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  1. in scenario 1, does the activation not immediately end on a failed charge? If so, would not be able to dodge into melee and spend influence to make attacks EDIT: reread the rule book, slight misunderstanding. Only unsuccessful if not engaging at end of advance. My interpretation is that UM would trigger after the successful charge check
  2. Reanimate and condition damage

    condition damage gets applied during maintenance phase at the start of turn 3. Reanimate would trigger.
  3. The Sanchex Cup 2!

    Hayden (Alchemists) 12 - 6 Spinsane (Masons) Thanks for the game mate. A couple of unlucky rolls on his side. All the best with future tournaments mate.
  4. Ideas for a quick learn to play demo

    honestly, probably the "read me first" guide in Kick Off! that walks players through the first turn. Covers most things in the game in one turn. I'm sure people will have some other great ideas though!
  5. vKat, educate me.

  6. vKat, educate me.

    completely agree that she sucks at ball retrieval. I try not to rely on the condition game as primary source of take outs but a way of levelling the playing field in terms of momentum (by sapping theirs) or softening up their health to manageable levels. I also try where I can to condition already activated players, forcing them to take condition damage or pay a higher momentum cost to clear. It does take a bit to work but it does work. But again, this is just my limited experience. Each to their own, etc.
  7. vKat, educate me.

    I think Smoke is far from being the worst captain. I almost exclusively play smoke so take this with a massive grain of salt. I find she works best as a support piece to help spread the conditions, especially if those character plays don't hit. The opponent then has to choose to clear conditions/heal, which leaves little to no momentum on first turn to counter attack Vitriol/Harry, or keep them on and let the attrition game happen. Usually Vitriol gets my first goal and if I can get the ball Smoke and I've protected her well enough into turn 2 (which is fairly easy unless there's a dedicated effort to take her out, which means there's usually room for harry and vet Kat to do work), I legendary to soften up multiple targets and then send her in with a sprint and teleport for a non-linear, kind of hard to predict where she's going sprint threat of ~14" plus the 6" kick to man my second goal turn 2. If things have worked out well (which is definitely not always) Vet Kat normally has multiple targets to choose from to grab the witness me. TL;DR IMHO, Smoke is not the worst, Midas does some things better but I find she works best as a support/pressure piece that doesn't need a full load of influence to operate P.S I definitely need more Midas table time
  8. The Sanchex Cup 2!

    Hayden (Alchemists) 12 - 7 Tobias (Engineers) Fun game. Thanks again.
  9. What's the best attack you've ever made?

    Playing alchemists into butchers at a tournament on the weekend. Ox, boar and tenderiser clumped together with my harry near by. Boar and tenderiser are poisoned. Sic em with flask for 2 intensifys dealing 4 damage to boar and tenderiser. Boar goes but only manages to deal 4 damage to flask. Calculus lays a noxious blast on flask, ox and boar hitting everyone. Flask is on two hp. Ox and tenderiser had already activated. My next activation legendary over the previous poison aoe to blow flask up. 6 damage and burning to ox and boar, 3 damage and burning to tenderiser and my harry. Boar was left on 3hp (from 15hp) before vet Kat came in for the witness me. not saying it was anything skillful but it was certainly fun using flask as a suicide bomb.
  10. Chaska, trap, and reanimate

    @Buckets is correct on reanimate wording. I'd wait on an official Lawyers ruling but I would say you can push after reanimate. I didn't read reanimate properly it would seem.
  11. Chaska, trap, and reanimate

    I would say he reanimates after the push. See the timing sequence on p.53 of the rule book. "2.5 Apply results of character play" comes before "3. Check for taken out". So it is my understanding that, although you can choose the order of damage and push on boom box, both need to be applied before hoist is taken out.
  12. Crucible's Incensed

    "May" is the key word in this instance. She can then indeed choose not to suffer either.
  13. The Sanchex Cup 2!

    was really fun man. Hope there's more match ups for us both like this!
  14. Sanchex Cup 2 Sign Ups!

    Name: Hayden Skype: shreddievanhayden Guild: Alchemists Midas Smoke Flask Vitriol Calculus Venin Harry Katalyst Vet Katalyst
  15. Crucible

    I feel you man but look on the bright side, "we" could be hunters