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  1. First tournament with Hunters

    Good write up, was good to see Hunters again (Game 3) and looking forward to putting them back on the table to see if the Smiths have improved me. I struggled to get MOM and when I got it, I, perhaps stupidly, held onto it to try and get first turns and then typically me just flat forgetting to heal. The take back was also quite appreciated considering where we were in the tournament, still lucked out on the 1 dice needing 5s, riskiest goal I took all day. Was a fun game and a well deserved win (otherwise I would have been the one "suffering" under the might of Corsair) and learned to keep the eye on my prize and my opponents as that ultimately was what caused me the loss overall.
  2. First 3rd place finish

    Something must have been in the air as I managed a 3rd place win in a ranked with the usual regulars tournament, missing 2nd by losing to Hunters. So briefly Game 1 saw me up against regular opponent Adam and a perfect mirror match of Blacksmith v Blacksmith, player by player. Ferrite (Captain), Burnish, Hearth and their respective apprentices. So, this pretty much became a chess match with dice rolls and came down to a "If you activation is successful you win, otherwise it's mine". I started aggressive and I liked it so much (well it didn't work out here but did me proud the rest of the tournament) I went for a first activation goal with Ferrite, but sadly missed it this game. Well in fact I think we forgot how to football and game in general. The dice rolls were SO bad from both of us it was becoming a joke (good laugh though). We both missed goals, all our players became limp wristed in combat and all sorts. This is coming from the two people who swear the blacksmith dice are out to get us Telling you there is truth to it! Had Iron missed killing the battered Burnish (Who Adam didn't realize was a potential target at all and nearly either did I) he would have gotten the goal. Ended up a 12-9 win. Game 2 saw me up against Union and the usual hosts for these tournaments (well the bigger ones anyway) Pash and his Union. I decided that speed had to match speed so opted for Ferrite (captain.... get used to this), Hearth, Farris and their respective apprentices (get used to this by the way I use it for the rest of the tournament). Against Blackheart, Strongbox, Mist, Decimate, Gutter and Benediction. Not quite a first activation goal from me as he went far right with the ball but knowing that I made Alloy get it and punt it over for a second activation goal (thanks to him moving Strongbox into a nice position as his first move) He got his goal with mist as his final activation. I simply punted the ball back into the goal turn 2 and he kicked the ball to the far right again next to benediction and gutter. I got decimate this turn as well for a bonus. Turn 3 saw Alloy go for the ball against benediction and buddying up close to Bolt for an I'm open. I actually thought he knew this when he sent Gutter in against Alloy but didn't tackle or kill him (I think he thought he had time to get the TO looking back) I'm open, score for a 12-4 Win. Lucked out on the miss of I'm Open! (He does use a tablet with the cards on them for reference and never asked so.....) and bonused timed every and all my shots even if it felt overkill (did a lot of 5 dice goals this tournament) Game 3 was against Hunters, my old friends and the person I would lose 2nd place to. My line up was the same as last game to his Theron, Snow, Hearne1, Chaska, Jeacar and Egret. Poison was the biggest thing here, flurry spread it to everyone bar Iron. Ferrites turn 1 activation didn't work out too well as I had to get the ball so Theron crippled her. I did manage the TN5 1 die goal but with no Knee slider she was left to fend for herself (with enough tokens on her to rival what she brings to the table for her kit). Despite the football team I had to brawl the rest of it not without the lack of trying to get back the ball (stupid pooch :D). But as our local No1 (all the time) said after the match, I lost the game as soon as I forgot what my opponent was doing to win. I should have got the ball and punted it away, sure he would have gotten the kill (weak apprentices are weak) but that's only 2 points than the goal I allowed buying me a bit more time. Game ended 10-12 loss thanks to a cheeky TO onto Hearne. With all the conditions felt like I was up against Alchemists but shorter ranged Alchemists so i could at least reach out and touch them. The new Sun Strike giving plays MOM for the turn is sweet, looking forward getting a game in with the guild that started me. Game 4 was against Brewers and the other regular local player Johnathon. I normally hate brewers, especially Esters lead ones but feel it was good I got him at this stage as I think the day overall was starting to take its toll Same team as before versus Esters, Scum (who lives up to his name) Friday, Hooper,. Pintpot, Friday and Stoker. Turn 1 activation 1 goal as usual, jumping off Pintpot (he was origionall going to kick off with the cat which I was worried about, after a quick read of his cards he swapped back to Pint, much to my liking). But with no knee slider Ferrite took the run the length to just sit next to him in cover (she would survive until turn 2). Then it turned into a good old fashioned Brewer Pub Brawl. Pint Pot was targeted by everyone and whitled down as was Stoker and the cat (who annoyingly would live through the whole game). Turn 2 saw me take 3 TOs thankfully after I got a pop in. But overall Alloy and Iron saw me through with the damage getting the odd top end playbook. More interesting thing, and this is why I think Johnathon wasn't in peak condition, he kicked the ball near the goal and started to get Friday over to it but so was Bolt and he never contested it. Ultimately I won the only turn the game that would see me win. Bolt was within Stamina range of the newly brought in Pintpot, attacked twice getting me 2MOM and a dodge out of Melee and took his normal jog into tap in range. Another 5 Dice goal (with an audience watching... mostly as we were the only game left player and the occasional "you'll whiff it", bloody jynxsters) got me the win. So ultimately what did I learn? Well if Ferrite wants the goal, dice permitting, she'll get a goal. It was amazing to get a goal from the start line and from no MOM. And really its the best time, your opponent can't do a thing (unless they get free counter attacks) and only hope the dice fail you. Ideally you want Knee Slider in hand to really save her. Legendary, Acrobat and Charge will see you reach Iron is solid overall. He's now hit my all time favourite apprentice. He can take hits (not many but enough), he can dish it out and he's a rocket if you need him to be, with Impetus he can charge from AWAY out there for a surprise smashing. Farris, has actually gained a few points from me. Ultimately she didn't do a huge deal, but just being able to be a fast mobile support piece works out wonders. The free attack on a sprint is cost effective, giving tutaledge to Bolt makes him better (and really feel it's needed if you take him) and she's pretty tanky to boot. Alloy also gained a few points in my book. I always knew his potential and had reasonably good results but he was shining that day.
  3. Dice of DOOM

