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  1. Von Ether

    Masons in Season 4

    So your saying our "foundation" players have switched to Granite and one of the Chisels. That will be an interesting switch up since my two main players have always been Mallet and Flint.
  2. Von Ether

    Wreckers New Battering Ram

    LOL! Steamforged designer "Okay! You Masons are now on autopilot with that double bubble, time to shake things up!" I often said that playing Masons was like playing two different teams depending on if you used a game clock. Start up the clock and the double bubble did a lot of work for you. As a causal game when the opponent had all the time in the world, it bit tougher.
  3. Von Ether

    S4 Granite

    I noticed the blog post keeps repeating "making her less complex" and "less things to keep track of." Which feels like a slight dig there, but I feel that it makes her less situational. On the other hand, I felt that old Granite was bait to so she could be a condition sponge. But with 2" melee and 4" MOV now, I think that balances out. Yeah, now it's even harder to figure out who to pick for your 10.
  4. Von Ether

    Being taken for Granite...

    I've been wondering how Granite would shape up with vChisel or that we now have 3 charaters more focused on support.
  5. Von Ether

    Veteran Chisel - no more speculation

    My gut says that a VChisel /Honor/oHarmony team up maybe the most Masons of a Masons' line up. It's interesting that our guild could now have three condition manipulators/erasers on a team (which is overkill unless you want your team to have a super focused theme with one player and a Captain/Mascot pair.) Makes me wonder if SFGs tweaking what it means to be a Mason again. I also wonder how she'll work as a new partner for Granite, who always plays better with a back-up partner.
  6. Von Ether

    Ideas about minor guild

    The Fireman's Guild, they wash away all conditions with every other player, but are otherwise very plain jane. Of couse Masons can only use the two plain jane players. 😂
  7. Von Ether

    We will miss you "coach."

    So the blog has Honor's new card as a Farmer and it comes with a new keyword, "coach." I wonder if we will have our own coach in Season 4. If I had only see her fluff, I would have voted for Granite. Based on actual stats, I'd probably lean more towards Tower or VHarm.
  8. Von Ether

    All praise the plastic!

    So my kid didn't fully zipper my Reaper bag so when I pulled it out of the car, all of my Mason "fatties" fell out. Granite landed in the back seat, thank god, but Brick and Wrecker hit the parking lot. Wrecker popped apart, but plastic Brick bounced and didn't even have a scratch or a paint chip! Whew! More plastic figs please!
  9. Is that just me? Sometimes I read the fluff for a fig and see a disconnect. Granite was like that for me.
  10. Wow. I haven't see this much love for Granite on this forum in like ... ever. Just to hear that people think she's okay, but not able to make the cut on the tough choices for tournament 10 is a ray of bright sunshine.
  11. Von Ether

    Granite should have Protective Instinct - Discuss

    Right now, she's a condition and damage sponge, not as much a tar pit, which is one reason why fast teams are her weakness. Anything thrown at her, is one less thing thrown at your heavy lifters. So when a fast team doesn't bother with engaging her and thus don't take the bait, they not only stay out of her reach but also don't waste an action/CP doing so. And so she is situational piece. And as Mason players, we are not fans of situational pieces. I also think that SF loves to make the Masons into puzzle pieces. They offer us up a piece that's a tool box, but don't spell out how to use the tools, letting the coaches to figure out what they had planned. It sort of frustrates us coaches since other teams usually have more straightforward designs. Then again, from Granite's fluff, I envisioned her to be much more like Hearth from Blacksmiths than what we got.
  12. Von Ether

    No love for Rookie Chisel?

    No comments on Rookie Chisel? I find it interesting that one of the versions of her had sportsmanship on the back of her card.
  13. Von Ether

    Let's talk : Cast

    I just wish I could get her and Flint on a team as a themed "You poor boys" team.
  14. https://photos.app.goo.gl/Pq6gsVDY04RtxXDh1 It was sad. The Masons held the game from a Turn one goal, 4-0, then 6-0, then 8-4. With the cat making the score! https://photos.app.goo.gl/AiyYnLgmK1FtoA7p2 After that, the cat scored again, followed by Chaska scoring for the win. But then the hunters had
  15. This was an ugly game Escalation game where the Masons were not very Mason like. But they won, 8 to 5 Hammer, Wrecker, Mallet and Flint took on Ballista, Mother, Hoist and Rachet. It was pretty much every Mason for themselves without much synergy or support. The Engineers did a great job of deadbolting and positioning themselves to do a goal and a Wrecker take-out. But a returning Wrecker kept Ballista distracted as Mallet knocked down a ball-carrying Hoist. When the fumble landed in Mallet's lap, it was all said and done. That's because Flint had been advancing up the field to eventually receive Mallet's pass then make both late game goals, bringing the team from 0-5 to 8-5 in the last two turns.