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  1. Granite should have Protective Instinct - Discuss

    Right now, she's a condition and damage sponge, not as much a tar pit, which is one reason why fast teams are her weakness. Anything thrown at her, is one less thing thrown at your heavy lifters. So when a fast team doesn't bother with engaging her and thus don't take the bait, they not only stay out of her reach but also don't waste an action/CP doing so. And so she is situational piece. And as Mason players, we are not fans of situational pieces. I also think that SF loves to make the Masons into puzzle pieces. They offer us up a piece that's a tool box, but don't spell out how to use the tools, letting the coaches to figure out what they had planned. It sort of frustrates us coaches since other teams usually have more straightforward designs. Then again, from Granite's fluff, I envisioned her to be much more like Hearth from Blacksmiths than what we got.
  2. No love for Rookie Chisel?

    No comments on Rookie Chisel? I find it interesting that one of the versions of her had sportsmanship on the back of her card.
  3. Let's talk : Cast

    I just wish I could get her and Flint on a team as a themed "You poor boys" team.
  4. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pq6gsVDY04RtxXDh1 It was sad. The Masons held the game from a Turn one goal, 4-0, then 6-0, then 8-4. With the cat making the score! https://photos.app.goo.gl/AiyYnLgmK1FtoA7p2 After that, the cat scored again, followed by Chaska scoring for the win. But then the hunters had
  5. This was an ugly game Escalation game where the Masons were not very Mason like. But they won, 8 to 5 Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet and Flint took on Ballista, Mother, Hoist and Rachet. It was pretty much every Mason for themselves without much synergy or support. The Engineers did a great job of deadbolting and positioning themselves to do a goal and a Wrecker take-out. But a returning Wrecker kept Ballista distracted as Mallet knocked down a ball-carrying Hoist. When the fumble landed in Mallet's lap, it was all said and done. That's because Flint had been advancing up the field to eventually receive Mallet's pass then make both late game goals, bringing the team from 0-5 to 8-5 in the last two turns.
  6. Masons Decimate

    LOL. That is how I painted my Union picks so they would match my team.
  7. Masons Decimate

    Duel wielding fencer to hammer smasher. There's no real visual tie in to the previous model. The model itself looks cool, though. If they change her up to match her new look, I bet I will feel frustrated. We won't get the model we "fought" for and she'll essentially be a new Masons model. Which with Mason's you never know what sort of puzzle you'll get with a new character.
  8. Cosset Cut To The Quick

    The Mason went in for a quick surgical strike of a game, an eight pointer, with Honor, Brick, Marbles, Flint, Tower and Mallet (with a quick proxy by a Chisel fig until he dried enough to be put on the board and finish the set.) They play against the Morts (Ob, Silence, Graves, Dirge, Cosset and Casket.) TL;DR: Masons won 9-4. The Masons received with a classic Brick/Marbles formation with Tower in between to give anyone second thoughts about getting close. Woof! Sun was in the Mason eyes in that pic. Tower gets the ball, but Ob Puppets him and it leads to Silence playing keep away. But on the other hand, Graves comes up to add some hurt to Tower. But the coach's dice fail him. Tower merely grins, spits blood out of his mouth, and then does a beat'em and a shuffle'em with Graves until he's in the scrum. Now here you'd think that Honor was a bit too far away, but she just perfect in helping support both the take down for Graves, which leaves a space open for Flint who caught the ball after Silence and Ob made the goal. Score is 2-4. Brick goes for Dirge and the score is 3-4. Flint makes his goal with ease, putting Masons up to 7-4. Now Honor comes in, full force with help from Marbles and Mallet. The three of them make Cosset wish she had been a little less crazy this time. And thus the final score of 9-4.
  9. WTC with Masons

    I maintain that Masons have the highest learning curve because most of them don't have obvious one trick pony plays. This is in part to their tool-box nature along with their passive nature in affecting your opponent (which becomes more apparent under a clock than it does in casual play. )
  10. Hearth Preview

    Back when Granite was a mystery, I thought Sheena end up looking something like this.
  11. Lucky

    Pardon the pun, but I see the funky CP as a reverse handicap. Against a poor opponent, he helps. Against a good opponent, it's dicey. ( Huh, two puns.) I doubt I'll use that CP very often, but the rest of him is tempting.
  12. Lucky

    My phone doesn't want to play nice with the forum, so here's the link to Lucky's card. Overall, he seems like a beater that does some of old VHarmony's trick at the start of his turn. But his character play would never fly in our local meta.
  13. Hammer Rises! - July 2017 errata

    If they are vaild results. You may select a result with some invalid effects, provided at least one effect is valid. The Controlling Player must resolve all valid effects generated but may do so in any order.
  14. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    My opponents are too sly for that. They instead go for Granite, which she just sucks up with her 24 hit points, keeping Brick healthy. Which sort of goes back to my philosophy that Granite is "imperfect" so as to make her a target and thus a damage/resource sponge for the enemy. If she was any better, people wouldn't bother being distracted by her and keep focused on their original plan. If I am making any sense.
  15. Project positivity - making Masons great again.

    Oh? You want more positivity?!? I got that for you. Probably the best thing for me was when I sent off half my Mason to get painted. My attitude was "Well, it's going to be a hard road, but I got my excuses for losing built in." I was playing with Honor, oHarmony, Marbles, Brick, Chisel and Minx when I was more of a Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet, Flint, VHarmony, Tower guy. So I rolled up my sleeves and went back to re-learning the basics and thinking hard about what to do with my team. I'd never win a timed match, but I did much better than I expected (i.e., getting a few wins here and there instead of constantly losing) Forcing myself to mix up my lineup made me a better player overall. I got Granite back so my "joke" team was Granite and Brick, dropping Chisel to free up more Inf. It worked better than most everyone expected. My joke list doesn't win yet, but everyone respects it. So by the time I get my two boys back, I should be in good shape to be a holy terror representing the Masons!