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  1. Fluff And gameplay (where's shark now)

    I'll take a Captain Angel with the spear, Tornado and I are one and the same in that wish. But I'd be also interested in this deep one cult that's been growing in the guild. Perhaps a Sakana whose been mindblasted by the hag or something.
  2. Snakeskin legit

    Snakeskin is the bane of my existence as a Fish player. So many activations wasted to deal with her while Rage chops everyone up. Got to the point that I often deploy Siren near her end so that I can have someone ping off clone and then pray to Cthulhu that Siren can force a seduce.
  3. Vassal Premier League Sign Ups!

    Guild: Fisherman Team Name: Jobbin' Ain't Easy! Edit: Almost want to change my team name. But, I'll take the wrestling nod this time.
  4. What are we missing?

    I don't care what she does. But if she wields Greyscales' repaired spear I'll take it! But, I can only think of goal keepers or healers to be a thing that we don't have. But I don't know if they are needed.
  5. Mystery box!

    To be frank, this seems the correct answer. If a customer isn't happy for reasonable reasons, then do what you can.
  6. Not really important... but....

    That's the spirit! Have a ton of fun man.
  7. Mystery box!

    On the one hand, I'm happy that I got a pin and I"m mostly happy about getting a Big League deck (interesting to read from a design perspective but I doubt I'll get to play Big League anytime ever), and the hunters will make a fine guild for the escalation league I'm joining ((too bad I screwed up Jaecar's paint job bad and don't have any simple green on hand. On the other, this entire situation shows that 'kinks' need to be worked out and post haste. The fact that dice are not matching as advertised (hoping my support request is filled) and there wasn't more transparency about what people might get. Even a simple, "Two teams from the following list" or "Hunters, plus a team" would have sufficed. Would as many mystery boxes have been sold? Probably not, but a little upfront disclosure always helps. Caveat Emptor indeed. Now, some people have reported getting some stuff besides Hunter + Mason/Brewer, so there's that.
  8. Double Sentinal

    I'm a bit confused. Why would double tooled up be a thing. Aren't they from the same named source? What about double singled out?
  9. Mystery box!

    Oi, seems I forgot to post that. Yep I got young theron. Now to decide which one to actually use. I sold my morts to my brother and will be repping Hunters for the upcoming escalation league. But it looks like all I'm missing is Skatha's brood to have two full teams.
  10. Mystery box!

    Ok just picked mine up and I got Kickoff Masons in Metal Chibi Hammer, Wrecker, Fahad, Theron Season 2 Hunters including the bear Masons Dice Alchemists Dice (Man What?) Shark/Salt Chibi Pin (I'm totally happy with this) Big League campaign Deck Season 3 Plot Cards
  11. Mystery box!

    I'm glad I only picked up one. I'd be beyond angry if I got more or less the same thing twice. I was hoping to get obs morts so I can add to the morts I do have (Scalpel and a few others), but since I suspect I'll get Hunters + One (masons or Brewers) I'm really hoping for Hunter/Brewer. I was already committed to selling whatever I don't keep to cover the cost so I'm not too mad. But I promise there will be no more mystery box purchases for me. Edit: As for limited edition things, I'd be happy with young theron/ limited mist/ or coin shawl rage.
  12. Mystery box!

    Mine apparently showed up while I was grocery shopping. So I have to wait for redelivery. Man I'll be stoked if I get something cool. Seems like hunters will be one of them and I'd be fine with that
  13. Mystery box!

    So my package just reached the states. I didn't receive an email though, but royal mail updated. Edit: I'm looking forward to my mason/hunters. Hope the dice match. Was kinda hoping for a Scalpel chibi card though.
  14. Mystery box!

    *laughs* You made my day. But on to the topic. Assuming that we all get limited edition stuff and further assuming that kickstarter promos are unavailable (why would they be?) I'll be sincerely pleased if I see a limited Mist. I like Mist the character, but I feel like the standard is overdesigned.
  15. Mystery box!

    Welp, I knew that going in, that's why I ordered them seperately when I noticed that shipping was free. edit: A fair point. The previous ender to this post came out more bitter than intended.