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  1. Are the Farmers just a beadown team?

    I had a game with honest labor. Lost on clock. I haven't created a single goal chance. Don't even touch the ball all the game. Windle is too slow.
  2. How is Windle?

    trully dont know. Blind shuns him good ! my thinking too.
  3. How is Windle?

    what you guys think of Windle giving the kick off to freely jog 3 ?
  4. So peck is a damage monster???

    Thanks Mech !
  5. So peck is a damage monster???

    I was away from the game for a long time, so I can't remember. Tooled up, in a wrap activates per dmg? So each wrap with tooled and honest labor count as 3 DMG ? Thanks
  6. Post Honeymoon Crucible

    I still think she is too situational. She can put guys on fire (literally) and let all prepare to Vkat due to the MOM cost. But I think her playbook is meh. 4" dodge at the end of activation is good but her aura being only 4" is not optimal. Plus the 4/0. For me it's like a MOM generator. She demands a good play setup, just to her make a setup. At least if her reach were 2" , I think she could be more useful, Just because she could put conditions on more than one enemy.
  7. @Spinsane just give me a call when you can !
  8. Identity

    This should be fun kkkk
  9. You must earn this place. I'm in the bottom right now! This place is mine ! Kkkkkk
  10. OKat vs VKat, when and where to take?

    You said Most of the time! So, the question is, when you think is not to take him?
  11. Jumping the Tracts

    is the same question if he gains brace for impact, I think! Once avoided in a turn it is done? I know the policies of avoid new question in open topics, but this one is completely correlated, as we re talking about gaining circunstancial abilities in certain conditions! I think that once the abilities is used it is done for the turn, but the point is: can the plot card supersedes this rule? Thanks !
  12. A&G or Harry

    hi guys. Me again. Im still struggling to win a game ! at least to play it better! So i was thinking: should i use Harry or Avarice and greede? - Actually i still dont have the Harry Miniature, but i am trying to see the best team i can field. normally i lost games due to people crowlding me out! it´s becoming very frustrating ! so any help ill be very glad!
  13. Benediction's Impart Wisdom

    That's my doubt to. Being the point of origin make him the "owner" of the character play? I still think he is just like a "repeater" so the pass should be make to Brisket. But this is as RAI not RAW.
  14. First Light of Solthecius - 2 new union players

    Their cards will be on the season 3 book tomorrow right?
  15. Decimate

    thanks Again @MechMage for your input. I think my main problem is poor movimentation. I was completelly shunned by Obulus today in a game with Midas, Vitriol, Okat, Mercury, AvA and Greede, Flask. I received the kick with Midas, but i was afraid of Obulus. I find two goals, thanks for the permission of RessurectioN (thx man!), just because he knew that he could finish me off and finish the game next turn. My main struggle the last game was to get Momentuous. I lost the momentuous race all the turns and took a lot of damage. sometimes i just think im too bad for this game