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  1. ultimogringo


    You mean like rookies and minor guilds? :3
  2. ultimogringo

    Season 4 Changes

    Still eager to see if SF creates rules for a minor guild only league/tournament play. Play to a lower score, smaller field, less players, change to momentum, etc..
  3. ultimogringo

    GIC for Hunters weak?

  4. ultimogringo

    I'm on a horse!

    This. But make it so once you knock out Avarisse he can never come back.
  5. ultimogringo

    I'm on a horse!

    It would be interesting if you take out the horse the captain has to leg the rest of the game on foot. Defense increases, speed reduction, range is altered, etc.
  6. ultimogringo

    How did you choose your Guild?

    Hunters. My DnD group all picked a team. Hunters was the only team left... and it had a bear.
  7. ultimogringo

    Gringo's Guilds

    Seenah finished.
  8. ultimogringo

    Gringo's Guilds

    Hey ya'll, With the kid off to school and my mystery box arriving last week I finally have the opportunity to get some painting done. WIP Rocker Seenah: \m/ Blacksmiths: Winter's Moon: Rest of my original Hunters: https://imgur.com/a/WLruM Some Fish:
  9. ultimogringo

    Mystery box!

    Friend that ordered the day after me received his box yesterday. Still waiting on mine.
  10. ultimogringo

    Blacksmith painting schemes

    Started on my Smith's the other week. Look to get a lot more done this coming week with hurricane Irma likely to knock out power for a good week.
  11. ultimogringo

    Let's Talk Hunter's - Chaska

    Over my past few games I've managed to land multiple Quad Boxes on opponents. Along with push here and there from Seenah knocking models off the pitch is quickly becoming addictive.
  12. ultimogringo

    Narrative house rule end game only after a goal

    Using speed ball rules will bring an end to a stalemate of a game. No idea how that would work in the "Guild Ball world" thought.
  13. ultimogringo

    Share your paint jobs

    This a thousand times this.
  14. ultimogringo

    Share your paint jobs

    Happy accidents are always a plus. lol
  15. ultimogringo

    Share your paint jobs

    Found it on reapermini.