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  1. Suggestion: Thematic Tweaks to Stagger and Gut & String

    I think I've made the point before, but I'll try to shorten it as I make it again for clarity. I liked that G&S existed on Shark, the NPE of G&S + CITN was undoubtedly too powerful. Having that play allowed him to fall back on something when dice weren't on his side, or the ball killing was too strong. It was also more central to his character as it came up most of his activations while his legendary was once per game. I think they should've found a way to remove the back-breaking team-wide timewalk, but kept Shark's ability to cripple an individual model's movement. Especially cause this involves some measure of risk. I.E. He can miss the attack, or be in a vulnerable state for retaliation. This could've been done through some mix of applying Snared through his legendary or character play, or reducing the Mov debuff that either provide. If the change was strictly to reduce his objective power level, then I think that hitting his versatility was the wrong way to go, as the Fish already struggle with an often unsatisfyingly binary gameplan.
  2. Ulfr

    Ulfr is just a vessel for Where'd They Go, so you can get through melee zones, around Counter-Charges, and into UM models. Otherwise, count on everything he does being overcosted or underwhelming.
  3. Cats are better than dogs

    As much as it pains me to agree, yes, I can't find a reason to play Snow when Fahad just gets so much done without taking any Influence. Wait....
  4. Escalation league kit and 'Lucky'

    Welp... that was an uneventful spoiler. I mean, don't get me wrong I don't have a problem with it, Mov is fine, Playbook is par for the course, Def+Arm is average, even the Kick stat emphasizes... "he can do it fine but that's not his role." Now I'm reallllllly interested in those Plays and Traits
  5. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I've found Seenah a liability in nearly every game I take her into. She deprives you of too much influence while providing meager rewards for the cost and setup required of her, and your opponent has an easy time generating an MP advantage off of her.
  6. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I still find Theron best as a battery actually. His T1 potential got a huge shot in the arm, but he's in relatively the same spot after that, he can just do his job now. My typical team and allocation goes like this. Theron - 2 Fahad - 0 Chaska - 4 Egret - 0 Hearne - 2 Jaecar - 4 Jaecar is okay not taking any on the turns where he can't, or his targets are suboptimal. 2 on Egret and 2 more on Theron is a sweet spot, but I always find a use for a full stack on Chaska. Even just splitting four between Chaska and Egret (for her Flurry and literally nothing else). Whatever the case, the team is hugely more adaptable thanks to the Blessing changes.
  7. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I've already pointed this out. The nerfs won't impact his core gameplan, and unlocking his playbook was just something G&S did, but it wasn't something that Shark particularly cared about because his playbook isn't that good and a Def debuff doesn't make it better. G&S made him more adaptable. Stagger doesn't influence his decision making at all, because neither he, nor the rest of the Fish care or can capitalize on a defense debuff. This change takes away one of Shark's options and replaces it with something that is boring, binary and bad.
  8. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    Maybe I haven't made my points clear up to this point. The nerfs for Shark do not feel as heavy handed as the nerfs to Siren, and the Alchs. They feel like they won't impact his core gameplan, and they seem like they're trying to address the NPE of Caught in the Net + G&S timewalking your entire team. However their solution seems, not only boring, but like it hamstrings Shark's fallback options. Gut and String is an impactful play that can allow him access to the more powerful parts of his not very powerful playbook, and cover his retreat if things go wrong and leave him out of position. It also lets him attack and nullify problem enemies before they've reached the scrum, and it was thematic on