    Out of curiosity anyone getting poor results from the official blacksmith dice? Seems I have rolled consistently bad since using them and thats saying a lot from me This is of course a bit of a joke thread but curious if it perhaps isn't
  4. Blacksmiths/ kicking & receiving

    Had a game against Engineers yesterday Balista, Mother, Hoist, Velocity, Rachet and Salvo against my Ferrite, Farris, Hearth, Iron, Bolt and Alloy. The engineer player was fairly fresh faced so there was no high end plays here (it's a smal local gaming league so always good to get new folk into it) so I tend to go into teacher mode and help my opponent too much. I could choose to kick and recieve and think i made the mistake of kicking. In my head I he would pass the ball ideally and just launch Ferrite up and score... he just walked away (mind he doesn't know what I can do as a guild so everything he foils, isn't intentional... it just happens) so yeah if I had the ball I could likely have done it second or so activation than never lol I'm not overly convinced I can use Farris and Bolt well, despite spending all game making him drop the ball (always landing either snap in range for him or miles away in the wrong direction when it suits me) I never got much use out of them. Bolt and Farris are pretty good getting the ball off people if not the most reliable way. Bolt even soiled his hands and got his first goal this game, beginning of whatever turn we ended up on Bolt stamina jogs up to the ganged up battered Rachet (who the turn before took 16 damage from Iron) bopped him for a 1DMG push dodge momentus and popped the ball in the goal. So yes we can do both but I think the safer option is just to recieve if we get the choice, especially against Balista and Co who get MOM for breathing to our ziltch.
  5. 'smiths experiences so far?

    haha yeah just quickly I did drop off Hunters just as errata came in and heard similar. Yesterday was the first time I tried to go pure football with the Blacksmiths Hearth, Farris, Ferrite and their respective apprentices and actually liked how they worked (dice excluded), Feels like I know how Shark plays now Was really great to get everyone REALLY close just by walks and the odd sprint and the threat of just jumping in, snagging the ball and getting a goal is a nice feeling to have the control over. Inexperience in the playstyle threw me through a loop a tad as I probably could have been more agressive with Bolt and Farris (Ferrite and Iron I know you can be lethal with) I am still adament I want to get Anvil and Sledge to the table. I like them, niche? yes but I still like what they can achieve.
  6. 'smiths experiences so far?

