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  1. MartyJB

    Sold - Dark Harvest Giveaway (UK Only)

    These have now gone. Thanks to the people that made enquiries about them.
  2. Hi, Giving away Dark Harvest mini's all with custom 3D printed base (See photo), complete with cards. Only flaw the candle flame on Snakeskin's head stone was so fragile it broke off and was lost. Reason for getting rid, getting out of Guild Ball. Happy to send to UK resident, for £10 to cover postage. Martin
  3. MartyJB

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    All new PVC sets contain the Cardboard versions of the team tokens, normally under the minis. The LE Piper model, is only available from LGS that sell the product as an advanced order Wyldstorm Games is one such place.
  4. MartyJB

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    I think you only get the LE Piper, from Retailers. The set price has gone up to £45 for the Six players, Goal and Terrain piece, I think that all of the Minor Guilds will be £45/set of 6 and possibly any new Major Guilds that come out. I think that new Major Guilds will be a few years away, as I think the Minor Guilds are taking priority.
  5. MartyJB

    PVC Fishers and Butchers

    Slightly off topic, but going back to the comment that ForestRambo made about Godtear not being for Board gamers as it's metal. Only the Early Access Playtest kits are metal, so people who signed up for it, get a chance to shall we say 'mould' the rules and abilities of the Characters. The Actual production Godtear, will be released via a Kickstarter campaign, later this year, in PVC. The metal play tester Champion sculpts are themselves limited editions, so may not be available later on. I think the biggest issue is the number of campaigns running on both Indiego and Kickstarter for Guild Ball related stuff, and then the Early Access Kit for Godtear, all hitting at the same time. Like many on this discussion, I've pledged for both teams, then my invite for Godtear arrived and I really wanted that too, so again I've paid for that, so I've already forked out $370-490 (Depending on which Additional Godtear models you buy). And then on Kickstart BrokenToad launch resin goal posts and terrain, which look great, but I've got no spare cash to get any of them, I've already stretched my meager monthly budget for minis, by a very long way. It should have been spaced out better, I'd have got the Godtear Early Access out first as that is still in the Player Test/Development stage, the one of the PVC teams say 1 month or 6 weeks later and the last PVC team another 1 month or 6 weeks after that. The BrokenToad stuff is out of SFG control, but at least it would have made it easier for people to pledge their Support for SFG on the various 'new' releases. Cause don't forget, there's the Ratcatchers heading out soon as well.