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  1. Fli

    GBKeeper 1.6 Released

    Keep up the great work!
  2. Fli

    Free Cities Draft Event

    I think the best reason given so far is "It would be funny". We banded together to snag Harriet, I'm sure we can do it again to get another great model.
  3. Good morning my fellow Engineers, As you may be aware, Steam Forged announced a new Narrative Event. What sort of player do you feel would benefit us the most? The leading result on Facebook seems to be leaning towards a third goal keeper.
  4. Fli

    Season 4 Salvo

    I will be sad if Hoist loses True Replication. One of my favorite aspects of playing The Engineers is figuring out how to do something cool with Hoist. The hint about Pin Vice's character plays are pretty sweet. I'm looking forward to using Salvo in S4, because currently I'm unable to get much work out of him.
  5. I have attached a diagram to help explain my question. Scenario: a player places the ball in to base contact with an obstruction, and then it scatters to the red circle. Would the ball remain at the red circle or would it move backwards along the ball path to the green circle? Is the ball marker making contact with the obstruction during the scatter? Page 48-49 of the season 3 rule book are a little confusing to me. Thank you for taking the time to read this.
  6. Fli

    Engineer's 10 Lineup

    No worries! The lineup ended up working out okay for me. I ran Balista all day. I had issues against Hammer and vetChisel, since I wasn't able to keep Hammer knocked down with Dead Bolt to prevent him from being able to do anything on turn 1. Final record for the day was 2-2. vs Hammer: 0 - 12 vs Theron: 12 - 9 vs Grange: 12 - 8 vs Honour: 8 - 12 With the high amount of armor that the Masons have, I regret dropping Decimate in my lineup Oh well, Season 4 is starting soon and my LGS' Rookie League starts next week!
  7. Hello there! I'm planning on attending WarGames Con tomorrow and am thinking about using the following as my lineup: Ballista Pin Vice Mother Compound Hoist Ratchet Velocity Harriet 'The Hat' Colossus Salvo My plan is to mainly stick with using Ballista, Mother, Ratchet, Hoist, Harriet, and Velocity for the ranged gun line game. However, which teams do you feel it would be better to run Pin Vice against?
  8. Fli

    Season 4 Changes

    The substitution mechanic!
  9. Thank you for the quick replies!
  10. The rules on generating momentum when the ball is behind the friendly goal line states: Additionally, a team will not generate Momentum while a free-ball is within the area behind their own goal-line as a result of a Kick, Goal Kick, or if it was placed, by that team’s Controlling Player. The part I'm confused about is "by that team's Controlling Player" Is that in reference to all of the triggers, or just to the ball being placed? Because how can a model make a goal kick on it's own goal? Thanks!
  11. If VetKat triggers his Character Play 'Intensify' through a Playbook result will the [2] damage receive the bonus damage from Chemical Frenzy? Intensify - Enemy models that are suffering conditions and are within the pulse suffer [2] DMG. Chemical Frenzy - The model gains [+1] DMG to Playbook damage results when targeting an enemy model suffering at least one condition.