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  1. JacctheInsomniac


    She feels like she punishes you for putting conditions out onto the alchemists by not only clearing them for free, but gaining a benefit out of them.
  2. JacctheInsomniac

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Usually I just summarize to say her input/output ratio is off. She needs too much setup and offers too little payoff, especially when compared to the other guilds' Furious models, but the math always helps.
  3. JacctheInsomniac

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Honestly, I think ALL guilds deserve substantial buffs, but the Hunter's are starting to feel like a strong team, and it is a bit worrying because as mentioned the only models who've really been addressed are Theron and Hearne while the bulk of the team still sits in this place where you're really not excited to ever take them. It's hard to buff them without then seeing how those buffs would make the guild the top-tier, but then to address that I think we'd need to buff the other guilds, which I'm all for but I haven't played them as much to understand their weaknesses so I just sortof have to adsorb which models aren't really used and suggest they be buffed, which is also a delicate balance because if they perform their role better than other models then you've just upped the power without upping the choices and plenty of other pitfalls. I guess that's more a conversation about balance as a whole rather than Hunters but shrug
  4. JacctheInsomniac


    I think this would fit much better within GB's framework, additionally I like the idea of using the entire deck. As much as it will never really come up, the "when you run out, shuffle and reuse," rule always felt weird. In addition to making that more rare, it also allows players to know what cards the opponent has, but because they will almost always have options throughout the game it means they're rarely able to know what cards the opponent will play because the opponent will never have to play a particular card. If you're not using the last few cards of the ones you have it's probably because they're the least useful, and by the time you get to your last turns, it's really crappy to have to use the least useful cards. I still personally prefer the GIC cards in concept because they have more potential to feel like a 7th model to your team but they just varied too wildly in power level.
  5. JacctheInsomniac

    Resin Hunters

    I think the tusks just make the overall pose just look weird.
  6. JacctheInsomniac

    Resin Hunters

    Yea not really a fan of these sculpts but I don't dislike them all that much. I think I'll pick them up for the terrain and a second chance to paint the Hunters and see how far I've come. Maybe I should also pick up the metal hunters again just in the case I find myself and my developed skills wanting to paint the original sculpts again. In fact I should also pick up a second second copy of the metal Hunters to eventually get professionally commissioned just to make sure I have some decorations for my workstation. Oh, and I should do that for all my other guilds before I can't get the metals anymore. Shut up, I don't have a problem. You have a problem.
  7. JacctheInsomniac

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    I really like this post and explanation, and while I don't have much to contribute I just wanted to mention Seenah for being the literal opposite. A 0/2 INf who needs 2 influence to do her thing means she's passively depriving you of a functional 4 influence/Turn. That's like, passive.... Non-Value?
  8. JacctheInsomniac

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    I wasn't really making an argument that no strong/weak guilds exist, but that it's difficult to determine when/how a guild is strong or weak because the conversation about that usually takes place outside of important contexts like the lists one is running, the regular opponents and lists one is facing, and most importantly, the decisions being made during gameplay. I think there's a strong case to be made that many guilds are stronger or weaker than others, and I also think that the idea of perfect balance vs egregious imbalance is a bit of a strawman in the game design balance discussion.
  9. JacctheInsomniac

    "Guilds" aren't strong or weak.

    So this is just a thought I'm having right now, but I think the conversation about Guild Balance might not be carried out in a way or fashion that's resoundingly helpful or elucidating. So the argument tends to go that; "Guild X is weak because YZ." While the position is perfectly valid to be made and defended, I think it's only helpful in broader contexts, like comparing the lists one guild is capable of making to the lists another is, and nearly useless for when models hit the table. The difference between a Guild's 6, even within the same guild provide such a different play experience and set of strengths/weaknesses. A Hunter team that's attempting to nab takeouts at range, functions with very different goals to a melee takeout team that wants to enable the bear, which functions very differently to a buff and score focused team that wants to keep the ball in play. And all of these teams function very differently based on the opposing team's strategy they're trying to play around. Again, speaking from a Hunter's perspective I've had takeout success into low HP teams like Morticians, while I still struggle to do the same into high ARM teams like Masons. Once you factor in the different lineups, different opponents, different strategies, and different decisions in drafts and in game it starts to become an exercise in futility to try and say X model is objectively weak or strong. Context changes the conversation. With that said, I still think it's valuable to talk about this kind of balance, but even moreso to contextualize such a conversation effectively. (E.G. Shank's 2/3 INF cap keeps him from feeling like he can accomplish anything of consequence, Stave's 2-0 defenses make him a momentum battery for the opposing team, vGraves back of card is a trap, etc etc etc.)
  10. JacctheInsomniac

    I hate fan based guilds, but....

    I love fan guilds, seeing other people's ideas for mechanics and players is awesome!
  11. JacctheInsomniac

    Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    10 - Theron - Skatha - Fahad - oHearne - Jaecar - Zarola - Egret - Mataagi - Minnerva - vMinx != 10 - Chaska, vHearne, Ulfr, Seenah, Snow I need to give more tabletime to Snow to really feel if she's worth it. I think Chaska fights with Egret, but I've always found him too fragile and dicey to rely on. Definitely want to get some games in with him though. Ulfr is just Where'd They Go with a mov and kick. vHearne, the QuadBox dream is the only reason I see for taking him. Seenah is just bad. She costs too much and does too little. You're better off using other damage dealers who don't deprive your team of 4 Inf/Turn before you invest any setup like Harrier.
  12. JacctheInsomniac

    Mascot Time! Frelsi

    The Crow moves faster than the Eagle. I am upset. Also, not that she needed it, but it's a real missed opportunity not to give her Siren's Beautiful Trait. Otherwise, seems pretty par for the course as far as mascots go.
  13. JacctheInsomniac

    When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    I think Mataagi's 8" Kick is a red herring, as is his Harrier. He really doesn't want to be spending influence playing the ball, or support game and relies on other setup too much to reliably tackle at range. He won't be generating heaps of momentum, but sticking models to bleed them out at range is why you take him. He's gonna be my workhorse into Masons, Blacksmiths, and Morticians and other teams that rely on low Def/High Arm or low HP models. You need to kill something inside a Counter-Charge bubble? Unpredictable Movement? Chase Down someone with WTG or Shadowlike? I wanna experiment with him and Egret to deal with high HP Tough Hide teams. Ultimately I don't care if Mataagi makes anyones list, he'll make all of mine and I'm gonna be playing Mataagi with Egret and Theron until Steamforged says I can't anymore because goddamned archers man!
  14. JacctheInsomniac

    Possibly tweeks in S4

    Can you imagine Egret with Hunter's Prey I think Zarola's Chain Bolas should get a playbook trigger and then you could experiment with giving Egret an 8" target enemy model suffers 2DMG + Snared? There's a lot you can do with Egret and I really hope she gets something to make her a stronger force on the team.
  15. JacctheInsomniac

    Best "Killy" Teams?

    Falconers its starting to look like! I'd say Brewers, Union, Farmers or Masons. All have access to tooled up and other damage buffs and are very adaptable with options to flex into goal-scoring.