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  1. Jan 27th Tourney in Saskatoon SK

    Only if you have a tournament in Red Deer in the new year. I have family out there, so with enough planning, I could convince myself of a visit.
  2. That's the question du jour, so to speak...
  3. The chain has to be 4" from Bolt, then 4" from that target, just to clarify. So 6" to Snakeskin wouldn't work, but that would just be nitpicking from the intent of your question I think.
  4. Bolt's Shoemerang

    Groovy. Thanks!
  5. Local meta would like an official ruling on the new Shoemerang Character Play from Bolt. Currently reads; As some people have been speculating already, the wording of Target Model means he could target his own teammates in order to automatically hit an opposing player within 4". From the rule book, we found this passage; So meaning, Bolt could automatically hit a friendly teammate with NO roll to inflict damage and a ranged KD on an opposing player? And using Tutelage, this means it could also be free once per turn? Are these assumptions all correct?
  6. Let's not jump to any conclusions but...

    I'm not upset by this - going into SteamCon, it was nice to see we were ahead, but according to the fluff I don't see how she ends up fitting in. Even if we're short a character or two, I'm not upset. I think current Fish lineup is strong and can continue to win without "help".
  7. Plastic Fisherman's Guild

    Didn't the slide from the keynote mention something about "coming in the next few weeks"? I could find the slide, but it's early morning here and I haven't had any coffee yet...
  8. Skulk is a new Spook

    He's going to find the striker and lock that fool down! Local group was discussing the Goal Rats and best guess is that on a missed goal shot, AFTER the scatter is determined, if the ball stops and hits the goal post and sits base to base with the post, it's a free ball and then Skulk can pull it over within his range.
  9. Union-in-Chains Results

    Yep. I've read it now. Hooray!! It's going my way!!
  10. Union-in-Chains Results

    Yeah, I was looking at their Blog post from Monday, mentioning the results today. (scratch, scratch, scratch.....)
  11. Going Fishing against the Blacksmiths

    I've run Corsair into the base 6 and I don't think I'd do it again or recommend anyone else do it either. Unless you like really long, drawn-out slobberknockers... which really, if you're playing Fish, isn't too likely. I definitely think Shark is the better play into the Blacksmiths (at least this box).
  12. I'm just sitting here at work, refreshing that SFG Blog thinking...
  13. Skulk is a new Spook

    As a supposed rat-catcher, I wish he was a dual player for Hunters and Morticians. That just makes sense to me.
  14. Played my first game with my new Engineers team against another coach looking to get his mojo back after finishing 0-3 at our last tournament. He played Fish. Him - Shark, Tentacles, oSiren, Sakana, Greyscales (used Salt figure because Grey is broken), Hag Me - PinVice, Mainspring, Colossus, Velocity, Ratchet, Hoist Turn one was a kickoff from Colossus, followed by the usual positioning. The Fish passed it on three successive activations to earn some early momentum before attempting any Fishy-shenanigans. The last two activations included his Shark run for a goal followed by a tooled-up PinVice retrieval and launch into Greyscales to start the assault. Turn two started with the ball on Velocity, but the Cogs losing the initiative and oSiren charging to hit a dice spike, seducing the robot and taking the ball. After losing the ball and losing some positioning, the Engineers were able to take out Hag, but was no one could stop another late Shark goal. The throw in went badly, bouncing into space (instead of onto the cricket) leaving the initiative roll to decide the fate of the game. The Fish won initiative again. leaving the allotment virtually cosmetic as Shark got loaded up, stole the free ball and scored the game winner before any other activation could occur. 12-2 Fish win. Yes, I used a McDonald's toy for my goal post this evening. Recommendation from the kids. After playing as Fish for months, I knew what to expect. But all the expectations in the world still didn't appear to help as Shark tore through my team. My only excuse, as sad as it may be to make excuses, is that my first Engineer game didn't go as well as I hoped due to inexperience. But this will not deter me or the cause to #RebuildTheHat
  15. Dead Players **Fluff Spoilers**

    Just like Han Solo in The Force Awakens... just you wait....