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  1. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    Scratch what I said earlier, Scalpel can't lose her current Heroic. I mean, there is at least one player with two Heroics...
  2. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    It would be cool if her Legendary became her Heroic and only worked on a single enemy model. This would help Scalpel greatly in not getting stranded against any model with a decent counter-attack since her KD is super high.
  3. Ruffy

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    I'm sure you could smuggle in a Don Quixote type character with a lance somehow. The box name should be either Meet the Millers or Miller Time.
  4. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I think the captains are mostly fine, it's the squaddies and mascots that could use a push and I agree that there has been a little power creep.
  5. Ruffy

    Idea for farmer's minor guild

    Miller's Guild. Obviously, Millstone is a crossover player.
  6. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    But how do they use Def Stance if they've got no Momentum? Obulus doesn't have to do the pushing himself if the model has already activated. I agree that Obs is only a situational beater, but looking at Morticians in general, we are not exactly a beater guild.
  7. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    He can hit his pretty reliably though and with Tooled Up, that is 2 damage up to seven times. There are a lot of things that can play into the dice math here of course, Obulus could for example make 3 attacks, each with Confidence... or use Bonus Time and Confidence for good chances to knock a 3/1 model down with the first attack. It's also fun to operate more towards a side with Fast Ground, have an enemy model do a Puppet Master advance to the edge of the pitch and charge it with Confidence to push it off. Not all TOs have to come from damage. Also, Morticians have two captains and Obulus doesn't have to be great against all matchups. Scalpel should do reasonably well against Falconers.
  8. I assume the character play is an aura, but it doesn't state either "currently" or "while", so I'm not 100% sure. Am I right?
  9. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I guess I just missed it, but where did the info come from that Obulus won't change in Season 4? I barely use him as I feel 4 Influence for Puppet Master often isn't worth it and he does too little for the team if he's not stacked. I prefer Scalpel and think that except for the design of her playbook, she's great.
  10. Ruffy

    Windfinder KD off Playbook Eye Spy

    Would a model with Glutonous Mass hit by Eye Spy (and ignoring it) still suffer the KD?
  11. Ruffy

    Ratcatcher's hopes for s04

    Why not just add a push to the Guild Ball symbol?
  12. Ruffy

    Master of Puppets vs Spirit Weaver

    My usual 6 is Scalpel, Dirge, oGraves, VetHemlocke, Casket, BP&M. Dirge I have absolutely no problem dropping as Vileswarm can do the same job... which is standing around and doing nothing. VetHemlocke would truly be missed, just as she would with the Obulus box. oGraves for VetGraves is not a good trade. Scalpel can still do damage without oGraves and I do fine without much 2" melee. As far as the other box goes, Cosset and Silence don't even make my 10.
  13. Thanks, but that was not my question. My question is whether or not Updraft has an effect once Ikaros is in the air.
  14. Am I right in assuming that Updraft only works while Ikaros is on the ground and would have no effect as soon as he gained Flight because a model with Flight ignores Fast Ground?
  15. Ruffy

    Master of Puppets vs Spirit Weaver

    That sounds a little too dramatic for me. I prefer Scalpel over Obulus and the box seems fine. Not perfect obviously as VetHemlocke (which isn't in either box) and oGraves are Scalpel's best buddies, but I have no doubts that I could work with the box as is. I guess some players will see a rework in Season 4, but oveall I feel that Morticians are in a good place since VetHemlocke's release.