top of all that. Stagger is a worse Gut and String, Hooked, KD, and Snared. Stagger is bad, and it doesn't even become good when you factor in playbooks. Stagger is a boring play, it's not thematic, and doesn't provide anything beyond the -1 Def, which as old Theron has taught us, cannot make a bad playboook good. The risk associated with G&S, getting within 2" of a model you may not want to be within 2" of, should justify the ability's strength. And yes, perhaps Gut and String is too good, way too good. What about applying a snare through the playbook, just like Blood. Or just a lighter movement debuff, in tandem with a lighter debuff on his Legendary? Or what if it just couldn't stack with his Legendary? Just like vRage's My Gang? I don't see why the only non-Hunter guilds who can Snare are Union and Alchemists because it makes sense on neither of those guilds, but it DOES make sense in Fishers. It would at least preserve the multiple functions of G&S without being such a huge downgrade. His Legendary is still an unconditional -4"/-4" and still problematic for team's like the Brewers, who will be getting 0" jogs want to be clumped up in any event. Snared at the very least gives your opponent the ability to clear it and presents some unique strengths by sticking around if they don't. The values and effects could have been played around with, without needing to create another bad play that clogs up space on another model's card. And I dunno if I've made this clear, but I do not play the Fish. I have played Shark all of 1 time in an intro game. These changes do not affect me, so I have nothing to say or care for about power level. What I care about is interesting gameplay. Shark may've been too strong, but now he's even more binary than before, with even less decisions to be made and less options to fall back on. He can only be powerful if there are goals to be scored and if he's the goal scorer. Shark shouldn't be made into a kill model, but I think anything that makes him less binary and more adaptable is a good thing, because it allows the problematic elements of his kit to be dialed back and power to be shifted within his kit rather than just cut. (Edit: I resent you all for not liking my caught in the net pun and I'm gonna go sulk about it.)
  9. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    I was in the boat of "Why choose oHearne?" before the change, but I now pretty much agree that vHearne is in a bad spot. He can stack Last Light and Blessing on Chaska, brings an extra Inf, and has a low(er) Momentous KD. His snare movement shenanigans are just that. Shenanigans, and while Theron's forest placement is still cripplingly restrictive, Hearne's teleport is now tied to a much more threatening model. I still think it's hard to take oHearne into a Skatha lineup, and he still doesn't play nice with Seenah. (It doesn't look as cut and dry as it does when I began writing this actually, which is good) I think it comes down to the composition of their playbooks, they're just too similar. One Hearne seems like it's always going to be edging out the other.
  10. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    Both. (edit, although yes my biggest problem by a margin is that it's boring) Sun Strike is functionally identical to its previous incarnation unless you invest a minimum of 5 Influence into Theron or Chaska. The rewards, at their best, are meager and contingent upon the buffs to Blessing of the Sun Father in order to pull any weight. Marked Target, Blind, and Tooled Up are examples of effects and risks valued at 1 Influence. Sun Strike, in addition to being inefficient and unreliable, clogs up space on Theron's card for a stronger and more interesting effect. Effects that come to mind include Butchery, Weak Point, Marked Target, the range extension of Good-Marker, the Tac Debuff of Blind, Crucible's MP tax, or Strongbox's extra MP from TO's. Those are just off of the top of my head that debuff his target, there's more design space in abilities to support his allies. I'd dare to call Theron good now, but again, this has nothing to do with Sun Strike, the ability may be better than it's ever been, but it's still way too far below par to feel remotely good about using it.
  11. Blessing of the Sun Father

