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  1. I had a blast with them during Captaincon and got in 5 games between the brewers cup and the speedball event. Through those 5 games piper pushed a model off the board 4 times (one being the man Ox himself). The more repetitions I have been getting with them the more I am appreciating their potential. I still tend to mis-allocate them a bit and always give piper a full 6 (which I guess can be turned into momentum at the worst). My lineup for those 5 games has been: Piper, Squeak, Scourge, Vgraves, Bonesaw, Skulk. I would like to start dropping Skulk for Miasma but he is my influence battery and just helps with crowd outs. I guess Miasma can actually do this job better with her -1 TAC disease rule. Has anyone had any success with Pelage? I really like her on paper but she is just so squishy.
  2. ncw103


    Hi all, I never get to play him much but what are your thoughts about silence? Any particular match-ups you find him key in? I often worry he is a trap as yes he can mess with your opponents order of activation issues but that is at the expense of your activation (often your first activation). How have people been using him?
  3. ncw103

    March Errata for Rats

    It might be too powerful but maybe disease could have a different effect where it cost enemy models +1 MP to make counter attacks if they are diseased. This is would be inline with Vgrave's exhaustion ability (although should not stack). That would be playing into the whole momentum control/paying the piper concept that SFG initially promoted with rat catchers.
  4. ncw103

    Brainpan and Memory

    Thank you all so much for your input on the topic! I am certainly really curious to see how the March changes impact Morts, maybe until then I will just try them out once or twice and go from there.
  5. ncw103

    Brainpan and Memory

    Hey all, Thoughts about brainpan and memory? Are they actually bad now in S4 or do most people not take them because they are just complicated and can eat into clock too much? Thinking about trying them out more. I have heard of people using Memory as a momentum generator and/or a goal threat. My only real concern with Memory is with all general increase in "killy-ness" of S4 do you find that Memory is much more at risk of dying from counter attacks/stray collateral damage?
  6. ncw103

    Struggling...help needed

    Seeing that your main opponents are brewers, farmers and morts I would try to move away from playing ball and focus on your scrum. I just played into farmers today and I used Anvil, Furnace and Hearth to control the scrum. I have Anvil as my captain usually (his captain legendary play is great to weather any beater teams). For apprentices in that list I use: Vcinder, Cast and Sledge. I know you do not have VCinder so Alloy might be a good choice if you want a bit more ball control or iron if you want a bit more damage output or need a model to kill the ball with. I deploy Vetcinder (or alloy) and cast on opposite sides of my block of captains and sledge (who sits right behind anvil and furnace safely until he needs to charge in and take someone out). VetCinder/Alloy and Cast's job is to get the ball/harass opponents ball carriers depending on which side my opponent kicks it to or crash into the scrum if the ball is not near them. Advice on Anvil: pick a obstacle/obstruction near the center of the pitch and park him base to base with it so he gets cover. From there situate your team around him being your foundation and kind of the shield for the rest of your team (he should be your closest model to the enemy). He can weather pretty much any fully stacked model trying to charge in to take him out. His job is to act as your anvil for the scrum and just walk around knocking your opponent over (momentously!) on 1 success. If he has any extra influence (once everyone possible in the scrum is knocked over) then you can swing again and momentously apply singled out. He is extremely durable but not at all meant to deal damage, his job is take the damage for your softer apprentices and set up for later turn take outs. Crowed outs are key for blacksmiths. We have a fair number of masters with 2" reach including Furnace and Hearth (who can also give anvil 2" reach). They should be all near each other to crowed out anyone who wants to attack them. We have high armor values (2/3 arm is very difficult to break through, so anyway you can reduce your opponents TAC is a huge help). Let me know if that helps into brewers and farmers, or if you have any other questions. Morts generally require a tweak to that lineup.
  7. *Newer blacksmiths player* Does this tempo smiths idea still hold? Any major changes that need to be done? My guess is Ferrite would not be captain now?
  8. ncw103

