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  1. Constructing your new Hunter 10.

    10 - Theron - Skatha - Fahad - oHearne - Jaecar - Zarola - Egret - Mataagi - Minnerva - vMinx != 10 - Chaska, vHearne, Ulfr, Seenah, Snow I need to give more tabletime to Snow to really feel if she's worth it. I think Chaska fights with Egret, but I've always found him too fragile and dicey to rely on. Definitely want to get some games in with him though. Ulfr is just Where'd They Go with a mov and kick. vHearne, the QuadBox dream is the only reason I see for taking him. Seenah is just bad. She costs too much and does too little. You're better off using other damage dealers who don't deprive your team of 4 Inf/Turn before you invest any setup like Harrier.
  2. Mascot Time! Frelsi

    The Crow moves faster than the Eagle. I am upset. Also, not that she needed it, but it's a real missed opportunity not to give her Siren's Beautiful Trait. Otherwise, seems pretty par for the course as far as mascots go.
  3. When do we take Mataagi over Minerva?

    I think Mataagi's 8" Kick is a red herring, as is his Harrier. He really doesn't want to be spending influence playing the ball, or support game and relies on other setup too much to reliably tackle at range. He won't be generating heaps of momentum, but sticking models to bleed them out at range is why you take him. He's gonna be my workhorse into Masons, Blacksmiths, and Morticians and other teams that rely on low Def/High Arm or low HP models. You need to kill something inside a Counter-Charge bubble? Unpredictable Movement? Chase Down someone with WTG or Shadowlike? I wanna experiment with him and Egret to deal with high HP Tough Hide teams. Ultimately I don't care if Mataagi makes anyones list, he'll make all of mine and I'm gonna be playing Mataagi with Egret and Theron until Steamforged says I can't anymore because goddamned archers man!
  4. Possibly tweeks in S4

    Can you imagine Egret with Hunter's Prey I think Zarola's Chain Bolas should get a playbook trigger and then you could experiment with giving Egret an 8" target enemy model suffers 2DMG + Snared? There's a lot you can do with Egret and I really hope she gets something to make her a stronger force on the team.
  5. Best "Killy" Teams?

    Falconers its starting to look like! I'd say Brewers, Union, Farmers or Masons. All have access to tooled up and other damage buffs and are very adaptable with options to flex into goal-scoring.
  6. The Captain: Devana

    That's why I homed in on "potential." Granted, Devana looks pretty easy to set up, considering she can reposition Frelsi, Harriers, and attack from 6" away, it really looks like she can have free reign over the battlefield, taking down models who would otherwise be protected inside Counter-Charge bubbles, unpredictable and by counter-attacks. I think the hardest part would be figuring out when to pull the trigger. Assist is on its own a HUGE damage amp, and it might not be necessary to eat the Harrier AOE's to get a kill considering you have momentous 3DMG on 1 Hit, 4 times makes 12 damage. You can also apply snared, for an extra 3 damage and snared, making it more likely for you to land that 4. 15 damage in a turn with only a Harrier AOE for setup and no Death from Above. It might even be worth keeping 2-3 influence on her and just having the last attack be Death from Above to cap off the turn, while the rest of her team uses the rest of the influence. She's really exciting.
  7. The Captain: Devana

    Fillet is still the uncontested queen of Damage "Potential." Her ability to AOE Bleed, even if she's just hitting 2 Targets, is 12 Damage that can't be reduced just by hitting bleed and dropping her legendary. That's before any other bloody shenanigans like attacks.
  8. The Captain: Devana

    Is there any Falconer lore yet? Really interested to see how they relate to the Sun Father/Moon Goddess worship in the Hunter's Guild. Wouldn't be surprised to find they all hate each other for some reason.
  9. The Captain: Devana

    HOLY SHIT So I love the Hunters, I love their look, I love that I painted them myself and Theron's model is still one of my favorites..... but HOLY SHIT.... I might...... have a new main guild...
  10. Season 4

    I hope Vetcimate doesn't get nerfed because I don't play Brewers and want a chance to play her first.
  11. Possibly tweeks in S4