    I did say all guilds are thinky as well though. But I know this likely a just me/VERY small group thing but I "struggled" with Hunters, in timed tournaments felt like I did a year of university in a hour and half. It was exhausting and "not rewarding" as I either got close games, easy wins against newer end scale players or down right thrashings from folk of equal skill and obviosuly better (based on how I can handle those players now I would say I am there or there abouts as capable as them). Still like the guild and can see what they can do but I couldn't achieve it. Then just as I was going to temporarily shelve them to use guilds not quite as hard to sharpen up my GB skills, Smiths were announced and I was like "SOLD" knowing nothing about them. Not cause they were new, but I like the concept of Blacksmithing in fantasy settings. So getting them, are they thinky? of course they are, protect the apprentices but use them, set up a model, how much? when? and so on. But I seem to be able to handle that better than Hunters. Hunters need to make a plan and MAKE SURE IT WORKS. Blacksmiths I feel are just a bit more capable of making a plan and being able to adapt if said plan fails. But that's just me. Having now used the Smiths quite a bit (not as longs as hunters obviously) I do like the idea going back and seeing if I'm any better working out the complex puzzle that is Hunters.
  7. Team Fireball

    Tried this against Fillet let butchers (mentioned this on another post) Would work well with a team that bundles up and Fillet and co are fairly spread out for butchers (compared to Ox lead anyway) so you didn't really get to capitalise on the AOE. But it did restrict movement turn 1 allowing me safe passage to move up. Sadly though got greedy and did the 3 next turn and that really was the game loser. It achieved not nearly as much as turn 1 (and all I got was Boiler then) and meant I gave all ny INF away. Anyway not saying it is a horrible team, i played it wrong, you could use Furnace to push people into a bundle to get more hits from Flame Belch. It really though is more a threat than anything, but to make it a threat you need to give the INF SOoo I'm still faffing about with lists so I'll likely use it again and just keep having fun with me smiths
  8. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Hi me! I do this all the time with systems, like them too much, buy everything and jump about and learn nothing before moving onto something else. Stopped that and funnily enough it helps Keep at it, I went deep end and did 2 tournaments one after the other with the first box so I learned pretty quickly what I can and can't do, to be fair to it, it isn't a bad box.
  9. Blacksmith basics

    ah ha the man himself Thats right it was Cast as Alloy was pre-occupied, but yeah he likely should have been pre-occupied with Boiler than whatever it was he doing, but as with Hunters I keep forgetting Back to the Shadows so he's good for hit and run than hit and stand there to be taken out. But yeah having fun with list building, I could sit and really think about what I take (and I do to a degree :D) but wheres the fun in that?
  10. 'smiths experiences so far?

