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  1. Nomad1

    Influence Generation and Cycling

    I quote you 100%………and what about low defence and no armor?
  2. Nomad1

    Shiny New Section

    Wow a fantastic section !!!!!! I like it very much………..i hope new spoiler about every day !
  3. Nomad1

    H: full Masons W: Butchers or money

    I can trade also for Alchemists, Hunters, Morticians, Engineers, Fishermen
  4. I have the full S3 Masons team (only built and without Granite) along with S2 tokens. - Honour- Hammer- Marble- Wrecker- Harmony- Brick- Mallet- Flint- Chisel- Tower- Harmony Vet Would prefer to trade for similar in full butchers (or for S2 butchers + money) Otherwise I consider the sale with 35% discount of the base price + postage I'm from Italy but I have no problems for shipping in europe Bye
  5. Hallo i'am Nomad1 from Italy and i chose Masons as my first crew to play this wonderful game Bye