  12. 5 Things Less Ridiculous than Stagger.

    I don't like this and I resent you for suggesting it. I think you would catch a net negative benefit with this change.
  13. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    It wasn't intended to be an argument, it was meant to be a mildly amusing gloat appended to another unrelated post. The edit summarizes to "I played a game. Snipe and Blessing are good, Sun Strike is bad." The why's aren't really worth elucidating any further in their own post, as all the points there are to make have been made prior.
  14. Theron and Hearne Both Buffed in New Errata

    That was an optimal situation where it failed to perform effectively. Average scenarios involve Def 3 and 4 models, meaning the common payoff for 5 INF's worth of Sun Strike + Snap Fires is 1-3 Damage, and 1-3 MP. This is also a play that can only be used to target a non-tough hide model, further reducing its reliability. For a 5 Influence play, those are beyond sub-optimal rewards. Sun Strike does not make Snap Fire good. Snap Fire does not make Sun Strike good.
  15. Koh - The Wildfire Though the sun sat high above, the crisp chill of winter bit through Theron’s garb as he intently watched a player navigate the game. An archer by the name of Koh. Koh displayed an excellent situational awareness, but played the part of captain to the initiates poorly. Rather than coordinate his team he’d immediately taken to attacking two centerline players in tandem with the the enormous falcon, and Herald of the Sun Father, called Napi. The Butcher captain, Carver, was keen to exploit the weakness in Koh’s formation to secure the first and, thus far, only goal. Pressing their advantage they managed to bring down two of the more fragile Hunters, whose lines began to fall like a wound being ripped open. From what Theron had heard Carver was being groomed as a replacement for the Butcher’s lost striker; he would be an adversary to watch closely. Though the Hunters were able to regroup and ready the ball for a return goal Carver was already marshalling his team, preparing to finish them off. The Butcher initiates were as ruthless and brutally drilled as full fledged players, without someone to rally the Hunter’s movements they would be hopelessly outmatched. Koh, indifferent to his falling team, released a barbed arrow that struck his target’s leg while he was preoccupied fending off Napi’s talons. The skewered leg gave out beneath him creating an opening for Napi to rake her talons across his face. Under the weight of his mounting wounds, feral gashes and crippling arrows, he crumpled into the icy ground. In truth, Koh’s unparalleled taste for violence was troubling. Few would deny that he had been touched by the Moon Goddess, an inescapable result of long and dark winters beneath her grasp. The Champion thought bitterly to the man he had been before meeting the Scion and wondered if it might be too late for Koh... it looked grim. This cruelty was all that he’d ever known. Arrow and talon tearing through flesh, scarlett spilled amidst snows. He wasn’t born to the favour of the Sun’s light, rather he was meant to die as a babe, clinging to his mother's frozen breast. He let his hatred keep him warm and burn away the call of the Moon Goddess. Still, Theron couldn’t understand why the Sun Father had seen fit to send his herald to Koh. This was not the Sun Father’s way. He was a capable hunter, but he was never taught to nurture, to provide, or to protect. Inside summer’s embrace Koh's anger would devour him, like a flame through the forest. Theron’s thoughts returned at once as the Butcher formation smashed into the Hunters and what remained of the game erupted into a tangle of screeching blades, and broken limbs. For their part, the Hunter initiates put up a hard fight. Immediately abandoning any pretense at playing for the ball due to the sudden mixture of snows and blood that clung to the combatants’ clothes, dispelling any notion of control. For a brief moment amidst the chaos Theron could make out Carver’s hoarse bellow, followed shortly by a sickening crunch and seemingly at once, the violence began to ebb. The blaring horn of the game’s end resonated discordantly with the eerie quiet of the scene that unfolded. All voices had fallen silent, stilled at the sight of a striker’s skull caved in by Carver’s bludgeon. Before the horn had even begun to die, Carver’s hands shot to his neck, blood seeped through his fingers and he collapsed to the ground with a pained gurgle. An arrow stuck cleanly through his throat, and yet more blood began to pour from the wound that only widened as his red hands clawed at its shaft, desperately trying to draw breath. No one but Theron saw the moment Koh had loosed the arrow, or seen the intent behind his eyes; not to claim a victory but to murder the victor. Theron shook his head as the surviving initiates returned. This was not how a training match was supposed to end, the Hunter’s Guild would have to be prepared to weather the Butchers’ retaliation. “Koh,” Theron addressed the rookie quietly, stopping him while the other initiates trudged on. “The game was already over," Theron's stare said all that was needed, there was no point in lying to the Sun's Champion. Koh took an uneven breath, trembling with rage, "He killed our sister.” “The weak exist to feed the strong, that is our way. That is how the strong survive,” Theron dismissively repeated the lesson, nearly a mantra. Despite the final tone of Theron's reply Koh lashed back, "If the strong are only capable of preying on the weak then what is it that makes them strong?!" Koh’s volatile stare demanded an answer. A mixture of fear and contempt tinged his irregular breaths. Threats of violence lingered in his reddish brown eyes, though the tears forming within betrayed him. He looked, Theron noticed, like wounded prey. Afraid, and alone. Theron met his gaze, and gave no ground. As Koh sunk away, returning to the other rookies, Napi perched beside the Champion and inquisitively cocked her head. Theron was beginning to understand. Though he was far from the Sun’s light, there was something within Koh's voice that Theron had misjudged. A determination to carve out his place at the Sun Father’s side, and a yearning that had been warped beyond recognition by painful winters. Undoubtedly Koh’s hatred would consume him in time, but sometimes a wildfire is what the sick forest needs to be reborn.