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  1. Akodo Harid

    The Navigator's Guild

    Though he would benefit from the 1 influence charge gameplan card. Not exactly something to rely on getting but it is a consideration.
  2. Akodo Harid

    Run the Length and Active Activation

    So then whomever makes the shot, whether it's their activation or they were given the shot by a pass (Snapshot) or Piper, is the one who gets the dodge?
  3. In light of today's discussion about Bonesaw in the Ratcatchers, I wanted to be sure. I was told recently that during a snapshot it's the active model (the passer) who gets the four inch dodge, not the snapshotter. But the article said that it's bonesaw (who wouldn't be active if Piper moved him) who got the dodge. Is Piper's action a special circumstance that gives Bonesaw active status?
  4. Akodo Harid

    First turn

    No worries Meph. The answer to that depends on how the map looks. If I see cover that's close to the middle, then Sakana will kick off, because it keeps Shark safer and Sakana becomes a movement monster when he starts in useful cover. But since that rarely ever happens (My luck has seen useful cover on the wings) then I always have Shark kick off. Because he's fast enough, especially with his movement boost, that he can threaten the ball on most of the field. I've been experimenting with a kicking strategy where you kick it at an angle and shoot for it bouncing back to the middle for a shallow kick, but it's not been working out for me.
  5. Akodo Harid

    What was your first Guild and why?

    What was your first Guild and what attracted you to that Guild? Kickoff Masons, because I liked the aesthetic. But at the time I was attracted to the Butchers because I played the Viks in Malifaux and I loved Brisket's sculpt. Do you still play that Guild or are you a deserter and play a new Guild yet? I am a Fish player now. My brother convinced me to try something not-vik so I went with the polar opposite. Plus I loved the idea of having an old fart on the team. I've never looked back. Does your original Guild still hold your heart or have you a new favourite? I still like the butchers and enjoy playing against them and Masons are currently my Jason Voorhies (OH god! Send Help it's Hammer again!), so I look forward to fighting against them.
  6. Akodo Harid

    First turn

    Hey there and welcome to the game. Here's what I find helps for these questions. Who kicks? The guy that I want to move up the board for free. If you're playing a violent squad, then you want the most mobile OR strongest threat up front. If you're playing a goal team, then you want the one who is the most mobile and able to steal a ball and kick a goal. Why? Because this puts pressure on the other player to either move cagey up the board (allowing the rest of your team to go in aggressively and claim prime space) or to rush for the ball and risk a pass to hide it somewhere. I mainly play fish and loathe attrisherman, so I can only help with questions 1 and 3, but here's what I do. 1) When I'm kicking. I deploy largely in the center and try to kick a short ball down the center. I always have a plan on who's going to go for a T1 shot and then use my ball retrieval to set it up making use of 4 inch dodges to make it easier. Typically the guys that aren't going to be making goal shots or messing with my opponents will get 0-1 influence because all I want them to do is move somewhere useful for turn 2. So assuming a shark line up. Shark/Corsair gets 5 or 6, My mascot gets 2 (I usually run tentacles and use blind to threaten or weaken counter attacks or counter charges if possible. My planned goal scorer (Usually sakana) gets 4, and Greyscales gets 1 because I like 9 inches of movement. if I'm using siren, then mascot gets none so she can do a cheeky lure, so I can generate momentum from picking on someone with shark. Typically my plan as a kicker is to either get the ball and throw it back or, if impossible, to bully someone so I win first activation turn two. 3) When I'm receiving I go for a wide deployment with my main goal scorers in the middle and my ball retrievers on the side so I can make sure that my bases are covered when the ball is always thrown to the side.Whomever is on the side with the ball gets 2 or 3 momentum (Sprint, collect, Pass, Maybe where they go). My captain gets 4-6. My intended goal scorer gets loaded up and I spread out the rest to ensure favorable board position. There's more strategy involving specific teams/match ups, but this is plenty of discussion for now.
  7. Akodo Harid

    Starting out resources

    Here's also a useful video that can introduce players on how to play. Each video focuses on different aspects of the game so they can be managed in small chunks. Here's Video one, and the full playlist can be found at this link
  8. Akodo Harid

