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  1. Dandyman


    Looks like a trixy and more focussed take on condition manipulation as whilst I have a soft spot for Crucy she's hard work for middling pay off
  2. Dandyman

    Struggling with vKat

    He is a one trick pony but it's such a good trick he's worth preserving with Screening him with other players helps a bit, especially calc or merc as their Auras are free condition applys on non-2" melee until your ready to unleash him is how I play it Taking the odd parting blow isn't the end of the world if it opens a charge lane Just durdle him about till a good opportunity to get a Witness me take out presents itself, remember he can use MOM to heal himself if needed but that's kind of situational, even more so with the plan cards
  3. Dandyman

    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Gave Decimate a run out against Farmers, didn't 2nd Wind much but Decimate did a fine job of poking holes in that forker Harrow, admittedly Grange then squished her but figured was a fair trade, definitely felt I had more options than with Hat
  4. Dandyman

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    I was thinking a player that could change a Friendly AOE to another type would fun One that could squirt out fast/slow ground AOE might be fun also
  5. Dandyman

    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Gone back to my Alchemist team after my Fish morphed into a doing nothing team Is there any merit in considering Hemlocke in a Smoke only line up or does Decimates utility and finishing damage trump a 2nd cloud and Blind ? Currently running Harry but bar cheap Fire I'm just not feeling the Hat