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  1. Falkman

    I'm Open and Impart Wisdom

    I’m pretty sure ”this model” refers to the model on whose card the rule is printed (in this case Brisket) but this doesn’t seem to actually be spelled out in the rulebook.
  2. What makes you consider Shark easy mode when bringing Ferrite and Iron? I play fish myself and while I prefer playing Corsair into Smiths, I don’t really see what Ferrite and Iron bring that would counter Shark very well.
  3. Falkman

    Testing the navigators

    From what we’ve seen from the S4 spoilers so far S4 seems to make the Navs even better. Fathom’s kickoff pressure goes through the roof when you start with a momentum for her heroic.
  4. Falkman

    Testing the navigators

    A friend was kind enough to let me proxy the Navigators against him for a couple of practice games today. I played against Brewers and Blacksmiths and my lineup was the same both times, the standard six except I swapped Horizon out for Siren. I won both games 12-2, the first game with three goals and the second one with two goals and two takeouts. The highlight was using Windfinder’s Legendary to surround Ferrite with three more friendly models, which meant that together with knocking her down with Eye spy I was wrapping reliably on every attack and dealing three damage per hit. I think a 2-2 game will definitely be viable since I managed to take out Farris and Ferrite, neither who are very easy targets to kill.
  5. Falkman

    Explain Ebb to me

    I think you are overvaluing Linked a lot, yes. Fathom should be able to just snag the ball and score herself most of the time. I don’t think Linked solves Angel’s problems. She still can’t do anything in her own activation if she doesn’t have the ball, so you’re counting on Linked activations for her to be useful, whereas Ebb will always have something to provide the team.
  6. Falkman

    Newbie questions aka Help an idiot

    To clarify 4) further; Flying means the model can move over other models, but it does not ignore them for the purpose of parting blows. So you can fly straight across an enemy model but if you move out of their melee range they will still get to hit you.
  7. Falkman

    Explain Ebb to me

    He deals momentous damage, he is hard to kill, he solves ARM which is one of the Navigators’ most obvious weaknesses, and he helps with terrain mitigation. On top of that he still has the standard footballing ability of the guild so he can steal the ball and score pretty easily. He provides a lot of help to the team, some of it without needing any INF at all. He is also a key piece if you want the option of being able to go 2-2, which is a good option to have available. He’s probably not the best player in the team (hello Azimuth), but I think you’re crazy if you’re dropping him before Horizon.
  8. Falkman

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Hey! I noticed that you just updated the app with Wander from yesterday’s blog, speedy work! However, it seems that you have missed Windfinder from last week’s blog? http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/1-8-2018-navigators-guild-windfinder-guild-ball
  9. Falkman

    The Navigator's Guild

    Those guys are soooo good, makes me even more disappointed about the choice of crossover models. 😢
  10. Falkman

    The Navigator's Guild

    And that it where you go wrong, Eye spy does not target a friendly model, it targets an enemy model. Says so specifically in the rule for it.
  11. Falkman

    The Navigator's Guild

    No, it doesn’t mean that at all. It means that when she targets and hits an enemy model with Eye spy that enemy model is knocked down.
  12. Falkman

    New Player, need help

    Yes, the Morticians are resin while the Blacksmiths are plastic. I also suspect the Morticians are more expensive due to SFG expecting less demand for them.
  13. Falkman

    New Player, need help

    The Kick off models are plastic.
  14. Falkman

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    The keynote where they were revealed showed Windfinder, Horizon and Azimuth. We didn’t know Fathom was a crossover player until her card was shown on the blog.
  15. Falkman

    Our minor, the cooks Guild...

    That wasn’t the case for the Navigators, so there’s not really a pattern anymore.