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  1. Seacitygamer

    Latest Vassal Module?

    Has it been updated with Exile / rat catchers yet?
  2. Seacitygamer

    Dice of DOOM

    This is the same for me. I bought my buddy Union Dice for Christmas and his V. Rage team has gone all beast mode on me.
  3. Nice post, I've been thinking some similar thoughts. My one problem issue, not with your opinions, but with my own roster design is Bolt. This dude is unreal, especially considering Stamina and "I'm Open". I guess the problem is I want all of the models on the pitch at the same time... I'm also processing through a 3 goal line-up that looks like this, for the days when you've got to out ball em. Ferrite (c) Hearth Farris Bolt Alloy Iron
  4. Seacitygamer

    Latest Vassal Module?

    THANK YOU! I have been lamenting the fact that blacksmiths weren't on vassal, but they are !!!
  5. Seacitygamer

    Pin Vice or Ballista ?

    I don't even pretend to play Ballista. I played my first 15 games of engineers with Ballista and I like him but I always found him getting stuck in and falling against the more brawling teams in my meta. I switched to Pin Vice and haven't looked back! I look to go 3-0 in most of my games and one a tournament a couple weeks back without Ballista in my nine. PVs toolbox is just too good to leave at home. I typically activate her late in the turn in early rounds to capitalize on my opponents moves and then turn three or four she is usually in a place to get the ball, pass to another player, and controller them for the winner. Plus, 5/0 with reanimate, so good
  6. Seacitygamer

    Help me vs Butchers!

    I did a write-up on this back in March, good luck! You'll get them!
  7. Seacitygamer

    Engineers Mirror

    Personally, I always play Pin Vice. When playing against Balista, Hoist is your man for the kick-off and/or the receiving first turn goal threat! Then let the rest of the Mechanica do their jobs to get the ball back and score again. I steer clear of the scrum in the middle, if I have to throw someone in there it will probably be Hoist and Locus. Against another engineers team I am playing for three goals, so be sure to score the first goal and you should be alright. Also, this is great advice, but also is a thing you have to be aware of if your opponent tries to kill the ball. This is where Colossus and Locus come in. Low Kd's and big bases strip balls and become great scatter receivers. Locus is obviously the better option here as he can Remote Control a ball, but colossus's 2in ball snap is really nice as well. My six: Pin Vice, Mother, Hoist, Locus, Colossus, and Velocity/Rage (I love Rage on the engineers because his inf to Mom. conversion is unmatched and he brings in some damage when it's really needed. Unpopular choice, but if you've never tried him give him a whirl)
  8. Seacitygamer

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    Any further progress on painting this model? Did i miss the pic somewhere?
  9. Seacitygamer

    LE Mist

    Hello All, I just received an LE Mist for winning a tournament and I am looking for some inspiration around painting him up. I have seen some of the most amazing paint jobs and I'd love to see them all compiled in one place. So, if you've painted an LE Mist post your pictures below! Looking forward to seeing all of the art!
  10. Seacitygamer

    Can someone explain mothers nests to me?

  11. Seacitygamer

    Pin Vice and Well Oiled Machine

    In regards to Well-oiled machine, when it works, it works beautifully. Pin Vice was clutch at the end of my game today. Top of turn three she dodged around during to be within range of Colossus, picking up a bunch of momentum on her way. Cast controller on Colossus and popped her legendary providing a bit of passing magic! Colossus then immediately activated and passed to vet velocity who immediately returned the pass for a total of 6" of dodge. Then he sprinted towards goal and tapped in the game winner!
  12. Seacitygamer

    Can someone explain mothers nests to me?

    Everyone seems to have covered the rules well, so how about some really amazing uses: Webbing: Mother has a huge range of grabbing the ball off of both the initial kick-off and goal kicks. During the initial kick Mother can be instrumental in getting the ball on a flank that is either hard to grab with another player or allows you to not burn one of the activations that could potentially go score a goal instead of retrieving the ball. 5/7" MOV + 4 " range to drop nest + ~1" nest marker base + 2" range = 12/14" retrieval range, which is huge. Not to mention it's nice to not have to send a player out into range of the other team to get the ball. Webbing helps with this because of its "remote" triggering. Crowd-out: Many times I have gotten another model out of a tight space by dropping a nest next to them, which took a dice off of the attacking players tac. One dice doesn't sound like much, but it's a lot. Burrow: 1 Inf. to effectively dodge 6.5" and make an attack is nothing to sneeze at. Not to mention when you add that on to her sprint and you consider her 4" kick, she has a 17.5" goal threat. I utilized this in a game the other day and it was pretty epic. I kicked a ball to space near Mother at the end of a turn and then with the last activation of the turn Mother ran around, dropped a nest, burrowed, and scored the game winner. Hoist: Hoist can True Replicate Burrow and you have a whole new option at your finger tips. Today, I played a game where I received with Pin Vice at the helm. Pin Vice cast alternator on both Hoist and Mother and then passed the ball to Locus. Locus passed the ball to Colossus. Colossus passed the ball to Mother who took a 4" dodge. Mother then dropped the ball and ran 9" and deployed a nest 7" from goal and next to one of my opponents models. Hoist finished the turn by sprinting to within 4" of the nest, burrowing out to the other side and swinging on my opponent's model, successfully hitting the momentous push-dodge. Hoist dodged to within six of the goal and scored the opening goal. Not exactly simple, but a tricky opening for opponents to predict. Hopefully that sparks a bit of inspiration of your own. If you dream up something else, please share
  13. Seacitygamer

    New 6! New team!

    It's a solid line-up. Play it and see how it goes! Your line-up is a bit unconventional, but I think it could do some serious work for you! It's a line-up that I, like you, see as very strong on paper. If you aren't sure and funds are low, proxy to see if you like what you've constructed. I've learned the hard way that it's better to try before you buy. For instance, I love colossus... one of my favorite engineers. However, he is difficult to learn to play well and he might not be as easy to integrate as say hoist. The price difference there is nearly $20 so proxy him for a game before buying. Other than that, welcome to the cogs and prepare to do a lot more thinking then other guilds. There are no auto-includes or bench warmers in the cogs list. Each is a tool that when chosen against the right opponent does tremendous work!
  14. Seacitygamer

    Pin Vice and Well Oiled Machine

    Ouch! Sometimes those dice seem to be begging to be thrown across the room!
  15. Seacitygamer

    Brainpan and Memory

    OH man this is huge! I'm sure I'm going to need to quote this, do you know where it is in the rule book?