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  1. Help vs Brewers

    Focus fire on Tapper. Bait him in and then single him out with Hearne. Singled out plus snare, then send in Fahad, Jaecar and anyone else to smash face.
  2. Vs Engineers

    I have not played against the cogs with my Hunters team yet. How is this match up for us? what are your typical line ups? Cheers
  3. Best Control Units

    Egret is amazing against teams that like to bunch up. 2dmg and poison on 3 players puts some pressure on your opponents momentum pool. Getting ranged momentum from Theron usually wins you the initiative for turn 2. Then go delete someone who's been softened up on turn 1. You can get some janky goals with Hearne and his forest jumping. Minx and Fahad are a fantastic 2 model death squad on the flank. Minx free charge and snared, followed by Fahad free charge on a -1Def model with +1 dmg on a short playbook is gold.
  4. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I agree that it should be gain. I have only tested it in 2 games so far, but I got 2 extra influence in the first game and one in the second. It allowed me to throw out a Heavy Burden on Midas after Casket timing Mercury who I left on 2HP turn 1. It's not bonkers good, but it's not terrible.
  5. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I am excited to try these out. It is so hard to see how they will play out. I can only speak as an inexperienced Morticians and Hunters player ( it's hard to see the others for what they are without knowing the guilds that well). I think Inheritance tax is the best one for Morticians. I almost always get a take out turn two on activation 1. Free influence is gold. Not super powerful but not garbage in my opinion. The Hunters one is situational. The default card will be Go To Ground, unless there is rough ground in a super useful place for Hearne to abuse. I just wish Natures Bounty let you pick any piece of terrain to be a forest so it would not trash in most games.
  6. Jaecar v Minx

    There more I play them the more I love them both in certain match ups. I really don't like Jaecar into blacksmiths, but he is insane against teams like Alchemists. He takes Vitriol out of the game so you can hide the ball and kill them. I would imagine it would go the same way for most teams where we need to shut down the goal threat or Fillet. Gut and String and then leaving the trap next to them is sooooo good. Minx has really impressed me. Free snared and free momentum is just gold. Damaged target comes into play way more than I thought too. If you put a gun to my head and made me choose one, I'd choose Minx.
  7. First tournament, need guidance

    I agree with Charlie It is best to use the players you are most familiar with, this is especially true because you will probably be on the clock. The team you have selected looks fine. I think it is ok to only take one captain if you are not comfortable with Skatha. This tournament will be a crash course of learning the Hunters and guildball in general, so enjoy it mate. I had only played one game before my first tournament, and of course I lost every game, but I had a great day. One month of guild ball in one day.... yes please!
  8. Starting Hunters

    In that line up I would switch out Chaska for Minx, because you are running the Bear. Like mr baron said Minx is efficient. I love Chaska but is influence hungry so that seems like a good economical switch. I am new to Hunters too. Good luck!
  9. Captain selection

    Fellow Hunters, I am still finding my feet with this guild. Played 4 games and won 3. 12 - 8 vs Blacksmiths 12- 4 vs Alchemists 6 - 12 Fish (damn you Corsair) 12 - 4 Blacksmiths So far I have only used Theron and I love this dude. I am wondering if there is a general agreement on which captain to drop into certain guilds? Is there any matchups thatit would be crazy to take one captain over the other? Cheers!
  10. Hunter GIC Theory Thread

    So if the rough ground is turned into a forest, does that mean Chaska would lose his +1 arm?
  11. GIC General Theory Thread 

    I love the idea and the new dynamic this brings to the game. Some balancing needed for sure, but I love the idea. It feels like this is what plot cards should have been, just my opinion.
  12. Hunters v Fish

    I am in the same boat as Kin2, I can not figure out how to beat Corsair! Anyone been having success against the peg leg?
  13. New to Hunters

    So, I just picked up these guys as my second Guild. I have only ever played Morticians and have had some good fun and success with them. I bought all of the Hunters models, and my local store is starting an escalation league in a week. Any tips on who to start with? I was thinking something like: Week 1 ( captain & 2 players ) Theron, Hearne & Egret/Jaecar? What do you guys think?
  14. Can I watch the recorded videos somewhere? Does anyone have a link? Thanks very much!
  15. Tournament help/tips

    If your new to playing on the clock, have a plan for turn one. Turn one should be almost automatic and that should help with the clock. Your opponent will most likely have a pre determined T1 plan, don't let them get a clock advantage early on.