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  1. I think this might be the answer to this question. Even though it pertains to big league and not gic's. Though if you gave the enemy's guild model any direct buffs like gliding or anything from the gics. But I don't see any of the fish gic's persisting for the remainder of the turn. Though inheritance tax from mort's would persist if you gave the puppet mastered opponents friendly guild model the influence. According to the timing steps anyways. But that's my 2 cents.
  2. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I can see it being useful if you can score the game winning vps when your ahead by 3. And when you go into more fight oriented teams atleast it doesn't leave you screwed when fillet chops up rage.
  3. Health bubbles on cards

    You could put your cards in sleeves. I have mine in sleeves and hardcovers and mark them as needed. But as long as it's very clear it shouldn't matter how your tracking them.
  4. On page 53 of the s3 rulebook is the timing charts. 1.0 Declare: state intention to make an attack with a model 1.1 Response: opponents opportunity to declare reactions 2.0 Attack process 2.1 Generate dice pool. So it seems like it could skip the opponents reaction. This thread is from season 2 and over a year ago it may be out of date. Also the last step of a charge is to skip to step 2 of making an attack. On page 32 of the s3 rulebook it states how to make an attack. "during its activation, the model may make an attack against an enemy model at a cost of (1) influence." So here it's the same wording as Burrow which could mean if your right no one could ever declare counter attacks because it skips the declare step because it doesn't specify declare. Though it does say to check out Pg 51 for a more comprehensive timing list where the step 1 of an attack is to declare it. I may be wrong but it all seems to be adding up to that you can counter attack a Burrow attack.
  5. Minx then A&G and if you have the money Hemlocke. Are how I'd rank them for the hunters. Minx gets alot of work done for no influence and can turn into a decent goal scorer when she's at mid turn 2 if you need her too. She brings snare on every person she attacks and damages which helps get your gic card to proc. All in all she's great! A&G are great beaters but their actual price puts people off. Try proxy bases in a few games to see if you like them. Avarisse is completely slow moving a massive 7 inches for the price of 1 influence. So the only movement buffs I see the hunters have is midnight offering for an additional 4 inches unless he's on fast ground. Then you can pass him the ball and have him pass it back for 8 inches of move he isn't going to get much done turn one so may as well chance it. Only downfall is Avarisse is a 3 defense 0 armor model and the other team can farm momentum for days. So if you grab Avarisse have a plan on getting him up the field and he'll earn his keep when he's done! And Hemlocke I haven't figured the poor girl out yet. A bonus timed blind is always good, healing conditions aoe style is pretty awesome if you use gic's with a reduced heal. She's pretty frail and can easily give up 2 victory points if left alone. But If you play alchemists or against other conditions teams she's useful. Have fun and hopefully the dice roll in your favor!
  6. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I like how much cleaner your guys ideas look. And a bunch of them look great. I played a game with raise the stakes today and it helped with one initiative roll out of the 4 turns we played were I rolled a 2 with 0 momentum and raise the stakes. And my opponent rolled a 2 with 0 momentum. So I won by one but most certainly would have had a better reroll. The 2 hp was terrible I still healed because I had to but its cause I had momentum to drown in. I felt I would have rather had pirates ransom because 2 momentum would have helped the game that much more because if it I did go first atleast my heal wasn't destroyed.
  7. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Exactly we have the rage/combat card Now we need a neutral pirates ransom feels like a good neutral card. Decent heal rate and works for both combat and scoring. Now our other card should be scoring or complete utility. Like when a model uses a teamwork action that model may immediate make an additional 1 inch dodge. (make Harry relevant again!) Or when enemy model is suffering a ganged up/crowded out gain +1 tac. Heal rate 4.(or 3 if 4 is completely out of the question.)
  8. If people ask me what my dudes max range is max charge and melee zone #'s are what I say. My main one I ask all the time is who has unpredictable movement cause it causes so many issues when you have 1 inch melee. I tell everything before the match like Trisket has UM and these are my only 2 inch melee zone guys. If my opponent wants more they can read the card on their clock.
  9. Union GIC Theory Thread

    Yknow we don't really have a goal scoring gic. We got the pirates ransom for 2 momentum if we go 2nd to get a bonus timed kick if we managed to hold the ball after the opponents first activation. And raise the stakes as good as it is. It's really just pirates ransom without the higher healing rate. Raise the Stakes is a 16.6% increase in winning initiate if momentum is the same. Which seems good but if we just held onto the momentum from pirates ransom we have a 33.3% of going first for a better healing rate as well. Honestly the +1 initiative is boring and in most games your either winning initiative or your spending momentum healing. Maybe a payable or once per turn buff. Friendly guild model gains (+0/+2 movement) or (+1/2" to pass/kicks) heal rate 3. Or "collecting Union dues" when friendly guild model is within 6 inches of the friendly goal post all shots require +1 momentum. Heal rate 3 Or "paying your dues" Immediately take out friendly guild model (non-mascot) gain an extra use of any friendly guild legendary plays. Heal rate 2. (edited in fact if you just change this to the same wording as casket time instead of applying a take out that would work too) Essentially my point is pirates ransom and raise the stakes are essentially the same thing one with a worse heal rate
  10. Awesome! That's really rad gonna have fun with that!
  11. That's the thread I was talking about. And no idea either on how to quote different threads. But one thing you could do is if your playing a&g leave greede off the pitch and you wouldn't lose any influence and you could always have one with the taken out condition. With no influence loss.
  12. Memory doesn't qualify for the GIC I believe it was Tim that said that in another thread. Since abilities that give VP's can't be used with memory like Witness me! Etc. I sure hope I'm wrong but it was fairly clear. But that's a fun way to use Scalpel.
  13. Mystery box!

    Yea I got my first mystery box today and this is exactly what I got, with big league, plot cards, guildball pin, and brewer and mortician dice! Super happy!
  14. Mortician GIC Theory Thread

    Near death experience are we sure it just isn't enabling mort's to get both of the benefits for 1 cost? Because I cant see the use in healing moving and at the end of my activation clearing conditions for an additional MP.
  15. Union GIC Theory Thread

    I love most wanted but then again I'm a sucker for extra VP's. 2 with aplomb goals and a mascot kill to win with Trisket. I'll mainly be using most wanted for 70 percent of my games. Raise the stakes with the +1 initiative for heal 2. This one I'll prolly be using during Trisket's time to shine. I can see it's benefit but honestly it's not that great with the 2 heal. I can see this one working with a Trisket list just for that extra help with initiative. Pirates ransom with its 2 momentum if you lose initiative seems really good now with its 3 hp heal. Keeps you alive and helps you get back in the game. If this procs you get your momentum for making a kick and bonus time to make a shot on goal if your opponent doesn't kill the ball more. If pirates ransom procs once and you keep one of the momentum it's the same as raise the stakes. These two gic's I'm not sure about I reckon their about 50/50 with pirates ransom being selected more consistently because of the 3hp. It's a shame how I went from its useless to its the better one. Maybe I don't place enough value on winning initiative.