    Some issues we're having starting out

    My brother and I started with the Kick off set and, sure, the first few games were confused messes. We thought, for instance, that you got to pick a result from every column you hit because we completely misread the rules. But a reread solved that. But the game finally clicked for us when we got pundits and more experienced players to help us. It clicked for my brother when he moved away from his initial choice of hunters (we quickly realized masons and brewers weren't for us). Guild Ball is easy to learn how to play but the strategy is really deep. Some guilds have a lower skillgate than others, but all guilds have the same levels of decisions; how to get points, how to keep them from getting points. I would suggest that you start with an Escalation league. If you can't find a Pundit in your area whose running one, then do it yourself. No plot cards. Instead mini objectives (i.e. "Win without a single take out" or "Perform a counter attack" or "End a turn with more momentum than your opponent") Start with captain plus two players for week one. (no mascots) Every week add another mini-objective and add players in a specific order. The escalation league rules give GREAT practice on the mechanics with the fun miniobjectives helping you learn momentum use and how to plan strategy or what a team can and cannot do well (my attempt at a no-goals fish game was dreadful. BUT fun)
  9. Akodo Harid

    The despair of a castaway

    Fishermen follow the tides and will catch our new bounty. I'm not giving up on this and nor should the rest of us. Sail away friends! That said, I'm so happy to see my tin in someone's avatar pic I've been looking online for that to give it a try since all I had was the tin.
  10. Akodo Harid

    What's next for Guild Ball?

    I would be very surprised if a) Union options were no longer a thing in S4 or b ) Individual union blisters remained a thing. Agreed. So absolutely agreed.
  11. Akodo Harid

    What's next for Guild Ball?

    I know my local meta saw a bunch of new blood from the kickabout league. It's fun, it helps teach, and even experienced players learn about players because they are forced to do more with less. Not to mention the zaniness for those who hunt the agendas (Fish winning without goals. SCOFF! Barely did that). One other thing I can say though is that I've played games with GiCs and no plot cards and oh my god the difference it makes. No more having dead cards or being sad face about not getting Knee slider. The information is 'known' and open putting more focus on the game. I welcome Season 4 if it does away with plot cards and makes a GiC deck.
  12. Akodo Harid

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I don't know when it will happen. But I'd love to see the look on someone's face when Corsair takes a 3 inch dodge off a counter attack.
  13. Akodo Harid

    Fishermen GIC Theory Thread

    I got into fish because I wanted to dance around the field and live long enough to shoot goals or to have Corsair beat people up and help people score goals. This is fine for me. I might use shoot to win if I'm dealing with a goal keeper (+1 TN does matter), but otherwise it's going to end up my least used card.
  14. Theron, vHearne, Chaska, Jaecar, Snow, and Ulfr face off against Shark, Salt, Greyscales, Siren, Hag, and the Kraken. Here we see that Greyscales noticed a quarter and was looking away just as the camera snapped. Also, posing next to the pirate memorial goal that they drag in. The game starts off strong as CHaska punts the ball for it to be picked up by the Hag who kicks it back to Siren. THeron attempts to pin the sea witch but learns that she's just too hot to trot so he settles for bullying Tentacles who latter succumbs to his injuries. But late turn, Sakana scores the first goal and positions himself to help Greyscales harass and threaten Jaecar. Ulfr showed up to threaten the old man, but just nicks his cheek before he dances away and Chaska stepped out of the woods to blow chunks into Shark for nearly half his life. The fish win initiative and Shark dances his way to steal the ball back and dodges his way to scoring a goal only to run the length into tap in range. BUt through chicanery and trickery, even with a pinning from Theron, Siren gets some help from the hag to not care about the pin to prepare a pass to her buddy Sakana. Even with tripping on his own pants though, Vhearne comes out strong and charges in to knock Siren down, but the ball is whisked up field to the waiting feet of Sakana, since snow was thrown into the woods previously and couldn't chase after that yummy ball that was a half foot (inch) too far. So Sakana does what any pure blooded striker does and picks up the ball, smacks the dog, and then kicks it to Shark to win the game with an amazing snapshot. The game ends 12 to 1 in the Fish's favor and a dark haired beauty could be seen salivating over her anti-rage murderfics while wearing a shirt that says "Beatthemeat"
  15. Obulus leads his team to a 12 to 2 win against the Fishermen as Corsair and his crew simply can't make headway up the field. Things start off well as a shallow wingside kick off by Obulus allows Siren to kick it back to the Hag and pull Obulus out of position. But the wily bastard then dances back and forces Siren to move into the waiting fangs of a tooled up Cosset who softens her up for a top of turn two Casket time. Meanwhile, Corsair beats on Obulus forcing him to flee as he escapes the Pirate's wrath with a sliver of life after stealing momentum and healing himself. The game proceeds to be a drag out slog, with Hag falling to Cosset, and Graves felling Sakana. This leads to a desperate kick of a ball by Corsair sends it flying into space, but close enough for Brainpan to pick it up. The ringside announcers called time (Store was closing) so the points were awarded to the Morts in this escalation defeat. But this is another vote for Gutterfish.