    Seenah Rookie Cards

    Hi All, I am excited to start the hunters guild for a rookie league at my lgs this week. Does anyone know where I can access the rookie Seenah cards? I do not have an andriod (I have an iPhone) so I do not have GB scrum. Also, has anyone tried rookie Zarola? Any advice if I go with her instead?
  9. Hi everyone, My current team to focus on is Masons, I dusted off my kick off team for a teaching game and found them to be a ton of fun and have not looked back since. That being said I currently have/have been using just the kick off team. I see brick's role in the team as a 2 inf battery which still contributes board control for no influence, although I worry he is a bit easy to control with character plays. The most common example I am thinking of is just hitting him (being an easy 2+ to hit) with a fire AOE already brings his slow jog (and counter charge) speed down. How do you deal with this in games? I have read that he likes to stay in the back a bit more protected. Is that the general strategy? Also, for the kick off set is there a next model to purchase who fits in well? Would it be Tower? I just worry that a kick off team which replaces brick with tower would be very starved for influence considering how much our players can do a turn ramped up (especially Honour). Cheers! -Nathan
  10. ncw103

    Counter attack?

    Hi everyone, Forgive me if this is already known but I see it sort of discussed but not really stated, but how do we handle counter attacks? As someone who mains brewers but is getting into butchers, my biggest hesitation with sending in Fillet or Ox into a player is the counter attack knockdown which can ruin that big stack of influence. What do we have to avoid this scenario with our captains? Is it just a matter of being sure to take a momentous result (if you do not have any momentum) and then just clear conditions and keep swinging? How about pushes or dodges out of melee as well?
  11. ncw103

    Kill the Ball

    Wow thanks @Kueller, @Csjarrat and @Woldie you all make me certainly want to improve my brewers ball game and especially now that I have the entire team with vSpigot and Pintpot arriving in the post. The issue I had with vspigot in my last game with (esters, quaff, mash, friday, vspigot and stoker) was in placement. I put vspigot and Friday together on the left side of the board but I felt like they were only relevant when the ball was on that side. Is this what @Csjarrat was getting at when stating to have them behind the scrum to intercept the ball carrier? How do you usually set up/keep our strikers to make sure that we are always threatening the ball? I had stoker on the right, mash in center and vspigot and friday on the left. My opponent tried hard to keep the ball off to stokers side as it was the weaker ball handler. Cheers! -Nathan
  12. ncw103

    How To Play the Condition Game?

    Wow thank you everyone! Now that I have had my fill of brewers for a bit and my alchemist are almost done being painted I certainly plan to use this information. I was really skeptical about the condition game at first but I am really appreciating the strategies you are all suggesting.
  13. ncw103

    Winning Ways for Your Guild Ball Plays

    Well done @arabicjesus! The ogspigot article was great, I had tons of success with him today at the tournament and my level of play has improved now thinking about the game from the point of view from your articles. hahaha I am glad to know that is how you read my post
  14. ncw103

    Beating the scrum

    Everyone has given good advice about how to deal with the caged ball and my instinct is to punish any crowding out with Esters' AOEs and tooled up. --- Although the other issue you raised with having to now play ball in S3 is correct. The game has shifted towards playing more ball (intentional by SF) than just straight take outs. Thus stacking a tournament 9 with all fighters will be a real challenge you but can still play ball and be scoring take outs--we brewers do both well! I played in a tournament 6 with Esters, Quaff, Mash, Friday, ogSpigot, Stoker into engineers, butchers and morticians. While I played plenty of ball with Mash and Friday every turn (once the scrum got started) I would pick a model (preferably after the model has activated) and a stacked up esters would go and beat them up, then whatever is left laying knocked down is for ogspigot to eliminate presuming esters did not take them out herself. Rinse and repeat. This also helps the issue with caging up since if Esters and ogSpigot are not trying to take out a model they are buffing your players to play better ball or punishing them for clumping up. --- Vspigot is being assembled as we speak but maybe he will throw a wrench in my usual tactic by being really good
  15. ncw103


    Wow thanks for the write up! I am certainly going to see how they fit in, and honestly I just need to play test the list in general more and go through trial and error, while also trying some of those tricks you describe.