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  1. Ruffy

    Morticians in Season 4

    Obulus: Puppet Master is a great tool for setting up pushes off the pitch. Obulus himself has a push-dodge on column 5 and I've closed out games and lost games with/to the Rigor Mortis-Puppet Master-Confidence-Charge with Bonus Time move. A model can be moved a very large distance with back to back Puppet Masters and it's often worth considering putting Obulus on a side with Fast Ground especially for this because the enemy model will also "benefit" from it. Scalpel: She controls the edges of the pitch by being able to push a few models up to 8" with back to back activations. For this, it actually is often worth it to trigger Spirit Bomb from the Playbook because you hit automatically. Also, the synergy with VetHemlocke is just bonkers because when you kick off, you can go in with Scalpel with the last activation, push everyone around and almost kill a model (or kill a model and engage the next model), then start the next turn and immediately get a TO in, meaning that you will have the last activation of the turn. The last activation is then VetHemlocke who also has the ball, passing it to Scalpel and using Midnight Offering for a 11" reposition of Scalpel... who will then again start the next turn up the board and engaging an enemy model. The Yoyo is hard to deal with, especially because you can push the enemy team back the whole time. I'd expect an errata soonish... maybe Midnight Offering does not work on captains or something like that... and bears, captains and bears would fix the meta. Voodoo strings can also be used to trap a model that has not activated yet by boxing it in with models that have already activated and potentially terrain. BP&M: it's not intuitive, but Brainpan is actually the model with the higher goal threat range of the duo (only slightly, but still) and it doesn't matter for his threat range if Memory was taken out and returns at the beginning of his activation. Silence: targeting the opposing kickoff model was mentioned, but sometimes you can even take the choice of committing or retreating from them if you use Tucked, put a fire AOE in front of them and then pass the ball and dodge away, meaning that there are 12" and a fire template between the enemy model and you.
  2. Ruffy

    Morticians in Season 4

    This really is an excellent summary. I think there are a few small things you didn't mention, but still.
  3. Ruffy

    When do you not take vHemlocke?

    I absolutely disagree. I think you won't play her in some teaching games. That should settle it, she's fair and balanced.
  4. Ruffy

    Mainsprings Thief

    I think the second question is more if Thief can target a model without the ball at all, for example to trigger Resilience, but also to generate Momentum.
  5. From the clarifications thread: "Remote Control doesn't cost an additional Influence to Kick, the Kick is included in the 2 you pay for the Character Play." Since the cost of the CP went down to 1 Inf and the wording wasn't updated to be in line with other CPs which state that the kick does not cost Inf, is the kick still free in S4?
  6. Ruffy

    Season 4 Salvo

    It was a known tactic in Season 3 with her Heroic, though not often used I guess. It was and hopefully still will be possible to copy Tether Ball with Hoist, so there's another player, though with less range (Alternator is an option), which can do it, too. This Wednesday, I played S4 Salvo and he really is a fantastic player now. The biggest change so far was Swift Strike granting 2" dodges, though having a non-OPT offensive Character Play is pretty nice with Ballista as well (in theory at least, I never used more than two in my games).
  7. Ruffy

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    Let's hope that Morticians keep Tooled Up then. From a Season 3 perspective, I'd say we keep it because of the generally low TAC in perspective to the playbook results you want models to achieve, but who knows how Season 4 Mortician squaddies will shape up. A Tooled Up Season 4 Scalpel won't be able to take out any squaddy in a single activation, but a lot of them. I think that's fair considering how much Influence you invest and playing Scalpel means that you can't go for just goals, so you need those TOs. Control is good, but it has to translate into VPs somehow eventually.
  8. Ruffy

    S4 Hoist speculation

    Interesting. Maybe Locus and Hoist could indeed see some exchange in abilities.
  9. Ruffy

    S4 Salvo speculation

    Hmmm... I think I'd field him more often if he had Back to the Shadows.
  10. Ruffy

    S4 Salvo speculation

    I doubt that Engineers will get easy momentous damage, it's very rare in the Guild and that's intended.
  11. Ruffy

    8 vs 8 game

    I think the game is pretty much "maxed out" at 6 players and 2 extra players would unnecessarily prolong the game. If it were to happen, I guess we would see more goalkeepers because the do their thing and often act as a battery. In general, the extra players would often feed the main squad.
  12. Does Noxious Blast or Overheat trigger when a model gets pushed from the pitch or is the model already off the table at that point and can't "explode" anymore?
  13. Ruffy

    Squinty-eyed Cooks Spoilers

    Pretty sure she would just have +1DEF instead of Charmed [Everything].
  14. Ruffy

    The Reign of Obulus is over....

    I think I'd rather consider Silence into Fishermen and Falconers, I love beating up Brewers with Scalpel just too much.
  15. Does "over" in this context also mean "onto"?