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  1. Brewers Player Summaries

    Critically, don't forget Shadowlike. In linear Goal Runs it's an extra 2"/2" MOV, but it also allows her to move into Unpredictable Movement, through Counter-Charge, and escape troubling melee zones, even while starting her turn Knocked Down, and without having to roll the dice. Shadowlike is what pushes Friday over the edge imo.
  2. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    This makes me all happy inside.
  3. Falconers pics

    Not to mention she's our Striker... also is it weird that the forest animals; Fahad and Seenah are hindered by the forest? I think that's weird.
  4. Is Guild Ball a tournament game or a casual game?

    Guild Ball was/is my first miniatures game, and I still can't wrap my brain around trying to paint hundreds of minis of the exact same model to create an army the way others do. While I was getting into the game it felt a lot more casual than it does now. It's fun as hell to assemble and paint the models. Stand them beside each other, place them on the table and move them around, but I think the ability to deliver on a fantasy comes secondary to the tight mechanical play in GB and that's a little disheartening to me when I realize all the ephemeral concepts I don't fully grasp the importance of, positioning, momentum generation, influence allocation, sacrificing models, picking targets, surviving crackback... it all kinda takes the fantasy out of the mechanics to me. Especially when the mechanics suck. Hello 5/7 Mov on a "fast" model. After moving away from my regular opponent, I haven't played in a while, and the few games I have have been very casually with my brother, we've settled into 1 Captain, 3 Models and I've found the games to be much less stressful and more enjoyable that way. The art, sculpts, and stories are phenomenal and the guilds are to date some of the most unique and cohesive factions I've seen in all of gaming. (Within my own stylistic preferences), so I certainly don't regret buying into the game as hard as I did, they're a nice conversation piece on the workdesk. I've searched about other minis games, to see if maybe collecting/painting is my calling, but I find very few that have a stylistic appeal to me. 'Cept for the Dark Souls board game but that's just unfair because that was already my favorite game. *grumbles about the darkroot expansion* So I guess the moral is to find your fun.
  5. Morticians post rat catchers

    Indisputable, but he's also dead. Also he brings 1 less influence which hurts.
  6. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    Speaking of, again I really hope there's some kind of chance to pick up the unused sculpts in the future. I know it's more than a little unlikely but each of them were gorgeous. I'm also still tryna figure out what I'm supposed to do with all the spare models... you don't need a new guild you don't need a new guild you don't need a new guild
  7. Morticians post rat catchers

    Maybe it could become a Heroic play and have a stipulation that the additional pass doesn't generate MP? In any case, it might just be my inexperience, but Cosset and Pelage sound awesome together. Would a 1-4 or 0-6 gameplan become achievable? I'm thinking the following lineup. Scalpel - Dirge - oGraves - BP&M - Cosset - Pelage
  8. Darn SJW's *shakes fist*

    https://store.steamforged.com/collections/guild-ball/products/the-exiles-new-alliances The new Alliances box is ALL WOMEN!!! REEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! How DARE they patronize their consumer base by providing them a unique and interesting cast of characters who deviate meaningfully from norms to fill interesting design spaces among aesthetic fantasies! GRRR!!! I wish SFG would quit pandering to the overly sensitive hordes of ESS JAY DUBYAHS!!! It's probably because there are hordes of snowflakes who get offended at the merest thing. Such as representation of a demographic which doesn't align with their worldview! My women friends who totally exist feel infantilized by this shoehorned representation which only exist to tick diversity boxes! Don't they know that women have naturally less upper body strength and thus are ill suited to the sport of Guild Ball! (Disregard the practicality of scythes, wooden robots, magic, and the egregious amount of dangling blades each of the butchers carry) *shakes fist impotently* But actually SF, this is awesome and I wanted to thank you. A greater diversity of stories is always welcome, and whether that variety is an accident or a conscious awareness of tropes and trends to avoid is beyond the point. My daughter was born 10 months ago and I'm hoping that by the time she's old enough to begin identifying with fictional characters she'll be able to find herself reflected in any archetype she wishes. Also more pretty women are always welcome.
  9. Zarola fluff question

    I could see it as her bastardizing the symbol, she's a pretty fervent Moon Child after all. But there was some allusion that the Sun Father and Solthecius were, "not as different as you might think." *shakes fist at Sherwin*
  10. Falconers pics

    They were in the same spot as Pelage and Scourge who are the Morts/Rat players so I'm hoping. Mostly cause the Hunters need good archers and Owl-Girl is cute. Edit: Shit wait, it's Skulk and Pelage, meaning they might not be NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!
  11. Falconers pics

    I thought Minnerva and Mataagi were the Hunter-Falconer players?
  12. How do you stop a Mexican standoff between two bruising teams?

    I've nothing meaningful to contribute, but from the Forum home the thread gets cut off at, "How do you stop a Mexican." Which paints a fun mental image of like, three Mexican dudes named tearing up tournament after tournament such that it warrants the thread.
  13. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    On that topic, I'm actually super worried about losing regular Minx. She's one of the funnest models the Hunter's have, and her threat range with Skatha is just absurd. Nailing someone from 13+" away and then dodging 9" to the other side of them is something to behold, and when the Falconers come out I'm gonna lose the ability to pull that off. It wouldn't make sense for them to re-create oMinx with vMinx. Especially cause she looks to be a 2" melee model which I'd doubt they'd give her in tandem with the threat range and damage potential of oMinx, so I'm really hoping she brings something comparably satisfying to the table, and for the love of the Sun Father keep her above a 5/7 Mov!
  14. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    I find Midas exceptionally boring (flavor-wise) but quite strong. A push-dodge on 2, and unpredictable movement means he's harder to tie down, but if he gets caught in 2" melee zones like Corsair's, he can spend an MP, that he likely saved from Showboating, to dodge out and then advance with a full 6 Influence. He performs smoothly with only the first two columns of his playbook so he never needs to rely on spiking dice, but when they do his playbook is gold. Midas touch is guaranteed hits, and Lure of Gold is the same range but guaranteed also has a playbook trigger so he has a chance to get it cheap, the entire team has jogs longer than 4", albeit with the towards restriction. His Legendary exists and is boring. Skatha's is cooler. I've tried using Skatha to support a kill list and get them to their targets faster, but she does so little once the team's targets have been reached. I've tried her in a scoring list and while she has more success she's just blatantly not fun to play. I initially put it on me disliking scoring in general, but I played Shark Fishermen on a few occasions and had a blast. It's definitely all on Skatha.
  15. We need to talk about...the Herald's of Winter's Moon

    I'm really becoming less and less a fan of the Jacc of All Trades thing over time. I mean, if Ulfr/Skatha didn't have their M2 in the middle of their playbooks they'd (almost) be pure strikers. So how much space in their striking power budget is that M2 taking up? On paper it sounds good to be able to pivot into dealing damage, but by its lonesome a M2 is poised to accomplish largely nothing unless you have redundant layering effects that make it more reachable, and impactful.