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  1. Yea sorry, Nykolae. Meant the second part of my sentence to be directed at Rahn, not you. My bad!
  2. Yea ditto! Not sure what your trying to ask here.
  3. Team Player:- Applies to the entire damage result, e.g. in the case of a wrap. Damage through Team Player can trigger Granite’s Between a Rock… If veteran Harmony is taken out, the opponent is considered to have inflicted the taken-out condition. Damage transferred by Team Player still causes Berserk to trigger. From the rules clarification section.
  4. Melos

    Vet Cinder "immediately"

    It does say you have to pick immediately. Either an attack, a kick, or 2 inch dodge. Berserk ability on Rage says that if it make a successful attack and damages the enemy he can make an additional attack without spending influence. I know Berserk let's you save that attack and since V Cinder's ability says immediately you could not move and attack if there's no enemy in your melee zone.
  5. Thank you for this amazing app! I've been using it since I discovered there were apps for Guildball! Great work! I love the seemless transition from front to back of the cards and all the other features. If you get time could you make the rulebook accessible from the base menu without having to go into making a game. Only thing I can think of that would improve your app!
  6. Melos

    Need advices for a tournament

    Yea your welcome mate! Another thing if you wanna go the killing route is make sure you know which models you wanna kill from each team. Ie picking the squishy ones instead of picking the easiest target. Mist is useless in a fight but his 2 inch melee isn't so when using him just have him hang out to provide crowd outs from a safe distance. Or if your opponent decides to kill the ball launch the Mist missle at them to retrieve it. Don't forget to bonus time your attacks too since your going to be drowning in momentum with a Vrage list. Don't forget to watch videos on YouTube on union v farmers/engineers/etc. And steal some ideas from them or learn what not to do. There's lots of videos!
  7. Melos

    Need advices for a tournament

    Another tip I can give is go read the Guilds that your having problems with forums. They ask for advice on how to counter specific models/guilds just like your doing and should allow you greater insight into defeating them.
  8. Melos

    Need advices for a tournament

    No probably not! Don't know why the forums were so quiet for ya. But alot of these were more likely discussed in other threads. Farmers I generally out soccer them. Thresher is scary if you can measure his max threat (MOV and melee) and stay out of it you'll stay alive for awhile until rage and Co can be set up. Fish well you should be able to out damage that team prioritize your kills like once you pop fear from Hag she goes down super easy. Crowd out gutter so she can't hit scything blow or keep her away with pushes. Engineers well I haven't found a good way to kill them with all the tough hide and reanimation. So I generally just play soccer against them while rage and another pick off the squishier models and getting the ball away and to Mist. I don't know how you feel influence wise but if your feeling starved for it I'd suggest grabbing Minx and switching her in from Decimate. Just because Minx gets work done on 0 influence and applies snare on every damaging attack which only makes it easier for Gutter to get her scything blow since Minx can dodge around the model to out of threat range from Gutter with back to the shadows. Just gotta be careful with your positioning with Benediction so you can get max effect from his aura and usefulness for Mist as a Solthecian.
  9. If an enemy model advances in to your melee zone you can activate it or hold onto it until another enemy model enters your melee zone. When you make the dodge that is when its used for the turn.
  10. Melos

    Negative HP

    Nah he'd take the 8 damage then after checking if the taken out condition is met he'd reanimate back to 3 hp. So any extra damage and conditions would simply stop existing.
  11. Melos

    An Issue with Morticians

    Home crowd is on the 2nd turn and every other turn the person who doesn't have initiate gains 1 Momentum. AF = as f-word. Because swearing isn't polite.
  12. Melos

    Charging and Engaging

    Interesting. I could have sworn I read it otherwise the 2 MP but I have been wrong before as I am this time. I'm glad your questions got answered for ya!
  13. Melos

    Charging and Engaging

    Well you may move up to 8 so you can charge 0-8 if you really wanted to. But it's mainly so you can't charge your target and move past them. I remember when I was first doing this Janky stuff with my furious models and my gaming group got mad because of the thought of charging someone and moving away/short seems counter intuitive. So the shortfalls of what your describing is the Harry player spent two MP to counter and defensive stance. And rage used furious to fail the charge because you didn't want to go through with it for reasons. Well it's a bonus for the Harry player because since the attack from the charge never happened he wouldn't be forced to spend his MP for the counter attack since there was no attack to counter. But he would still pay for defensive stance because a charge was declared. But that's just how I see it. Hopefully someone can clarify as I've been up far too long today
  14. Melos

    Charging and Engaging

    "Charges: Must be in a straight line.May result in a model charging 'past' the target, so long as the Charging model ends its Advance engaging the target the Charge is successful. Do not need to be 'towards' the target model if target model is out of range. I.E. Furious models may use this as a free Sprint as long as the Charge is still in a straight line and the charging model's activation is ended immediately if the Charge move ends without the Charge target in melee." quote from the collected clarifications thread. 1.) You could charge and just have it fail ending its activation immediately. And you don't have to charge at the nearest model you can pick any enemy model on the board as your target depending on Line of sight. And charge states that you may move upto max MOV. 2.) The charge would fail and the models activation would immediately end. 3.) The charge would fail and the models activation would immediately end. 4.) The charge would fail and the models activation would immediately end.
  15. Melos

    How did you choose your Guild?

    I saw a picture of Strongbox made up as Blastoise from pokemon and knew I had to have it as well. And since your going to own all the union eventually anyways I went Union. Plus Vet Rage looks so cool!