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  1. I thought I had saw this question asked before, but i cant find the answer now. If either Vet Cinder or Furnace hits for 1 point of dmg on a tough hide model. Does it still trigger the Searing Strike and the Burning or are all of the effects ignored with it. Same would apply to Dirty Knives on any of the players that have that play also.

    Another Ferris Question

    That would explain why i was unable to see my post or the answer. So i reposted the question thinking it hadn't gone through. This wasnt just looking for another answer. I legitimately had no idea the post was moved.

    Another Ferris Question

    Ok another rules question. If ferris declares a charge against an enemy player and makes base contact at the end of the charge does she get to make her "Impact" attack? Does sheget the attack for making a sprint and getting into base contact, before she is forced to take her attack from the charge effectivly giving her a standard attack then a charge for 2 inf?
  4. If Ferris charges an opponent and makes base contact does she get her free atrack from impact before the charge attack? It feels like she should based on the wording of "Impact".

    Theory crafting

    I really want Anvil and sledge in my 10. but at this point I don't see which apprentice I could drop. The way I see it the only master that can be switched out (maybe) is Burnish but cast is way to strong not to have in the line up. Every other master apprentice combo is solid. although for the most part ferris just powers bolt and I have gotten limited use out of Ferris. Any ideas how anvil and sledge can fit into the line up?

    Farris rules question

    Random question Can you used Ferris's give it a whack while kd'd. The ability only says that the ball has to be in her melee zone and according to other rulings models still have a melee zone even while kd'd (UM and Honest labour).

    Getting reaped by the Farmers

    I play a lot of Smoke and I'm trying to develop a good list into thresher as there is going to be a surge of farmer players soon. I'e been thinking about the standard smoke list with Decimate (Trying out Decimate as my Union pick). But I don't know if trying to out brawl thresher seems like a good idea. My thoughts are a super aggressive goal scoring Midas lineup with Midas, flask/naja, vitriol, okat, mercury Decimate. Or calculus for mercury to attept the blind and keep thresher at bay only issue is that if you miss the blind. It a free kill for Thresher. the only fire option is okat at that point putting another player into the threshers grasp. My second thought of course is Smoke playing for the two goal witness me game. Playing to my strength seems like the first attempt into the force that is going to be Thresher Tator Millstone.

    The competitive 10

    I've also played the midas line up into smiths trying to out score the smiths while compound locks down the goal is pretty effective too. It is very difficult to kill the ball vs smiths with shoemarang and shield throw as options. Both of these plays are very easy ways to dislodge the ball. Playing a high pressure team seems to be the answer (at least in my local meta)

    The competitive 10

    Thanks a lot for the insite. Never really thought of Decimate as the union pick but I'm garenteed to try this out now. I really want Venin to work because he is such a cool idea but he just isn't what he should be. I, like you, really enjoy playing Smoke. The only matchup where I really don't like her is into the engineers and the ballista wall of tough hide. I find that even playing decently quick it is a hard game to not clock out trying to get enough dmg in to burn down a couple tough hide models with v Kat before the easy hop skip and a smoke goal for the win. I really do try to play smoke a lot because she really seems to be an underrated captian. at least she is in the local meta. And there are a lot of players who don't have an answer for her playstyle. Thanks again.

    The competitive 10

    I concider myself a "seasoned" alchemist player at this point but I am far from what I would concider scary. I'm at the point where im going to go all out back into the Alchemists after running a lot of Butchers and Hunters over the last while. I feel I am equally good with both captains and can confidenty use either one. So this is where the discussion starts is there a concensus about who is in the best competitive 10. Last event I ran Midas, Smoke, Naja, okatylist, vet katalyst, Mercury, Calculus, Vitiol, Venin Compound and came in second. The biggest debate I have in this list is Vet katalyst vs Mist vs Venin. 2 out of 3 of these guys are going to make the list but which ones? I love the extra goal threat of Mist and Vet Kat is also very fun to play. I find venin is a very good ball retriever and can brawl if I need him to and score in a pinch if I get lucky. Is this a normal debate? Is there a reason to concider Crucible?

    Bolt's Shoemerang

    The free Kd for taking 2 dmg seems a bit OP. unless this is intentional, Im hoping this gets reworded for target enemy model takes 2 dmg. Because bolt could just accept the 2 dmg himself based on the wording. Very interested in this ruling.

    What's next for Guild Ball?

    How many times can I like this? "I head for the net with the ball and attempt to slip past my opponent" (roll fient needing 2 sucesses) Omg this needs to happen!

    Power creep

    I agree. A big part of guild ball is Know your enemy. I've caught myself more than once saying "_____ is too broken and needs to be nerfed" only to realize that no the player or team does have a flaw and this is how you exploit that flaw. Blacksmiths look scary on paper but there are some large flaws but that can be said about every team.

    Bloodless beat down

    Ox, Boar, Boiler and Princess took to the Pitch vs Hooper, Tapper, Spigot and Scum in a 4v4 much anticipated slug fest. Fans were outraged pelting the Pitch with debris as they watched what should have been a Close quarters murder fest only to have the brewers win the game 8 to 4 on goals alone. The only plus side being that this gave both teams a chance to drink and attempt to draw the favour of both Gutter and Decimate with no one being seriously injured. A very strange night for both Brewer and Butcher fans alike.

    Ox takes it to the Farmers

    Ox, Boar and Meathook took on Grange jack straw and Harrow in 3v3 league play. Ox draws first blood and also ends the game on turn 2 with a 6 point activation scoring after brutally removing the opposing captian from the pitch. Ps .49MB pictures are trash