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  1. Sheenie92

    Negative kick distance

    But is the official ruling you can only reduce kick distances to 0"? Or would Scum be -2" as per original post?
  2. Sheenie92

    Two Men Enter Two Men Leave

    I would say no but if you ended with just Greede touching a sewer marker you can sub him out for another squaddie then next turn use drop me off to bring him back on for the same effect.
  3. Sheenie92

    Ratcatchers Starting Six Thoughts

    They can be, for sure. Not sure if it'd work but I can see playing aggressively with piper. Pass the ball to someone close. Walk to engage tenderiser/compound so they cant charge and heroic them out of rush keeper range (heroic gets around glut mass on compound). Then, reverie the ball holder for an uninterrupted goal run. As usual with any theory crafting, take with grain of salt as it's completely dependent on board state. But it's a thought I had to get around counter charges (rush keeper specifically).
  4. Sheenie92

    AOE character play while engaged

    That is correct
  5. originates from model hit. this should really be posted in the rules clarification forum. @Mako any chance of getting this moved? 😊 I'm sure you'd have noticed eventually just thought tagging would help.
  6. It was a bold move Cotton! Hunter's hiring of the witch, Hemlocke, to try deal with the condition play of Smoke's Alchemist's. Unfortunately it wasn't enough to stop the Lab Rats from seizing victory! Word from the underground is that this victory is attracting Harry "The Hat" Hallahan to seek a permanent place (or possibly a hiding spot, if rumours are to be believed) amongst the guild. https://imgur.com/gallery/MNLWK
  7. Captain of the Alchemist's Guild Ball team, Smoke, is reportedly quite impressed with performance and inspiring presence of Harry "The Hat" Hallahan, despite losing out to Theron's team of vicious hunters. A protected source states that Mr Hallahan was discussing a more "permanent" contract with the captain after the match. https://imgur.com/gallery/jBtb3
  8. Sheenie92

    GIC General Theory Thread 

    Blood dance triggers off play book damage results only, so pain circle wouldn't help re-engage. It's still something you could use if you're stuck with influence to spend.
  9. Sheenie92

    Double Dodge Episode 23 #omfgtheworst

    its valid advice with how you play
  10. in scenario 1, does the activation not immediately end on a failed charge? If so, would not be able to dodge into melee and spend influence to make attacks EDIT: reread the rule book, slight misunderstanding. Only unsuccessful if not engaging at end of advance. My interpretation is that UM would trigger after the successful charge check
  11. Sheenie92

    Reanimate and condition damage

    condition damage gets applied during maintenance phase at the start of turn 3. Reanimate would trigger.
  12. Sheenie92

    The Sanchex Cup 2!

    Hayden (Alchemists) 12 - 6 Spinsane (Masons) Thanks for the game mate. A couple of unlucky rolls on his side. All the best with future tournaments mate.
  13. Sheenie92

    Ideas for a quick learn to play demo

    honestly, probably the "read me first" guide in Kick Off! that walks players through the first turn. Covers most things in the game in one turn. I'm sure people will have some other great ideas though!
  14. Sheenie92

    vKat, educate me.