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    Especially since PP did the same thing just a few years back and received massive backlash from it. You would think SFG would have seen that and learned from it, but they seem willing to repeat many of PP’s mistakes. 😕
  2. Falkman

    First game against Farmers

    Harrow is a pretty decent pick vs Smoke, since he will heal a lot of the condition damage and he can easily pop Resilience on Compound. It’s one of the few matchups where Harrow actually sees play.
  3. Which it does, the burning does not require the target to possess the ball, it just applies those two effects, they don’t require each other to work. Just like it can still steal the ball even if the target would be immune to conditions.
  4. Falkman

    KDed while charging

    I think what he means is that Ulfr got KDed while already within melee range of Friday because he wanted to move into base contact and thus left another model’s melee zone and took a parting blow. Not that he kept moving while knocked down.
  5. Falkman

    New to Season 4 Brewers

    I would just like to point out that Magical brew only heals Hemlocke herself, she can’t heal other players.
  6. Correct. The damage from the actual conditions (bleed, poison, burning etc) is not an action so he takes full damage, but character plays, legendary plays etc are actions so will be reduced to 2 damage.
  7. Falkman

    Impale and Sweeping Charge

    No, ”playbook damage results” refers only to the printed damage numbers directly in the playbook.
  8. Falkman

    S4 Farmer Preview

    Grange deals about as much damage as Thresher yes, but most of it is non-momentous which is a huge deal. The 4-5 extra momentum Thresher generates compared to Grange gives you a lot more flexibility when it comes to healing and choosing who gets to go first.
  9. Falkman

    S4 Farmer Preview

    I’ve played that lineup with Thresher and it’s really good, you can fuel all three reapers pretty easily most turns and still have harvest markers left for abilities. Grange most likely just drags that list down, since while he provides more inf and markers, he doesn’t really do much himself so the two squaddie reapers have to do all the lifting.
  10. Falkman

    Blacksmith matchup, help wanted.

    Not the rule ”Kill the ball”, he means ball killing (ie keeping it out of the game). And Burnish counters Crucible since Reinforced plating will negate Great balls of fire.
  11. Falkman

    0"push through a trap.

    Pushing an opponent’s model usually doesn’t mean you are in control of it though, except for some rare circumstances.
  12. Falkman


    Yeah, he hasn’t gotten any of the S4 stuff up for order yet, I assume he hasn’t produced enough to start sales yet.
  13. Falkman


    Frozen Forge has a complete set of Order tokens (they were on display at Steamcon and they looked amazing!), but they’re not available for sale just yet.
  14. Falkman

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Yes, they draw and keep an extra gameplan card.
  15. Yes, the card applies for the entire turn, so any models returning to the pitch will have +2/+2” move until the end of the turn.
  16. Falkman

    Season 4 results

    We can probably go 4-1 vs Butchers as well as 2-2.
  17. He was already sold out at Steamcon UK and I doubt they made any new ones after that.
  18. Falkman

    Season 4 results

    I mean the ability Resilience, yes. It ignores the next attack or character play that hits, and since Marked target is an offensive character play you can use it on an enemy and if it hits, it is ignored and ”uses up” Resilience, meaning you won’t have to waste attacks to trigger it later. And since Marked target only costs one influence and can be used several times and from a distance, it is a very efficient way to remove Resilience.
  19. Falkman

    Season 4 results

    Harrow is also very good vs Brewers and other lineups with a lot of Resilience, since Marked target is by far our best tool to remove that. He is a tech choice for sure, but in the right matchups he is great.
  20. Falkman

    Priorities against Ratcatchers/dice math

    It depends on the Ratplayers actions in T1 I think. If they spread disease around their own team in anticipation of using Salve, killing Miasma is a huge boon since they are suddenly riddled with all the negatives of disease without the positives. If they don’t disease themselves however Miasma isn’t really a priority target in my opinion, since she doesn’t contribute a lot beyond Salve.
  21. Falkman

    Free Cities Draft Results

    The rookies will release Q2 2019 so I don’t think we will see any rules for a long while yet.
  22. Falkman

    Free Cities Draft Results

    Azimuth doesn’t play for the Fishermen though so he is not in our guild.
  23. Falkman

    Free Cities Draft -All Butchers Read-

    Boiler and Brisket can deal 13 damage in a turn with ranged attacks plus conditions just by being near Ox, add an additional three during legendary. Butchers are one of the better guilds at dealing ranged damage in S4. 😛
  24. Falkman

    Card Previews

    Picking a Butcher six certainly became a lot more difficult in S4!
  25. Falkman

    Fishy Tactics s4

    No, as Thyamath mentioned earlier, when you are in control of another player’s model that model cannot move over obstructions. Tidal Surge is no exception to this.