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  1. Resources

    i'm good, just a quality of life thing. I can wait. Just thought I'd bring it up so it can be fixed.
  2. Resources

    Normally i'd take you're word for it, but I had been using it for a year, then they changed it recently and now they are missing. Specifically they changed it to a scroll bar only showing 5 guild icons at a time from when it used to be just all the icoons in a long list. I don't think it can be both abandond and changing at the same time, I would just like to know what happened/if I need to find a new card source for my vassal games. (I don't want to have to grab them out of my bag when I have 2 monitors to use.)
  3. Resources

    Not sure if it's just me, but it appears the current resources page is missing the engineers cards. Anyone else experiencing this?
  4. Pin Vice v Farmers/Thresher

    The issue I see with locus into farmers specifically is that he needs to defensive stance the charge as well as counter to be useful, otherwise he's just a weaker hoist with a ranged push. Compound sounds nice in theory but in my limited experience thresher can work around his cc bubble. 3 inch melee makes that 6 inch cc bubble feel much smaller than it is sadly. That being said he probably is still better than locus in the matchup
  5. Pin Vice Kick Off Options

    Pin Vice threatens more but needs to be closer to score, side note she can just go kill someone instead. Velocity can get around UM by herself but if a countergoal is off the table she doesn't do much except push dodge someone around. Hoist needs mother to drop a nest marker, but after that he's in the same boat as pin vice by needing the ball carrier close to the goal to score. Hoist is also vulnerable to a counterattack tackle due to no close control. will take two turns to die against most teams.
  6. Rookie Leage: Sniper or Blaster Salvo?

    Sniper sounds best since neither front is very tanky and the backs don't have good defensive tech. Keep distance and use him like ratchet, throwing out free stuff, maybe a snipe. At 10" kick he becomes good at striking.
  7. New PVC Teams

    I just want engineer LE models. but I'll take plastic... who am I kidding LE Pin Vice or Bust!
  8. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    Tough hide does nothing when a friendly gutter scyths him. Otherwise agreed on all fronts.
  9. Why doesn't anyone use Colossus?

    The new guilds, farmers and blacksmiths, are not good matchups for Colossus. He isn't faster than either and his low defense is money for their playbooks. That and blacksmiths can potentially kill him with one model after one setup activation.
  10. Impact and Gluttonous Mass

    The first time each turn this model is hit by an enemy Attackor Character Play that targets this model, except whilemaking an Advance, the Attack or Character Play is ignored only when the model with GM advances is GM ignored.
  11. When a ball-marker makes contact with an obstruction during a scatter, use the rule of least disturbance to place the ball-marker in base contact with the obstruction along the ball-path. Page 48 The rule of least disturbance generally only applies when attempting to place the ball-marker. It means that Players must place the ballmarker (or model if relevant) as close to the correct location as possible, without moving or disturbing any other models or terrain on the Pitch. Page 15 Bring the ball back to before it "would" contact the obstacle, then apply least disturbance rule. Base to Base contact with both decimate and the obstacle to her south-south-east facing. Let me know if this is wrong since this is how I've been playing it with my group.
  12. What do you guys use Salvo for?

    Neither want to hold the ball for more than a turn, and velocity can't get the ball off any blacksmith player to begin with since they have multiple tac debuffs and armor buffs. So if their playbook is irrelevant, salvo does more. Pretty simple.
  13. What do you guys use Salvo for?

    I use him in my goal scoring lineup as a 4th striker. But he doesn't get more than 1 inf unless it's kickoff or I need him to do something when I'm allocating. Usually the threat of his heroic is strong enough to change the game a lot. Best used against Fish/Alchs. Great model for passing the ball to a snapshot turret with his 8 inch kick. I have noticed that he is a better player against blacksmiths than Velocity, so I use him instead of her in that matchup. Overall his greatest strength is his heroic and 8 inch kick. If you can use the heroic and it does something useful he's a great player. If he uses it and the effect is irrelevant, probably not a good player for the matchup. Also a team made for snapshotting loves 8 inch kickers for the pass ranges.
  14. Alternate Sculpts

    This upsets me more than it should.
  15. Union in Chains: What's going on guys?!

    My guesses would be, 1some kind of hat aura. Inspiring would be nice but not a sure thing. 2 molotov would be amazing 3 2 inch melee please 4 mechanika. If not I'll drop engineers for life. Not really but come on you can't do that to us. 5 some new character play or trait related to mechanical or football. 6 stats 5/7 mov 5 tac 3/6 kick 5 Def 0 arm 2/4 inf