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  1. Which players are going to the minors

    Brisket3 will no longer be available to Union at all, she will be solely a Church player from what they’ve mentioned. Harry and Mist will probably be the Union players playing for the Church, while Grace and Benediction will be the Church players playing for the Union.
  2. Resources

    The resources page seem to be somewhat abandoned. You can find all the current Guild ball rules, cards, errata and organised play stuff under the Guild ball header instead: http://steamforged.com/guildball just scroll down a bit.
  3. New blog in Spanish

    This is great, will definitely take a look at it to help improve my Spanish!
  4. I'm the worst Corsair there is.

    Not very helpful advice, I know, but versus Masons I generally prefer Shark over Corsair. A Shark team has the speed and abilities to score faster than the Masons and stay away from the brawls. Corsair is good at brawling but so are the Masons, so I feel that he doesn’t really want to try and scrum with them, especially not Hammer.
  5. Does there need to be? Stand firm gives out the rule Sturdy, which is a rule Corsair already has. The fact that it has triggered does not mean Corsair has lost the rule, so since you can’t stack multiple effects with the same name you can’t apply Sturdy to someone who already has it.
  6. Robo Ratchet

    Yes, and since it disappears at the end of the turn it will not have any actual effect on him.
  7. Robo Ratchet

    No, this is wrong. Tooled up and Deletion adds to the damage of that model’s plays and playbook results, and neither Controller nor Deletion are Ratchet’s plays, so he will only take 2+2 damage. Only Pin Vice will take the extra damage on herself if she has Tooled up and/or Deletion on herself. You are correct that Overclocked should work on Ratchet himself though.
  8. New PVC Teams

    At the absolute minimum it’s at least half a year away, more likely a year or even longer.
  9. Gutter for sure. She brings momentous damage, 2” and another drag. Scything blow can be great in the right situation but even if you don’t use it she is good.
  10. NEW OPD (15.12.17)

    Yeah that’s been there for a while.
  11. I agree, the 12-player box idea is a very strange business move.
  12. It seems pretty clear that at the end the will of Blackheart awakens completely and takes over Rage’s body.
  13. That’s definitely not true. The rulebook spells it out clearly that a model cannot be allocated any more than its max INF at any given time.
  14. Corsaire matchup

    But the essence of it is still true though. ;p Honour vs Shark is probably the most balanced matchup possible between Masons and Fishermen, both teams have a decent chance at winning that matchup. In contrast Hammer will crush Corsair and be crushed by Shark, and Honour will lose handily vs Corsair.
  15. Corsaire matchup

    If you are sure he will drop Corsair that’s a good idea, but Hammer loses pretty hard vs Shark in my experience so it’s a bit of a list chicken situation.