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  1. Just imagine the node layout would be visible beyond the wall and go from there. (No matter where the boss is, the center of each arc should face a (visible/imaginary) adjacent node. There will always(!) be at least one visible node available as a point of reference... This means also, whenever a boss is turning, it will do so in 45° steps basically, anything in between would result in the center of NONE of the arcs facing an adjacent node.) Does that make sense?
  2. Thank you @Ashraam for covering all the questions that arised in the meantime. I'm still reading and recognizing these questions, even though I don't comment, but you are quick with giving proper response anyway... If I didn't miss anything, there was nothing "worth" adding to the FAQ yet, right?
  3. To (re)start a Boss encounter, you just repeat the steps from "Starting a Boss Encounter" on page 28. This should answer both questions! (I've added it in the FAQ)
  4. If you read it carefully (or set up a fitting test scenario on go through it step by step, there shouldn't be any things to be cleared regarding enemy movement! As said, if you follow the related FAQ - Enemy Movement section step by step, you get the answer. Let me copy it for now: Moving towards "nearest" or "aggro": If the movement is towards the "nearest," determine who that is (it will not change during movement) If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (if push includes an attack, the attack will not trigger!) If the enemy is a boss and the movement is towards "nearest" or "aggro," turn the boss so the centre of its front arc faces an adjacent node that is closer to that character (you are now done if it is a 0 distance move) Move the boss onto the node directly in front of it or the non-boss enemy one node closer to "nearest" or "aggro" as appropriate If the movement has Push, Push characters off the node the enemy is on (you are now done if it is a 1 distance move) (if push includes an attack, the attack will trigger and attacks all pushed characters) Repeat steps 3-5 for 2 distance or longer moves Additional movement towards "nearest" or "aggro" information: If the movement has no Push (including Push triggered by Node Model Limit) and the enemy is on the node of its target ("nearest" or "aggro"), the movement ends. So, in your case you do step 1 (and based on your example the target is one node away). Considering there is no other character on the same node as the enemy, step 2 won't do anything. Do step 3 as described if enemy is a boss (or nothing in regards to non-bosses) and move on to step 4 as described. Since the enemy does push, push character as described in step 5 and since he has movement of 2 as of your example, repeat steps 3-5 as described in step 6. As said, the movement summaries should cover any movement scenario you can think of, followed step by step.
  5. Please read through the following sections in the FAQ: "Enemy Activations" and especially "Enemy Movement" below that one, this should help!
  6. What @DC said! He is one of the Steamforged Games crew if you don't know! He is not just guessing here...
  7. I'm actually surprised that we didn't get an official clarification to that point... Conspiracy! ;D @alxndrhll, @DC?
  8. Check "Node Limit" in the FAQ: Short answer: Players decide which model gets pushed.
  9. Players freely decide for enemies with same threat level.
  10. Please have a look at the "Enemy Activation", especially "Enemy Movement" section here: If you follow that for the given enemy type and movement action, step by step, you will get it right...
  11. @Thinkpositiv If there is no adjacent node further away, the enemy won't move! So in this instance the enemy would not move and would stay in that corner...
  12. I'll add it later in the OP and let you know if I make any changes to the actual FAQ... @Arcueid I'll see what I can put together, not as much time as I would like to these days...
  13. @Arcueid 1. Any equipment but armor/weapon upgrade cards, are considered to be weapon cards, so "Yes, that includes Shields and Talismans!"... 2. Yes, chests, barrels and tombstones don't have any impact on things like LOS (Line of Sight). There is no such thing as Line of Sight or anything like that. All that terrain only blocks movement. EDIT: I've added both points in the Quick Guide...
  14. Copied from the FAQ, which covers any situation where a target has to be determined: Behavior cards/icons A behavior card contains a combination of one or multiple behavior icons (movement, attack, etc.), determining the behavior of an enemies activation. Each of these behavior icons is resolved as its own (isolated) action, from left to right! This distinction is even more important for boss behaviour cards, especially with repeats. Determine Target ("nearest" or "aggro") The very first thing you do with a behaviour icon is determine who they're going after (before resolving any other actions like pushes and such)! That's not something that happens at each step of movement or a single time for an entire behaviour card. You do that at the start of each behaviour icon (start of movement icon, start of attack icon, etc.). For more details like enemy movement after the target has been determined, check the "ENEMY ACTIVATION - ENEMY MOVEMENT" section in the FAQ: