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  1. 6tus

    Kick scatter discussion

    Problem with measuring from front to front is that you can't legally place the ball marker when scattering from a player or Goal post. I think that the original front to center measurement was designed because of that, and that the current measurement style is a clearer way. This way, if the ball scatters 1", it still is within 1" of the target. If you measured from front to front, it would be within 1" even when it scattered 2 inches from the target player or goal post. This way of measuring might extend the scatter a bit when targeting a place, but it keeps the interaction with scattering from targets closer to what was originally designed.
  2. 6tus

    Been away for too long, what have I missed?

    There are few hints/mentions of his past as an actor. Also the part where he doesn't recognize himself from the reflection, "...but now the image was warped and crowned with an unfamiliar head of hair and wiry moustache...", is weird, if he really is Harry. To me, it seems that he's an actor forced to play Harry, so Solthecians can claim to have resurrected him.
  3. 6tus

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    It was previously only "Allocates influence", without a mention of the Maintenance phase. It was changed quite recently.
  4. 6tus

    New OPD Maintenance Phase

    The OPD was updated today. So you resolve the whole maintenance phase.
  5. 6tus

    Season 4 Changes

    From kicking sequence in rulebook, just below the LOS raising the TN: "If the target is friendly model, then each enemy model engaging the target friendly model causes the Kick to suffer [+1] TN."
  6. 6tus

    Problem with login/registration

    You know you shouldn't ever admit that. But yeah, I noticed that the forum was updated just after I posted this thread.
  7. 6tus

    Problem with login/registration

    That was quick 😁 Everything seems to be working again. At least for me.
  8. This was mentioned in the Gu.B.S. Facebook group the week before last (June 5th) and again today. It seems that the login and registration aren't working. If you have saved your login info, the forums work but if not, when you click the login button, nothing happens and the registration button just shows a "Registration is currently disabled" -popup. This was the info we got in facebook... ...but there's been no update after the june 5th.
  9. 6tus

    Let's start taking tactics

    The jog and gaining flying from the cp happen at the same time, so the controlling player can decide, which happens first. So Ikaros can use Taking Flight, jog to a harrier and get the fast ground effect and gain flying after the jog completes.
  10. 6tus

    Hot Shot charge

    As I've understood it, declaring an attack and making an attack are two different things.
  11. 6tus

    Hot Shot charge

    Charge is considered failed if the charging model isn't engaging the target model after the move ends. Also when you charge, you aren't declaring an attack. Charge includes both the move and the attack.
  12. 6tus

    Locus: Where and When?

    Locus can't intercept his own kick. Locus still counts as the kicking model when using Remote Control. From rulebook:
  13. 6tus

    Fisherman Player Summaries

    Get Over Here! is towards, not directly towards. So Salt can move straight towards goal, if that move takes her closer to Jac.
  14. This is the one, I'm having problems with. Why are all those effects summed up? Shouldn't you apply them one at a time? What if the player has deletion and Controller, and is in the melee zone of Pelage at the end of the activation? Is all the damage summed up in that case too? The way I see is, the relevant timing sequences are the Sequence of an action, and Sequence of taking a model out. The Step 3 says, that effects and abilities that trigger when an activation ends are resolved. Nowhere is it mentioned, that you combine all those effects if they come from different sources. Shouldn't you go through the effects one at a time, able to choose the order? If an effect reduces you to 0, you should check for taken out. The only case, as far as I know, where the damage is added together is from multiple playbook results.
  15. Hi. I'd like to get a clarification on how character plays (and reanimate) work. Are you supposed to use the timing steps of a character play, when a sustained effect of a play triggers, or should there be a different timing step for sustained effects? There's been two topics about this. In the first topic, the ruling is, that you sum the damage from multiple different character plays, apply it, and then check for the taken out using the timing steps of character plays. In the second topic, you apply all the character plays one at a time, going through the timing steps for each play separately. I know, that the cases are different, as in the first case you have sustained effects triggering from plays, that have been resolved earlier, and in the second case, the whole play is resolved as a part of an attack. It's just that the logic of the rulings is so different in these cases. Both say to use the character play timing steps, but in one, the effects from different plays are somehow summed, and in the other they aren't. So if a character play has a sustained effect, that triggers later on the turn (second wind, deletion, etc), should you apply the effects one at a time, or sum them all to one "effect"? Should you use the timing steps of the character play as mentioned in the first thread? If you are supposed to resolve the effects one at a time, why is the check for taken out only done after all the effects?