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  1. Peterseven

    Need advices for a tournament

    Hey ! So I played the tournament. A lot of good players , also I score 2 victories and 5 loses. But It was a great experience and I learn a lot. I always took Rage, didn't feel confident enough to play Blackheart. I lose again Corsair and Ballista two times. Now I will play Brisket to understand her.
  2. Peterseven

    Need advices for a tournament

    Thank you for your help. I will try to play the ball against Tresher, to see of I can do better than usually , and maybe against engineers too. Thank you again
  3. Peterseven

    Need advices for a tournament

    hum...did I say something wrong ?
  4. Peterseven

    Need advices for a tournament

    Hello everybody ! Before I start, I have to apologize for my terrible English, I'm french. In a few weeks, I will get into a big tournament. I trained my self a lot but I still have difficulties with many guilds, so I need your help ! My actual roster of 10 is : vRage, Blackheart, Strongbox, Benediction, Mist, Gutter, Decimate, A&G, Minx and Harry. I usually take Vrage with Strongbox, Beny, Mist, Gutter, Decimate or sometimes A&G. I'm pretty sure of all of this models, but I'm still open for modification : Grace and Coin are painted too, and i can quickly finish Snakeskin . I usually try to win with a 2-2 or 1 goal and 4 takes out. At this tournament, I know I will met 3 teams that I don't like to face off : Farmers with Tresher, millstone , buckweat , Harrow, Tater and Jackstraw Fish Bunker with Corsair, Tentacle, Hag, Kraken, Gutter, Greyscale Engineers .... So, i if you have just two minutes to explain me a strategie or give me few tactical advices, i would be very thankfull ! ^^ Thanks for readed me ! Peter
  5. Hi everybody !!! Santavarisse and Greench are in the building !!! Let's get ready to rumbleeeeeeeee ! (if somebody didn't understand, it is an allusion about Santaklaus and the Grinch )
  6. Peterseven

    Winter Painting Contest

    2 higlights and snow on the base and I'll be done !
  7. Peterseven

    I love Guild Ball miniatures!!!

    I'm in love with your Skatha <3
  8. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    Ghast is finally done !! I spend a lot of times on this one. Maybe to much...
  9. Peterseven

    Erahf's WIP Teams

    Your miniatures are very nice ! Your association of cold tone on your alchemist's guil is very cool! I like your red on Midas' clothes ! How did you make it ?
  10. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    Oh thank you very much. I have to admit that your work inspired me a lot! your miniatures are amazing! So i'm very proud for your compliment
  11. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    Thank you again ^^ And congrats for your Challenge with your butchers !
  12. Peterseven

    Obulous & friends

    Really nice !!!
  13. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    And there he is....Obulus !!!!!! I'm pretty satisfy even if some details (cloak, hairs, MNM) could be better. I just have a doubt about hair color for red/orange, something like that, what's your point of view?? Enjoy !
  14. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    Hi everybody ! Just a wip of Obulus today ! To stay on my scheme, I try to reach an irridescent effect from dark green to pink . I worked with an airbrush, I just discover this tools and I have to try if I want to progress. It's my first airbrush painting which is not a space marine... So I'm open to all advices you could give to me!
  15. Peterseven

    My Mortcians

    Thank you guy's !! Silence will be in the same move , but first I have to finish Obulus, and Ghast or Bonesaw