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  1. I was talking with a sfg employee and they thought I should ask this question here When scalpel damages a model in the six inch pack mentality aura, do you resolve voodoo strings push before the model gets a Dodge from pack mentality ?
  2. Pkain762

    Hunters s4 matchup poll

    Here's a link to a poll created to get everyone's Early thoughts on matchups for hunters. https://goo.gl/forms/7kJuG7Y3d3GFLHew1
  3. 10-8 engineers win over farmers in escalation league game.
  4. Pin vice wins against honor 8-0 Pin vice and velocity score to win in a shutout in escalation league game
  5. Ballista beats hammer 10-4 in an escalation league game. In turn 2 velocity scored after stealing the ball from Flint, hammer scored after the throw in and ballista breached a goal. The game ended in turn 3 when hammer missed the snapshot and ballista took out mallet.
  6. Pin vice won an escalation league game 10-0 v Theron led hunters.
  7. Pinvice beat scalpel led morticians 10-4 in an escalation league game. Pinvices well oiled machine scored turn 1 and 5 and took out coset with hoist. Ratchet got thrown into casket time and hasn't been seen since!
  8. In a double header in the escalation league, esters won game 2 8-4 vs Theron.
  9. Escalation league game ballista v. Grange Engineers won 8-0 after a goal from ballista and hoist. Pitch was controlled by several unexpected arrivals.
  10. Union led by rage lost to a ballista led engineers 8-4 in an escalation league game. Rage and the boys knocked out ballista and rachet,but ballista breached a goal and velocity finished the game off with a tap in goal.
  11. Pin vice led engineers defeat tapper led brewers in an escalation league game 8-2. Velocity stole the ball off mash twice to score twice. Tapper was able to knock out pumice before the second goal.
  12. Morticians schemed to fight for the brewers to defeat the union 12-4. Led by scalpel, the morticians hot 4 takeouts and a goal. Scalpel danced in and out of melee and scored the game winning goal. Meanwhile cosset showed everyone on the doll where she was going to touch them. Graves kept feeding cosset models to play with.
  13. Pkain762

    Blacksmith got drunk vs. Spooks

    How did you insert your pics? Forum told me my pics were too big to upload
  14. Brewers led by tapper beat a grange led farmers team 12-9. Tapper took out three models on his own! Spigot took out grange and mash got the game winning goal under the instructions of spigot. https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=0B6bRxvNnTBRMWllkVmFSSk13SWc
  15. Pkain762

    Grange list?

    Jack straw has 2 inch reach momentous tackle on 1 a kd on 3 he can be placed to get around people he can swing the ball to the opposite flank a lot easier.