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  1. Pure Guild

    I'm sitting here, mouth somewhat agape, thinking why on earth you'd EVER try to get Shark in a 2-2 game. In all my experience, Shark is a 3-0 captain... should be petal to the metal, looking to score every opportunity. Any kills could be opportunistic, but never "planned"... All that said, I guess you can call this a testament to the varied yet balanced gameplay that SFG has created. Silver lining.
  2. Engineer Stories

    I've never seen this before! Thanks so much. This will be neat to read later.
  3. Engineer Stories

    The little bits I remember about that Season 2 story was not just that Velocity was more or less destroyed, but that the Alchemists had essentially tried to buy the win through all the politicking by the Longshanks and Ballista was just too proud to let that happen. So they played for the win and Ballista was expelled from the guild and replaced by PinVice. It's been a while since I read the S3 fluff and I don't have my book with easy access at the moment. But there hasn't been much in the way of Engineer fluff. PinVice rebuilt Velocity, hence the veteran version. PinVice also built Locus as the new Season 3 player for the Engineers. Uhh... that's all I currently remember. At one of the Cons recently, Sherwin did mention that the Engineers are probably due for some love in terms of the overall fluff. But all of the guilds have some engaging plot lines, so who knows when we'll see it.
  4. Tactics for the Masons Guild

    I expect an ass-kicking next time we play now.
  5. Seasoned Salt

    I imagine the mascot of the Lawyers Guild would actually be a vulture. (PS, where's the hiding spot??)
  6. Vassal module 7.82 Rats and vet.gutter

    404 Error on this link now - new version coming with vDecimate?
  7. The Fishermen were my first team - they are pretty simple to pick up and learn, but they do tend to lean more to the goal scoring and less on the ass-kicking side. I didn't have a ton of experience with other mini-wargaming though, so they were a good hook into the game (pun intended). I've been dabbling with Farmers lately and they are tilted the other way; more ass-kicking, less goals. They require some pretty tight placing though. I haven't really been able to make them click. Hunters seem to be even more unforgiving for new players though... play at your our risk. Just pick whatever you'd like and play that! In my opinion, there's enough balance in the game that you can always have enough fun playing what you like over playing whatever the internet just says it's the strongest.
  8. Veteran Gutter Speculation Thread

    I feel like you starting a whole thread about this is just kind of trolling the community. Or it will depress you with thoughts of things that are REALLY good and should have been added, but aren't.
  9. Not sure if this is a post best served in the regional forums, but thought I'd check here first... I'm not looking for an "event" exactly. I am going to be travelling down to Phoenix, Arizona this week and may find myself with some extra free time. I'm not totally sure of my meeting schedule though, so I may not... either way, just wondering where is the place to be in Phoenix?
  10. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    I have 3 girls now and the two older ones are mildly interested in my hobbies now. Whenever they see my figures sitting on my painting desk or if friends come over to play a game, they will always ask which ones are girls and what their names are and "what do they do".... Representation matters!
  11. Organized Play Update

    Maybe it's just me... but Fillet REGULARLY scores against me when I play against Butchers. Maybe it's the guy that I regularly play against... but if I'm not careful, Fillet can fairly usually get a 6 point activation...
  12. Organized Play Update

    Everyone that plays a major guild and plans on doing so even once this becomes tournament reality, take a step back, think about HOW you're going to counter Piper and the other Ratties with your own players and get some practice going. We all have a distinct advantage of knowing EXACTLY the captain choice of this team, which you can't really say about other guilds. Plus, if you don't like your main captain's matchup against Piper... time to learn the other captain of your guild. C'mon people! Let's be challenged instead of crying for nerfs!
  13. Game plan deck

    Nevermind. I got it checked from a friend - the answer is "yes".
  14. Game plan deck

    Does this also have the recently errata'ed Farmer cards too?
  15. Game plan deck revealed

    Good call! Thanks for the tip!