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  1. For my friend

    I fear you'll have little luck here. As far as I'm aware, people don't really use proxies for GB, I don't remember seeing a single one on a table so far. I'm sure you could convert GW or Mantic Dwarfs to somewhat look the part and if you write the player names on the bases, it shouldn't be a problem for the two of you.
  2. Worst Team Lineup

    Pin Vice, Mainspring, Salvo, VetVelocity, Locus, oRage
  3. Greetings from Austria

    Games usually start at about 4 pm, sometimes a little earlier.
  4. Greetings from Austria

    @W-Roxas: there's always GB action at the local club on Wednesday afternoons, you'd sure be welcome.
  5. I started collecting Engineers at the beginning of the year and had my first tournament in March after 10 or so games I guess. My results were mixed up until that point, but in the first game of the tournament it clicked and I felt like I had found my way of deploying the team and from that game on it went rather well. I actually won the tournament.
  6. I don't agree. IMO, it's impossible to make an interesting tabletop game that's balanced for all skill levels and it's also impossible to make a tabletop game where no matter how you fill your points or player slots, armies/teams will have equal chances... or at least we can say that it's never been done. By tabletop game I mean games like Warhammer, Guild Ball, Warmachine, Malifaux,... I'm not talking about chess or go here.
  7. An important aspect to consider is that SFG can't solve balance issues just for the top players since they make up a small part of the player base.
  8. Would it solve the issue if SFG conceded that the change to Shark actually had a lot to do with power level and Corsair got toned down at the next chance to be at a similar level? I mean, Fish were over the curve so far in Season 3 and a lot of people seem to agree that Corsair is the better captain on a higher level of playing. Intuitively, Gut and String would sound like Snared and Bleed to me, but that would be OTT. Also sounds like all that's needed to satisfy some people would be for Shark's Legendary to be renamed. Maybe "Fish Oil"? Edit: admit it, you just imagined players moving clumsily like they were walking on ice!
  9. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    Now that I think about it, I's also a little sad that Pin Vice didn't receive errata to not up the damage of her Character Plays if she's Tooled Up and/or has Deletion on her. It was written in the respective rules board topic that this might change in upcoming errata IIRC.
  10. Maybe Shark was okay before the errata because other things were also better and now they aren't anymore, so this was to bring him in line.
  11. Guild Ball: Balance Errata

    I was fully expecting oKatalyst to see a reduction in HP to be in line with other players of his stature or changes to his playbook. A little sad that didn't happen. I like all the changes that made the errata.

    Isn't there room for an in-between solution where players are lump-deployed, but still drafted alternating before deployment?
  13. Hoist conversions

    Not the OP, but the model does seem dull and doesn't represent what a badass Hoist is IMO. A pose like the artwork's above could make him look more impressive, but it's difficult to do with the thin Mechanica joints.