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  1. Above and Beyond and Beyond

    same reasoning Berzerk triggers does something (in this case another att) then goes away then can be triggered again it's never stacked just because above and beyond changes a stat in this case 1/0 Inf for the rest of the game doesn't mean it's still there when the next one triggers it did its thing and left oh wait it's back again to raise the stat again 1/0 the difference is it's now raising a 3/4 stat instead of a 2/4 stat
  2. Above and Beyond and Beyond

    Now that I think of it above and beyond triggers raises briskets base stat by 1/0 then it's gone it's only there long enough to trigger the stat increase it's not on the model after that then she scores again and it triggers to raise the base stat another 1/0 the goes away again would be a better way to disribe how I think it works
  3. Above and Beyond and Beyond

    The fact it says each time instead of the first time or pretty much any way of wording it except for each time this happens is what supports it but what do I know
  4. Above and Beyond and Beyond

    The way I read it is its not stacking you are only being affected by above and beyond once it's the modifier that changes so one goal is +1 second it's modifier goes up to a +2
  5. Roller ball

    Thank you
  6. Roller ball

    If someone used roller ball but didn't use ramming speed can wrecker still atack
  7. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I like the idea of intervening models being able to spend a momentum if a kick goes past them but don't want another dice roll what if you where able to instead increase the TN of the kick instead make it harder to make and have a chance on a failed kick to use the interception rules already in place so more like a defensive stance
  8. Is scoring goals too easy.

    I get that but now your just adding more dice rolls and speaking as someone who hates rolling dice as in I have been known to miss a 5 dice tap in to scatter to a model beside the goal I was able to get out of intervening for him just to intercept it there's enough of those
  9. Is scoring goals too easy.

    You do have a chance to intercept the ball if the pass fails and the ball path crosses your models you don't even have to roll just pick it up Agreed except that even if you get smashed shines you can still make a 2dice 3 up tap in
  10. Come on Mate/Field Dressing

    Ah thank you that is a screwy interaction
  11. Come on Mate/Field Dressing

    What do you mean if a knocked down model would gain possession of the ball it scatters I can't think of a way it could gain possession because it's not a legal target for the ball
  12. Is scoring goals too easy.

    This all boiles down to personal opinion but I'm really enjoying this season admittedly I didn't play season 2 very long as I came to the game at the end of it there is sometimes the game where someone gets rolled but there are about 13 people in are local meta over 24 if you count another close that we travel to once a month and it's pretty balanced with no one team or play type consistently winning the day
  13. Follow the path till you can place it on the first legal spot