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  1. Although this is a character I've designed for a personal project I don't mind giving it up if a better company can do it justice Like the idea of a fist weapon user, big gauntlets and a Furnace style forge on his back. He can swing it round, dip his hands in and now he punches with molten steel. If Knockedown leaves an AOE of fire as it spills out. Likely would be a Master in this instance but designed him as I said to fit my game so could play about with it for GB
  2. WhiteYin

    Season 4 wish listing

    I think the only model that needs a tweak is Anvil. I think once he is fixed it will open to doors to seeing Sledge and himself on the pitch more. I just think Tough Hide doesn't warrant making him the Captain, like hardly ever, and feels a shame to not have such a nice model leading every now and then. Perhaps change his Legendary to +1 ARM to apprentices and +1 TAC to masters within 6"? Continues his resilient theme with Sentinel and the tutelage theme by buffing masters. Or give KD on MOM results within 6"? just the fact that’s what he is good at himself. Not sure, but Sledge I think is fine and Farris although I've only ever used her Captain Legendary once, like the uniqueness of it and although she isn't a great kicker (can always bonus time it mind) the team and future models could benefit it nicely.
  3. WhiteYin

    Another Ferris Question

    Sadly not, Impact specifically calls on her to carry out a Sprint action than simply moving her Sprint value. So a charge is still just resolved as normal. Basically treat Impact as a cheaper and "weaker" charge (could save your game but you don't get any bonuses from it is what I mean by weaker)
  4. It's a melee attack for all intents and purposes. You suffer crowd-outs, gang-ups, cover etc just you get the range boost. From playing Cinder in tournaments. Also, knew right away as soon as Hot Shot became a thing Hunters would get it, suspect might get errata'd in to the main guild at some point.
  5. WhiteYin

    Veteran Cinder

    THINK it was the in a blurb somewhere for the box. I could be talking tosh but I'm sure I read somewhere something to that extent about her.
  6. WhiteYin

    Veteran Cinder

    depends how litteral you take the word Veteran If I mind right about the little fluff I know of Blacksmiths, Cinder was closer than the others to being a Master in her craft. Could be wrong though.
  7. WhiteYin

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Edited my post again to place guilds in as good or risky into. Just for Masters, I'm not sure really how to go about doing it for apprentices, purely as they are the workhorse of he guild and as such you need to give the right support against each guild. Sadly though I don't think there's much more I can do. Hopefully it helps and if folk want to use it and change it or whatever and it helps great.
  8. WhiteYin

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Someone with half a thought would have done that without being told lol I'll give it a think and update tomorrow. Though I always over think who to use against who so perhaps NOT the best person to ask
  9. WhiteYin

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Pretty much, Half your players HATE them as they are weak apprentices and with low DEF even with good ARM High DMG players can hit those desired results. Coupled with not a lot of defensive tech besides ARM we aren't mitigating DMG much (unless you have a Tough Hide turn with Anvil) so there is that as well. That and I did do this entirely at my desk at work so thought wasn't entirely focused Edit: Yeah I've went back to the Masters and fleshed them out like I started doing the more I did yesterday. Removed or rephrased a lot of the High DMG bad into's as well really, getting hit for lots of DMG is bad for most players
  10. WhiteYin

