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  1. ningu

    S4 Captain Choices

    My main issue with Angel is that vSiren has a similar threat range (18" -> 17"), but she can do so much more. The combination of Dread Gaze and Fair Wind means that with 2 INF vSiren can either knock somebody over, or recover a free ball without much trouble.
  2. ningu

    S4 Captain Choices

    Yeah, good point. She's still one of the fastest models on the team, though
  3. ningu

    S4 Captain Choices

    Fathom is insanely quick. Debately quicker even than Shark. She's got a 7"/9" move, Acrobatics and a 4" heroic dodge. This means that she can move 15" for 2 INF. The re-rolls on both kick and tacs makes her pretty reliable if she isn't loosing dice due to armour and crowd-outs. She's fish's best dedicated striker and as close to an auto-include as you are going to see in the team
  4. ningu

    S4 Captain Choices

    Shark. (sorry couldn't resist)
  5. ningu

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Yeah, which is why I asked for it to be included here...
  6. ningu

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Disease is Ratcatcher's only, but it's still a condition (so I would put it on the card). The condition can be found on the Ratcatcher's reference card: https://static1.squarespace.com/static/56728f72a128e6b1e548ec55/t/5be1b95f21c67c4dcdeaa398/1541519727008/GB-S4-Ratcatchers-18-11.pdf
  7. ningu

    Hello & S4 Reference Sheets

    Looks pretty good to me, lots of great stuff there. There is, however, 1 obvious thing that stands out: Disease is missing from the conditions section.
  8. ningu

    Season 4 differences

    No, it's still only on the Rat's card
  9. ningu

    Gameplan cards?

    It only covers the game plan deck. The deck was originally intended to be released with S4 but as SFG were happy with it before then, it came out during S3. Functionally none of the cards have changed but the wording is different in S4 hence the errata.
  10. ningu

    Minerva Nocturnal Hunting

    You can use Nocturnal Hunting whilst resolving conditions:
  11. It's fully of water and you don't want to get your feet wet, so you would travel through it faster? TBH, once you start applying logic to it, would any slippery ground speed you up? When trying to walk over ice, people tend to slow down and tread carefully. The best thing for logical fast ground would probably be hot coals or spikes. What do you use for fast ground? Depending on the size of the boat, it could make a fairly decent obstruction
  12. I would either use it as Fast or Rough ground depending on what it looked like. I tend to use shallow water features as fast ground
  13. ningu

    Traveling with Terrain?

    Try adding some foam to the box to stop the pieces from rattling around. I also use a cardboard box to transport my terrain around, but pack it to stop it from moving around in the box
  14. ningu

    Getting into Union/Solthecius

    I'd pick up the Order box and then either buy the faithful and sell off the players you don't want or buy vFangtooth and Seagot form somebody who is selling them. That way, even if you want to get into Union at a later date you only need to buy the 2 union boxes to have a full Union team. As for when to get them, that's down to you. They are great fun to play now, even if they aren't technically a minor Guild yet