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  1. JacctheInsomniac

    The Character Design for this Game is SO Good.

    No arguments about your likes, but I'm not really opposed to the Miner's whole shtick. I'm not a big fan of the sculpts but I think the players fit right into GB's world, and the Engineers contend with Alchemists for my second favorite team based on look. I can't say I like the look of the cooks either though, something about those hats.
  2. There's little arc to this post, but holy crap every so often I just sit there and stare at a particular model or art. The diversity of the roster is fantastic! From hardass captains both male and female, disabled, young, old, beautiful, grotesque, slim, fat, violent, pacifist and more. I think my single favorite character design has got to be Minx once she has her spear and I can honestly talk for hours about all of the Hunters' designs, but I have to give a soundoff to Hag, Lucky, and Esters for representing atypical archetypes. Who're your favorite models from a purely aesthetic/visual design perspective. Who do you dislike? Why?
  3. JacctheInsomniac

    It was Edge Austin! It was Edge all along!

    The pack strikes when the moment is right. We seized fourth place in the draft overall.
  4. JacctheInsomniac

    Speed buff in S4

    When a game is sped up, a greater emphasis is placed on snowballing off of early mistakes deciding games far earlier than they are actually over. It's a common trend in game design.
  5. JacctheInsomniac

    Up against the Alch

    You're absolutely right in this assessment.
  6. JacctheInsomniac

    Up against the Alch

    It looks to me like the Alchemist's small health pools will be a point to capitalize on. The Hunter's ranged damage could be dicey with their high defenses, but once you hit snare, they're gonna have a hard time keeping their players alive. I'd try and take the models who can soften them from range while keeping an eye on the ball (Egret) in the early turns, then someone like Hearne or Jaecar to seal their fate.
  7. JacctheInsomniac

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    That's more or less what I thought anyway, but I can't seem to figure Theron himself out. My opponent tends to be a Mason player, and Theron can't ever get on top of Honour because she poised dodges away, and he just does 0 damage to Hammer. So most games he just spends dying. In fact, in most cases it feels like Tough Hide is just THE answer to all of our takeout potential. Especially with Harriers being so finnicky for setup.
  8. JacctheInsomniac

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    Is Chaska just a target for Blessing then? Or does he also take his full stack? How do you avoid overextending with a model like Minnerva. I feel like once you lose her setup, a lot of your damage potential goes out of the window. And against brawlier teams like Butchers, I'm afraid that piling into Seenah can quickly kill off your teams ability to close in for the kill if you've put too many eggs in that basket. Does Skatha have a place to try and get her team into combat from outside of retaliation range? Or does she do too little once the lines clash?
  9. JacctheInsomniac

    Thoughts on Playing for Takeouts?

    So by my own estimations, Hunters are now properly capable of a pretty scary takeout game. So I figured I'd source everyone's ideas as to how to approach this team, mostly in general terms of lineups, matchups, and strategies. On one hand, I know it's counterproductive to plan your strategy in a vacuum, some matchups you'll need to aim for that 3-0 or 2-2 gameplan. But nothing is as satisfying in Guild Ball to me as to start watching models be taken off my opponent's side of the table. Other than that the things I struggle with game to game seem to be a matter of moment to moment decision making, which isn't as easy to gauge out of game. Also, at the moment my 12 looks something like this. Theron - Skatha - Fahad - Egret - Jaecar - oHearne - Mataagi - Zarola - Chaska - Seenah - Minnerva - vMinx (Leaving Out Snow, Ulfr, & vHearne)
  10. JacctheInsomniac

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    Not weird for historical Europe and Europe analogs.
  11. JacctheInsomniac

    The Engineers Minor are the Miner Guild.

    I like them as a compliment to the Engineers, gives them a nice worldbuilding component and helps broaden the scope of the Engineer's ambitions. Especially with so many being disabled due to their work. You can almost fill in a bit of Ballista's motivation by imagining the grueling work they do and the tolls it takes on their bodies. Stilll, what an unfortunate name for their captain, I wonder if SF would consider renaming. The dick jokes are already getting old.
  12. JacctheInsomniac

    S4 butchers.

    Hey come on now dude. Sometimes they get 1 rd'd by a butcher with 3 influence, or 1 influence.
  13. JacctheInsomniac

    Free Cities Draft Poll

    Also remember that the Morticians are looking at Edge, as well as Layne. My guess is Layne will be taken before it gets to them and Edge will be their pick. If Hunters can get ahead we can take Edge from the Morts and probably get a good nod to it in the fluff that comes after. I for one am sick of being stepped on by Obulus's shenanigans, let's show them what happens when they poke the bear.
  14. JacctheInsomniac

    S4 Hunters finally revealed!

    I can understand the decision to leave Jaecar, he's a model you can't commit unless everything is favorable to him. Otherwise he dies easily on the crackback and doesn't get you any real advantage. He was an auto include when there were no good Hunter models, but now that almost everyone is good I can see why he's not. I think he'll still be making my lists in any case.
  15. JacctheInsomniac

    Season 4: rebalance of Spooks

    You're 110% right, I barely noticed that old Cosset was a TAC 4 model before Crazy. Been a while since I played my spooks. I'm still gonna lament the loss of the 1 TAC because it feels like a big deal with how many 2 arm models I find myself up against. Especially when she always generates the MP to heal herself. She definitely does what she's always done better than ever, but now there's still the scene in the story where she bites out a chunk of her own arm that no longer makes sense. Would a TAC 5 Cosset with Crazy reeeaaaaaaaaallllllly be so bad?