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  1. 13 minutes ago, Thinkpositiv said:


    You can swap weapons between hand and backup slot, before move/attack, as you stated. You can change equipment at Blacksmith Andre.
    (Switch = swap?)

    The Heroic "Berserk Charge" allows you to move between two attacks, which is otherwise not allowed. Still 

    As far as I remember, the rulebook doesn't state anything special about the heroics. So they can be used whenever their describing text allows.

    I personally understand it in a way, that the part "When a character starts their activation:" has to be finished. Then you are "during your activation", which is the time when you can use the Berserk Charge heroic. (So before or after the usual move/attack.) Then "end of activation" happens (e.g. resolve Poison token).

    Others might interpret, that you can use the heroic (to attack) before the part "When a character starts their activation:" (which allows to swap items). That way it would be possible.


    Maybe you remember something from the FAQ? They are summarized here: 



    Ok, I get it from this sentence "Others might interpret, that you can use the heroic (to attack) before the part "When a character starts their activation:" (which allows to swap items). That way it would be possible."

    Thanks for the FAQ link, I found out where I've seend the Berserk+normal attack usage :

           Berserk Charge

    • Berserk Charge is a move followed by an attack, in the same activation.
    • You could move/attack with one weapon, then Berserk Charge (move one fore free followed by an attack) with a second weapon... but it doesn't override the rule that you can only attack with each weapon once. So you couldn't make a Berserk Charge attack with a weapon you've already used that activation.
    • You could also attack with one weapon, (then move and) then Berserk Charge (move one for free followed by an attack) with a second weapon.

  2. I've never talked about changing equipment but switching equipment :)


    From the rulebook:

    • When a character starts their activation:
      • Tey gain 2 Stamina.
      • Tey gain the Aggro token.
      • Tey may swap items between their backup slot and hand
      slots (see ‘Equipment Cards’, p. 12).
      Ten the character can move and attack. Ten their activation
      ends, and it’s time for the next enemy activation.
    • During an activation, a character can make up to one attack
      with each weapon they are holding in their hand slots. 
    • Each class’s Heroic Action is a special limited-
      use ability that can be used during encounters.

    Not sure anything else is explained in the rulebook.


    And at the end, I can't find again where I seen a warrior can move/attack, then switch and use his heroic action in the same turn.


    We are doing this since we have the game, but maybe it is not the right thing to do ...



  3. Hi devs,

    I'm glad you fixed manufacturing process. I hope soon we'll get a delivery date. I expect the wave will be amazing, and will add a lot of replayability to the game.

    Thanks also for this new rules, but I'm a bit disappointed by this comment:

    "To avoid confusion, we chose not to weigh down the core rulebook for Dark Souls™: The Board Game with pages upon pages of potential options and house rules, but we certainly want to encourage you to play in the way that will allow your gaming group to gain the most enjoyment from the game!"

    Couldn't you update the website with a pdf containing some of the best house rules ? I would make the thing a bit official, and a great addition.

    See you,


  4. Hi lordherpie,

    1) I think so. Since it is a once per run special ability, it has to be enough strong but choose the best timing to use it.

    2) This weapon will have all its physical damages converted to magical. If it has a magical attack, it remains a magical attacks.

    3) Poison damage is not resisted by ennemy defense/resist values. A character cannot have multiple token of the same type on him.

    4) right !

    5) Hum this card may have a nearest or aggro character icon. In a such case, the attack will hit the target of this icon. Basically, green arcs are available on boss arc diagram when arc icon is also available (please check at the back cover of the rulebook to check it; it is a kind of circle + arcs). So on a boss attack you can have either :

     - nearest character icon + no green arc on diagram

     - aggro icon + no green arc on diagram

     - arc icon + green arc on diagram

    And on a very rare case, you can have:

     - nearest character icon + green arc on diagram

     - aggro icon + green arc on diagram

    In such case, targeted character has to be inside the arc to be hit.


    I hope it will answer your questions.

    You can also read the following threads:

    See you,



  5. Thanks for this update, even if I could hurt you with comment, I understand you are acting a lot in staffing the team to answer the demand.

    30k+ backers is probably not easy to manage.


    Keep going on, I'm happy with all the efforts done so far !


    P.S.: what is this switching thing at the end of the mail ? Look related to Dark Souls somewhat ...

  6. Hi all,

    I get some troubles with assassin character.

    First it's weapon is quite weak to hit correctly hollow soldiers and crossbow hollows, so often I have to use second attack which cost 3 stamina.

    Ok he has a really good evasion, and does wonders with basic stuff, if enemy's attack dodge level is 1.

    Unfortunately, there is really few items with evasion, and others are using too much strength or faith.

    He can reroll mage, with high intelligence, even armor but if he lose dodge, he would lose his special ability ...


    So I wonder how you are playing this character, and how you equip him.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Ashraam said:

    Yeah, luck of the draw is a big factor, for sure. I like that you tried it with what you got, though.  :lol:

    I think part of the fun of the game is in coming up with unorthodox builds and making them work.

    Obviously not every game will be a winner, and I believe that's a good thing.

    make a mage with assassin, make a heal with a knight, archer with a warrior looks all good :)

  8. Hi, as far I understood (but not much reliable):

     - move + push icon : (INIT) first push everything on monster node, (A) move 1 node, (B) push on arrival. Repeat (A-B) sequence until all movement are done.

     - attack + push icon : make attack (so depends on attribute icons) and if target is hit, then it becomes pushed. So if target evaded, it will not be pushed.

    I think it is the same for bosses.


    Push means character moves 1 node away from ennemy.
    Boss only turns toward character if neareset character icon or aggro character icon is available on movement icon.


    Hoping it will help you ...

  9. 38 minutes ago, Ashraam said:

    You're pretty close!

    • Boss pushes everyone that is on his Node.
    • Boss moves 1 Node left, pushing everyone that is on that Node.
    • Boss attacks 1 character (the Nearest) in front of him for 5.

    And yeah, I think it's meant to work like a sidestep attack but I feel like it will miss quite often.

    If so it cannot attack any player, since range is 0 (I guess ?), and any character on his node has been pushed before attack.

    It would be ore efficient to attack first, and push after, so it gives boss attack and evasion.

  10. So for this attack, boss does this ?

     - pushes everything in front of him

     - moves 1 node left

     - pushes everything in front of him

     - attack 1 character in front of him for 5
    A kind of dodge ... but will miss often character !

    Edit: it should be nice to get a detailed explanation of all cards, or at least a representative set of chards.
    SFG explained 1 card in the rulebook, but I found it is not enough.