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  1. Let's Chat : Seenah

    Honestly I find that Seenah dislikes killing things. I just find armor the more consistent problem. Crowd-Outs are also more common than Gang-Ups as the Hunter's usually want to hit then run. Cover and defensive stance only get better with armor and once her charge is spent she's a measly Tac 7 with 2 attacks to make. All that considered, lowering an enemy's defenses isn't as difficult as increasing a friendly's Tac.
  2. Let's Chat : Seenah

    While I've pretty much given up on the bear altogether, she definitely works much better in a Skatha lineup due to her ability to extend threat and reposition. In addition to being naturally slow she doesn't have Light Footed to get through Theron's forest. Even if this only matters every 4 games, that's still too many times. On top of that, Theron already has a lot of hungry players. I think she could pull her weight against teams lacking in Armor, Tough Hides, and with low HP pools. Like Hunters! Or Morticians?
  3. Falconers!

    Someone get a load of this Jaecar over here Steamforged you need to release more information about these guys and put a stop to this. Can't you see we're cannibalizing ourselves under the weight of our anticipation.
  4. Falconers!

    I really wanna stick it to Obulus. Let all of them Morts know when Theron our land!
  5. How to buff Angel?

    Given that Greyscales and Sakana both have ways to cover more ground than 8", could she use a way to get an extra few Inches of movement? 6/8 with no built-in threat or movement extension is deceptively slow, even with the longest and most accurate kick in the game.
  6. Falconers!

    Well the birds of prey can be Honourary Crows. Even if she does play for the Farmers now.
  7. Falconers!

    I wish Dirge would defect over to the Hunters so we could play him with Seenah. It'd be a Grizzly Murder
  8. Not About Guild Ball

    Maaaan! I got the biggest dumbest grin on my face right now! Thanks for sharing this with us!
  9. Falconers!

    "They hunt deer and bear, and their culture has much in common with the bear cult of the Ainu" Could this mean anything for Seenah? Probably not.
  10. Falconers!

  11. Falconers!

    Given that the Hunter's names all mean Hunter in other languages I half expect this to mean Falcon. Which honestly is pretty awesome if true. Can someone confirm? Still think Koh would be cooler...
  12. Falconers!

    Man... that's depressing. I mean it makes sense, but it's depressing.
  13. Falconers!

    Yea... I think Koh would have been a much cooler name
  14. Falconers!

    I am really REALLY excited for Falcon... He is pretty much everything I wanted out of a model; My entry for the Scholar's Guild summer challenge was an angry young archer with a falcon companion so I am excessively hyped!
  15. What do you guys use Salvo for?

    Just a quick one, I mean the obvious answer is a mix of control through Arrow to the Knee, and goal-scoring with above average footballing. His damage output seems too costly and risky for little payoff. Does he make people's lineups? Does he pull his own weight? Or does he need help if so what kind?