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  1. Sorry that it's taken me so long to reply. Thank you all! Very much appreciated and clears it up nicely.
  2. Hi guys, Quick question in regards to enemy targeting. Using the Sentinel as an example he walks 1 space towards the nearest target with a push, and then attacks the nearest target for (I believe) 6 points of damage. So is targeting determined twice, or only at the start of the activation? For example (ignoring the existence of the aggro token): Player A is the Herald. He's the closest player to the Sentinel, so the Sentinel moves forward and pushes Player A to an adjacent node. Player A (the Herald) chooses to be pushed to a node adjacent to Player B (the Knight). Now comes the Sentinel's attack. Both Player A and Player B are in different nodes adjacent to the Sentinel. Does the Sentinel now attack Player A being the original closest target, or does the attack's target switch to Player B due to the Knight's higher taunt value? Cheers!
  3. Delivered damaged and missing parts...

    I've just rung Steamforged pertaining to a problem of my own. Spoke to a lovely chap who told me they're hoping to start sending replacement parts next week. They're still waiting for their extra copies to arrive so they can start deconstructing them and sending replacement components as needed. Just to reiterate, hopefully they'll start the process next week if all goes well. Just keep in mind that Steamforged are also victims of the whims of the postal service
  4. Delivered

    I have my copy! So praise the sun... except unfortunately I'm missing the Knight figure. Simply not in the box to be found. I'll go through shortly and see if any cards are missing, but all else seems to be in place And except for the Titanite Demon's man catcher needing a bit of glue, all the figures are fine and look great. Shall be emailing @Steamforged shortly.
  5. Delivered

    That's a shame. Still hopefully a little glue can fix the base. Otherwise does everything else look good? Also that's one bloody big box XD
  6. Delivered

    And my copy is out with a driver. The website just hasn't updated yet, so yep. Fingers crossed!
  7. Delivered

    Of course ^^ Actually I've just realised it was picked up from the depot at 15:27 on Thursday. I think it's time for a ring and give them a polite nudge about it... within two working days is guaranteed after all.
  8. Delivered

    Curse you Danny! May all your runs be enjoyed immensely!!! And yeah, I'm in just in case. Let us know when yours turns up! (Also my depot is over an hour away, so I agree. Pain in the arse if it's missed.)
  9. Delivered

    My parcel, despite sitting in Stoke Depot since late Thursday evening, has been given a delivery route... but is not actually out for delivery. I'm a sad panda right now...
  10. Dark Souls Live Stream Schedule and links

    The whole game does seem superbly house rule-able. When the invaders expansion hits I plan to design and playtest a module for party members going hollow in a campaign, who will then return as invaders later on. You can only recover their gear and that particular character class once you've defeated them... If the invader expansion functions anything like I expect it to I imagine it would be possible to build AI cards centered around weapons. Perhaps create four cards for each weapon 'class', create an invader deck consisting of two cards per weapon class the invader has equipped and also bring weapon swaps into play. We shall see! Looking forward to hopefully receiving my base copy tomorrow
  11. Dark Souls Live Stream Schedule and links

    Mostly. It's been a day or two since I watched, but I believe they weren't entering rooms correctly. They were all for bashing down the door, loading inside and THEN flipping over the encounter cards. If you read page 19 of the manual it states that when entering a new room you set up the monsters, terrain and traps FIRST --> then place the character models --> then decide which character led the charge into the room (though let's face it placing the models and figuring out who charged in happens pretty much simultaneously :P) Definitely made for some good, compelling viewing - 'KICK DOWN THE DOOR AND SMASH THEM IN!!!' - etc, but there are probably better tactical decisions to be made if you do it in the correct order
  12. You have the soul of a poet sir. Warmachine MkII as well? Give her a thanks from me. Spent some happy moments with that game.
  13. Delivered damaged and missing parts...

    edit: in response to @goseki because the quote function didn't work for whatever daft reason... If we're lucky they might rectify this in one of the coming add-ons. This is likely going to be the case for the first retail copies too, and it's not uncommon to see card errata appear as reprints in future expansion. Here's hoping!
  14. Lol. No need. Easy mistake to make, and I do think that in this instance specifically the problem stems from calling them 'class-specific'. Could have done with perhaps a little side bar in the manual clarifying that, but it is what it is.
  15. And... maybe it is the manual then XD It states that class specific gear is only mixed into the treasure deck if you're playing with that class in the game. However there is nothing in the manual stating that only that class can use it. In fact the intention is that anyone can use it, aping the video game's freedom of building your character however you want. I believe this was also mentioned in a couple of older Q&As and possibly some updates... still I'm very confident I have the right of it and no doubt Replect will back me up.