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  1. Falconers pics

    Flying Man will surely get a bit of a thing with Gliding? You could give him light foot to ignore terrain but doesn't seem fitting. Perhaps he gets a Speed boost or something whilst using it.
  2. Falling into a trap

    Keep hearing this but yet to try it I do think though against the right person he can be a beater or a first wave one. I mean Tater takes the 7DMG plus wrap into Piledriver quite well with just KD and Singled Out from Anvil (dice permitting but managed to do it twice now reasonably comfertable) I played a "proper" melee list against farmers recently saying I wouldn't use Ferite as my captain. Went "eehhh" to be honest and just a big scrum in the middle. Only redeeming factor was the 2 push outs to 1 push out trade we got ourselves into (probably the first and last that will ever happen). But still enjoying Blacksmiths and good to see that stepping out of your comfort zone with them isn't too much of a lost cause (I never thought it THAT bad but can't really think of a way to put it :D)
  3. Vet Honour?

    My dog can't fetch, can't catch things in the air (VERY RARELY and I think he doesn't really try) and we give him as much credit as being dumb as we can give him Why we love him to bits. I have to say I like the ideas presented here even though I'm slowly moving away from Farmers as they are as common as corn in a corn field in my local meta (and I HATE being in the crowd, why I went Hunters when they couldn't do anything..... and found out they couldn't do anything)
  4. Any ideas about the minor guild

    I thought blacksmiths were getting Farriers as their minor guild? Plus I don't think it would be fair for everyone else to get a minor guild and not blacksmiths simply because of their team composition. I mean I believe Farmers are getting a minor guild. But I guess at the very least we will get a 3rd box (pretty much guaranteed to happen at some point)
  5. Falling into a trap

    Ultimately what did you think of Captain Anvil? haven't done that since my very first blacksmith game. .....Also for the past 2 tournaments I completely forgot Alloy had back to the shadows d'oh!
  6. Farmer Errata has landed

    Having only been a "victim" of Thresher once (was a good game and I did want to see it in action) just this weekend. I observed a few things I'm happy SFG sorted and only sorted (spoiler I don't think they over nerfed) Harvest markers are an interesting idea but was far too safe for their benefits. All you had to do was say "look a harvest marker I can now do X" and X was usually great (Counter charge, damage etc) and the marker just stayed there (for the most part) so you could get the benefit AND the INF next turn if you wanted. And with the abilities typically being 6" a whilly nillie placed marker could just happen to be in range if a marker got taken out or used. Millstone although she did "nothing" all game, just being mid board stopped me setting up key models (thresher) and ultimately she was fine. Sure she can only get 1 condition but two attempts at knockdown is 2 INF worth of no damage (typically) and perhaps enough time for someone like Thresher to prevent you even getting the second oppertunity of the second KD. Sure go for her but now you are spending INF on her and not the "more important" key models. I didn't really look at thresher's playbook so I'll take them on their word it needed a tweak. Just tightening up what makes farmers farmers I think was what they needed. Harvest markers are a challengable resource (easier to run over and spendable now) than a guaranteed boon and people are easier to reach out and touch (Tater won't be back-lining too hard only to fly out of nowhere and mess up game plans for example)
  7. Falling into a trap

    I do tend to try the "risky" Ferrite 1st activation goal myself, found it can even work if Fangtooth if the bounce off point. Alloy CAN do this as well but mostly I use Ferrite. Likely known but I'll put it here since it was asked -Recieve the ball -Watch who/where the opponent chooses to kick and place Ferrite pretty much in front of him. Have the likes of Alloy and bolt (or your best other ball collectors if not present) on flanks should this fail or needs to be second activation. -Opponent kicks the ball fairly stright or unluckily ends up basically within snap in range of Ferrite's charge lane to the kicker. -Pop legendary (Not always needed but 9/10 times I've had to), Acrobatic (again only if need be), Charge kicker and take as much as you can to his goal. -Take MOM dodges to get into range, can even attack again to get a second MOM result (distance or whatever if not needed anymore) Ultimately you want to be in within goal distance, ideally outwith melee and with 2 MOM. -Bonus time goal kick (just take the bonus time, no point throwing Ferrite out this far and fluffing the thing, could still happen but at least you tried to mitigate) -Use the MOM to get out of dodge or even more ideally Knee slider the bajesus out of there. This way you can't get countered (some models provided) and a fairly guaranteed goal and INF next turn. AND because this is the first thing you have done, you now have a team with Tong and Cheek and all of them to activate. If you lose Ferrite as you couldn't get her back, you are at the very least 2 up. If however you don;t get the ideal ball placement, if you can get it to Ferrite ASAP you could still do this as likely the game state hasn't changed too much (like second activation) just hope the ball kicker doesn't leg it away or gets blocked/backed-up. Note most top players won't let this happen
  8. Falling into a trap

    I honestly think when Pass the Mantle comes out it might solve a few issues. Ferrite can be captain turn 1 and get the goal (as I like to do :D) and now that her team Legendary has popped I can change over and get another benefit to fit a different playstyle etc. I used Furnace a lot but I just found Footballing for a 3 goal win easier (WELL, depending how well your opponent can handle it I guess) Perhaps I've just "forgotten" how well Smiths can fight, even if it is more brain burner they CAN do it. BUt I think my biggest issue is "Who do you fight and who do you football?" As my local meta answers that, you out-football everyone bar fish.
  9. Falling into a trap

    Want to start off by saying I'm loving the Smiths, they are my primary team now (considering I paid a bit to get early etc) so this is more a re-forging of this love but needing advice. I'm falling into the trap of using Ferrite (Captain), Hearth, Farris, Iron, Alloy and Bolt, pretty excludively in my games. I've played about a bit (more so in the past), swapping Farris and Bolt for Burnish and Cast in mirror match up or Cinder over Iron (well only recently) But I feel I'm simply playing the same strategy over and over and over again but seems to me (and most of my local meta that I speak to) is the strongest way to use them. Surely Smiths aren't a one trick pony? (even if we are the only guild with a horsewoman) what can I do to stop feeling like folk know what I'm going to take when my name is called? Oh and of course what guild would you use this other list against? You get special internet brownie points if you can somehow include Anvil and Sledge (miss those guys from the 1 box only days :D)
  10. Farris rules question

    Nah, won't happen THAT often and really with a 2 dice kick (My Farris has only just learned how to polo a ball properly as she managed to get her first successful pass this weekend), she isn't a huge kicker. But they might though considering I didn't, and I would think many, know this was even possible it doesn't warrent it I feel.
  11. Dice of DOOM

    Was at a tournament just saturday there. They were OK for 3 games and game 4 just fell absiolutely flat. Couldn't roll above a 4 when I needed them. Bolt wasted 13INF on Marbles just trying to tackle and get the dodge on his FIRST playbook result for 3 whole turns. And when he finally did my opponent decided to send Flint in and take it off him Got the the point was the only game I have ever really threw. Was so bad I could only laugh. Didn't come last so not complaining. Was a good day.
  12. First tournament with Hunters

    ha ha I don't think I'll be able to re-create what happened that day. Someone spike the water I dunno And I believe I am I honestly can't remember, I put my name in and pay so quick I forget... luckily Martyn goes to those ones so as long as he remembers I'm good.
  13. First tournament with Hunters

    This is why I like the hobby, meeting and playing good folk I rarely ask for take backs and just as rarely accept offers of take backs. But there is the odd one where nothing has really happened and would make more sense kind of situations I tend to take them. But yeah was a good game and I a deserved win.
  14. Getting my head round Farris!

    Fair dues, Don't think I've done it that often if ever but good to know.
  15. Getting my head round Farris!

    It has taken me a couple of games and a game using her as captain to work out how I like to play her. And to be honest... you're pretty spot on but that's actually why she's good. Like all Masters, she is a set up piece and I would say more of a harasser on top of that. She can make Bolt and others really fast (haven't gotten full use of this simply due to it's cost, usually only get to use it when I don't give ANYONE INF due to them about to die) which is cool, if not situational. Anyway how I use her as a flanking pain in the as'. Run up and push folk but if you have Bolt, keeping him within 6 or 10 (so he can Stamina jog into range) to get his Master buff. Then simply throw her in and push folk out of the way. As you are on the flank you will find it's folk who won't deal much damage (armour and just playbooks) and those are also the ones you want Stagger on. If not push them, tie them up, as mentioned with the right folk, she will annoy the hell out them as they can't do much due to her ARM. She will not win you games, just help you get there. And having someone with Sentinel that can get up field and places easier is great. Sprint, shove, keep going sentinel. As Captain.... Nah to be honest. She doesn't do much with 5 INF and her captain legendary is situational but I have only played her once in the role so perhaps being too harsh. Anyway my 2 cents hastely writen up at work hopefully makes sense (as for some reason I can't copy and paste in grammer correct posts)