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  1. Dandyman

    First Game with alchs against Navigators

    Fair point, I suspect Ocalc and Merc's new S4 playbook have lured me down the getting stuck in path,
  2. Dandyman

    First Game with alchs against Navigators

    A&G and I have never really got on, just can't seem to wrap my head around them, but I can see how their potent but slow punching prowess could pay off against a team that has to come into you,
  3. Dandyman

    First Game with alchs against Navigators

    I'd go Smoke, Naja, Ocalc, Merc, Venin, Crucible and just try to pour on the damage and try to hide the ball on Naja I really wouldn't bother with Compound, their strikers have positional tricks and kick ranges that render him almost useless
  4. Dandyman

    S4 – Alchemists vs Farmers

    I'm totally with Briar about OCalc, she just seems way more potent than VCalc in virtually every scenario and can dish out the hurt for very little influence which is handy against the Farmers who will be usually 2-3 influence ahead after turn 1
  5. Dandyman

    S4 - Alchemists vs Butchers

    Heed the wise words of TheCurkov Haven't played against Butchers yet but figure falling back to a pseudo season 3 long(ish) range MOM limiting hit and run style falling back goalwards to enable Compound to counter-thump and pick off low HP
  6. Dandyman

    Lamplighter crossover players speculation

    I'm with TheKing, suspect it'll be Mercy and Cruci, hopefully with a release/ltd alt Cruci model as she's a hens tooth to find as a single
  7. Dandyman

    Midas vs Smoke?

    He's passable but does tend to lock you into the 3-0 game whereas Smoke can adjust from 2-2 depending, agree with Moo he's the go to against Farmers, their large HP plus a protected Harrow makes Condition damage one heck of a slog
  8. Dandyman

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    That's the double kicker, V-Kat may be my favourite GB model
  9. Dandyman

    V-Katalyst in Season 4 ?

    For the most part Venin does everything V-Kat does but better, his raw output might be a shade lower but 4/1(2) is far more study than 2/1 with extra boxes The change to Witness Me is situational at best as he'll most likely give away equal MP post takeout Ground Pound is a trap as without a crowd out or two its shaky and then it hits your players and doesnt even generate Mom to assist in getting those you've just floored back up A Reactive Solution variant for extra net hits would go a long way
  10. Dandyman

    S4 Line ups

    Bit of both to be honest, Second Wind was handy early for Merc or Calc to run, bomb, retreat and then the consistent mom/damage on damaged targets mid to late Got a game in with Venin tonight and he's legit as a Decimate replacement, 4/2 is awfully tanky by Alky standards Tried Crucible, way simpler to get work done with her but she's very squishy so limiting retribution is going to be the thing, although maybe treating her as a thump magnet is the trick, taxing MP and limiting options might be enough to balance for the 2pts she'll likely give away
  11. Dandyman

    S4 Line ups

    Leaning towards the Smoke/Flask/Venin/oCalc/Mercury/oKat. core but really want to give Crucible some table time Haven't played any S4 yet and I already miss Decimate
  12. Dandyman


    Looks like a trixy and more focussed take on condition manipulation as whilst I have a soft spot for Crucy she's hard work for middling pay off
  13. Dandyman

    Struggling with vKat

    He is a one trick pony but it's such a good trick he's worth preserving with Screening him with other players helps a bit, especially calc or merc as their Auras are free condition applys on non-2" melee until your ready to unleash him is how I play it Taking the odd parting blow isn't the end of the world if it opens a charge lane Just durdle him about till a good opportunity to get a Witness me take out presents itself, remember he can use MOM to heal himself if needed but that's kind of situational, even more so with the plan cards
  14. Dandyman

    Looking tobeabetter Alchs player

    Gave Decimate a run out against Farmers, didn't 2nd Wind much but Decimate did a fine job of poking holes in that forker Harrow, admittedly Grange then squished her but figured was a fair trade, definitely felt I had more options than with Hat
  15. Dandyman

    What do we need from a minor guild?

    I was thinking a player that could change a Friendly AOE to another type would fun One that could squirt out fast/slow ground AOE might be fun also