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    Big League 10 advice

    @burroboskov I have played 2(?) games with hunters so far, while not having the Heralds players yet and no Minxy, so can't really say i have any favourites xD @Nykolae: At first I wanted to change my Fish roster to include A&G, but well......yeah...... So Leon told me to maybe play Hunters to learn them, so i've been looking into them a bit before making a definite choice
  2. Moltry

    Big League 10 advice

    Hello fellow Hunters, I'm quite new to the Hunters guild and in a few weeks I'm starting a Big League with some friends and i wanted to play Hunters (previous BL I played Fish). However, as i'm not that familiar with the Hunters, I could definitely use some advice on what players to pick for my roster as well as tips how to play them. I've been looking a bit through several posts and thought of the next 10: Theron, Skatha, Fahad, Chaska, oHearne, Jaecar, Zarola, Seenah, Egret and Minx The other guilds that will be played in the BL are Masons, Butchers, Brewers, Farmers and Alchemists. We are quite casual players (not everyone even has the miniatures :P) and our level of play is not that high, many mistakes/misplays happen regularly xD