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  1. Gerik

    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    We are pleased to inform all of you that the event just got its first supplier sponsor. @Secret Weapon Miniatures kindly donated some goodies to make the welcome pack even more charming.
  2. Gerik

    Hungarian Nationals 2018

  3. Gerik

    Hungarian Nationals 2018

    We invite all Guild Ball enthusiasts to take part in the first ever Hungarian Nationals! Hungarian Nationals 2018 Date: 28th of April Place: Gep-Haz (map) Gep-Haz Facebook Address: Hungary, 1082 Budapest, Nap street 13. Format: one-day tournament played according to the most recent OPD and errata Longshanks link: http://www.longshanks.org/events/?event=668 Entry fee: 10 GBP We are sold out. Please, DO NOT SEND MONEY! From now on we can only accept applications to the waiting list. Prizes: Swag bag for all participants and various prizes for the best players and painters. The winner of the tournament earns a place in the 2018 World Championship final. In case we can sell at least 30 tickets, SFG will cover the traveling and hotel costs of that trip. Registration: You need to pay the entry fee through PayPal to csontpet@gmail.com. Please, make sure that we receive the exact amount so any fee in connection with the transaction is on you. Please, write your name, contact e-mail and the probable guild selection (which can be changed even at the start of the event) in the notes section. We can accept multiple registrations in one go but don't forget to give us the necessary info about all players. Please note that due to logistics reasons we can only accept 32 players. So don't hesitate to grab your ticket if you want to be there! In case of overbooking, we will refund the money for those who are above the limit according to the order of payments. We will form a waiting list and will reach the first person there if a dropout happens. Schedule of the event: We will give you detailed information later but we plan to start the first games 9:30 am and the last round will end well into the night. Possible hotels very close to the venue: Prater Residence http://prater-residence.com/ Corvinext Apartments http://corvinext.com/ Corvin Point Rooms and Apartments http://www.corvinpoint.com/ Prince Apartments https://princehotelbudapest.com/ Bo18 Hotel http://www.bo18hotelbudapest.com/en/ Corvin Plaza Apartments & Suites http://corvinbp.com/ Corvin Lux Aparthotel corvinlux.com Sun Resort Apartments http://www.sunresortapartments.eu/ Hotel City Inn http://cityinn.hu/en/ or you can try Airbnb Please, come and teach us how to play this bloody game properly! With love, Gergely & Peter, the Hungarian Pundits
  4. I invite you to Budapest. Easter Guild Ball Massacre (Budapest) 22nd April 2017 Location: Gép-Ház (https://www.facebook.com/G%C3%A9p-H%C3%A1z-1490109007940654/) Ruleset: Season 3 Registration: Tiebreak page (https://www.tiebreak.co.uk/easter-guild-ball-massacre/feed) Details: One day tournament with 4 rounds. Total time for a round: 120 mins Time per player: 50 mins - Clockedout Players being allowed 1 minute activations. When a Player who is clocked out ends an activation their opponent is awarded [1] VP. Plot cards are played. Players should bring their own set of Plot decks. Tournament points: Win 10, Draw 1, Loss 0 (1st tiebreaker: total VP; 2nd tiebreaker: VP difference) Shedule: 10:00 gates open, registration 10:30 first round 12:30 lunch break 13:00 second round 15:00 coffee break 15:15 third round 17:15 coffe break 17:30 forth round 19:30 award ceremony Models, proxies: Fully painted teams are not enforced but strongly recommended. The use of proxy models are not allowed. Prizes: A prize pool will be constructed from the registration fees. In case Steamforged approves this event as sanctioned we expect some extra goodies from their part. Regards, Gergely