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  1. ningu

    Instant Gliding

    It doesn't need to? Gliding isn't an action and you won't slowed by rough ground until you actually start moving. Therefore you can use the following sequence: Hit Scourge with Lure Use Glide on Scourge (note that he hasn't started moving yet) Move Scourge taking advantage of Gliding
  2. ningu

    Instant Gliding

    You can use Glide before moving Scourge. Don't forget that Scourge will keep the benefit until the end of the turn.
  3. ningu

    Cat vs Dog : pre season 4

    It more comes down to the loss of the Sic' 'em card from the plot card deck. Previously Scum was a murder machine without needing any investment, whereas now, she needs at least 2 INF to make her useful. I really wish people would stop calling it that...
  4. ningu

    Best value single box team

    Yup, they are coming soon.
  5. ningu

    Veteran Harmony's Sword

    I didn't really have much trouble with her. There's a circle for attaching the hilt/hands to her arms, and I glued the end of the sword to the base. It leaves it with a good, firm placement that shouldn't fall off.
  6. ningu

    Murderball: Vet Rage Primer

    Who else would you take him with?
  7. ningu

    Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    Follow the directions to Kingston Centre and park in that car park. It's large, and free, so there is plenty of space to park. You can get to the shop by cutting through the shopping centre.
  8. ningu

    My Brewers - first ever painted minis

    They look pretty good to me, especially if it's your first time! Keep up the good work!
  9. ningu

    Veteran Fangtooth

    40mm of pure awesome
  10. ningu

    The Navigator's Guild

    Pre-orders for the Navigator's Guild have started! Release date: 21st September Link: https://www.leodisgames.com/shop/guild-ball/the-navigators-guild-tales-of-the-new-world/ This also gives us the names of all the players: Captain: Windfinder Mascot: Wander(?) Squadies: Horizon, Fathom, Azimuth, Ebb Cross-over models: Angel, oSiren
  11. ningu

    2 farmers Questions

    1. Shark can make a Counter Attack. A Counter-Attack is not an Attack, they are different actions 2. All the influence can be allocated to different models if you wish.
  12. ningu

    Momentous Knockdown in Milton Keynes (June 30th)

    They are the Game Plan cards. Everybody will have a deck, so you should be able to find some to use. If you do want to print them office you find the deck at the end of the OPD
  13. ningu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    As is normal when playing fish 😆
  14. ningu

    Running Fish into Farmers

    Generally, it's not worth going out of your way to get harvest markers. Thresher can use 1 to extend his Melee range to 3", but you don't want to be near him when activates, so it can be quite hard to get rid of it. The one to watch if Tater - if he is near a HM he can counter charge. If you are getting that close to Tater, you should be able to either remove it on the way past, or engage him to stop the charge.