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  1. A little write up of a shocking first outing for my Butchers team. https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/10/31/Guild-Ball-season-4-tournament-report---Cambridge-UK
  2. Part 2 of my league with the Ratcatchers. Could I finally grab a win with the undercity scum? https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/10/07/Cambridge-Escalation-League-2018-Part-2 Also don't forget that later today we will be revealing the Fishermen & Navigators on the Fishy Wargaming Blog!
  3. I took the Rats as my team in a local league. These would be my first games with the team. https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/08/01/Cambridge-Escalation-League-2018---Part-1
  4. C1-10P

    Ratcatchers Launch Event With Butchers

    Yeah my target priority can sometimes be a bit lacking. In the hunters game I just didn't know how to deal with vMinx. The Butcher off was real close. If my opponents Meathook had managed to hit Boar it was game over. Very fine margins.
  5. A write up of a recent Ratcatchers Launch Event tournament. Where once again I battle for the wooden spoon! https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/06/12/GuildBall-Ratcatchers-Launch-Event
  6. My first ever guild ball game was at a tournament and I even managed to win it! Then lost the next 4 on the day. But every one I played was friendly and really helpful. And I never felt any negativity for being a noob. My local pundit happened to be at the same tournament and helped with some questions I had before the tournament started. I'm not the most confident of people, especially when on my own surrounded by strangers. But I use tournaments (Both Guild Ball and X-wing) to help me deal with and overcome that. Plus it's the only way I get regular games in! I'd encourage everyone to try a tournament at least once, I've enjoyed everyone I've been to so far!
  7. This is the second part of my escalation league write up. Original part can be found here: https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/12/28/Guildball---Cambridge-Escalation-League-part-one https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/04/06/GuildBall-Escalation-League-Part-2 I enjoyed my first league a lot and it's helped me gain some much needed experience. Looking forward to the next one!
  8. C1-10P

    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Butchers. The models, these are some of my favourite miniatures. Especially Brisket and Fillet. The fluff, I had the Season 1 rulebook for about 6 months before I actually bought any models, and I loved the Butchers story. Gameplay, nice and simple, point and kill! Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? Only played 13 games of Guild Ball so far and all with the Butchers. Just the solitary win so far! Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? They'll always be my favourite and I'll always keep using them. I'm just painting up a 2nd (Masons) and 3rd (Hunter's) team, then maybe buy a 4th......
  9. C1-10P

    Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Will hopefully be booking a spot once payday rolls around on Tuesday
  10. C1-10P

    Tournament Report

    Thanks for the advice. I will keep trying with Boiler, he's one of my favourite players fluff wise. I think I may try Ox for a few games, see how I get on with him.
  11. C1-10P

    Tournament Report

    A little write up of my 2nd Guild Ball tournament that I went to last month. Despite the results, it was a good event and I continue to learn more about the game. https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2018/01/10/Gentleman’s-Guild-Ball-Tournament-Cambridge
  12. C1-10P

    GB resolution for –18?

    1) Attend as many tournaments as possible 2) Improve my win rate with my Butchers 3) Get a second team all painted up 4) And then a third.....
  13. So after recently beginning Guild Ball a few months ago, the local escalation league seemed to be the ideal next step... https://www.fishywargaming.com/single-post/2017/12/28/Guildball---Cambridge-Escalation-League-part-one
  14. C1-10P

    Your plans for 2018 in Guildball.

    That's not too far for me, may have to attend this. Is the event on Facebook yet?