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  1. MartyJB

    Guild Ball Clearance Part 1

    Yes, they are. Just checked the UK postage costing it will be an additional £4.45 for 1st Class Signed For. If your interested BigRed, send me a PM and we can sort out delivery details and payment via Paypal. My Paypal address is not the same as my email address fro Security reasons.
  2. MartyJB


    So many people found inspiration and a great source of both support and friendship on these forums. Trading Post, the Painting Gallery and the General help given to new players and veterans alike, can't be replicated on the Social Media sites. Hope SFG don't regret closing these forms as once the information's gone it's lost forever. Very bad move SFG.
  3. MartyJB

    Guild Ball Clearance Part 1

    Clearing out my Guild Ball teams, ready to take up God Tear when it's finally shipped. Unopened Ratcatchers Guild complete with LE Piper, LE Graves & LE Bonesaw - £30 Masons - The Punishing March, Kick Off PVC Mason figures & Veteran Chisel - £30 Brewers - Sing When We're Winning, Kick Off PVC Brewer figures, Veteran Decimate, LE Esters, LE Quaff & Rookie Mash - £40 Unopened Blacksmiths Guild complete (Forged from Steel & Master Crafted Arsenal) - £60 UK seller, would prefer to sell to UK buyer. Buyer pays Postage
  4. I guess I can understand the change in Grimshalla, if retailers really thought that the figure would put off potential buyers of the game as a whole. That said, I do hope that SFG will consider making the original version available via their web store as a Limited Edition resin version, for the players who showed faith in the Kickstarter campaign and would like to own it as well. I'd be happy with the STL files, as I have a Resin printer and could possibly produce my own copy.
  5. MartyJB

    Combining shipping on backlogged orders

    I emailed Support soon after the end of the Black Friday sale, about combining shipping and had the following response 'Hello Martin,I am sorry but we are unable to combine orders during the Black Friday sale as orders will be fulfilled on a first come first serve basis.' So I very much doubt, if they will offer combined shipping to any one, I have nearly £300 worth of unfulfilled orders on my Steamforged account at the moment, only 1 of the qualifies for free shipping, as I purchased both sets of Resin Hunters.
  6. MartyJB

    Spoiler Consolidation Thread

    Just bought myself a Resin 3D printer and messing around with making a female Godtear Dwarf character. Found a web site Hero Forge, which gives you the chance to design and get STL files to print. Attached is my design, just need to get the scale right as normally 28mm figures.
  7. MartyJB

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    Resin figures use the same type of moulds as metal, unless they are individually printing each one on a Resin 3D printer, which will take forever.
  8. MartyJB

    Black Friday Combined Shipping

    I provided them with a screenshot of the Order numbers, so it wouldn't have been that hard.
  9. I've just sent an email to Support, to see if they could combine the various orders I've made over the Black Friday sale, due to items being Out of Stock and then suddenly Re-stocking, as well as a few additional purchases for a few friends as presents. Due to the way I placed the orders each order had shipping applied, I've been informed that as the orders will be fulfilled on a first come first served basis, that it is not possible. My only thought is that the checkout removed items that weren't in stock at time of payment, so all the items I've paid for must be available. so just looking at my placed and paid for orders, it must be easy to put the items all in one package. I don't really care if they won't refund the additional shipping charges, although something would be nice, I just want them all to come on the same day.
  10. MartyJB

    Are there any Chance for restocks ?

    From what I understand, the original plan was to retire the metal teams and replace them with Resin equivalents as the Minor Guild for each Major came out. Hence, Resin Morticians when the Ratcatchers PVC minor guild was released and Resin Hunters, when the Daughters of Falcons came out. I think that Rich Loxam has posted on Facebook, that their will be some sort of announcement regarding the resin replacement schedule, after the Black Friday sale has ended.
  11. MartyJB

    WTB: Veteran Graves and Bonesaw (and Vileswarm)

    They are currently available on the UK Webstore, Veteran Graves and Bonesaw, at least.
  12. Looking for a Veteran Cinder mainly, if trade available. if not then £10 for the 2 or individually £6. plus postage. Situated in the UK, so would prefer UK buyer, easier to calculate postage. If London based, free delivery maybe available on arrangement. Also have 2 Masters of Spooks (Halloween Obulus with Dirge) £5 each, plus postage. Regards Martin Update 22nd November - Sold
  13. It depends how the resin is prepared, if a vacuum pump is used to draw the air bubbles to the surface, prior to the resin being poured in to the mould, then the number of air bubbles is greatly reduced. This is a longer process and depends on the resin being used, as with a quick curing resin, it's not possible. A lot of main resin companies such as Broken Toad, use a vacuum system to reduce the number of air bubbles, however as they recently experienced, vacuum systems can explode.
  14. Quality Control has certainly been slack on this set. Checked the rest this morning and have to say I agree with the comments about Minerva's facial feature, and my Rundaas' torso too, is a little misaligned, not so the torso over stands the legs, but certainly the belt is going to be very thick at the back, unless I add some green stuff to pack the back out a bit. Surely when a figure is in two parts, then some sort of alignment or spigot pin should be employed, to make sure the parts match up correctly. I really hope that this does not happen with the Godtear PVC sets next year, I've over £700 invested in sets, so don't want to waste my investment, as some of them are gifts for friends.
  15. I wish I'd taken a photo now, before I tried to repair my leaning goalpost, it was leaning to the left and forward, as you looked at it from the front. And when it broke off you could see that only that quarter of the surface had made contact with the base underneath, the other 3/4 was unmelded PVC, hence why it broke off so easily.