    With the kill pressure the Falconers offer, I'm down to wanting mostly qol buffs which I think are on par with what every other guild also deserves to their underperforming models. Skatha - Now when I say qol I'm mostly meaning Skatha because she is absolutely miserable to play. 4" Range on her blessing, 6" Range on her Kick. Does she really need to be a 5/7 mov?! 1" Melee w/ Tac 5, 5-0 Def, 14hp, Tackle on 2 Hits. Influence HUNGRY. Opponents can use your fast-ground against you and because her kit is pre-emptively nerfed around it, she doesn't gain a real benefit from native fast-ground unlike Fillet, Shark, Pin Vice or other speedy mcspeedster captains. Skatha feels like she pays a heavy price just to exist, and I've never found her rewards to really be worth it. vHearne - I don't know what he needs, but he needs something. oHearne dies to a stiff breeze because of his lack of defensive abilities. No Sturdy, Poised, Stoic, Tough Hide, anything. So perhaps vHearne could contrast oHearne and be pushed to a tarpit type model? Egret - In addition to the aforementioned Light Footed, I still think she could do with a momentous 1 on 1 damage, or a momentous playbook trigger for her snap-fire ability. (which would require changing it to another ability but that's more than doable) Linear goal threats and difficult tackle are the price Egret should pay for being able to meaningfully contribute to the damage game, after getting the Falconers, I'd be sad if they decided to push her to be a better striker, as her defining play - Flurry, is one that only contributes to the takeout game. I also think there's room for experimentation with another Character or Heroic Play on Egret that could help her contribute to the control or damage game. Seenah - The Falconers help, but I still feel like the Bear struggles to make herself worth taking. Assuming that you're gonna be playing Harrier to set her up, you're looking at a functional -6 Influence/Turn. Her threat range is still low and her base size leads her to getting nonbo'd with Theron's forest too often for my liking. I'm not sure if the solution is to make her higher payoff with a higher tac and easier to reach higher damage results, or easier to setup with a more consistent threat range. Seenah right now just fails to fulfill the fantasy of a BEAR. Whatever happens to her, I want the point of comparison to be to vKatalyst who is everything Seenah should be and more, all while bringing 2 influence for his team. Ulfr - The less said about this dumpster fire the better. Zarola - If she's not going to have a playbook then can she at least have a 4/6 kick or a 6/8 mov? Both? 2/4 Inf? A playbook? Snow - Snow just feels weird, compared to the things other mascots can do for free, Anatomical for 1 Inf and Pack Mentality just feel ehhhh. Theron - I will never enjoy paying 1 for Sun Strike, and the placing restrictions on the forest is still too restrictive. (Same w/ Skatha's fast ground.) I will die on this hill.
  12. Mataagi, first cross guild player spoiled

    I was thoroughly disappointing with that game. Mataagi got too close and was instantly massacred and the rest of it devolved into the Hunters helplessly being wailed on with pretty much no showcase of the new models or what they offer. Thank god for the gorgeous editing and audio work.
  13. Would you guys be interested in my ramblings?

    Well that depends on the average level of skill no? If one player is above the skill curve than the rest of the field, then their choice of guild is less impactful as the innate skill disparity will be more emphasized. Which is to say that most wins/losses are likely to have remained wins/losses regardless of which guild either player was using. Where I think guild power comes into play is when the skill gap is consistently slim, or non-existent. I hope it's clear I'm not saying this to take away from your results or conclusions, I definitely think the Butchers are in an okay-pretty good spot.
  14. Minerva, The bird is the word.

    I definitely feel like she's more of a solid workhorse than an insane broken. Nocturnal is for me the reason she'll see the table. Multiple heals per turn if you can manage the takedowns, but I'm not tryna downplay her. Ranged Tooled Up AND Singled Out?! Jaecar is salivating. She feels a little fragile the same as Mataagi, but another 2" Melee is always welcome. At this point all I want is a QOL change to Egret and for the bear to feel like a bear and the Hunters will be the team I've dreamed about.
  15. Pride!

    It's worth maintaining that the weaknesses of Fahad are similar in effect to the weaknesses of all mascots. None so far are as close to a full player as Pride. And whether by smaller HP pools, lower Tac, shorter movements, or more 1-dimensional uses they all fall short of what Pride offers.