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    S4 Clone

    These are completely different so I'm not 100% sure since blast earth doesnt target vitriol. I would assume you treat any effects of the targeted play as if you missed. To use your example if you were to miss the flurry no one would take dmg so if the play is negated the secondary effects would not trigger.

    S4 Clone

    The dmg on vitriol would be ignored triggering clone and the character play aoe would still be placed and the dmg would happen to other players.

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I'm the one who started the Edge train the day before her release with wanting the edge seenah tag team. But after her scouting report I wanted her more. Now that we know what s4 hunters look like I stand by my pick of edge even more. She has the potential to make the team a lot better at tracking down the ball when need be and making a scoring hunters line up something to be feared in my opinion.

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    I didn't do as well as you in Calgary. but hunters are still my first love 🙂 I'm more or less just fed up with the attitude of Hunters just taking what we can get not going for the best player available 🙂

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Well here is hoping that flea is still available as the last pick then.

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    There is nothing to indicate this farm kid will also be an animal like Ulfr. Either way Hunters are in last place and no one else wants Flea so we are going to get who ever is left over. At the moment this looks like flea.

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    As hunter players we are so used to lackluster releases like winters moon, that was supposed to fix the power balance, that it feels like a lot of people have an attitude of "we will never get a top pick so we will take what we can get". This is super frustrating. Let's get those games in and go first edge or knuckles and not just accept the scraps at the foot of the table.

    Free Cities Draft Discussion

    Im all in putting my votes into Nomad. I would love to get Edge but i think she will go early in the draft to either Hunters or Morticians. although i do expect Morts to take Layne. I dont think Edge will be left when it come to our pick.
  9. I thought I had saw this question asked before, but i cant find the answer now. If either Vet Cinder or Furnace hits for 1 point of dmg on a tough hide model. Does it still trigger the Searing Strike and the Burning or are all of the effects ignored with it. Same would apply to Dirty Knives on any of the players that have that play also.

    Another Ferris Question

    That would explain why i was unable to see my post or the answer. So i reposted the question thinking it hadn't gone through. This wasnt just looking for another answer. I legitimately had no idea the post was moved.

    Another Ferris Question

    Ok another rules question. If ferris declares a charge against an enemy player and makes base contact at the end of the charge does she get to make her "Impact" attack? Does sheget the attack for making a sprint and getting into base contact, before she is forced to take her attack from the charge effectivly giving her a standard attack then a charge for 2 inf?
  12. If Ferris charges an opponent and makes base contact does she get her free atrack from impact before the charge attack? It feels like she should based on the wording of "Impact".

    Theory crafting

    I really want Anvil and sledge in my 10. but at this point I don't see which apprentice I could drop. The way I see it the only master that can be switched out (maybe) is Burnish but cast is way to strong not to have in the line up. Every other master apprentice combo is solid. although for the most part ferris just powers bolt and I have gotten limited use out of Ferris. Any ideas how anvil and sledge can fit into the line up?

    Farris rules question

    Random question Can you used Ferris's give it a whack while kd'd. The ability only says that the ball has to be in her melee zone and according to other rulings models still have a melee zone even while kd'd (UM and Honest labour).