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  1. ObviouslyDexter

    Season 4: Expectations, Hopes and Wishlisting

    With shark and the new navigators guild both at 3-0 teams, I like the idea of corsair being our bruiser.
  2. ObviouslyDexter

    Model distribution needs to change

    As a new player, releasing 6 faction unrelated metal models in a combined box is a very big turn off. Especially when after we buy our first box and are told that the cool vet player comes in a box with 5 other dudes I'm never going to use. Please for the love of new players make these available in singles online. Its not cool to force players to buy models they do not intend to use or play with. Or change they proxy rules to be more flexible and not force players to use characters as is (fangtooth for vet fangtooth) for example. Or rage v rage. These boxes are making the game less accessible and it's not making me feel comfortable as a newbie.
  3. ObviouslyDexter

    The Navigator's Guild

    Go fishes go! I wonder if the navigators will be a controlly team. To navigate the pitch!
  4. ObviouslyDexter

    Where does vSiren fit in?

    Hey guys! As a new fish player I have all of the fishermen except for vSiren. I haven't heard anything really good about her post update. I feel like she got robbed of her role in a scrum with corsair. I realise her "dread gaze" is a good ability. But if you're playing into a team where it would be relevant (against another team that wants to smack you) wouldn't it just be easier to just shark it up? So with regards to corsair: I feel like vSiren just doesn't bring enough to the table. Where do you guys fit her into your matchups? Do you feel like she brings enough to the team to justify taking? Thanks in advance!
  5. Hey guys! I wanted to introduce the newest member of my fisherman team, Coralin the mermaid and protector of my goal. Let's see what you've come up with and use them to slip and slide past our enemies to victory! Cheers
  6. ObviouslyDexter

    Fisherman deployment tactics?

    Hey folks! I've been trying without success to find any information about deploying your models. What are the better ways to deploy your strikers, wingers, support pieces etc. Do you line up your dudes shoulder to shoulder and charge away or stay far apart? Does shark/corsair always get the middle deployment? If there is already an article written on this, I would love to give it a read! Thank you in advance!
  7. ObviouslyDexter

    Generic Token Set

    What I did was this: Pick the tokens you want from this website in 28mm, single sided, 1 inch, and print them on cardstock http://redsam.xyz/guildball/tokens/ Purchase about 2x as many as you think you need of Clear Epoxy Bottle Cap Stickers + a 1 inch hole cutter from your hobby store Then make your own! Easy, cheap, and I've done this with Infinity miniatures and Guildball. Works great.
  8. ObviouslyDexter

    Games play per week.

    Awesome, thank you! Do we need to add each other to a friends list of sorts, or is it just a big server browser? I'm free most of the day tomorrow if youve got some free time.
  9. ObviouslyDexter

    Games play per week.

    I've got the miniatures and know the basic rules having watched some plauthroughs on YouTube but have yet to play a game. I'd be down to play some vassal with ya if you don't mind being patient?
  10. ObviouslyDexter

    Shark and tentacles?

    See, my thinking was having Tentacles play defence and having Shark and Angel on super offence. Siren and Greyscales on ball retrieval and Sakana moving where I need him.
  11. ObviouslyDexter

    Shark and tentacles?

    Yeah, I know that Salt and Jac have a pretty sweet deal with the free movement and it would synergize pretty well in a team that likes to play football. Would tentacles work well in a backfield position and being a sidekick to Jac to be used as a Crowd Control duo? I can see how tentacles would really work well in a fighty list with Corsair, but without having to immediately go out and buy Corsair, Kraken, and Salt (to go with shark instead) am I really gimping myself by taking the squid over the otter in a shark list? Long term I have no doubt that I'll own all of the fishes
  12. ObviouslyDexter

    Shark and tentacles?

    Hey folks! So I picked up a handful of fishes over the Xmas break and have been looking over the forums. I've got the fisherman starter with shark, angel, and siren, as well as tentacles, greyscales, and Sakana. I realize I have a rather squishy team. I've noticed that jac and salt have a pretty nice combo deal and kraken and.. Siren have the armor deal. I've read that kraken isn't great generating 1 initiative and requiring a handful. How is tentacles in a shark list? Is jac a good pick in this list with tentacles or would kraken benefit more? I would rather not get a union player just yet as I'd like to stick with the theme of fisherman. Thanks in advance!