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  1. blueboyzcaptain

    Overlapping Harrier Circles

    Pg 15 of rulebook. Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources are not cumulative. Effects and abilities of the same name are not cumulative. So they do not stack.
  2. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus: Where and When?

    unfortunately the lawyers decided otherwise.
  3. blueboyzcaptain


    I don't like the balance of the cards. Both 7's not being -1 inf is not great. Some cards are made for certain guilds or models as well making them detrimental and thus an auto drop if drawn when not playing those guilds/models.
  4. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet Playtesting

    Hoist disarms. Harriet needs to be on the pitch to allow it though.
  5. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet Playtesting

    Hot take, disarm is way better than sucker punch. The 4 inch free punch is only relevant turn one unless you take ballista. So in reality ballista makes it important not the other way around. I'd take Harriet for disarm and good stats plus hat aura over sucker punch any day.
  6. blueboyzcaptain

    Can locus intercept remote control?

    The ball path is measured from the ball due to the wording from the character play. Interception uses the ball path for its rule.
  7. So in the linked thread it appears that Locus cannot intercept his own pass and after sufficient prodding I felt it necessary to ask how the lawyers view this?
  8. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus: Where and When?

    I doubt if asked they wouldn't rule it that he could intercept. Good catch though. Locus is good at ball killing against strikers with a kd on1. Otherwise not that great
  9. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I think that's definitely an overexaggeration in how strong it is. At best it ruins a few matchups that have squishy models and no answers to hoist. I do agree it's a bit too strong though, but I can't decide if I'd want true rep changed or OPT added to the character play.
  10. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I'd be amazed if you gave harriet 4 inf
  11. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    From collected clarifications: Momentous Inspiration:- Generates a single point of Momentum when a Character Play TN test successfully hits (i.e. the TN test is required and must be rolled).Triggers on hits when using a Character Play that has a damage component, does not need the damage to actually occur (e.g. if negated by Tough Hide).The MP is gained after the play has been fully resolved.
  12. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    You don't get the mom if you trigger it off the playbook from ballista's aura
  13. blueboyzcaptain

    Do Jawbone traps stack if triggered at once?

    The active model decides the order in the case of traps of different types as concerns with effects like reanimate correct?
  14. blueboyzcaptain

    Engineer Player Summaries

    A lot of us play engineers very differently, and some of the models have different weaknesses and strengths based on our own lineup more than the opponents. I'll give it a go though. Hoist. Hoist is not that great on paper. He's a slower velocity that just doesn't die without an entire teams worth of influence put into him. He really shines with teamwork and his one character play, true rep. Whether you want to go all striker by stealing burrow from mother or acrobatic from velocity, or maybe be cagey and dangle him infront of your opponent and throw blast earths, you can't go wrong as long as you plan your game around him and don't overextend him (or do, he just wont accomplish anything after that) Good into: yes // risky into: poor positioning. Mother Mother can sprint 7. Then place a marker 4 inches away. From this point, you add the base size and choose your options. Grab a free ball base size +2 inches away from the marker for a ~14 threat on a free ball. Burrow to the marker for a 11+30mm base + 40mm base +4 inch kick threat on goal (about 17.75 inches). Or just leave markers on the field and have hoist teleport like houdini. Really as long as you know your ranges and threats from models and goals, there isn't a wrong play besides being out of range. Good into: playing the game // risky into: seeing mainspring on the field instead Mainspring The only bad part of mainspring is that he's not mother. This mascot handles the ball like no other between a 6/8 move, free pass with 3 dice as well as free long bomb, he enables snapshots for days. As long as you have the ball. Bad part is the opponent also wants the ball so he only ever sees it once, maybe twice a game and its not super easy to turn that into goals when he's supposed to be efficient meaning no inf given to make any shots forcing you to have a snapshot turret ready to go. Also is not mother. sadness. Good into: receiving // Risky into: not being mother Ratchet Ratchet is the mechanic your mechanic wishes he could be. No robot wants to enter the pitch without a checkup from this guy. His biggest weakness is the other team in all scenarios. 3/1 1 inch melee with no double reposition outside the unattainable 5th column with 5 tac? he screams please punch me I'm starting to like it. Upside is he is the most efficient player on your team. Free condition removal for mechanica, tooled up, heroic for a free sprint/charge on mechanica models, heck even longbomb for the surprise snapshot goals from way downtown where he belongs. Giving him 1 inf for tooled up or 4 for blast earths with Ballista (or pin vice, doesn't matter) isn't even that bad an idea, especially on turn 1. Just don't let the opponent touch him without your consent and he'll fix your team right up. Good into: Playing the game // Risky into: poor positioning. Compound Compounds greatest strength is being really hard to touch for your opponent. A lot of good ranged control effects require direct targetting, meaning gluttunous mass protects the counter charge aura from being turned off without a model physically blocking him. This is great for a guild like engineers who are capable of sitting back and abusing the countercharge aura to force the opponent to commit poorly while throwing ranged character plays at will. He is even great when the brawl starts as any model trying to escape him risks a knockdown unless they buy two attacks to knockdown/push/dodge away. He doesn die easily to a concentrated effort, so don't overextend him into a setup beater without a safety net. Memory is his worst foe due to dodging, but not unplayable into. Good into: Playing around him // Risky into: poor positioning/brainpan and memory
  15. blueboyzcaptain

    Ballista vs Pin Vice

    Ballista is used in many ways. The most common is control and area denial. Whether kicking or receiving, dead bolt shuts down the opponent turn one if it hits. Minefield and Second wind add onto this concept. Momentum is key to heal chip damage and remove conditions, but you need the ball or someone to hit to do this. Ballista makes the engagement impossible or costly beyond worth for the opponent in well planned circumstances. I will say, after the OPD change I have been playing Pin Vice a lot and have great fun with her, but I almost always pick ballista if I'm kicking to prevent the turn one goal. I do have great fun receiving with pin vice and either scoring with mother or killing their pressure model with tooled overclocked deletion. In general baliista wants ratchet hoist velocity, with compound for complete area denial or your pick of colossus for greater pressure on a key model/bully in an area or salvo for team 3-0 dream. Some people have luck with locus, but I can't see the benefits, and I've been walking away from union since the minor guilds release. I have had some scenarios where I don't take either velocity or hoist, but those a specific games where I was testing a strategy against a lineup. Side note though, with Pinvice she can go anywhere from 6-0 to 3-0, the other scorelines in the middle easily as approachable. Ballista meanwhile, like you said, just doesn't do as much damage, so wants to go for anything other than 6-0, most often 2-2, but can be 1-4, 3-0 if things go that way.