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  1. Greetings from Austria

    Thx again for the game, @W-Roxas!
  2. Hi gals and guys, my question is not so much a rules question but more a question of intent. Can vRage circumvent the ability "Fear" by using his character play "Red Fury" on himself? RAW vRage can target himself with Red Fury and therefore can imediately make an attack without spending Influence.
  3. Lunatic's Guild Ball models

    Hi guys and gals! I started playing Guild Ball about two months ago. The Union was the faction of my choice because I like the models, enjoy the variety in play styles and model selection, and they have the most hats. I finally got the bases done and here they are: I may need to steal some good ideas for a goal post that fits the Union theme. Maybe I can find a chest of gold that fits the scale... My next painting project will be the Farmer's Guild as soon as I get a hold of it.
  4. Hello, I got a question regarding Compound's "Chemical Resist" character play and timing. The character play reads: "Chemical Resist - target friendly model ignores the first poison or burning condition it recieves this turn." Does this mean that a model has to be effected by Chemical Resist before it receives the first poison or burning condition? Or is the the timing of Chemical Resist "irrelevant"? For example, Venin doesn't suffer the poison condition and activates first. He uses his character play "Melting Body" and gets +1 ARM and the poison condition. Compound activates after him and uses "Chemical Resist" on Venin. Does Venin ignore the poison condition or not? I'm pretty sure that Compound has to activate first but the wording of "Chemical Resist" sounds a little bit ambiguous to me. (Please note that English is not my first language.)