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  1. Ruffy


    Anyone motivated to host an unofficial forum like lormahordes?
  2. Ruffy

    First game against Farmers

    You could also consider Compound as he can cover your models decently against teams that don't dodge around too much. oKatalyst is also great at pushing models with poor defensive stats around, so if you can lure a Farmer towards the edge, a pushoff might be possible. I doubt that Harrow will be on the table in the matchup.
  3. Ruffy

    March Errata for Rats

    IMO, a lot would have to happen for Ratcatchers in general or Disease specifically to become too powerful.
  4. Ruffy

    March errata - what to expect?

    IMO, a 4" dodge would still be too good, I mean the dodge for 2 Influence already exists and it has 4" range and grants a 2" dodge (Quick Time). I'd consider a 3" advance the sweet spot if the Character Play still was able to target any friendly model. If it gets restricted to squaddies, that would work if Seenah gets nerfed significantly (maybe 1/3 Influence and no Feral and Isolated Target).
  5. Ruffy

    March Errata for Rats

    Pelage could use +2 HP, +1 TAC and Acrobatics (so she doesn't get easily counter-attacked out of melee) and I'd maybe consider her for my 6, but would probably still pick other models before her. I agree that Disease could work better in favour of the team, I think it wouldn't be overpowered at all if the negatives only applied to enemy models... or so that there's no confusion in mirror matches: Ratcatcher models are immune to the negatives of the Disease Condition.
  6. Ruffy

    How to pick a butchers team in S4

    I pick Ox, Princess, Boiler, Shank and VetGutter because they are the best captain, the best mascot and the best squaddies... and then I pick a sixth player which is Tenderiser in most cases because he's a great battery than can also do work if needed.
  7. Ruffy

    March errata - are we bracing ourselves?

    I think that if Ox's Legendary sees a small nerf, Butchers will be totally fine.
  8. Ruffy

    Errata thoughts?

    I think it would be fitting if Devana and Frelsi were linked, that would instantly make the Guild so much better.
  9. Ruffy

    Errata thoughts?

    I like the Squaddies and feel like Devana is where Falconers are lacking. 4/6 Influence would be a start, maybe TAC6 and she can just attack models in Harrier AoEs without removing the AoEs.
  10. Ruffy

    Errata thoughts?

    Why did you post this in the Farmer's Guild section?
  11. Ruffy

    New to Engineers. New to Guild Ball.

    In my experience, Salvo is the main striker and sometimes the captains score, too. Ratchet is better left in a defensive position handing out Tooled Up and Overclocked and occasionally removing conditions. I have barely fired any Blast Earths in Season 4. I usually start my 6 with either captain, Mainspring, Salvo and Ratchet and go from there. Personally, I like Compound and barely field Colossus. Other flex slot players I like are oVelocity and Locus. Damage is best done with a Tooled Up captain in melee or with a combination of ranged damage and some melee.
  12. Ruffy

    Idea for blacksmiths minor guild

    Millers. The boxes are "Meet the Millers" and "Miller Time".
  13. Ruffy

    Scalpel woes

    One of my favourites is having Thresher who's made the kickoff activate first and dodge back with a pass.
  14. Ruffy

    What's your morts 12?

    It's probably that Scalpel with Tooled Up deletes most players.
  15. Ruffy

    What's your morts 12?

    I don't bother with Cosset or Pelage and take both mascots instead. I also don't use VetGraves as oGraves is always on my team, but could just as well drop BP&M or Skulk as I very rarely use them.