    Man my Win to loss ratio is terrible I played Hunters as my "first guild" (they weren't but they came out shortly after I properly started playing the system and stuck with them until Smiths came out..... felt like forever and this was well before I knew smiths were becoming a thing :D) But here I am. And yeah I see now that you weren't being totally defeatist, just making that a point. In comparison Blacksmiths aren't as thinky, and really most guilds are thinky but in different ways. Sure Butchers just get stuck in, but they set-up and go after specific targets etc to get the best out of themselves, we aren't much different. I've struggled and still do with Morticians, but thats mostly due to the guy using them being top 3 material in our local meta and I'm a scrub in comparison lol But Morticians have the benefit same as Alchemists have against us... our medicore DEF stats. If you want that powerful play to go off, smiths will allow it to happen for the most part. But with low def means higer playbook reaches but thankfully at least in that depo we have high armour. Out of Box 1 my opinion remains as such Anvil - Love the big guy and he does what he does well, but it's hard to get him into position to really utilise his good points and eventually becomes a rather hard to kill (if you keep him topped up of course) 3INF battery (do we really need that though? not really....) Sledge - Take-outs many times with him, but he's likely the first to die shortly if not immediately after. But sadly he really does need the big guy to shine so take both or leave both and more often than not, you'll not take them. Furnace - Tooling up himself can mean he can fairly reliably deal 6-8 damage, so as a finisher he does well. Generally he's been my captain for the most part sharing the spot with Ferrite so he's usually sorted to do what he does best. But he does have pushes so he can be handy to bring people into the scrum and searing strike is nice with Masons etc. And because he is usually the most forward character, he has became a goal scorer a good number of times. Cinder - My you will get INF target for the most part (yes that means I prioritised giving INF to anvil over her) SHe does well but I found I put myself into positions where she is no longer needed or ideal to invest in. Hot shot is great and has caught off a few opponents and the lucky ones have won me games (her last short for me did that, was a hail mary cause I could and bam it did....never felt so good in my puff :D) but really I haven't had use out of her. Her outing with Hearth around didn't go well but first game with the combo, not taking sides yet. Ferrite - Does what she does and does it well. Once i learned how to turn 1 goal I kept doing it, kicking or reciving didn't matter. Feels great. But she is also a good utility player and shouldn't be discarded as such. Disarm and Weak Point are great and easy to aquire. Even if Ferrite runs into a scrum, gets to go first/early, she can hit a few folk and debuff them before acrobatting out and legging it to safety/set up for a goal next turn. Don't throw her a side, play with her and you'll find a niche you like with her. Iron - Ahh the locomotive, love this guy (haven't actually used him in a while) but actually thining about it, he hasn't done a HUGE deal for me Actually think he has netted me only about 2 goals and I've had the team since not far off earliest release. But he is also a beater and can be better than sledge simply due to more INF allocation. He's finished/ crippled enough folk for me than he has been a footballer and i think I'll keep in that niche for me the now (Going to try a full football team shortly, but next game is Morticians so not entirely sure...) Anyway my 2 cents, most problems you are having will be sorted once you have swapped them out so keep at it and just enjoy it. There is no "This guild makes you win" and it's why I love the system.
  11. Blacksmith basics

    Burnish REALLY is not all that, certainly not worth the 2 threads closed because of people being toxic (but say no more) Against Alchemists you'll be hard pressed to get the MOM to fuel it (I never got any MOM when I played against them, period so.... though that was Box 1 only), means he is your captain, and means you need to be tucked in to each other to get it (So BAM AOE heaven which is what kills you against Alchemists) And they are nippy enough Flame Belch wouldn't get much leverage against them. Is he good? I used him once as captain (sadly) against Fillet lead Butchers and went as follows (briefly). I took the "Fire team" for a bit of fun (Burnish, Furnace, Hearth, Cast, Cinder and Alloy) against (Fillet, Princess, Boiler, Boar, Shank and oBrisket) Turn 1 - Ball landed RIGHT next to Alloy to the point he could have snapped it in any other situation) so to stop him capitalising on that I threw out 2 Flame belches (4 INF) to hit boiler (the kicker) and one to screen Fillet and Boar from getting into my team, allowing them to move up reasonably safely (forgot the range on pain circle though and since it doesn't block LOS.... ah well) Turn 2 - popped his legendary and gave him another 4 INF and this was my big mistake this game. I didn't have any MOM to even get use of the Aura effect and starved my team of that INF (2 INF is a lot actually, i didn't used to think it lol) by this point it was meh. Perhaps I shouldn't have threw it out ONTO FIllet, Shank and Boar (well Boar is easy to hit) than directly infront so guarantee the burning, but overall did nothing. Rest of the game I didn't have much use for him (gave him litterally no INF) apart from a reduction to get rid of a chunk of bleeding. Ended 12-6 to my loss (killed boar and managed a goal with someone can't mind) I do believe speed is key against Alchemists, if you touch them we should be able to kill them fairly well and we need the goal threat as well. Katalyist however remains an issue since our killy guys are bundled up nice and neat for him, but sometimes you need to take a hit, perhaps that is where Anvil etc shine?
  12. Blacksmith basics

    Oh aye you have something to look forward to come box 2. But either pay stupid amount of cash (I got REALLY lucky on mine) or wait sadly. Well thats a bit untrue, if you can paper doll it to try them out that would be ideal. I know my first ever game with smiths was with the paper stand-ups. But in saying that the first box is good enough you can stand to use it and get some good experience coming into the new stuff (cause currently I'm floundering around with the new box but can stand my ground with the old stuff) Oh and regardless, Alchemists are NOT your friends... they however consider you their "friend" and sadly box 1 has NO tools to handle them well. My experience but sure there will be some agreements here.
  13. Blacksmith basics

