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  1. I also thought that the survey didn't really represent my opinions on the matter. As much as I hate working with plastic models, they do paint up nicely and the 6-man boxes are great for the game. I already have a full fish team, so I don't want to buy a another one, but, when running demos and events out of shops, allowing people to be able to grab a team box off the shelf and go straight to playing is great for the game. I think that the 'Smith and Farmers boxes are ideal for this, and having more options would be better.
  2. HHWC - Guild Ball Tournament 2018:1

    Hemel Hempstead Wargaming Club is proud to present it's first Guild Ball tournament!Format:As per the OPD, we will be using the Regional Cup rules with 10 man rosters. All teams should be fully painted, and as the second Farmers box will be out by then, Thresher, Tater and the Blacksmith will all be legal to play.Venue:The Memorial Hall,Rear of 37 Marlowes, Hemel HempsteadHP1 1LD
  3. What about a "Creator" sub?

    The Godtear board? (Yes I know you aren't going to put it up yet)
  4. What about a "Creator" sub?

    @mako is was really trippy... every time I refreshed the page it was different Btw, the rules clarification board has disappeared, and Team Discussion board is empty. Edit: Can we get a Godtear board as well, or is that coming later?
  5. What about a "Creator" sub?

    @Mako Did you make a change to the forums? I'm pretty sure the board were grouped up differently...
  6. Fish 10.

    Your 10 looks good to be me. I'm not a fan of the vSiren, Kraken or Angel. The 6 I like to take with Shark are Shark, Salt, Jac, oSiren, Greyscales and either Sakana or Hag. Whilst I'm still trying to sort out my Corsair team, I want to try out those 6. I've still not worked out how to use Corsair.
  7. Release Schedule - what we know

    Ratcatcher's will be first, and based on rumours floating around, I'd expect Falconer's, and then Solthecian.
  8. Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm way ahead of you, I can't see what all the fuss is about.
  9. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    I completely agree. I enjoy going to tournaments where everything is painted, even if it can stop some people from entering. It was a bit odd there wasn't a painting area at Steamcon. I know there were several people wanting to paint their new toys.
  10. Is Skulk Tournament legal?

    With the exception of models bought at the event, I thought they did all have to be painted? If my event is hosted by the LGS, I've allowing people to play with the plastics unpainted so long as they are purchased (or picked up) on the day.
  11. what I truly feel Brewers need

    Tapper could be fixed with something simple as being able to Old Jake's on himself. It'd also be nice if he got something else on his 5th column, either Mom4 or 3+CA. I've always said that vSpigot's biggest issue is his name. If he wasn't called Spigot, he'd be in the team most of the time. I've yet to use Lucky yet, but I'm hoping he'll fill that role.
  12. Idea for Thresher Change

    I'm curious as well. Why don't you create a new thread for this?
  13. Union 101

    Pretty much. He's not really worth taking out, as he's quite hard, and only concedes 1 VP, but his key abilities are all passive so you don't have to spend influence on him. Whilst Grace has some advantages over Mist, Mist is a much better striker. You can have vRage & co in the scrum in the middle, and Mist is free to go off and score.
  14. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    They were looking at Adepticon for them. I think we can agree on the power level: All of mine* should be better than my opponents. *mine being the current player
  15. Regarding the new plot cards (from Keynote)

    @Banjulhu That is a good point. Even the current set, different cards suit different teams better than others. For example, playing Shark, I won't take Man Marking, and I'll probably take something else over Sick 'em.