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  1. Current alchemist 10, it's tough!

    I wish I could make crucible to work! I like the mini. But she is not so useable. If she at least had some dmg character play ....
  2. Hi guys. to be considered push outside of the field all the base must be outside or part of it is ok? e.g. - V Kat is 3.5" distant of the line. So Chaska Boom Box him. 0.5" of his base is outside, he is considered pushed out? thanks
  3. Idea for Thresher Change

    That's the point when you say Fallow: in the right circumstances. This should be the farmers game. One that in the right circumstances they should be great. If you achieve the right circumstances, as I learn from playing against Mechmage - your opponent is playing wrong. It's like chess. Sometimes you offer a player to be beaten just to take a stronger from the field. As I was saying: farmers need some fine tuning
  4. Idea for Thresher Change

    But the nerf on Midas was high to the point almost every Alchemist players use Smoke nowadays. the great problem for me is seeing that footballer or brawler the choice is always Thresher. The nerf should be in a point of fine tuning, creating games for one and for the other.
  5. Idea for Thresher Change

    Couldn't agree more. He requires some adjustment but people are crying against all the farmers. Buckwheat , millstone ... give time guys ! Let's see what happens !
  6. GIC you are using

    Hi guys. What are the GIC you are using the most? i was thinking in Crack of Dawn... with luck it could even generates a first turn goal from Jackstraw ! and you? whats your prefered?
  7. Are the Farmers just a beadown team?

    I had a game with honest labor. Lost on clock. I haven't created a single goal chance. Don't even touch the ball all the game. Windle is too slow.
  8. How is Windle?

    trully dont know. Blind shuns him good ! my thinking too.
  9. How is Windle?

    what you guys think of Windle giving the kick off to freely jog 3 ?
  10. So peck is a damage monster???

    Thanks Mech !
  11. So peck is a damage monster???

    I was away from the game for a long time, so I can't remember. Tooled up, in a wrap activates per dmg? So each wrap with tooled and honest labor count as 3 DMG ? Thanks
  12. Post Honeymoon Crucible

    I still think she is too situational. She can put guys on fire (literally) and let all prepare to Vkat due to the MOM cost. But I think her playbook is meh. 4" dodge at the end of activation is good but her aura being only 4" is not optimal. Plus the 4/0. For me it's like a MOM generator. She demands a good play setup, just to her make a setup. At least if her reach were 2" , I think she could be more useful, Just because she could put conditions on more than one enemy.
  13. @Spinsane just give me a call when you can !
  14. Identity

    This should be fun kkkk