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    I'll give it a bash, used them enough to contribute something Feel free to pick and choose the info as I’ve likely done too much Ferrite (M) - (edited) Goal scorer and debuffer. With her speed and ability to acrobat she is able to get to where she wants, if there's some resistance she has early dodges on her playbook to make it even easier. When she isn't scoring goals she is very much a harassment piece onto some of our armoured or mid to high TAC oppoents, able to bring them down a small peg that our team's ARM might help lessen the brunt. With low TAC players she can usually shut them down unless they charge (Like Mist for example, I had fun with him one game :D) which can be helpful and with the debuff results on 1 (with MOM no less) you don't need to cringe too much on high DEF. But outwith this she isn't a damage dealer especially against blacksmith levels of ARM. As Captain- Ferrite CAN capitalise on the full 5 INF (you need it for a first activation goal if the situation pans out well) but usually after that effort she will hang back down to her usual printed 3 INF and harass whilst waiting to be used to score again. The big reason is the turn where you can give your team Tong and Cheek to allow us to get up the board. This will likely get popped early but if you don't NEED it, save it and you will likely find a situation you wish you did. Typically she will likely be your captain as her Legendary is more the straightforward and beneficial of the lot which is good as she does well into pretty much all teams but of course there are guilds that will make it harder for her. As a Player- Ferrite is a good definition of the Master style play for Blacksmiths. She supports. However instead of buffing our guys she will hamper the enemy to allow even unbuffed apprentices a chance to do what they like to do, like sledge's/Iron's damage etc. Her kick stat is also there for a reason, there's no better support than getting thirds of your score with a kick. Good into: Into all Guilds (See Captain section) Risky into: Farmers, Engineers, (Corsair)Fishermen Furnace (M) – (edited) Generall arounder that is skewed to melee. Furnace is the team's source of Tooled Up which with some of the highest potential damage can be pretty great. He is also able to turn rather dangerous Scrums into many duels with One at a Time Lads, allowing indevidual skill to decide who wins fights. This can be great with the Blacksmith's ability to buff and debuff, allowing dire situations to potentially survivable situations. As Captain - Can reliably beat down lower health players or Coup de grâce players using the full 5 INF. Giving a swafe of Burning on legendary can help a lot as well against fast teams or tanky teams for a bit of bleed damage (if not literally) As a Player - Only source of tooled up, good for himself most of the time but as a non-captain better giving it out to others as they will likely benefit more. Getting to Arm 3 helps hold down the scrum well. Reliable ARM stripping is great as well. Good into: Blacksmiths, Brewers, Masons Risky into: Alchemists, Hunters Anvil (M) – (edited) Very suitable to his name, Anvil will take midfeild and with a bit of TLC from you (Taking Breathers etc) and players (One at a Time Lads etc) he can tank a LOT of damage. He is only DEF 2 so character plays are pretty much guaranteed which will likely shut him down in some fashion (condition damage, knockdown etc). But whilst active he can Knockdown like the best of him and our only source of Singled Out, which for our High Damage dealers is great, but even allows better tackles (like from Cinder's Hot Shot). As a Captain – He doesn’t really do much with the full 5 INF or really wants it, likely a waste unless he is REALLY in the scrum which isn’t likely (opponents tend to use as little as they need to tie him down). Tough hide to the team is situationally good but can help dampen a few teams. As a Player – Like most Masters he’s a lump of a support, can do enough with no INF by just being a strong sentinel and KD counter attacks. Whilst the Iron is Hot can be used early game for even more upfeild prescence or a cheeky disengage but timing later in the game can be a bit difficult but if you can see it and your oppoent can't? could swing a game just that bit more in your favour. Despite being good in a scrum, he isn't the hardest to hit so farming MOM off hit is what WILL happen (no ifs or buts about it) Good into: Brewers, Butchers, Farmers, Masons Risky into: All teams (see end of player notes) Burnish (M) – Utility piece and splash damage dealer. Can punish your opponent grouping up and in early turns screen areas off with a wall of flame. He is also good at removing conditions but you will take burning for the privilege. As he is a midfielder Kill the Ball can be a cheeky surprise to pull out as well if you need to reach a stuck ball. Has the gimmick of ignoring Character plays and give it out, but can be a MOM trap but situationally handy. As a Captain – the 5 INF allows the "mega" turn of 3 AOEs, 12 damage on A player or potentially 28, 36 skies the limit, IF the opponent bundles up badly. Becomes able to use 2 after legendary which can still be potent. Giving out his Armour plating is VERY situational and hard to time and resource intensive to keep using. As a Player – Mid-field utility who can reach out with his flame belch. With a good kick he can be a good middle man to pass the ball about or kill it to move it about entirely. His condition removal is good but loses usefulness if the enemy only use burning and X as their conditions as you will mostly be getting rid of only 1. But as a free condition remover is still decent. Good into: Brewers, Farmers, Butchers (Corsair)Fishermen, Alchemists Risky into: (Shark)Fishermen, Engineers Hearth (M) – (edited) Granny does what Grans tend to do. Not move very much and give out helping hands when she can. Very master like in her support. Although having the highest health in our roster, but not a tank as damage is 1:1 as no tough hide and ARM 2 will only do so much with DEF 2. As a Captain – She COULD use the 5 INF but rarely will she need it. She could give out 2" reach, give out net hits and KD someone but how often will you need that? Giving the Team 2" reach can be very good but as it is a 6" aura this is for scrums which means you might not even need the range. As a Player – Reliable KD battery and great to buff our great but 1" melee players. Can make Cinder a good range tackler or Sledge reach hit his 7 DMG or help it wrap well after it. Getting 3" melee can help get unexpected crowd out bonuses or KD a bigger batch of players. Because she is mostly giving out buffs and KDing where she can, she is good into ALL teams, but she is in the same boat as Anvil in that due to her defenses she will be farmed off of