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    Tournament Trays

    MP Designsd trays are excellent - am seeing so many of them at events at the moment (not counting mine obviously!). Can't recommend them highly enough
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    Halloween Havoc

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    A slaughter in the forest

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    One legged man

  5. A very tough game versus the Morticians. An turn one take out of Meathook, followed by a goal left the Butchers on the back foot. But Brisket rose to the occasion scoring a long range goal. WIth the game back on the Butchers looked about to see how they could score some more points, and who did they spy? Mist, on a high from his early goal wasn't paying attention. And he paid the price. A Pain Circle left him bloody, too good an opportunity for Fillet and in she swept, destroying him in a single activation. Shank, making a welcome return to the pitch after spending most of the season side-lined by vOx, followed this with a sneaky tap-in. The score was not sitting at 10-6, it was all to play for. Then disaster, Casket lumbered forward, his huge size just too much for Fillet, who ended up being placed into his box. With only 5 players things had started to look bad for the Butchers but behold...Mist has come back onto the pitch, chasing the ball. But he hasn't seen Boar. Once charge later and its 12-8 to the Butchers. A good game but blood will always out.
  6. Chumly

    Unsnapping During a Kick

    and this whole ball snapping topic of rule challenging/loop hole finding is why we can't have nice things
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    A Christmas Ox - he's already got the beard :-)
  8. Chumly

    Mason left bleeding

    Butchers – Fillet, vOx, Boar, Meathook, vBrisket, Truffles Masons - Hammer, Marbles, Brick, Mallet, Flint, Decimate It was with high hopes, and hearts seeking blood, the Butchers entered the arena. Fillet could feel a presence watching her and her Guild, a presence that felt the lure of blood as she did. This was to be an important match, she just couldn’t explain why. The Masons stared to file onto the opposite side of the pitch. An honourable team, but still a team to beat with blood The game started fast, a Masons kick-off landed the ball at the old master butchers feet, Ox scooped it up, kicking it down the Butchers line, leaving it free for the team to snap the ball and move it forwards. When disaster struck. The free ball gave Flint the opportunity he needed. Already into the Butchers half after his kick-off it was no great stretch to dart forward, snatch the ball and kick it home for a goal. And then, to add insult to injury, a knee-slide and dodge left him out of range of the Butchers. Blood was in the air, but there was a chance that Fillet wouldn’t be able to grasp it. In a pique of rage the captain surged forward, to try and pull some honour from such an early goal when disaster struck again. The Masons, buoyed by their goal rushed forwards and beat her to a pulp. The watcher from the wings turned in disgust, is this the team she should be watching, the fabled blood-seekers? The blood seekers failing before her eyes, maybe the sea was the way to turn? But blood was in the air. Quickly the Butchers rallied, past losses were ignored and revenge was sought. Quickly the blood of Flint, Hammer and Mallet fell to the already slick pitch bringing the game back to even. It was still all to play for. Boar, always in the thick of the fight was finally felled by three Masons but revenge was had with Brick. Already pinned down by Truffles a combined onslaught from Ox and Fillet led to his demise. The blood was thick, victory was in the air, maybe this was a team worth watching… During all the bloodshed a nimble Brisket had claimed the ball and was rushing towards the goal. A tussle with Decimate and cost dearly in terms of time. The clock was almost out, the goal was in sight with only Tower in the way of victory but would the gods of fate allow such a win? With 50 seconds left Brisket steeled her nerve and rushed forward. A fast attack on Tower gained her a dodge around him, bring the crowd to its feet. Towers counterattack fell far short of what was required. With a smile on her lips and the taste of victory on her tongue Brisket shot. The ball describing a perfect arc as it sliced through the air. A perfect arc. Goal and game to the Butchers. This was a team to watch. Blood, skill and a true heart to lead through adversity. The sea wasn’t the direction, the butchers block was. ****Pictures will be uploaded - once I work out how to get them here without exceeding the .5mB limit****
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    Union worth fighting for?

    Hear Hear - Go Butchers!! Welcome to the team Gutter.
  10. Chumly

    Veteran Fillet?

    Like the idea of a novice Fillet. The captain we know and love is the vet she will grow into