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  1. 30mm on each. I've found some better images, so I've updated the first page with them.
  2. We've been given the go-ahead to share the rest of the players (Miasma and Squeak), so the first post has been updated with the cards. Enjoy!
  3. The Rookies are here!

    These are metal, and it depends on the sculpt as to whether they are single or multi-part casts. For example, Mash looks single part, but Jac (the trident) looks like a multi-part cast.
  4. Organized Play Update

    But you are taking 1 less Captain and Mascot in your roster.
  5. Game Plan deck discussion

    I've used the GP deck a couple of times, and feel that it's easier to use, especially for newer players. The +-1 on the influence adds a whole new dynamic to the turn.
  6. Falconers pics

    So what we know so far: Pic1: (left to right) ??, Frelsi (mascot), ?? Pic2: (left to right) Devana (Captain), ??, ?? Pic3: Goal, Bunny (ball), Rough Ground I'm not sure what base size the player are on. To me, they all look to be 30mm.
  7. Salute 2018 offers/sales?

    Not at the moment... I'm expecting the Game Plan deck and Ratcatchers box to be on sale there as they go on general sale the following week, but beyond that, I've not heard of anything else. I'll probably get some things from SFG as well, so I'll maybe see you there.
  8. Parting Blow

    It depends of the situation, as to how I would measure the placement. If it's going to be tricky to work out, I'll use movement steppers to calculate the position of the parting blow, if not, I'll place the model at correct location and then continue to move it afterwards. Mostly this depends on if the aggressor has a KD or not. I normally try to avoid taking parting blows if they do.
  9. Do you have a reference for this? I'll update the first post with the info.
  10. First Sighting of the Falconers launch event

    The pack is designed for 8 players, so everybody who participates gets a ball.
  11. Big League 10 advice

    I curious as to you why you take Zarola here. I find that Skatha has enough movement shenanigans to keep everybody happy, plus you don't have BotSF to power MO so you actually have to give influence to Zarola to use it.
  12. Big League 10 advice

    I normally run Cat, Bear, Jaecar, Minx and Ulf. Skatha can throw the bear at people, you've got Minx and Jaecar to set up both the Cat and Bear and Ulf to collect the ball and score. Skatha can also score if the opportunity arises.
  13. Today we see the Captain, Piper http://steamforged.com/sfg-news-blog/guild-ball-piper-ratcatchers-guild-captain
  14. New Errata

    I agree with Stave and Chisel, but strongly disagree about Jac. He's is great at controlling the scrum or can be used to give you a clear goal run from the wings.
  15. Another Errata, another Fish nerf

    I agree with that. I'm not sure where to used them now. They don't fit into Union as there are better options you can take, and I can't see where to fit them into other guilds.