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  1. ncw103

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Hi All, I am excited to start the hunters guild for a rookie league at my lgs this week. Does anyone know where I can access the rookie Seenah cards? I do not have an andriod (I have an iPhone) so I do not have GB scrum. Also, has anyone tried rookie Zarola? Any advice if I go with her instead?
  2. Hi everyone, My current team to focus on is Masons, I dusted off my kick off team for a teaching game and found them to be a ton of fun and have not looked back since. That being said I currently have/have been using just the kick off team. I see brick's role in the team as a 2 inf battery which still contributes board control for no influence, although I worry he is a bit easy to control with character plays. The most common example I am thinking of is just hitting him (being an easy 2+ to hit) with a fire AOE already brings his slow jog (and counter charge) speed down. How do you deal with this in games? I have read that he likes to stay in the back a bit more protected. Is that the general strategy? Also, for the kick off set is there a next model to purchase who fits in well? Would it be Tower? I just worry that a kick off team which replaces brick with tower would be very starved for influence considering how much our players can do a turn ramped up (especially Honour). Cheers! -Nathan
  3. ncw103

    Counter attack?

    Hi everyone, Forgive me if this is already known but I see it sort of discussed but not really stated, but how do we handle counter attacks? As someone who mains brewers but is getting into butchers, my biggest hesitation with sending in Fillet or Ox into a player is the counter attack knockdown which can ruin that big stack of influence. What do we have to avoid this scenario with our captains? Is it just a matter of being sure to take a momentous result (if you do not have any momentum) and then just clear conditions and keep swinging? How about pushes or dodges out of melee as well?
  4. ncw103

    Kill the Ball

    Wow thanks @Kueller, @Csjarrat and @Woldie you all make me certainly want to improve my brewers ball game and especially now that I have the entire team with vSpigot and Pintpot arriving in the post. The issue I had with vspigot in my last game with (esters, quaff, mash, friday, vspigot and stoker) was in placement. I put vspigot and Friday together on the left side of the board but I felt like they were only relevant when the ball was on that side. Is this what @Csjarrat was getting at when stating to have them behind the scrum to intercept the ball carrier? How do you usually set up/keep our strikers to make sure that we are always threatening the ball? I had stoker on the right, mash in center and vspigot and friday on the left. My opponent tried hard to keep the ball off to stokers side as it was the weaker ball handler. Cheers! -Nathan
  5. ncw103

    How To Play the Condition Game?

    Wow thank you everyone! Now that I have had my fill of brewers for a bit and my alchemist are almost done being painted I certainly plan to use this information. I was really skeptical about the condition game at first but I am really appreciating the strategies you are all suggesting.
  6. ncw103

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    Well done @arabicjesus! The ogspigot article was great, I had tons of success with him today at the tournament and my level of play has improved now thinking about the game from the point of view from your articles. hahaha I am glad to know that is how you read my post
  7. ncw103

    Beating the scrum

    Everyone has given good advice about how to deal with the caged ball and my instinct is to punish any crowding out with Esters' AOEs and tooled up. --- Although the other issue you raised with having to now play ball in S3 is correct. The game has shifted towards playing more ball (intentional by SF) than just straight take outs. Thus stacking a tournament 9 with all fighters will be a real challenge you but can still play ball and be scoring take outs--we brewers do both well! I played in a tournament 6 with Esters, Quaff, Mash, Friday, ogSpigot, Stoker into engineers, butchers and morticians. While I played plenty of ball with Mash and Friday every turn (once the scrum got started) I would pick a model (preferably after the model has activated) and a stacked up esters would go and beat them up, then whatever is left laying knocked down is for ogspigot to eliminate presuming esters did not take them out herself. Rinse and repeat. This also helps the issue with caging up since if Esters and ogSpigot are not trying to take out a model they are buffing your players to play better ball or punishing them for clumping up. --- Vspigot is being assembled as we speak but maybe he will throw a wrench in my usual tactic by being really good
  8. ncw103


    Wow thanks for the write up! I am certainly going to see how they fit in, and honestly I just need to play test the list in general more and go through trial and error, while also trying some of those tricks you describe.
  9. ncw103


    Ahhhhh I missed that detail huh? Thanks for letting me know!
  10. ncw103

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    Thank you! yikes, glad to learn that now before I play more games with her.
  11. ncw103

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    @arabicjesus thank you so much for the helpful articles, they completely revolutionized my mindset with tapper and hooper. Even just thinking about my game last night using esters I certainly was falling into the trap of trying to set up esters far too much for a wrecking ball turn. I fell into the tooled up trap and tried to get her tooled up and second winded with also a bag of quaffers but that gave my opponents far too long of a read and reaction time and when I finally would engage with her I was consistently underwhelmed.
  12. ncw103

    Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    @Kueller, thank you!
  13. ncw103

    Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    Quick Question that I knew the answer to at one point but am second guessing myself about: Can "Old Jake's" take a model above their INF stat? My sense is no, but I would not mind being wrong.
  14. ncw103

    Maurice's Brewers @ Games & Stuff 2/18

    @Maurice Ok thank you for clarifying, and I just realized a tactic I think you are doing. Are you going in last with a full stacked model (i.e. Pint Pot or Tapper) to get a major spike in momentum to assure you go first and get a second turn and continue the beatdown. hmmmmm....this is a tactic I have seen before with butchers plenty but I never thought about us doing it and I can see where Pint pot really helps make this happen while also dealing damage in a way that hooper struggles with. Also, wow looking at generating momentum with damage, a charging in scum (Sic' em) to a knocked down model is brutal in terms of damage and momentum generation. I think he will stick with tapper more often.
  15. ncw103

    How to stoke the fire

    Certainly did not do this trying him out the first time on these last two games....somehow he was in on the other side trying to score goals. Although what size target would you say is appropriate for him to take on by himself?