and not as resiliant as Anvil so equal parts risky into ALL teams. Good into: All Teams Risky into: All teams, particularly Farmers (I found out) Ferris (M) – (edited) A good outrider style player who runs the flanks to harass and deal with other outflank players. With Sentinel and good pushes she can get into places to run in and help Apprentices. She’s also good at stripping the ball and although the poorest kick stat just needs to sometimes get the ball away from where it is, and kicking whilst KD’d can be a surprise as well. As a Captain – She doesn’t need the 5 INF, she could give out a couple of quick foots turn 1 but then you could do that with less cost with Ferrite and hit more players (if not all). Her support style play means she will push a lot but you can only do that so many times before out of reach or loses need. As a Player – Very utilitarian despite her intimidating presence. With the ability to get a weaker charge (Sprint with basic TAC) can be helpful to spend her 3 INF a bit better. A quick response Sentinel is great though more often enough likely helping Bolt whilst he’s down the opponent’s throat. Due to her speed and resilience (mostly due to Armour) she can usually target players that will struggle to get much into her, either tying that player up for a bit or pull other players in to help, but nothing stops most players than a KD so make sure to pick non-KD or high playbook KD players. Good into: Butchers, Masons, Farmers Risky into: Brewers, Union (Shark)Fishermen Iron (A) – A good all-rounder despite how his stats might indicate. The more survivable apprentice with a bit of help from Sentinel but has tough hide as well. Can fit into any situation with the appropriate set up, football? Give him speed and get to goal and he will get it, this guy can rocket up to a healthy 10"/14" with all the speed buffs applied to him and with Ramming Speed not many folks can get in his way. Coupled with Close Control can hold a ball well. A source of 7 DMG but easier access to a "consistent" 2 and 4 DMG profile, as such Tooled up, low ARM and whatever can lay a beating down. Master Benefit – Iron "only" gets "Get over here!" from Ferrite, but that is just another tool to get him up the field well. That said, because it is ONLY that he doesn’t NEED ferrite and can happily team up with the other masters no bother. Good into: Low DMG teams, football teams Bad into: Armour ignoring players, Condition teams Cinder (A) – (edited) A nice range support with arguably the best range shot in the game. Thanks to Hot Shot, Cinder can make a single Melee attack 6". This is great as it is essentially a range play with a playbook worth of results that benefits from melee style buffs, but of course means she suffers melee style debuffs as well so watch out for crowd outs etc. But does mean she can tackle a ball at range (with help of Hearth for instance), disengage from a high DEF target (shoot someone out of reach with a lower DEF) or however else her playbook can help you. Also, our Unpredictable movement player (again with Hearth’s help…) can hold a ball safely with a decent kick stat to get it places. Master Benefit - Cinder gains burning to her damage results, which can be alright, means she doesn’t get much benefit from Furnaces Legendary however. Thus she doesn’t NEED furnace ut you will likely see them paired up anyway to capitalize on the burning. Good into: Low Def/ARM teams, Low Melee range teams Bad into: High DEF/ARM teams Sledge (A) – (edited) Notable for being a beater but inside sparks a bit of jack of all trades. Well known for being the Piledriver 7 DMG machine and although he CAN do that, takes a bit of set up, right opponent and comes accompanied with the "I’M GOING TO CHARGE THIS CHARACTER!" warning sign to your opponent. Out with his fighting potential he can use Piledriver (from tutelage or otherwise) to get a good tackle and then Longbomb (from tutelage or otherwise) it to someone reasonably well. Master Benefit – Sledge really likes Anvil around. Getting Tutelage is a great boon to his playstyle be it for damage or football that really maxes out his 3INF. Good into: Low Health/DEF/ARM teams. Bad into: Being focused Cast (A) – Damage dealer who capitalizes on our ability to produce burning, whilst having some handy debuffs and utility. With a bit of help from tooled up and a burning target she has a nice non-MOM 3 DMG on a single result so with 4INF that’s a pretty reliable 12 DMG output before you go up the book. She can lower the TAC and DEF whilst in combat and can strip the ball at range. With Charmed [Male] she can be quite defensive especially with a bit of help from Sentinel. Swift strikes allow her to get out of fights making her slippery with a good kick result to boot. Master Benefit – Cast is the only apprentice that doesn’t have a by name Master benefit as she gets +1 DMG from burning targets. As such she literally doesn’t need Burnish to be around. But she likely will be or with Furnace or even more likely both. Good into: Scrums, Burning targets Bad into: Female players, High ARM Alloy (A) – (edited) He can tailor himself to suit but is a great footballer at heart. Naturally fast, ability to disengage well and a good kick stat allows him to get to where he wants to reasonably scot free. He can turn 1 goal well if not threaten the ball heavily. His damage is a bit unreliable without a bit of help, either through his master benefit or from the array of Blacksmith support. Master Benefit – Hearth allows Alloy to tailor as it allows him to pick from 2" melee, +1/0" kick or Anatomical Precision. Really you can ignore the 2" melee if you don’t need Alloy to go first and allow Hearth to give it to him (plus a bit of Instruction for some Net hits if you want). You will likely see the two together and regularly on the table. Good into: Low DEF/ARM players (for Melee output especially) Bad into: Scrums. Bolt (A) – Dedicated footballer and good at it too. Bolt’s unique ability to jog twice can really get him places with or without a bit of help. A Ferrite Legendary and Ferris Quick Foot will see him being able to JOG 16" or 18" if you throw in a sprint. Being able to I’m Open allows even more speed and with a lot of good footballers can expect this reliably to get the pass. Shoemarang is a great utility piece if not with a short range, bouncing this off yourself (for 2 DMG) or someone else to get a KD on a high DEF target can free himself up to go for the only destination, the enemy goal. Master Benefit – "Suffers" the same as Sledge in that Tutelage is too good to pass up so he will always want to be paired up with Ferris. She even is the only person more likely to come to his aid should enemies be gunning for him. Good into: Low Def Players and even High Def players with Shoemarang Bad into: Being engaged (in general) with a Melee focused player
  11. WhiteYin

