thanks!
  6. Apologies if this has been answered before, but I couldn't find a thread; The current organized play doc allows for Minor Guilds to get 8 game plan cards, discarding to 6 while Major Guilds get 7 discarding down to 5. This document also says that if all 5 cards are played during a game, the player will then pick up their 5 cards to form a new hand for the 6th turn. Does the Minor Guild player also get to do this or are they stuck with their 6th card? Yes, admittedly this is probably not something that will happen often but you could make the argument that the benefit of getting the extra card because of your Minor Guild status suddenly turns into a major liability (yes, puns!) since you're likely sluffing your last card as your "weakest" and the other player could play a really strong card again. Thanks!
  7. skcpae

    Masons vs Falconers

    As an aspiring Falconer, I appreciate hearing this run down as well.
  8. Is this the Beardminis vs Jamie Perkins video? I noticed that too and it was also brought up in a different forum thread as something that Beardminis did wrong, but was following Perkins' instruction. I think the ruling by Perkins in that video is that as long as you end your movement closer to the model than where you started, it's ok. In that effect, I believe Perkins moved a model PASSED the one that triggered the jog. Here's a link to that explanation at the exact time they are discussing it; https://youtu.be/7r94vbXBEao?t=585
  9. skcpae

    Harriet Playtesting

    I did get a Vassal game last night using Harriet with Ballista. This actually felt pretty good. Don't NEED to allocate her anything for a little surprise punch, but I did keep her closer to Ballista for the inspiration zone. I could definitely see using her like this a little more and maybe as a sneaky goal threat with a fast run.
  10. skcpae

    Harriet Playtesting

    That's fair, but still has to be close enough to get the duplication first.
  11. skcpae

    Harriet Playtesting

    I'd really like the sucker punch as a method of ball retrieval, especially with models with Unpredictable Movement and lots of Engineer 1" melee... but I get what you mean. I still don't think you'd want her racing up the pitch though, getting into the mucky-muck. But it's worth a thought... with a 6/9 MOV, she is fast enough too.
  12. skcpae

    Let's start taking tactics

    I have this thought as well - I'm not sure how often the Hunters players will jump into my 6.
  13. skcpae

    Falconers, the whole picture

    I definitely want to hop over in the latter half of the year here and really play with this guild, so this is pretty interesting. Just in discussion with a friend, I think the Falconers could be a poster-child model for the 2-2 game. They have some great goal scoring options but I think they will need to be advantageous with their take-out targets. As a collective group, they seem to be pretty squishy, so if it takes too long to do, it's probably not going to benefit this team very much.
  14. skcpae

    Harriet Playtesting

    Happy hump-day crew! I've been play-testing with Harriet a little bit on Vassal and I have a gut thought about using her. I wanted to engage the cog-mind collective here to see what you all think as well. I've used her a couple times with PinVice, with the thought that I want to play a fast moving game. Usually when I do, PinVice is way up the field and I don't want to move Harriet that far up and put her into danger. Therefore, the couple of games I've played with this lineup have been a little average if not lackluster. So my gut-thought conclusion here is that Harriet probably works best more with Ballista, being able to hang back a little closer to him as part of the gun-line brigade. What do you all think?
  15. Hmmm.. I appreciate the way you're thinking here... I'm going to give this a shot next game I play.