    With the first box reasonably hard to deal with. We don't a have enough range to tie them up and we can't football better than them (we do good but they are better). When I was first starting out I actually found forfeiting the first goal (if you are kicking which I found myself ALWAYS doing for some reason :D) can actually help with getting some initial speed as your opponent tends to come to you (which you want if they can run rings round you). As I'll mention more shortly if you are reciving (which is rare-ish for Shark fish but I guess they do like to launch shark the full board and this is how Ferrite get's turn 1 usually as well) pass the ball to the 3 better ball holders in your intial 6. Another thing easier said than done is don't give up the ball too quickly, I found it to help with our speed (Shark and Co are pacifists so you don't need to heal, so spend that MOM for dodges as you will likely get not much from hitting them) and it gives them something they need to come to you to get. Sure unless you are Iron they will tend to take it and run, but Sledge (tackle on 1 and 2" melee), Iron (sure footed) and Furnace (Tackle on 1 and 2" and on Legendary a 3/3 which is nice) are our best ball holders in the initial line up. If you get rid of the ball you give them no reason to come to you. And if those said ball holders are all within 1" then you have a 2/3 sure foot and a 4/2 2" tackle ball holder (better than nothing) Ferrite being agressive helps, can't get rid of Hobble and Acrobat helps close gaps. She will shine doing this better as captain but always an option. Going this route you'd better use Furnace as a pull machine as of course he will only have at max 3 INF but thats them 3" closer. I haven't actually used it more than initial first turn help but Whilst the Iron is Hot can get you through a couple of hurdles. But of course watch as it's 2 INF which is a lot to give to only get restricted movement but maybe use it turn 1 and 2 COULD help but again, haven't tried it.
  14. I find Sledge doesn't need THAT much set up, and against Farmers the debuffs Anvil brings alone will be enough for him to get good results. I mean when I went up against Tapper Anvil put singled out and KD on him and Sledge got 7 MOM+Piledriver results all he wanted. Farmers are at the same level (yet I've not done it yet to them :D) They might not be the shining beacon of the team but I feel they are still viable choices and with the right support (Farris for Anvil, anyone for Sledge really :D) they will do enough. But yeah can be predictable for your opponent when Sledge is sitting there unactivated next to someone who was Anviled a bit earlier.
  15. Blacksmith basics

    Shameless plug but this is kinda been my journey using them. But key things I've learned. - Don't over-set up. We have a LOT of debuffs from our Masters, but our apprentices don't need that many of them on someone to shine. The more you set-up the more activations you give to your opponent to put pressure/undo some of your work. - Huddle up. Coming from Hunters I found it a bit off keeping everyone within comfort hug range. But once you get comfortable with the extreme close up play you learn that you do have some breathing space and only need to huddle some of the time. Basically, don't forget Sentinel, for the most part it's the only defensive thing for our "target on the back" apprentices. -We cater fairly well to a 2-2 style play and we can generally go after them in whatever order we want. Pretty much all our guys are handy on the ball, I mean Furnace is the second person to get the most goals for me (Ferrite is still No.1). Getting it and keeping it are different stories though. And well it's easy to see how well we handle take-outs. - Love them, but once they leave the nest, it's time to say bye. What I mean is, if Sledge has slung out and done what Sledge does but then you find he is too far away to save, don't. You'll spend too much time trying to dig him out and getting nothing for it. Take it on the chin and begin setting someone else up (for Damage that will be Iron, who don't forget has a MOM 7 as well) to recoup the loss. - TRY and keep your cards to your chest. Blacksmiths have the problem of having HUGE signals of what you are about to do. "Oh, my guy has weak point, searing strike, singled out and he's knocked down all within Sledge's un-activated threat range" Don't get me wrong, sometimes you put someone in that position and your opponent can't do anything about it, but we can be predictable. Try and set-up a few people (if you are going to Melee win) and/or try and keep premeasuring to a minimum, nothing worse seeing a goal opportunity and you sitting there premeasuring everything out to say to your opponent "don't stop me this will happen.