    Blacksmith Player Summaries

    Spent time typing out stuff on Word, can't paste it into this box ;( Edit: Cheers h3m3 wouldn't even have thought of that. Seems copy/Pastes chooses when to work from Word for me.
  12. WhiteYin

    Theory crafting

    The only idea i've had is this. Ferris (Captain), Hearth, Anvil, Bolt, Alloy and Sledge. Ferris is a Quick foot battery early game (probably no later than second turn and even then by turn 2 it'll be a single model likely getting it) to be used on the likes of Bolt and Anvil to get them up the pitch. Sledge can be used for his Piledriver tackle (cause apparently that's a thing :D) and his Longbomb to get the ball to a out of the way Bolt. Hearth's job is just her usual, but she can buff Anvil who can then take center stage and just KD folk. Alloy will be your midfeilder ball retreval and scorer. Meanwhile Ferris just needs to make sure she gets where she needs to be, typically she will be near-ish to bolt to give him Sentinel and protection but can always do a run by attack before doing so. Haven't tried it so fits to your theory craft post but COULD work, just how well.
  13. WhiteYin

    Falconers pics

    Flying Man will surely get a bit of a thing with Gliding? You could give him light foot to ignore terrain but doesn't seem fitting. Perhaps he gets a Speed boost or something whilst using it.
  14. WhiteYin

    Falling into a trap

    Keep hearing this but yet to try it I do think though against the right person he can be a beater or a first wave one. I mean Tater takes the 7DMG plus wrap into Piledriver quite well with just KD and Singled Out from Anvil (dice permitting but managed to do it twice now reasonably comfertable) I played a "proper" melee list against farmers recently saying I wouldn't use Ferite as my captain. Went "eehhh" to be honest and just a big scrum in the middle. Only redeeming factor was the 2 push outs to 1 push out trade we got ourselves into (probably the first and last that will ever happen). But still enjoying Blacksmiths and good to see that stepping out of your comfort zone with them isn't too much of a lost cause (I never thought it THAT bad but can't really think of a way to put it :D)
  15. WhiteYin

    Vet Honour?

    My dog can't fetch, can't catch things in the air (VERY RARELY and I think he doesn't really try) and we give him as much credit as being dumb as we can give him Why we love him to bits. I have to say I like the ideas presented here even though I'm slowly moving away from Farmers as they are as common as corn in a corn field in my local meta (and I HATE being in the crowd, why I went Hunters when they couldn't do anything..... and found out they couldn't do anything)