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  1. ultimogringo

    First turn

    Hunters: Wrong or right I always try to play on one side of the field. So when I'm kicking off I tend to deploy towards one edge with maybe 1 model near the middle. Normally kick off with The Ron when I want to get him up the field and in range for a pinned/AttK and get that control/momentum game turning. If I'm playing against more quishly/fast team I might switch out The Ron for Seenah for a potential quick KO or Chaska's slow self to get some snare coverage out early in the round before teams have a chance to battery momentum. With Skatha teams I tend to kick off with Minvera to get harriers deeper into my opponent's side of the pitch. Ultimately I'm choosing my kicker depending on the terrain on the pitch and if I can start the Hunter's control game as quick as possible.
  2. ultimogringo

    Gringo's Guilds

    Finished up Fahad and Zalora. Also made some trap markers and a goalpost.
  3. ultimogringo

    Favorite/Least Favorite Champion?

    Really liked Grimshalla until the redesign. So Rattlebone took over as favorite. Titus is the least favorite due to his design being so forgetful.
  4. ultimogringo

    Season 4 Hunter Primers

    " I’m going to start off talking with Seenah. He no longer hugs players, but it now rips players faces off without breaking a sweat. " She* Everything else was on point.
  5. ultimogringo

    Minor League Rules

    Many sports have modified rules for college/club/semi-pro levels. Basketball the game time is shortened and broken into half instead of quarters. Baseball tends to play on slightly smaller fields, hockey the goals are slightly smaller in some leagues, college football kicks off from a different yard line and had completely different overtime rules, etc.. With more and more minor guides beginning released it would be neat if we can have some rules for minor vs minor guild leagues.
  6. ultimogringo

    S4 Skatha

    Played a couple games with Skatha this weekend. Wow. Her legendary, BotMG bouncing over to an eye spy + harrier + crowd out princess, dealing a M3 and a take-out and a Snowball goal, then activating Chaska getting a BB take out on Boar and a snapshot goal to Skatha won me a game. Went from 4 - 6 to 12 - 6 real quick. Getting all the wins I can now before the nerf bat comes a swingin'.
  7. ultimogringo

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    What problem?
  8. ultimogringo

    Suggestion for next year's Draft

    I like the draft idea but would like it to be focused within the guilds themselves. Ideas: New Captain Model. Players vote for an existing model in their guild of choice to be promoted to a captain. New mascot. Team can vote between a selection of mascots for their guild. New model to play up and down between minor and major guild.
  9. ultimogringo

    Resolving results for an Attack

    So, Fahad gets a happy birthday and quad wraps. I choose T, M<2, M<2, 1 as my results. Those trigger as a T<<5 that generates 2 momentum. Correct?
  10. ultimogringo

    It was Edge Austin! It was Edge all along!

    The Sun Father provided. - the end.
  11. Does anyone have an upcoming paint competition in the Display Cabinet planned? Haven't seen a competition since last year's winter comp.
  12. ultimogringo

    Hunter Player Summaries

    Skatha Good into: anything //Risky into: ??? With high mobility and the ability to improve teammates mobility with fast ground and additional dodge results Skatha adds a surprising amount of repositioning to the field. Take Skatha into teams that thrive on control or have difficulties switching strategies mid turn. Skatha is strong in the Hunter mirror. Skatha is versatile that she is good with any amount of influence allocated to her. Remember to place your fast ground at the start of her activation and that it can be used by your opponent. With a full stack of influence she can look to Cold Snap a target and easily generate an handful of momentum if not just handout BotMG to her full team or herself multiple times with janky dodging up the pitch for a goal run. Dancing bear in the middle of the pitch or helping her get out of a bad crowd out is dynamite. With 2 influence Skatha always as access to a momentous <<< or a momentous T<< on the first column making her a one of the best ball retrievers in the game. 3-0 games are not out of the question for a Skatha team. Also taking out a mascot is viable due to her ability to score 1 VP with her snowball.
  13. ultimogringo

    It was Edge Austin! It was Edge all along!

    Yes. Right as the stream died for good.
  14. ultimogringo

    Gringo's Guilds

    Getting around to Fahad. Pardon the crap picture.