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  1. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus the great?

    Locus's character play "remote control" doesn't say where to measure kick distance from. Is it supposed to be from the ball via season 3 or are we supposed to now measure from locus himself?
  2. blueboyzcaptain

    Ball Scattering Over Obstruction

    while that is true, you have to keep in mind that you must place the ball first (red location) before checking for interception/snap-to
  3. blueboyzcaptain

    Overlapping Harrier Circles

    Pg 15 of rulebook. Bonuses and penalties from the same named sources are not cumulative. Effects and abilities of the same name are not cumulative. So they do not stack.
  4. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus: Where and When?

    unfortunately the lawyers decided otherwise.
  5. blueboyzcaptain


    I don't like the balance of the cards. Both 7's not being -1 inf is not great. Some cards are made for certain guilds or models as well making them detrimental and thus an auto drop if drawn when not playing those guilds/models.
  6. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet Playtesting

    Hoist disarms. Harriet needs to be on the pitch to allow it though.
  7. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet Playtesting

    Hot take, disarm is way better than sucker punch. The 4 inch free punch is only relevant turn one unless you take ballista. So in reality ballista makes it important not the other way around. I'd take Harriet for disarm and good stats plus hat aura over sucker punch any day.
  8. blueboyzcaptain

    Can locus intercept remote control?

    The ball path is measured from the ball due to the wording from the character play. Interception uses the ball path for its rule.
  9. So in the linked thread it appears that Locus cannot intercept his own pass and after sufficient prodding I felt it necessary to ask how the lawyers view this?
  10. blueboyzcaptain

    Locus: Where and When?

    I doubt if asked they wouldn't rule it that he could intercept. Good catch though. Locus is good at ball killing against strikers with a kd on1. Otherwise not that great
  11. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I think that's definitely an overexaggeration in how strong it is. At best it ruins a few matchups that have squishy models and no answers to hoist. I do agree it's a bit too strong though, but I can't decide if I'd want true rep changed or OPT added to the character play.
  12. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    I'd be amazed if you gave harriet 4 inf
  13. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    From collected clarifications: Momentous Inspiration:- Generates a single point of Momentum when a Character Play TN test successfully hits (i.e. the TN test is required and must be rolled).Triggers on hits when using a Character Play that has a damage component, does not need the damage to actually occur (e.g. if negated by Tough Hide).The MP is gained after the play has been fully resolved.
  14. blueboyzcaptain

    Harriet 'the Hat' revealed!

    You don't get the mom if you trigger it off the playbook from ballista's aura
  15. blueboyzcaptain

    Do Jawbone traps stack if triggered at once?

    The active model decides the order in the case of traps of different types as concerns with effects like reanimate correct?