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  1. Falkman

    Running Fish into Farmers

    I agree with Ningu, Farmers easily outfight Corsair but struggle to hide the ball, so Shark with a full scoring team is the way to go. I would play Shark, Tentacles, Greyscales, Hag, Siren1 and either of the Sakanas.
  2. Falkman

    Comparisons to RL Nations

    Some of them are fairly obvious with their names. Numasai is eastern asia-inspired, Indar is India, Sultarish is inspired by the middle east.
  3. Falkman

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    I played Corsair, Tentacles, Gutter, Hag, Sakana2 and Siren1 vs an Ox team this Sunday and I won 12-7. Sakana provided a goal and helped control Ox with Raise the black flag, which meant I could scrum on my terms and take out Gutter2, Boar and Ox. Sakana also got off a Fancy footwork from a counter-attack, which meant my opponent had to re-think his plan to stop the sudden threat of another goal. My last two points came from my opponent timing himself. Remember that you can’t put Bag of coffers on Corsair.
  4. Falkman

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    While this is true, TAC 5 with Anatomical precision is a lot more reliable than TAC 3. Plus the extra influence that Sakana can use gives him more options for scoring and/or repositioning through additional attacks after retrieving the ball. Not to mention that you can just play them both together for even more ball threat.
  5. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Exactly, there is no Order Guild in the game as of now, so adding it as a Guild in the app makes no sense. They are union models and that’s where you find them in the app.
  6. Falkman

    Terrain base size

    Forests are not obstructions, other than that you are correct.
  7. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Given that they’re not a playable Guild at the moment it seems strange to add them.
  8. Falkman

    vSakana Rules Revealed

    I am of the opposite opinion, I feel like he replaces Sakana1 in almost every lineup. He has a great playbook, interesting plays, very good access to damage which is something Fish is missing outside of Corsair himself, Bag of coffers is amazing.
  9. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    GB keeper is an iOS app, so most likely no.
  10. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Absolutely fantastic, thanks for getting the Falconers in there so fast!
  11. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Since all of the Falconers have been posted on the blog, is there any chance we might see them in the app soon? Or are the images not high-res enough?
  12. Falkman

    Which players are going to the minors

    Brisket3 will no longer be available to Union at all, she will be solely a Church player from what they’ve mentioned. Harry and Mist will probably be the Union players playing for the Church, while Grace and Benediction will be the Church players playing for the Union.
  13. Falkman


    The resources page seem to be somewhat abandoned. You can find all the current Guild ball rules, cards, errata and organised play stuff under the Guild ball header instead: http://steamforged.com/guildball just scroll down a bit.
  14. Falkman

    New blog in Spanish

    This is great, will definitely take a look at it to help improve my Spanish!
  15. Falkman

    I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    Not very helpful advice, I know, but versus Masons I generally prefer Shark over Corsair. A Shark team has the speed and abilities to score faster than the Masons and stay away from the brawls. Corsair is good at brawling but so are the Masons, so I feel that he doesn’t really want to try and scrum with them, especially not Hammer.