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  1. Dirt Rey

    Gunline tips

    I ran this list the other day: Balista Mother Harriet Ratchet Salvo Hoist I was putting 2 inf on balista for deadbolt, 2 on harriet then keeping her within 4 of balista for 2 sucker punches, 3 on ratchet to took up hoist then drop a blasted earth, also overclock hoist, 2 on salvo and have him heroic to use both his CPs, then hoist pulls either sucker punch and charges a low def model looking for 5 total sucker punches or doesnt charge and grabs blasted earth and drops 2 of those. Without Hoists charge, this is still 19 damage if every blasted earth only hits one person. My opponent had a really tough time with that much fire power. My question is if this list is gimmicky and just caught my opponent flat footed or is there a way to play the long range murder list.
  2. Dirt Rey

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    I dont see how she makes the turn one missile better. Mind explaining?
  3. 25 min ish run time. Showing life totals at end of turns. Score. I really like when players explain why they made moves they did, and wether they thought it was a mistake or not.
  4. Dirt Rey

    Puppet Master triggering OPT plays

    Hmm so is the difference there because it' a different player or different turn. Is a player turn all 6 activations in a turn?
  5. Dirt Rey

    Ordering Guild Ball into Canada

    Mrdiceguy.com does a great job. Carries a ton of guildball at good prices and is already in Canada.
  6. I have said this a few other places as well, but one of the best teaching methods imo is to play the same person twice and switch teams. If I beat a newer Fish player with my Masons, I will play them again but switch teams. They will usually try to use whatever tactics you used to beat them and you can show them the counters.
  7. The gent that won our last tourney apologized after for playing Thresher. That team is cranked up.
  8. Dirt Rey

    Wrecker, anyone use him much

    If you can live the dream, put him in cover with someone Tac 4. Just rollerball and sprint to get there.
  9. Dirt Rey

    Friendly fight against Farmers, any good tips?

    This is my only strat I could come up with vs thresher. Goad as well. Wild Card would be using granite as threshers only target with vHarmony behind. When thresher damages granite, take the damage on vHarmony triggering granite 3 inch jog into base.
  10. Dirt Rey

    Granite should have Protective Instinct - Discuss

    I would like to see gut and string replaced with heavy burden.
  11. Dirt Rey

    Kicking over knocked-down players

    A knocked down vKat is still a wall of beef to kick over.
  12. Dirt Rey

    Brewers Minor Guild - What will it be?

    Distillers. Bouncers. Entertainers. Monks.
  13. Dirt Rey

    New PVC Teams

    At 2 a year, would take 6 years for every guild to get a minor. So the last ones would potentially go 7 to 8 years without a new model.
  14. Kick with ob. Use puppet master to get them to kick the ball to ob. Use the 4 inch dodge to get ob back to safety.
  15. What teams do you play?