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  1. Hemlocke for Hunters

    She just seems to fit better with Hunters.
  2. Share your paint jobs

    For stripping paint from minis, I have had good luck with Simple Green. Just soak then hit them with a tooth brush. Check your joints afterward though, sometimes it loosens super glue and other times it doesn't. BTW, minis look great!
  3. Skatha's snowball

    Thanks, I will have to give it another run (only one game with her and she was busy doing other things).
  4. Skatha's snowball

    I want to verify that I am reading this right. Skatha's snowball creates a Ball marker for one influence, but I still need to spend influence to pass it (a pass isn't built into the cost)? It doesn't seem terribly efficient for generating momentum or movement and more situational. Is there something I am missing? Thanks in advance.
  5. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    Trip and Tinker? Trip hammers are large mechanical strikers for large/heavy work and a tinkers hammer is for finer detail work. Pig iron and Damascus?
  6. Any guides to making momentum counters?

    For 'chemists maybe a table with little flasks/ protion bottles like at Michael's?
  7. Theron's Backstory

    Excellent conclusion! The wrap up and transformation was beautiful done.
  8. Any guides to making momentum counters?

    I will try to post a picture of the goal post that I made. It's basically what you were talking about but I used a 50mm base the cut heavy plasticard to fit inside, cut a doghouse door in the card (drill appropriate sized hole then cut to the edge) for the momentum then hand painted the numbers. I clear coated the numbers and also set the magnets so they left a small gap between base and card to minimize wear on the numbers. I then built my goal post on top of that. I think I for 15 numbers before I ran out of space.
  9. Enter The Blacksmiths...

    As to the hammer face, no you don't want it flat. You want it rounded. Flat has sharper edges that create creases and thus weak spots. One of the first things you do with a new hammer is spend a LOT of time rounding the edges. I spent a year as an apprentice armor Smith and the hammers are dead on, rounded and well worn, not pretty.
  10. Solthecian All-Stars Team [possible spoilers]

    I seem to remember something implying that Mist and Siren we either siblings or former lovers long ago (like beyond human lifespan) but I can't place where I ran across it.
  11. Theron's Backstory

    Great story so far, really captures the feeling of dispair. Looking forward to more.
  12. Guild Ball Manager a new Android App

    I've been trying to download this but both times it stays out during install. DLing to Android tablet, Ellipsis.
  13. Share your paint jobs

    Theron is looking VERY Rob Zombie. Just needs the cross carved into his forehead. Very cool.
  14. New Hunters

    Sorry, just got so excited that I missed seeing that. Thanks
  15. New Hunters

    Don't know if this has shown up on the boards before this but I just received the SF news letter and is contained this line " Prepare for icy debauchery & slick footwork—Guild Ball is going feral Friday, April 21! The Hunters have four new players skulking to the pitch, prepared to ball. But that's not the only big news for spring..." Looking for more info now.